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  1. At this point I honestly think our hopes for free tickets are a dream rather than reality. Bit gutted as I was hoping to go to the Nick Cave day but not for full price aha
  2. Beauty of being able to drive is that for me and this partner if we manage to get free/cheap tickets this'll be a nice, apparently chill day out
  3. Seriously hoping there will be. I've got tickets to The National (did the early bird pre-reveal and decided that was the day me and my partner liked the look of most at the time). If I'm honest I'd deffo get a full priced Nick Cave ticket but the rest of the days there's certainly stuff I want to see but not enough to justify the price. Fingers crossed especially for Tame Impala and Field Day as I want to see Kraftwerk and Caroline Polachek.
  4. Yeah gotta be honest I'm out of there the moment Fleet Foxes finish. Couldn't care less about The National. That won't be the case on the Nick Cave date though.
  5. From my experience as a 6ft person who tends to get close(ish) to the barrier you really won't get to see much. I've heard of golden circles at gigs but they've never seemed that restrictive. The one at Hyde Park however very much is so. The only time it's not been too problematic was seeing Roger Waters but for Green Day it ruined the day completely and Neil Young/Bob Dylan wasn't much better. Taking my mate to see the Stones on Sunday as he's desperate otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.
  6. Early entry for this show if I'm honest is pointless. There's a massive Golden Circle at the front which takes up p much half the park and the only way you can get into that or the diamond circle (assuming they're doing that again this year) is to have the super expensive tickets. Early entry - General Admission means you'll get a slightly better view (possibly) of the screens and big trees that flank the stage
  7. Could you screenshot The Rolling Stones, would be good to get an idea of when I need to be there weekend 2. Cheers
  8. Feel super bad for the people going on the Friday and Saturday. As much as I love Bjork (and again cannot wait to see her) it's very obvious that they spent all their money on her/the orchestra/the visuals and realised they had two other days and the rest of sunday's bill to fill out.
  9. Cannot wait to finally see Bjork again. Her setlist is looking perfect and the inclusion of Overture, a song I never thought I'd see performed live, is the cherry on top
  10. Biggest cheeky ask for next year is get Nestea behinds the bars. P sure that Nectar could revive me from a coma
  11. Yeah I'm shocked by how busy it is!! Managed to get some of the last seated spots
  12. Tbh if its not Radiohead or Bjork (I'm fully aware its not) then I'm leaving after Jessie Ware. Cba at this point
  13. Think its partially due to the fact the options were Tame Impala or her. Gotta be honest I'm loving her vibe and the crowd absolutely love her
  14. Yeah I a notification popped up about this earlier. Who are they hiding? Are all of today's names legit?
  15. I swear it's a rule that some twat has to start a fight at a strokes gig. Didn't multiple happen at APE when they played. Hope you're okay bud
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