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  1. Looks class, I'll have to get mine back out and start updating it a little. Very interested in the controllers! My PS4 controller was good on the whole (pretty much perfect for PS1 games which was the main reason I made the emulator) but for the older console games it wasn't ideal. May look into buying one of those controllers for that. Did you get it on Amazon?
  2. China went in to a pretty much full military lock-down straight away.
  3. All good on my side! Been working from home for around 2 weeks now so pretty used to it. Thankfully the weather isn't too bad so I can still get out for my daily walks. How are you keeping?
  4. From memory, I bought a Raspberry Pi 3. It has 4 USB ports. I also bought a wireless mouse and keyboard (wireless but still required a USB to be inserted into the Raspberry Pi). For my controller I just use a PS4 controller connected with the charging cable. Some stages of the set up also required a USB drive to be inserted. I bought a little housing thing for it too, just to keep it protected. Was fairly cheap as well (possibly they come with these now). One thing I did waste money on was a Raspberry Pi guide/textbook. Still have it lying around somewhere but haven't looked at it (or needed it) once.
  5. Didn't realise it came out tomorrow. Decided to go for the full year as well, had intended on watching all the Marvel films in chronological order but couldn't get a good source for most of them. This will give me a year to get through them!
  6. 100%! It was a few years ago so the hardware has probably changed a bit but I'm sure I could still be of help. As I said, I just followed a YouTube tutorial but since I did that I've actually done a Masters in software development so should be able to help Once I get this upcoming busy week of work out of the way I am actually planning to revisit it and play around with it some more.
  7. A decent little project that may interest some on here is getting a Raspberry Pi and setting it up as a game emulator. I did it a couple of years ago following a YouTube tutorial and have it stocked up with PS1 games and other older console games too.
  8. Stop everything and put this at the top of your priorities.
  9. Shall we keep eFests a corona-free place for now? I've done the stats this morning for my own benefit but I don't want to keep pulling this thread back to page 1 with updates if, understandably, people want to use this site as a getaway from the virus.
  10. This will be an interesting chapter in the Glastonbury 100 Book in 2070
  11. Can't recommend going Gold enough myself. I've never even been to a 'proper' festival (yet) and I feel like I'd be lost without the place!
  12. Not a great time to be a sub teacher. My girlfriend finished her PGCE in June and has been subbing in Northern Ireland all term so far. She has work confirmed for this week but no future bookings (same with any substitute over here that wasn't on long term cover). She is potentially looking at no income now until September.
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