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  1. Thanks! When do you tend to start getting announcements? In the new year?
  2. Does the IoW festival tend to announce acts all at once? Or drip feed them?
  3. There is always a chance the person who won didn't respond in 24 hours so another winner may have been drawn.
  4. That's what I'm thinking! When do they usually announce the lineup? Are tickets a nightmare?
  5. The only thing putting me off is that you can't guarantee someone being helpful won't be going through the list and try for the person above your 4 and then the three of your four below. Could end up with one person missing out.
  6. No luck for me either. Beginning to think about sacking Glastonbury off this year and trying something else like IOW or one of the ones in Ireland (handier for me). I'm in a different position than most of you as I've never been to any festival so at least I don't know what I'm missing yet.
  7. I heard 7 mentioned on here. So even if we are unsuccessful this week there is a (very slim) chance we could get contacted next week
  8. Do you think we will get an email saying successful/unsuccessful for the ballot, or just hear nothing if unsuccessful?
  9. Fully expecting it to be announced on Friday which will draw this out some more
  10. northernringo

    2020 headliners

    Aren't they incredibly unpopular with ME after pulling out before?
  11. Go full Mark and Jez and tell the management she has done a poo in the pool. Worked for them with no major consequences.
  12. They were someone I had thought of yesterday as potential Other headliners. Granted I am awful at judging the size of acts so may be wide of the mark.
  13. Dermot Kennedy playing Belsonic (Belfast) on Thursday 25th June. Wouldn't be surprised to see him at the festival
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