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  1. I thought this as well, very dissapointing. Had to leave Porridge Radio and Dry Cleaning because I couldn't hear a thing.
  2. Honestly pal I'd say the opposite. When I saw King Gizzard in the past I was fairly new to the band and really didn't enjoy it, I found a lot of songs blended into one another and it just felt repetitive. However, I then got really into them last year and listened to the Ally Pally live they released (the show I went to) and honestly appreciated it a lot more.
  3. Top 5 for each day is looking like... Weekend One Day One: 100Gecs, Tame Impala, Turnstile, Shygirl, Charli XCX Day Two: Bikini Kill, Beach Bunny, Jamie XX, Jehnny Beth, Beck Day Three: Nick Cave, Bauhaus, Die Katapult, Caroline Polachek, Porridge Radio Weekend Two Day One: Dua Lipa, Slowdive, Big Thief, Working Mens Club, Tyler The Creator Day Two: Lorde, MIA, The Smile, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Dorian Electra Day Three: Megan Thee Stallion, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jessie Ware, Viagra Boys, Genesis Owusu
  4. I've been trying to convince myself to leave this what with Primavera literally the opposite side of the weekend but between Floating Points, Amyl, TCIC, Yard Act, Boy Harsher, Billy No Mates, Chubby, Dream Wife, Faye Webster, Special Interest and Trpoical F*ck storm I cant say no. That's a decent day in itself.
  5. Not gonna complain about Placebo at all, had been contemplating picking up tickets for their Cambridge show so more than happy they've been announced
  6. New additions are great, bit disappointed Grimes is doing a DJ set rather than an actual show but whatever, looking forward to seeing Wet Leg!
  7. Just imagining the bizzare world where she's the support for the second Pearl Jam date. (tbh that'd probably increase my chances of going)
  8. Since its invention in the 70s????? Ever been to a DIY bar to see a show, its hardly fucking extravagance.
  9. That line up was actually insane. Felt like I'd struck gold getting to see that! Funnily enough that line up was only £60 or so.
  10. Gone are the days of the Vodafone perks/enter a competition win 50 tickets sadly. I think for me its gone from a well crafted line up to entering Download territory where pretty much 50% of the acts play every 2 years. I think £60 for the line up Slamdunk offers is decent and I'm aware that festival prices are going up but the last time I went I paid £50 max (2018). Not cheap but tolerable and as mentioned before it is usually a pretty well thought out lineup. I think the issue here is its now £85? That's a Reading/BST/Download day ticket. £60 though, for sure.
  11. Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy??? Bands that sort of justify paying £85 for a ticket. Frankly a ticket to a Don Broco or Sum 41 show (just using recent headliners as examples) is £25-40. That doesn't justify £80 when festivals like All Points East (which is London based) have bands like The Strokes, LCD Soundsystem etc playing. Either Slamdunk need to get realistic with their pricing or step up. It's what's put me off going for the last few years and a few of my pals as well.
  12. One thing I will say about Squid is I was very happy they played The Cleaner! That was a nice surprise but yeah that 10/15 minute dip was bad. I think that was my problem with BC,NR. A lot of it just felt like half finished jams in the place of Athens, France and Sunglasses. Was very excited to hear Black Midi play BMBMBM, they've not played that in a hot minute so it was a treat.
  13. Technically they haven't been pushed back to 2022 yet but I'll happily take that if they are lol
  14. Finally back. Overall it was a great day. Pretty much everyone I wanted to see blew it out of the park. Highlights included Lynks, Black Midi and Mandrake Handshake. Only dud for me was BC,NR who were in my top three must sees so that was dissapointing, oh well. The sound bleed between the big tent and other big outdoor stage was however shockingly bad. To the point both Dry Cleaning and Porridge Radio were unlistenable. Regarding the people who maybe need to learn to handle their drink there was certainly more than usual and I think the drug dogs might need to go back on probation. I'm more than happy for people to drink and I'm very drug friendly but some people clearly needed to learn how to control themselves. Overall though, great day. For £40 I was more than happy with the quality of the acts and got to see some people I've been hoping to see for years. My big hope for next year (if there is one) is that they'll space the stages out a bit more.
  15. And they'll more than likely be pushed back till 2022 as well. Certainly cant see him playing London in the summer if that's the case.
  16. For me, oddly that wouldn't be that bad. Might mean some of their less vocal orientated songs get played (which I do tend to prefer)
  17. It'll also be interesting to see if anyone leaves after IDLES.
  18. Hoping to go to this day (first time travelling up north for a festival). Any idea what the prices will be per ticket and how quickly day tickets will sell out. I'm hoping to pick one up on Friday!!!
  19. That's what I was thinking with Dry Cleaning. As much as I love them a) they're nowhere near the size of Black Midi and b) BC, NR are surely the better known name of the two?
  20. Same here, absolute nightmare but I think for me BC,NR are the one's I'd like to see more (just about). I'm dreading if Black Midi pull out and instead someone like Sleaford Mods or Fontaines takes their spot. Maybe they could move BCNR up and then fill the slot they were gonna play with Working Mans Club instead.
  21. I finally got it sorted but it was not easy. Literally been trying to contact them for the past 5 minutes, shamed them on facebook and even contacted another festival going on that weekend (which actually seemed to be the thing that gave them a kick up the ass). I've only recently gotten all my disability evidence which means I'm quite new to the world of companion tickets etc and Wide Awake were by far the worst people I've had to deal with.
  22. My day is looking like: IDLES - Porridge Radio - Squid - Mandrake Handshake - Scalping - Lynks - BCNR - The Murder Capital - Black Midi - Shame
  23. 100% recommend Lynks and Porridge Radio, both great!
  24. Seems Tropical F**k Storm have pulled out of this. A shame.
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