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  1. Yep. Tested positive this morning, despite trying to avoid the worst of the scrums… That said, my wife got sick (at home) after I left, with what we assumed was that noro thing going around, and I felt lousy on and off from Friday onwards, so who knows?…
  2. I mean it's possible things don't quite go to plan, but... Thu Mel C 2 minutes of Michael Eavis As much of Jesse Malin as I can Piri and Tommy Greg Wilson and Four Tet if I can get in Fri Libertines > Ziggy Marley > Kae Tempest Wet Leg Crowded House > First Aid Kit Bored at My Grandma's House TLC Phoebe Bridgers > St. Vincent Khruangbin (or Fatboy Slim or Sugababes) 2nd half of Billie Eilish Club de Fromage / Cimafunk / Radio 1 thing Jesse Malin Sat Four Tet's morning thing Katy J Pearson Self Esteem Haim > Big Thief > Olivia Rodrigo Caribou > Macca Four Tet Calvin Harris Avalon Emerson Sun Lightyear A wander Nightmares on Wax Diana Ross Kacey Musgraves Lorde Kendrick Maribou State DJ set
  3. The Sunday night headliner pile-up (after a quietish day, for me at least) is horrendous... Can't miss Kendrick, but PSB, Charli, Suzanne Vega and Courtney Barnett would all have been in my top ten must-sees. And Big Thief across Haim - O-Rod hurts like hell. Big Thief and Courtney prolly my two favourite acts on the line-up and I imagine I'll end up missing both (albeit seeing Courtney a few days later). Beyond those... Libertines - Matilda Mann Crowded House - First Aid Kit Supergrass - TLC - Sigrid Matilda Mann - Phoebe Bridgers - Saint Etienne - The Undertones - St. Vincent Fatboy Slim - Khruangbin - PH & JA - Sugababes - Jon Hopkins - TSHA - Billie / Simz / Primal Scream Diana Ross - Clairo But I've no doubt whatsoever that it'll be an absolute ball!
  4. Thanks, both - been wondering the same! Is this the bigger thread?
  5. Obviously no one has a problem with comments generally. Obviously it's the sniping which should stop. I'm sure you know the difference.
  6. Exactly. I'm a serial lurker who frankly contributes bugger all to this place, so please excuse the mini-rant, but I've read umpteen people try to explain why they find @Matt42 annoying, or justify him being taken to task ('it's the way he says it / goes on about it / fan goggles', yadda yadda...) and I just do not get the issue. Sure, he has occasionally strident ideas, but he's rarely rude in expressing them (I've seen some people take umbrage at remarks like 'everyone knows...', assuming they're being condescended to, when I honestly think he's judge being chatty or trying to reflect his sense of things). And his interventions are invariably about things which don't really matter anyway - it's not like he's piping up every five minutes to deny climate change or vaccines or whatever. If you find someone suggesting he knows more about Doja Cat than you do that annoying, I truly wonder how you cope with, y'know, the actual world and stuff... And as others have said, it rapidly becomes the messages decrying Matt which clog up the boards - there are far more of those than there are posts by him. None of which have anything to do with the topic, and some of which feel queasily like bullying... Everyone here seems absolutely sound in all other respects (which is maybe why this stands out so much), and I certainly feel hugely indebted to this place for all kinds that I won't belabour now, so howsabout we all just assume Matt's not a bad person and doesn't mean anyone any harm, and let him be, eh?...
  7. Hey no problem! To explain... I was discounting Rising on the basis that it is reserved for 'new' acts (although I'm not sure how that's defined)? Chai Wallahs I did forget about, actually - although, again, it is somewhat niche, and they also aim to put on 'less established' (their words) acts. I guess you might equally say that GM does more for new acts than EOTR, which is great, but I think my point was simply that GM only has 3 stages where the top 80/90% of the bill can play; EOTR has 4 - and lots of those higher up the EOTR bill will also do bits on the Piano stage, too... (so arguably 5). Not slagging off GM, or Rising / Chai Wallahs by any means - it's just always struck me as a strangely overlooked yet substantial distinction given how similarly both festivals are thought of (including by me!).
  8. This is a brilliant list, and I agree with every result. All I'd add - and I'm surprised it doesn't come up more often (and, actually, kinda surprised it's a thing in the first place) is that EOTR has at least one more stage than GM! Discounting Rising (perhaps unfairly, but on the basis that it's not 'open' in the sense of 'anyone could in theory play there'), GM only has Mountain, WG and Far Out... EOTR has Woods, Garden, Big Top, Tipi and Piano. I love GM and go each year, but that can feel a bit short in terms of sheer kid-in-a-sweetshop interest...
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