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  1. If its like when I saw them in London, it took them a while to actually come on stage compared to when they actually started from what I recall
  2. Times are now on Woov 🙂 not too awful for clashes for me and compliments my Primavera plans quite well!
  3. Yeah its blowing my mind how people are saying the Saturday is the worst day. Its practically me and my squads music taste condensed into one day pretty much!! (even the heavier stuff!) Me and my partner have got (mostly) lucky with who we want to see being similar but aware we'll be losing our third party member for stuff like the Deftones/Pulp clash. That is the beauty of Primavera though, there really is something for everyone
  4. Big love for this suggestion! You've just improved my Saturday dramatically aha!
  5. Gonna check out Jai Paul and Tirzah now, appreciate the suggestion! Hoping my body decides to let me do Arca and Sega, the former was great at APE and I do wanna catch Sega live!
  6. I think my group are currently looking at but of course subject to change (will be checking out acts people have recommended as well ofc)... Thursday: Arab Strap - Mannequin Pussy - Blonde Redhead - A bit of Vampire Weekend - Beth Gibbons - Pulp - Justice - Weigedood - Ag Cook Friday: Joanna Sternberg - Last Dinner Party - A bit of Yo La Tengo - Troye Sivian - Lana - Hannah - Brutus - Mica Saturday: Water From Your Eyes - Militarie Gun - 070 Shake - PJ - Dorian - Bikini - SZA - DJ Fart In The Club - Charli XCX
  7. It's just so annoying they've seemingly moved Charli down to a smaller stage whilst Roisin Terfy is playing main? Will have a look at Atarashii Gakko though now!
  8. Have to be honest after Lana comes off stage on Friday I'm going to struggle to find reasons to stick around; that 1hr15 minute gap between the end of SZA and the beginning of Charli is rough, also a bit confused why Charli is now on Amazon Music????
  9. Has anyone got a link to the times on the website, my phone is on low power and trying to understand the app times is like cracking the Da Vinci Code aha
  10. I'd be doubtful, she's not exactly a spectacle kind of performer and she hardly ever plays anything from Stories From The City 😞 (In fact she's only played We Float, my favourite track, once according to Setlist.fm)
  11. Honestly this, it's really not THAT deep. They'll be out soon and you'll enjoy the fest as much regardless. Are Primavera communications terrible? Yes. Is it also the best festival in the world, also yes. Don't worry.
  12. Park is basically my last hope for AIR to get added to the line up right 🤡
  13. To be fair I do need to read through the access pack properly, thanks for reminding me and posting these 🙂
  14. Any idea when we might see some Set Times for this. Feels like they're waiting longer than previous years?
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