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  1. ^not exactly sure how the above happened. My predictions for next year... Joni Mitchell/Carole King (someone similar to fill the Barbara Streisland slot) If Fleetwood Mac play glasto I could see them playing BST as well too. The Kinks/Beach Boys co-headline - If that rumoured reunion ever happens. Eagles - I'm sure it's gonna happen at some point, if Fleetwood didn't happen it'd be a good shout for a Stevie Nicks support slot. Arctic Monkeys - It does seem weird how little touring the last album got and I think it'd be a safer bet to play a fest rather than a stadium show. Tina Turner/Madonna - I'm surprised neither have headlined BST already what with their target audience. Elton John - What with the alleged retirement at the end of next year of course he's going to want to play Hyde Park. If it doesn't get an extension I imagine this is nailed on. Rod Stewart - Another example of how has he not played yet.
  2. I think im going to stick to the non-tiered days from now on. Having a great time at Florence so far even though I don't know the bill that well and it was the same for The Cure last year. It would have to be a huge name to pull me back for tiered to the point bar Paul McCartney or Fleetwood Mac I can't think of anyone I'd do it for. I get they need the two big viewing platforms but put them way to the side. The left one in particular really irks me. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a negative view on Bob Dylan, I felt so rude leaving early in his presence and I'm not expecting a direct from vinyl performance as well but there's a line and he crossed it for me.
  3. Thoughts on the day: Sam Fender was absolutely great, nice way to start the festival and really get all the hype surrounding him now. Cat Power was eh. I feel part of it was she wasn't my thing but the atmosphere was non-existent and she was pretty dull. Laura Marling was incredible, I've liked her for years and she didn't disappoint. Bit sad she played nowt off alas I cannot swim but that didn't hinder my enjoyment and it was fab to see her. Neil Young was perfect. Haven't listened to too much of his stuff but he blew me out the window. Would love to see him again at some point. A perfect encore as well. Certainly the highlight of my day. Bob Dylan was a huge disappointment, I don't think I've ever been as let down. Was incredibly excited to see him but honestly he's totally lost his voice and it felt like watching a shadow of himself. Ended up leaving during Like A Rolling Stone as I couldn't take anymore. Very excited for Florence tomorrow!
  4. Honestly the yummy mummy picnic brigade at this fest is a nightmare. Only me thinking the gold circle for today's gig is empty at the moment as well.
  5. Maze Hill and Greenwich really aren't that far away plus they're both downhill. Like 10/15 minute walk?
  6. Only one day (Florence) this year where it does apply pal, looking at the map though it seems the same as previous years. Got really lucky yesterday and was sold a pair of tickets for this for £50, one happy bunny right now!
  7. To be honest tbat would be my main concern. I'd like to see him at some point but don't particularly want a re-run of The Strokes day of APE this year when it suddenly turned into lad central. On a separate note can someone explain the Kate Bush rumours, however great it'd be (and it'd literally make my year) it's never going to happen unfortunately. Same with REM, they split up and by the sounds of it actually meant it.
  8. Booked this after the Pavement announcement. Hoping for Hole, Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinny, Weezer and Thom. Maybe pulp if they've announced the reunion by then or St Vincent if she's released new music I certainly wouldn't complain if Liam Gallagher, Lana Del Rey or The 1975 appeared in some capacity as well.
  9. That would be perfect but I can already feel some atrocious clashes happening.
  10. The group of bellends next to me who insisted on screeching at eachother during the entity of Mac Demarco were an absolute nightmare. Thankfully we were able to move eventually but had to put up with them for at least 20 minutes
  11. This was by far the best day of the entire festival for me. Ticked a lot of people I wanted to see (Snail Mail, Julien Baker, Ezra Furman, KOKOKO and Mac Demarco) off my list and none of them disappointed. Bon Iver was a bit eh so left early but if anything it does me a favour as I've got work tomorrow. Bring Me The Horizon were absolutely phenomenal on Friday, I've seen them a handful of times now and this was by far the best even surpassing their incredible Royal Albert Hall show which was something special. A great second weekend overall and can't wait to come back next year.
  12. Anyone else having severe issues with this dust. Its insane.
  13. You should be fine with a 25 minute window, don't expect the best spot but expect to get there
  14. I think Robyn could be a shout for next year if she's still promoting Honey at that point. Would continue the European Female headliner trend well
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