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  1. FloorFiller

    2018 New Music

    I think it starts off really strong and those first four songs are all great but the second half is pretty forgettable, or at least I just kind of lose interest towards the end anyway.
  2. FloorFiller

    How hard is it to get tickets?

    Very. Don’t bother.
  3. FloorFiller

    Parquet Courts

    Was hoping for Liverpool, but that Manchester date will do. Nice one!
  4. FloorFiller

    Parquet Courts

    Only got access to mobile now. Care to post them? One of the tours I’m most stoked for this year.
  5. FloorFiller

    2018 New Music

    Sounds like Blackstar era Bowie and I love it. Pretty different sound for them and it's got me a lot more intrigued/excited about this new release.
  6. FloorFiller

    Download 2019

    Guess it'd be a novel way for those two acts to finally get their headline slots after floating in the sub/third positions for years and years. I mean, it'd 100% be obvious it was done for lack of other available headliners, but it wouldn't be a bad thing either if they fancied going down the co-headliner route.
  7. FloorFiller

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    I look forward to a further 13 months of it.
  8. FloorFiller

    Green Day

  9. FloorFiller

    Green Day

    Don't see it ever happening. Pop/punk isn't something Glastonbury really bother with and Green Day are way past their prime in both their output and popularity. Probably just end up at Reading and Leeds or even TRNSMT when they next tour.
  10. FloorFiller

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    But this is the first album where he’s been front and centre and very clearly had total control over the whole thing. It’s his creative vision and the rest of the band have just played along, unlike the other albums which were the work of a full band.
  11. FloorFiller

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Count me in if that’s the case (and if I can get standing, of course).
  12. FloorFiller

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Where’s it all seated? Got tickets for Liverpool but that’s standing as well as seated. I’m guessing this’ll be on the pricey-ish side with those support acts, but what a lineup! Definitely tempted by this.
  13. FloorFiller

    Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)

    I’m sure a few of you have been following this story of Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit going missing a couple of days ago, but it’s now being reported that a body has been found near the area he was last seen. Don’t want to get ahead of myself as the body hasn’t been formally identified yet, but it’s not looking good. Heartbreaking stuff. Midnight Organ Fight going on repeat today.
  14. Just an annoyance that on this particular tour (and one with The Jesus and Mary Chain, no doubt) is immediately a no-go for many fans due to this new experiment of theirs. A novel idea, but one that's causing more grief than good for their fans.
  15. I'm assuming something like this would have to be two, or even one per customer, although if two that's still one ticket somebody could sell for stupid money.

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