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  1. The amount of people walking about in trainers is a tragedy. Even saw people walking about with no shoes on yesterday in the mud
  2. From a mate that's working there VID-20190719-WA0006.mp4
  3. I'm leaving from Manchester in an hour 😭
  4. id say so. if youve got a load of gear then 15 mins in a taxi will be the easiest
  5. Stretlow

    Credit card fraud

    It won't be linked to your contactless payments at Glastonbury. The compromise is somewhere else. Could be million and one places
  6. Stretlow

    Credit card fraud

    I work in the industry. Do you know what type of transaction was processed as fraud? For example online, swiped etc. You cant counterfeit a chip so if you've overtapped then it would be difficult to prove it was fraud if you still have your card.
  7. Stretlow

    The 2019 Exit Thread

    How long since you were packed and ready till now?
  8. Stretlow


    Gone Viral
  9. Stretlow

    The 2019 Exit Thread

    This is my day to the tee
  10. Stretlow

    The 2019 Exit Thread

    Left at 6.45 No problems
  11. Stretlow

    Footwear on site

    For reference
  12. Stretlow

    Footwear on site

    I was walking round there about 1am and it was def a level above trainers. Don't get me wrong it was practically nothing but it was enough to do your trainers in for the weekend
  13. Stretlow

    Footwear on site

    If you're planning to go to the south east corner trainers aren't enough, as my friend found out last night.
  14. Dont bother... just bring boots Be lucky if you get out of trainers
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