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  1. Stretlow

    Satellite pic.

    Just flicking through twitter this morning and stumbled on this post from the silver stage account. Obviously the brilliant map was removed from the site so this is the first I've seen since. Does anyone know whether this is from last year?
  2. Stretlow

    Arcade Fire

    Well i'm screwed then as I've got them through work and they have one of the directors PA's name on !! Im not worried
  3. Stretlow

    The site in the sun yesterday!

    Friday was their first "gig", the elder has been begging to go to the festival for a couple of years ( we're really selfish and usually leave them with the grandparents ) This is kind of a go between to keep the peace.. but yeah they had a great time both Friday and Saturday
  4. Stretlow

    The site in the sun yesterday!

    I went to the party on Friday as I did last year and also like last year I went for a stroll round the site Saturday morning with the fam.. I posted pics last year and they seemed to go down well so I have a few to share with you .....
  5. Stretlow

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Despite me and the wife being massive armchair glastoers for years and years (I know) we've been the last 3 and this is the first fallow year we've encountered and i'm proper devastated about it. We go without the kids but ordered them some t shirts the day we got back as they didn't have any sizes left when we went and they got delivered today.... Its sent me under
  6. Stretlow

    Suicide Tuesday

    Ive had a busy time since I got back, so slow onto this... My gaffer offered me Wed Thursday Friday of work when i got back, i refused thinking i was ok... i wasn't.. Wednesday was the most horrific day of work I've ever endured and i only work in an office... its the mental side of it... Been ok since then but been sat catching up on Iplayer with my girls tonight (8 and 5 who have yet to go but are mad interested where mum and dad have been)... Cant believe how quick it was over and how long we have to wait...... fucking love the place....
  7. Stretlow

    New security measures in place

    So I've been in and out of gate C every day (currently back in) I haven't been searched once. I've seen no difference to my other two visits
  8. Stretlow

    New security measures in place

    Jesus Christ. I've been coming out of gate c each night, if that would have happened to me as wholloped my way out at gone 6 this morning I'm not sure what they would have done
  9. Stretlow

    Weather 2017

    I'm sat outside.. it definitely isn't raining
  10. Stretlow

    Worthy FM 2017

    Ive had it on my pc for the last few hours and it hasnt jumped once
  11. Stretlow

    Weather 2017

    Another scorchio in Manchester. Damn things got me bang into my festival beer stash that I'm going to have to replace tomorrow
  12. Stretlow

    Weather 2017

    *Shakes Head
  13. Stretlow

    Weather 2017

    Just to point out on this percentage stuff, if you look at the days over the last few weeks that did have "some" rain predicted..... it never materialised. As the forecasts are predicting small amounts and not 100% this is what i'm clinging too..
  14. Stretlow

    Secret Glasto text alerts

    Got it.. after 40 minutes.... not... good... enough... going to have ago at the other one (zapier) ?