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  1. Wtf they didn’t even do the Courtney Love/Marilyn Manson bit. Fuck you Joe Biden. We’ve been had.
  2. Even if Bidens entire Presidency ends up being a big nothing, it was worth it for this.
  3. If I’m not mistaken they’re part of this current virtual parade thing and not the later celebrations, although probably the final act of it so god knows when that will be. Also lol fuck those guys.
  4. Can’t believe I’m sat here watching all this overly patriotic marching band shit just so I can see New Radicals play You Get What You Give. Biden you son of a bitch.
  5. So apart from the few minor militia groups that gathered at certain capitols on Sunday, was there any other bother from Trumpers over the past few days, or did the large armed presence basically nip it all in the bud before they even had a chance to congregate? Seems to have all gone much better than expected with no trouble to be heard of.
  6. Such a big L for all those Q nuts and such a hilarious way for him to just nope out like this. ’Welp guess all that stuff I said was bullshit. Seeya! Check out my new podcast won’t ya?’
  7. I believe Trump invited Garth Brookes to perform at his thing and he turned it down, so this is a great ‘fuck you’ from Biden.
  8. Thought he was gonna quote ‘You Get What You Give’ just then and that New Radicals were just gonna start rocking out
  9. Well maybe give him a chance to prove that he is more than that, jeez...
  10. Speaking of which... What a fucking idiot.
  11. There’s something incredibly heartwarming about this guy trying over and over for the Presidency and being beaten out each time, and just when he was ready to give up being convinced by his relatives that he had to try again to beat Trump. Obviously time will tel what kind of President he turns out to be, and I’m sure there will be things to criticise along the way, but damn is it good to see him up there right now, as I’m sure he must’ve thought he’d blown his chance at it at this age.
  12. JLo did a great job. Great song choice.
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