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  1. I've seen Oasis on a number of occasions going back to about 95. The last time was at the Ethiad where they were terrible, his voice was terrible. I said i wouldnt seem him / them again but did end up drunkenly watching him at Glastonbury but agree, his voice is much better there
  2. Hes just annound Old Trafford cricket ground in the 15th too
  3. Well no but it isn't impossible to put an electronic validation system in place. But of course that would voluntarily cost the government money, so it won't happen. Think there are countries doing this though from what I read (Denmark) don't quote me
  4. No I mean, i went a couple of times and the process was amateur at best. Couple of people I know forwarded them onto people whatsapp. There's no way of validating them. I'm not saying this is right, just pointing out it's a very weak process...
  5. Stretlow

    First Gig Back

    Fully bag in the gig mode now New Order last Friday Heaton park Chic @ warehouse tonight. Couple at castlfield bowl next week. Loving it
  6. Noted ... For some reason ive really got my wind up this weekend about next year... thinking of bringing the kids for the first time... they both love Swift ............
  7. I've just been abroad and had nothing scanned, i'll stick my neck out and say that theres very little chance of putting a scanning process in place. The red tape around access to government databases will see to that. The whole passport thing is to scare the idiots who wont get it to get it imo, and rightly so. But the actual logistics of checking 200 thousand + people is just not going to happen.
  8. A screenshot on your phone isnt going to be that hard to doctor should you be that way inclined. Are the people checking them really going to watch you log into the app?.. no chance. I am in favour of proof of vaccination and the subsequent checks but its going to be a piece of piss to get around should you want to.
  9. Leaving in a couple of hours, kids first festival so they're buzzing. Won't be saying that after 2 hours in the cast and we're only half way there
  10. We're travelling down from Manchester to meet some friends, one of them is working there says its very chilled. We're taking the kids to their first ever festival
  11. Twice. Had second in the same week I got the virus (last week)
  12. From what i've read (happy to be proven wrong) the demographic of people who are still to have a second jab makes up pretty much none of the people still being admitted to hospital. Theres absolutly no logic in delaying anymore
  13. Im sorry but i disagree, i was pro lockdown and have been pretty good with rules but the vaccines are kicking its arse which was surely the plan. If the deaths are now at an acceptable level, and i use that term in the most considerate way possible then why shouldnt people now be allowed to go about their business? Adhered to guidlines.... Check. Vaccinated.... Check Hospitals ok..... check minimal demographic now at risk.... check. We have to get on with it
  14. Surely as the days go on now if the deaths stay as they are (still feel for those people) we've surely got the upper hand now with the Vaccines? Im seeing nothing but positives here... and I say this as someone who currently has it ...
  15. I didnt think of the long drops! I have a very weak stomache and horible gag reflex, my wife can never lose me when we go long drops as she just listens for the yaking 😁
  16. Absolutly fine thank you, Had a rough night thursday night with sweats and a headache but feel normal today. Pain gone from Jab too ..
  17. I have some American work colleagues, I haven't really had the need to speak to them for a few months but the last I did Covid was rife and the vaccine uptake was minimal. Spoke to her this week and get whole family have now had it including her 13 year old daughter. My littlen is 12 and I'd be lying if I said I'm a little nervous giving it her
  18. Na these busy body f**kers need telling... its harassment.. Get stuck in... Report back
  19. Thats exactly what i'd be putting on the group
  20. Had one yesterday at 11.30, got results at 7.30am this morning (Positive 😥)
  21. Yesterday quite bad however I had my jab on Wednesday so think it was a mixture. Just have a headache this morning although not ventured past the bedroom door yet Already had the test and trace people mithering for an interview, they can frankly do one at the moment
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