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  1. I was very much in the same mind-frame of ‘country sucks’ until I gave No Other a listen. Damn I love that album.
  2. FloorFiller

    The Rock Slot

    Fallen off pretty significantly these days. Third down Other would make more sense for them, and that’d still be pretty generous.
  3. FloorFiller

    The Rock Slot

    Ah I getcha. I think a big portion of Glastonbury goers would be well up for them headlining, especially those who were in their teens/early twenties around the time of American Idiots release as it was pretty inescapable at the time and they seem to still play pretty heavily from it, plus those who were in to them in their mid-90's heyday. Got an easy setlist of bangers from across their catalogue. Never gonna pull the crowds of a current mega pop star like Swift, but it'd easily be a bigger crowd than Metallica (at least from start to finish). And like I said, as somebody who didn't see them back when they were all the rage, it'd be a great box ticker for me for a band who I'd never bother to pay to see these days but would still belt out the songs word for word, and I imagine it'd do the same for a lot of others.
  4. FloorFiller

    The Rock Slot

    Don't think anybody has said Metallica are more mainstream etc than Green Day? Just that Glastonbury booking the biggest metal band in the world is a bolder move/statement than booking the biggest pop/punk band. Tbh in their mid-00's peaks I always put Green Day and Foo Fighters side by side as two huge American stadium acts, and whilst Foos seemed to have maintained that status a little more, Green Day would probably fill a similar space at the top of the Glastonbury lineup. Doesn't seem as weird a suggestion to me as it did a few years back. If they're not willing to branch out a bit what with them having already ticked off most of the other bigg'uns (and the new headliner pool not exactly thriving) then they'll be stuck in a few years. Green Day seem like they could be a decent temporary solution to that, even if they aren't quite the powerhouse they were 10+ years ago.
  5. Yep gave her a miss when she played Liverpool (with Soccer Mommy supporting!) which needless to say I regretted instantly.
  6. FloorFiller

    The Rock Slot

    Considering the organisers must be well aware of how thin the well of mega headliners is these days I suppose Green Day would make sense if they fancied branching out a bit. Not quite the same change of pace headliner as Metallica were but they're still a huge band from a genre Glastonbury has generally left untapped and conversations might have been had what with your man being on site this year (for 2021 I'm assuming... not next year). Don't really see it happening myself but stranger things have happened. As for the rock slot next year, despite thinking it not possible initially the one I keep coming back to is Def Leppard. Apart from usually being considered too big for third down the Pyramid, they tick all the other boxes - UK based and undoubtedly very aware of the festival, actively touring, an easy hour full of recognisable songs, and despite still usually being considered a headliner I suppose they could be considered a dwindling one these days who could see the benefit of an hour of exposure on the BBC. Maybe a more obvious contender will pop up over the year with a tour announcement or something but as it stands I'll stick with them for now.
  7. Golden Hour was a surprising revelation and they done fucked up by not having her booked this year. Rectify it next year please! Fingers crossed she's still touring - hoping the success of this album will keep her on the road for a little longer.
  8. FloorFiller

    The Rock Slot

    Never got to see Green Day back in my youth so I’d be well up for an hour of hits from them. Would’ve said it’s never gonna happen but at least Billie Joe being on site means he’s at least checked the place out.
  9. Saw them in 2015 with KoRn as support for like £40 which I thought was a bargain. Somehow don’t think they’ll be nearly as cheap or be supported by anybody nearly as established/worth the £££ this time so reckon I’ll pass. Was in the process of umming and ahhing over going to one of their other dates and then saw this. Weird that they held it back, but I’m glad I didn’t go for another venue. Sometimes it pays off having no money.
  10. FloorFiller

    2020 headliners

    I would be unashamedly all over a Robbie set. Guaranteed hour full of bangers, and a chance to hear Kids on the Pyramid again (hopefully this time with the full duo). Not headlining obviously, but maybe post-legend on the Sunday? Get him booked.
  11. FloorFiller

    2020 headliners

    Drake obviously has the hits to headline - to say otherwise is ridiculous - but he’s gone from being a pretty great hip-hop artist to a businessman releasing generic shite willing to do anything to stay at top and make every bit of $$$ he can. Guys essentially turned himself in to a walking meme at the expense of quality output. Never gonna headline Glastonbury as he has zero need to. And tbh I doubt he’s somebody the bookers are particularly arsed about.
  12. FloorFiller

    2020 headliners

    I think this especially rings true concerning Glastonbury as time goes on and festivals have become increasingly more mainstream and populated by people going as a bit of a box ticker more than anything else. Nick Cave’s name in such a high position, much like The National as stated above, must be a huge ‘???’ to an awful lot of people when the lineup poster comes out. His recent increased popularity is with a very specific group of people with a specific music taste. He’s not an act who has or will ever break through to the masses - he’s just a very big cult act.
  13. FloorFiller

    2020 headliners

    I’d be over the moon with Cave getting a shot at headlining although I personally don’t ever see it happening, but you really can’t compare him in any way to Metallica. Metallica headline festivals worldwide, playing stadiums and pretty much the biggest venues available/they desire wherever they play and are the single biggest band in the metal genre by a long shot and have a bunch of recognisable songs to anybody who’s ever bothered to delve in to heavy music at all.They may have been an unusual Glastonbury headliner and it was probably the first gig in a long time where they’ve actually had to work to win over the crowd in front of them, but they’re on a different planet than Cave who pretty much has one widely recognised song because of it being the theme tune for a recent TV show. It would be incredible for us fans but that would be a very small crowd. Just get him back subbing and freaking out the normies who’re there for Taylor Swift on afterwards.
  14. FloorFiller

    2020 headliners

    Up until and including West Ryder Kasabian had a bunch of charting singles, Fire being the obvious big one, so were more of a household name, and bringing back the age old ‘does my mum know them?’ question I’m sure my mum knows who Kasabian are and would recognise a few of their songs whereas I doubt she’d know any Foals songs and possibly wouldn’t even know who they are. But then she also didn’t have a clue who Arcade Fire were, and Foals are surely on a level with them, plus being a homegrown act who has risen up the ranks of the Glastonbury lineup and last subbed the Pyramid... I think they deserve a shot at the top spot. Big festival favourites who now have enough big festival anthems to fill an hour and a half (especially with 2019 album #2 due soon). I really think they’re gonna be the Friday headliner.
  15. FloorFiller

    2020 headliners

    The xx, during album promo and tour time, are a bigger deal than Bon Iver in the U.K. and would get a much better reception than him also... in a sub slot. The idea of Bon Iver headlining the Pyramid is ridiculous for many a reason.
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