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  1. Don’t see Capaldi getting a sub slot considering it’ll just be the same setlist as last time. Obviously he’s going from strength to strength size wise so is big enough, but would be a waste of such a prominent place on the lineup. Third down seems more realistic as it doesn’t have quite the same esteem, and is prime for his brand of music. His crowd will no doubt dwarf Diana Ross’ before him, unfortunately (assuming he’s Sunday).
  2. Mark Cabello under ‘wouldn’t miss somebody I like to see, but would definitely be there if I have a gap in my schedule’.
  3. Probably but still unlikely he’ll have anything new out in a couple of months ready for the festival.
  4. Not ruled out, but doubt they’re gonna be there.
  5. Don’t see Dave returning on the same album. It’s rare that Glastonbury will book big acts two years in a row, but pretty much unheard of that they have them back doing pretty much the same set (with the odd exception like Stormzy who was obviously supposed to have a new album out but it never panned out that way).
  6. Did the Park last time so John Peel seems a good bet for this year.
  7. BMTH are way bigger than any act I pictured supporting this, although they’re big fans so I’m sure they’d be down for it if asked.
  8. Any amount of hype I had for the new Grimes album has long gone after its overlong rollout and half of the album being released as singles, so it took me somewhat by surprise that it’s actually really good. Shame she won’t be able to tour it any time soon. Got new Moses Sumney and King Krule lined up for the day. Anything else I should be checking out/have forgotten about?
  9. Stuck it on thinking 'surely it can't be that bad' but god this is just dreadful. Never thought they'd go down the EDM-ish route that so many rock acts are tapping in to these days but here we are. Shite.
  10. Hard to get remotely excited about this but eh, I suppose you hope there’d be at least one good song out of twenty....
  11. Still going, just never lived up to the hype of her initial mixtapes and Aquarius. Last couple of albums have been alright but nothing to shout about.
  12. It’s a bold strategy - let’s see if it pays off for her.
  13. Beat me to it. Kind of got to pretend Since I Left You doesn’t exist when listening to new Avalanches tunes as it’s clearly a very different approach to music they’re taking now, but this is really nice, if not particularly groundbreaking.
  14. I know he was a real last minute replacement due to Frank’s team being so shit at communicating that he wouldn’t be there, but this one really stung. As much as I like Jamie xx, he’s just not in the same ballpark. Hoping we don’t have any similar situations this year.
  15. Agree with all of this. Ready to be proven wrong as I do often am, but I don’t see him getting the headliner gig.
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