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  1. Going to see Wet Leg. Knew the park would be crazy but risked it anyway. Queued 45 mins for food, and then couldn't see them on stage. Sound was dreadful too. Also regret going to Diana Ross. I love her music and I was happy to see her as my expectations were low but she was worse than I could have imagined. I'm a fan of Fontaines DC so I wish I had seen them instead.
  2. There were definitely some horror show toilets early in the morning... Went in to one and someone had shit all over the wooden bit to the right of the seat and just left it. I thought in general though the toilets were grand. If you have ever used toilets in central Asia the long drops are like a luxury!
  3. My group of first timers thought the spider was very cool. I can see though how after a couple of years it would lose its appeal. We seemed to hit it at less busy times so never had an issue with sound.
  4. Not sure how unpopular this opinion is, but there shouldn't be a stage named after someone who married a 15 year old (John Peel).
  5. Think it was just down to when the booklet had to be printed. Doha Cat hadn't pulled out at that point, so Sam Fender hadn't been bumped up. I imagine the extra TBAs hadn't been confirmed at the time of printing either
  6. I know exactly what you mean, but its hard to weigh up the cost of skipping things due to illnesses. I had already sunk £500+ in to Glastonbury and it was probably going to be my last chance to see Macca. Thankfully I was healthy before going to it, but if I had a bit of a cold I wasn't going to miss out as a result. I'm sure there were people at the festival who knew they had covid and I don't begrudge them going (despite one of them obviously giving it to me!).
  7. No, but I'd 100% go if I had a sniffle.
  8. I agree to an extent, but we are still at the stage where we are morally likely to cancel things as a result of it. I've an incredibly mild cold (positive test though), and I'll potentially be missing Olivia Rodrigo in Dublin on Thurs. Whereas I had a heavier cold around 2 months ago and still went to football matches, restaurants, etc as I knew it wasn't covid. I don't feel we can 'live with it' until the stigma of having it has gone sadly.
  9. The vast majority of acts I saw over the weekend were incredible. Any notably bad ones? I thought Diana Ross was very poor. Also didn't enjoy Haim or Robert Plant, but I wasn't overly fussed on seeing them in the first place so wasn't too annoyed.
  10. Was this the Cornish Arms performance?
  11. Saw Jamie Carragher when he was walking to Kendrick. Also saw Michael Sheen 5 minutes later at the other stage for PSB
  12. Nope, I was on my mate's shoulders but I was in a pink costume with the John Lennon glasses on!
  13. Olivia Rodrigo - still hoping I can test negative before I'm supposed to be seeing her in Dublin on Thursday...
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