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  1. Live music is back so everybody’s finally getting to release their shit now that they can tour alongside it.
  2. Limp Bizkit played a new song at Lollapalooza (over the PA instead of just playing it live for some reason). Sounds about exactly as you’d expect:
  3. FloorFiller

    Kanye West

    Eh, his run from College Dropout to Life of Pablo is unmatched in hip hop, and most other genres/musicians entirely, so even if this album isn’t fantastic or even good, he’s given us enough and people will still be hyped for what he releases next, just maybe not to the extremes that have happened in the past. There’s been a noticeable drop off of hype for this one tbf and I think the fact that you’re no longer guaranteed a masterpiece is just something that people are gonna have to deal with, but I’m not expecting it to be a total flop/as thrown together as Jesus is King, and hopefully there’ll be some good shit throughout this album and whatever he decides to do next. I don’t think music is his #1 priority or passion at all anymore, but hope as long as he’s mentally fit to do so that he keeps it coming.
  4. FloorFiller

    Billie Eilish

    After one listen the album’s alright. There aren’t any bad songs, but there are also very few truly memorable songs and a lot of them just kind of blend in to the next due to it mostly being this low-key, ‘I’ve just smoked a bunch of weed and then sang a song’ vibe throughout. And obviously it’s just too long but in these days of wanting those huge streaming numbers that’s just a trap that a lot of these megastars fall in to. Gonna give it a few more listens but it’s hard to see it lighting up these festival sets she’s playing, so I’m gonna guess she goes a bit harder with the next one and inevitably does Coachella and probably Glastonbury etc off the back of it.
  5. FloorFiller

    Kanye West

    Second? Third? I dunno… time’s the charm…
  6. FloorFiller

    Billie Eilish

    Your point is kind of null and void here with Bieber as he’s still an absolute megastar. And Billie is already much bigger than Avril ever was.
  7. Yeah after seeing Latitude have a fair few last minute drop outs (and tbf, pretty decent replacements) I’m expecting similar to happen at any festival that happens any time soon. Fingers crossed it’s not anybody big and/or that people are going for especially.
  8. FloorFiller

    Billie Eilish

    Ah that’s a good point and you’re probably spot on. Thought that was a weirdly specific drug to censor considering drugs are talked about on here every so often without a hitch.
  9. FloorFiller

    Billie Eilish

    Hmm this is new. @eFestivals why is this hidden? Is it because I mistakingly thought the song was named after the drug/medication or some other reason?
  10. FloorFiller

    Billie Eilish

    Got the album on now. Oxytocin sounds like a fucking latter day Nine Inch Nails song. I’m down for it.
  11. FloorFiller

    Billie Eilish

    I’m with Matt on this one. I’m not her biggest fan but it’s pretty clear to see that she’s a bit of a phenomenon with the youngsters and regardless of a few so-so singles she’s an absolute powerhouse and will be for a good while now. The albums gonna do big numbers and although there have obviously been instances of acts being huge and then for one reason or another falling right off with the next album, I don’t think that’s the case here, and I can definitely see her being booked to headline on the next album run (or even at the arse end of this one I guess, although definitely more inclined to say next one).
  12. Didn’t realise this was out today. Bumped his first album a ton when it was released but kind of forgot about him in the meantime, but this is fucking great. Good to have him back.
  13. DaBaby’s team are claiming that he pulled out of the festival himself some time ago due to Covid restrictions, although sounds like shite to me as I’m sure they would’ve made an announcement and replacement by now if that was the case, plus there are other artists coming over from the U.S. (or at least they remain on the lineup as of now).
  14. Wrong thread. That’s not around Glastonbury.
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