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  1. A Lorde, Haim day would be great! But will Lorde have her new album out by then? She's taking forever with it aha
  2. That Thursday is horrendously stacked, I basically want to see half of the acts playing that day... me and my partner are already working out who plays England a lot and is cheap since realistically there's no chance of us seeing everyone we want.
  3. Mavis Staples and Massive Attack back on the line up make me very happy
  4. This new line up is actually gorgeous. I am so excited for next June now!!!!
  5. I think Mitski has said no more touring in general for her. St Vincent on the other hand, I pray!
  6. Oh that confirms them then!!! 😂 Honestly I'd love a Pulp reunion, seeing them would make my year. But I think as long as he's pushing Jarv Is (ugh) it aint happening.
  7. I know Pulp's Twitter had a smidge of activity a while back. It's a bit weird they're choosing the 26th anniversary of Different Class to reform.
  8. We booked EasyHotel since we have to do it on as much of a budget as possible. (This is both my first European festival and holiday in 9 years aha). They've actually been fairly helpful through this.
  9. We've had our hotel and flights moved over! Excited for 2021. Portishead or NIN please?
  10. Bit weird that you went to an old post made 10 months ago to make a smug remark but okay?
  11. Could anyone take a punt at when next years dates will be?
  12. Do we have any ideas what next year's dates will be. I'm gonna take the plunge and move everything till then
  13. As long as I still get to see Mama B I'm happy 😍😍😍
  14. To be honest I'd be really happy with them saying a few of these artists are coming back next year and Portishead. I'd really like that in fact.
  15. I'm sure Gabi mentioned them for 2021 in a PS radio session late last year
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