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  1. Stretlow

    BBC Glastonbury

    "sniffed it in a tissue......... selling the big issue"
  2. Stretlow

    BBC Glastonbury

    😀 amen brother
  3. Stretlow

    BBC Glastonbury

    any difference then between watching this on iplayer or bbc 2?
  4. They will if theres still tons dying from it.... i doubt it though, i think we'll be through it by then
  5. Stretlow

    BBC Glastonbury

    Nice 🙂 i don't mind Coldplay but I know they're frowned upon by many. That year was the first time i've ever seen them live and the whole thing blew me away. I spent time over the preceding days with friends but it was just me and my wife, it was our wedding anniversary too. We were up to the right on the hill and the lights and stuff were brilliant.. Really closed the festival for me and one of my most memorable moments.
  6. Stretlow

    BBC Glastonbury

    I just cant get into them. (LCD) i love a bit of electronic but i just don't get these...
  7. Stretlow

    BBC Glastonbury

    Im not a fan of these but i've really enjoyed this. Loads of energy!
  8. Stretlow

    BBC Glastonbury

    Shes got a really powerful voice, similar I think to Anna Calvi but that Glastonbury set doesn't do her any justice
  9. Stretlow

    BBC Glastonbury

    I love the XX ive been at three festivals where theyve been on including 2017 above. one i went to just to see them (parklife) Ive seen them zero times. i ended up backstage via a mate at parklife but unfortunately not the one they were on 😔
  10. Stretlow

    BBC Glastonbury

    Got mine slamming through my surround sound.. the Mrs and kids aren't happy. Meh
  11. I had a very very late night Friday, when i say late had about an hour. Went upto john peel, fortunately i had two jumbo umbrellas with us. fell asleep under them for about 3 hours 😫
  12. This whole sh%t show Cummings and Johnson have delighted us all this with have screwed any "on the fencers" anyway. This is just another number they've pulled out of thin air.... This second wave is coming (imo). So either lock yourself in a cellar or go see a few of your friends while maintaining common sense. What I wouldn't do anymore is listen to anything those fu%kwits have to say, that includes sending your most valuable back to school... It's just not worth it....
  13. You're right and i realise its a very selfish comment given the circs but i feel really shitty today..
  14. Really feeling it today. Should be boasting to mates about "next month" fuck this shit
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