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  1. Could you screenshot The Rolling Stones, would be good to get an idea of when I need to be there weekend 2. Cheers
  2. Feel super bad for the people going on the Friday and Saturday. As much as I love Bjork (and again cannot wait to see her) it's very obvious that they spent all their money on her/the orchestra/the visuals and realised they had two other days and the rest of sunday's bill to fill out.
  3. Cannot wait to finally see Bjork again. Her setlist is looking perfect and the inclusion of Overture, a song I never thought I'd see performed live, is the cherry on top
  4. Biggest cheeky ask for next year is get Nestea behinds the bars. P sure that Nectar could revive me from a coma
  5. Yeah I'm shocked by how busy it is!! Managed to get some of the last seated spots
  6. Tbh if its not Radiohead or Bjork (I'm fully aware its not) then I'm leaving after Jessie Ware. Cba at this point
  7. Think its partially due to the fact the options were Tame Impala or her. Gotta be honest I'm loving her vibe and the crowd absolutely love her
  8. Yeah I a notification popped up about this earlier. Who are they hiding? Are all of today's names legit?
  9. I swear it's a rule that some twat has to start a fight at a strokes gig. Didn't multiple happen at APE when they played. Hope you're okay bud
  10. Surely this if anything is the final nail in the coffin of 'did Primavera oversell the event'. Glad I got out of Lorde (who was stellar) as quick as I could. Now just having a nice time at Jesus And Mary Chain
  11. The AstroTurf situation is an accident waiting to happen. Seen countless people tripping up and that + the huge crowds fighting to get in and out of the main stages is just not it
  12. Somehow managed to get into Acid Angel having a sick night!!!
  13. Top 5 sets 1) 100 gecs 2) Jehnny Beth 3) Tropical Fuck Storm 4) Nick Cave 5) Beck (never thought I'd be saying that)
  14. Gotta be honest having just had a look at this year's line up its harsh to compare it to primavera. A festival with Snow Patrol as a sub isn't in the same league at all
  15. This, there's a few times I wanted to go to bits but for one act and each time I just cba.
  16. I'm just so unsure what the demand will be. It's a tricky one to judge
  17. How early are people thinking of queuing for this one? Me and my partner were thinking 4pm?
  18. What's everyone feeling regarding Sons Of Kemet tonight? Not sure when to queue
  19. Feeling rough myself; you got this my dude!!! Nick Cave is fucking brilliant
  20. Lived my trashy fantasy to Jehnny Beth and gosh I'm having a great night. Beck was absolutely incredible and completely annihilated my expectations. Such a great time!!!
  21. Obviously early days but yeah much chiller vibe tonight so far. Everyone seems to be having a nicer time in my experience. TFS were absolutely insane. One of the best sets I've seen in a while
  22. Decent set, only ask would be some Murder Ballads
  23. My partner is in the pit for Pavement right now (I went to see Gecs) so I'm really glad! Exactly what she was hoping for!
  24. Honestly never again. Really enjoying the acts but the queues and fucking crowds are horrendous. Don't feel safe and sortve shitting it going to a smaller stage for gecs. Never again.
  25. Have a ciggy and a coke and chill out hen
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