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  1. The Chemical Brothers 335 Iggy & The Stooges 424 The Prodigy 471 Queens of the Stone Age 85 (-10) Portishead 200 LCD Soundsystem 394 Christine and the Queens 286
  2. Van Morrison was told he wasn't allowed to perform at an event last night. From what I gather the even went ahead but he didn't sing. Instead he did this... Robin Swann is the Health Minister in Northern Ireland. The idiot who Van Morrison invites on stage is a DUP MP, Ian Paisley Jr
  3. That's not really true though. For the 'odds' to be relevant they would need to take into consideration age, etc. The reason AZ wasn't advised for under 30s was because their odds of dying from the vaccine were higher than the odds of dying from Covid at the time (ie, Odds of Catching * Odds of death for U30). I agree it looks like it should be revisited now as the odds of dying have shortened (due to increased chance of catching it) but you can't simplify it as much as you have.
  4. The Chemical Brothers 332 Iggy & The Stooges 400 The Prodigy 421 Queens of the Stone Age 150 (-10) Portishead 227 LCD Soundsystem 356 Christine and the Queens 245
  5. northernringo


    On first listen it's a little underwhelming...
  6. Any vaccination appointments booked in NI will now have a second dose automatically created 8 weeks later. Those (like me) who have been vaccinated in the last couple of weeks have been told to keep their appointments as is (10 weeks after first dose).
  7. For those thinking admissions and discharges are similar... NW hospital beds occupied up 40% in a week. Things are only going to get worse on the hospitalisation front over the next few weeks (seeing as they lag cases, which we have seen have gotten worse).
  8. I was given a second appointment 10 weeks after my first (Pfizer). Interestingly, in NI, under 30s can decide if they want a Pfizer or AZ jab. The benefit for going AZ is that you will get an earlier booking slot.
  9. The Chemical Brothers 311 Iggy & The Stooges 400 The Prodigy 412 Queens of the Stone Age 154 (-10) Portishead 233 LCD Soundsystem 375 Christine and the Queens 269
  10. Thankfully not (yet). It has been over here for a while but not spreading too much. Last weekend though it was discovered in a small cluster in a small town so they've been doing some surge testing there. I imagine it will spread throughout NI and ROI eventually, our hope is to push it off enough that we can get our vaccination numbers up before then.
  11. I think a bigger issue seems to be the opposite although hopefully as ROI opens up that isn't as common place. I went on a night out about a month ago (outdoor drinking at a bar) and it was filled with people from ROI. Used to see plenty of Irish Registrations up in the Mourne mountains too. NI's case numbers are rising but are still only around 30 per 100,000. Not sure what ROI's is but can't imagine it is much better (if better).
  12. Possibly different in NI (although I'd be surprised as we have been behind England at each step of our unlocking), but I was at a wedding at the weekend with over 100 people. Over here, it is based on venue capacity (this venue can normally hold 300). No dancing or band though which was a bit crap but apart from that it was fairly normal (people ended up dancing at their tables, etc).
  13. The Chemical Brothers 306 Iggy & The Stooges 375 The Prodigy 406 Queens of the Stone Age 175 (-10) Portishead 239 LCD Soundsystem 345 Christine and the Queens 280
  14. Ah balls, I have a tripped booked to the west coast (Sligo/Galway) at the start of August and was hoping bars, etc would be nearly back to normal by then (I'll be coming from NI). Not looking great! Although if worst comes to the worst and my partner and I can eat/drink indoors but just have to book, etc then it isn't the end of the world.
  15. The Chemical Brothers 301 lggy & The Stooges 380 Bloc Party 75 The Prodigy 381 The FIaming Lips 20 (-10) Queens of the Stone Age 215 Portishead 240 LCD Soundsystem 360 Christine and the Queens 286
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