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  1. The rock slot was very clearly Aerosmith but it was on the Saturday to fit their schedule. Maybe Foos were due to play - I don’t personally think so - but the rock slot is already taken by a huge headliner sized act and it’s dumb to think Emily was talking up literally anybody else when we have Aerosmith all but confirmed.
  2. Damn, was hoping they might capture some of that first (and to a slightly lesser extent second) album magic but this ain’t really doing it for me and it seems they’re sticking with their poppier sound.
  3. Yeah APE seems like the obvious choice considering the London cancellation. Guessing they’ll be doing Primavera etc as well so APE as part of that whilst promoting a new album makes total sense.
  4. Looks pretty good! Stoked that we’re finally getting the real Mandarin after getting blueballed in Iron Man 3, and I’m guessing Trevor Slattery/fake Mandarin will make a cameo along the way. Have found Marvel’s origin story films to have become a little generic/samey for a while now so hoping this can break that trope.
  5. Yeah I really don’t see that being the case. Like, I know there’s been a colliding of worlds now between the two acts, but somehow I don’t see Swift fans being down for an hour of mopey indie rock before seeing her.
  6. New Chvrches single tomorrow.
  7. The more I think about Sharon being the Power Broker the less sense it makes so I’ve kind of 180’d on that and think it’ll be somebody else. Who, I have no idea, but that phone call we saw her having in the latest episode seemed a bit too obvious of a ‘hint’ and think it’s more misdirection than anything else. Or maybe it is her and they’ll explain away the reasons it doesn’t seem to make much sense right now.
  8. Can’t believe it will’ve been like two and a half years since they first announced they were reforming/played their comeback show by the time these MK shows come along. They really did choose the worst time to finally reform after the years of teasing and false hope.
  9. Aye, I was off my box and belting out the words along with him so maybe not the best judgement, but I definitely recall thinking he sounded really good and much better than I was expecting.
  10. Download have already announced their headliners, so unless they’re gonna turn up at Glastonbury (which I was championing in 2020 but probably isn’t very likely) I don’t think there’ll be any U.K. festivals for them next year. Reading/Leeds or Download 2023.
  11. My Chemical Romance have postponed their entire tour to 2022: Milton Keynes, UK - Stadium MK 6/17/21 > 5/19/22 6/19/21 > 5/21/22 6/20/21 > 5/22/22 https://www.mychemicalromance.com/news/?frontpage=true
  12. Apparently she’s also in Black Widow so after her interaction with John Walker I’m gonna guess she’s the one doing the rounding up of the villains for the Thunderbolts/some kind of anti-Avengers team (with Taskmaster being the one from BW). Looking forward to who else they end up getting - lots of old villains still active in the MCU.
  13. Well I certainly wasn’t expecting the big cameo to be Elaine, but I’m here for it.
  14. Congratulations @Blue Chicken and @Yellow Chicken for handing REM the victory. Couldn’t have done it without you.
  15. The last one was just him correcting the score I think?
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