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  1. Better get on buying my partner tickets to Angel's London show. It's a shame as I imagine her being perfect in the Primavera atmosphere
  2. 😬😬😬 That might be the lamest name yet
  3. I'm going with my partner, who'll insist on seeing him 😂😂😂
  4. This is so harsh. I'm gonna spend the next two days terrified I'm gonna have to watch Damon Albarn. I can deal with snoop and Aphex would make my weekend. Damon however, no thanks.
  5. Has he toured as of recent 🤔🤔🤔 I'm honestly stumped. It can't be Aphex as he's been around way longer. Snoop Dogg?
  6. Is there any chance Alanis will be there, what with her touring Jagged Little Pill next year?
  7. Now I pray that whoever is on the stage is more interesting than The National. They were so dull at BST this year.
  8. I'm really hoping for Kraftwerk and The Orb from this line up.
  9. Unless of course by some miracle, Macca gets announced as the last headliner.
  10. My partner will be glad it's only Pearl Jam we'll be forking out to see next year haha
  11. Also the continued lack of Thom Yorke at any other festivals is getting me incredibly hopeful he'll be at Primavera.
  12. Sad about Angel Olsen but this has given me the final push needed to go and see her in London.
  13. Really happy with the announcement today and ecstatic to hear about Kim Gordon and Massive Attack.
  14. I'm just happy Bikini Kill have been announced! Though I worry that will impact any chance of Hole making an appearance.
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