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  1. I have that show on DVD, some amazing performances in it!
  2. Great song, great band, great cover and great original.
  3. That's today's listening sorted! Just needs some folklore
  4. There is an issue in NI with the testing numbers too as they are far smaller than they realistically are likely to be. They released figures but are also investigating the drop. Obviously won't impact the UK figures too much though.
  5. Last week's extension was but not the idea of a soft lockdown at the beginning. In hindsight a tougher 4 week lockdown should have been the way forward, with shops closed. I find when shops are open, people don't feel like they are in lockdown at all.
  6. New Lana song out (well, it is obviously a cover but you know what I mean)
  7. So NI were originally supposed to have a 4 week lockdown of sorts (shops allowed open though). That was extended for a week and then this coming week hairdressers, cafes, etc are allowed to open. Bars still closed. However, after this week, we then go into a harder lockdown, with all non-essential retail closed, hospitality closed and we aren't supposed to leave our homes. Essentially, the March/April lockdown but schools are open. This is for two weeks apparently. Just seems to be more mismanagement by those in charge. Why bother with a soft 5 week lockdown, then relax for a we
  8. Finished Mr Robot last night. The greatest series I have ever watched.
  9. Do you know when this is available to purchase?
  10. I completely agree with the sentiment of the post but vouchers could be a dodgy one this year with so many companies struggling. No guarantee the vouchers will be able to be spent I guess. It is a vicious circle in that sense, companies are struggling so need people to buy vouchers but people don't want vouchers as the companies are struggling so they don't have faith in being able to spend the vouchers!
  11. Nice! I've an appointment on Monday to give blood. I've exercised before after but never anything too strenuous. It is the kind of thing that you won't notice any real difference after giving blood unless you exercise. Some light exercise if probably fine but I wouldn't go an a massive run or anything on the same day! Make sure you eat plenty too, both before and after
  12. Not scheduled to be in the UK until end March 2021 according to this tweet which is later than I thought. I had hoped there would be some extremely vulnerable in the UK vaccinated this year.
  13. Yeah, it is pretty crazy. Realistically, Windsor Park could probably safely hold a few thousand. In the Irish Premiership we are allowed a certain % of spectators too so I'm not sure why England aren't allowing any fans at all even at L1/L2 level.
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