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  1. Who knows? They seem to be on the rumours every year for both festivals and then for one reason or another appear at neither. Easy co-headliner booking for R/L if they need to go that way, but they might just do their own shows again.
  2. Living is a Problem (which is a banger tbf) and Who’s Got a Match get played pretty regularly I believe.
  3. Also, maybe I’m off with how popular they are with the Download crowd, but surely FFAF will absolutely pack out that tent and should’ve been on the second stage, especially with how fast their tour sold out.
  4. Me and the girlfriend have booked a restaurant every week of August to take advantage of this. Lots of independents we’ve been meaning to check out for ages so great opportunity to do so. Also, although they’re not the type of businesses that need help, I’d be lying if I said I’m not gonna pop in to some of the major fast food chains and get me some cheap as fuck double cheeseburgers and the like.
  5. Yep that’s a Download lineup. Much like 2020 there isn’t too much there that gets me excited other than the likes of Deftones, Gojira and Mastodon, but I’m sure it’ll keep people happy, even if Biffy in and Maiden out is sure to rile up a fair few people.
  6. Could see Biffy turning up at another festival other than Glastonbury, but one to keep an eye on regardless. Somebody on here was pretty insistent on them being booked for this year despite there seemingly not really being any room for them, so who knows?
  7. I agree that the further in to their career they get the stranger they seem as a Download headliner, but to a festival thats headliner pool is drying up and with no new metal bands rising up to headliner level a band like them being on the roster are necessary, whereas Korn have been coming back to sub for so long that it might be seen as a weak booking if they just popped up as a headliner one year despite no real change in stature. I’m aware their newest album is supposedly their best thing in ages but they’re not exactly a band making huge waves in metal circles anymore, even if they do have the material to fill a headline set and the live show to do a damn good job of it.
  8. Commercial success. Korn may be more popular with the metal audience, but within the bigger spectrum of things, Biffy are bigger. In another world where Download had been around longer I think Korn could’ve headlined, but because of them being on a bit of a downward trend when they first played back in ‘04 instead of the heights they’d reached previously they got stuck forever subbing the thing.
  9. That’s pretty much what I thought it’d be and I imagine it’ll be similar at Manchester. Cheers!
  10. Anybody seen any pricing for those Haim shows? Namely the Manchester ones?
  11. FloorFiller

    Taylor Swift

    The surprise release certainly helps things. Not having ME! as the first single must be a good thing as well...
  12. FloorFiller

    Dua Lipa

    I’m leaning towards her being bumped up to Pyramid sub now. Maybe she’s more than happy to remain in her OS slot, and vs. Macca she’s not gonna be in trouble of it being overfilled, but she seemed like a huge deal when she was initially booked and she’s even bigger now, and we know they’ve lost some big name Pyramid subs.
  13. I know this isn’t to everybody’s taste, but as a former emo kid who still yearns for the days when MCR were releasing frequent albums, this really hits the spot. They sometimes wear their influences on their sleeves a little too much (Cyanide could’ve come straight from The Black Parade) but this is a great mid-00’s nostalgia boost of an album.
  14. I liked Dogrel but never quite jumped on the Fontaine’s DC hype train like a lot of others did, but I can safely say I’m a convert and then some after listening to their new album. Brilliant stuff. Only one listen in but it’s the couple of slowed down songs that are really sticking out to me initially.
  15. Obviously they must have some kind of act together if they’re touring, but... what would they do? Not exactly an avid watcher of the show but are the contestants known to put on big shows/sing songs etc? Would be a pretty hilarious and fun way to open a day at the festival, that’s for sure.
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