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  1. Stretlow


    I see tents of some sorts at the top?
  2. Another lover of the heat here and even ill say the Wednesday was a challenge... when i was reading about how hot it was i remembered i had two Golf umbrellas in my car that i hardly ever use. I stuck them out the back of my day bag like flipping he man and they absolutely saved us. We found a bar bench outside the tent in the Avalon field and the holes fit the umbrellas perfectly. SOme lads even offered us £50 for them 😁
  3. Yeah and i've made her sell tickets for Manchester that we'd bought before we knew she was headlining I've wanted to see PH&JA for ages too.. ill mull it over. Whats the likelihood they'll play somewhere else?
  4. Bringing my mum and my kids for the first time this year. Eldest daughter is massive Eilish fan Mum is massive beautiful south fan i have my first problem
  5. I was in there for this and i was a bit worse for wear and the rain completely sent me under i had to retire to my tent to get myself together . . . 😬
  6. I've got the same predicament with my two this year (13 and 9) For the record. The council's can't fine you unless it's 5 days unauthorised in 12 weeks. The headmistress of the eldests school is a right battle-axe so I'm not even going to attempt to approach her about it. Were actually traveling Tuesday and not returning until Monday so that's five days. I'm torn between sending them in Tuesday morning and arguing it's 4.5 days or going covid. Covid has been a c**t to us all night aswell give it one back! Either way they're going, and it will be wonderful....
  7. Got myself some new sleeping kit. Got a bad back so need a bit more comfort 😁 Modelled by my 9 year old whos coming to her first Glasto in June (shes not sleeping on that though)
  8. Stretlow


    That's the Michael mobile is it not?
  9. Stretlow


    Puddles mainly 😁 Am looking forward to your brilliant weather updates in the coming weeks though πŸ˜‰
  10. Stretlow


    Looks pretty wet down there... not sure how its been in general down there but if its anything like up here int he North its been raining for what feels like a year. Could do with a dry spell
  11. Stretlow


    If they are changing it out I hope they get a higher def camera in there.... oh and shift the angle to the left slightly....
  12. Saw them Friday night in Manchester with my 13 year old.. First time shes felt the base rattle through her body smile was mint to see. 😁 Agree with above though they bloody brilliant and 100% on my list for the farm
  13. Took the eldest (13) to see Wolf Alice last night at the Apollo. We were both big fans before we went but Ellie Rowsell's voice is brilliant imo. Loads of energy, daughter come home beaming, shes only been to a handful of gigs so far but shes really taking to it at the moment.. Of course she has her first ticket to the big one in June, cant wait to take her...
  14. Doesn't this always happen though... and its always brilliant.....
  15. They def dont.....
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