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  1. Before I do this and move the booking potentially pouring more money into something I'm now kinda downhearted about. How sure are we this postponement is happening?
  2. Didn't even think we'd need insurance. Now covered! Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately we're staying at easy hotel on a non-refundable. We've used StaySure since they seem pretty decent.
  3. If the country is in lockdown do you think hotels and flights would be refunded?
  4. Where are we hearing about the postponement sorry?
  5. If it hits properly in the next week or so then Britain will probably be back to normal by Mid-April anyway. Maybe I am gonna get to go on Holiday and see Kraftwerk after all.
  6. How long will Bjork's headline say if you could guess? 1hr 30 or?
  7. I honestly can't see how this could still be happening at this point never mind over two days. It's due to happen in less than four months and needs to shift 30000 tickets?
  8. I don't think I'd want to hear Creep acoustic 😂😂😂
  9. Is it his own material acoustic or Radiohead do we think.
  10. If All Points East is anything to go by expect a disappointment. Razorlight around at all?
  11. If Lana cancels this I'm going to be furious. It's the reason I sold my London tickets. It's also a big reason I wanted to go to the fest. It wouldn't ruin the fest but it'd put a huge raincloud over it for me.
  12. I completely forgot they subbed last year. I wish I hadn't remembered. They were so disappointing. Bar moving on up.
  13. The orchestral element means she'll hopefully have to tap into her earlier discography. I'm imagining joga and hunter will be on the set as well as Isobel and if we're really lucky (I highly highly doubt it) she'll do it's oh so quiet
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