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  1. D@b down Miserably Dressed aka Ghost on the Truth Stage.
  2. Sam Fender makes the most sense as a bump up imo, especially if he’s still in that third down Other slot we heard of.
  3. Let the speculation begin on who replaces her (and it ain’t gonna be Harry Styles ffs):
  4. Any kind of bag policy at the MK shows? Like am I allowed to take a regular sized backpack in with me?
  5. Yeah all hints at some sort of secret set. Clearly it’s not gonna be anybody I’m interested in, but fun to follow and try and figure out nonetheless.
  6. Didn’t he drop out of the original lineup? Would be weird for him to be added back as a secret set so don’t see that happening.
  7. Bad Bunny is the obvious one that popped in to my mind, but that’s mostly because he’s the only Spanish rapper I’m familiar with. Probably not gonna be him, but likely to be a Spanish hip hop artist if it is a secret act yeah.
  8. Their face being blurred out in all the Instagram photos and seemingly only having one song with less than a thousand listens on Spotify is still suspicious as fuck, especially if Primavera is bigging them up with their own announcement. Somethings going on….
  9. Only posted their first photo like a month ago on Instagram and face is blurred/covered in all the photographs. Hmm. 33 thousand followers though mind so it must be someone (and I checked and they’re not all just bought bot followers, at least I don’t think..)
  10. Still got that bit of info from the John Peel guy who said they were announcing June though, so if it’s not the 24th I’m very much expecting June rather than later in May. Hopefully June 1st though - I need to figure out my Primavera clashes ffs.
  11. Yeah, that May 24th date is slipping away fast considering what we’ve still got left of the stage announcements. Week after seems far more likely considering we’ve still got Block9 and West Holts (and whatever else) to come and only one day left to announce them.
  12. I’d love to have this attitude/type of schedule but I’m already missing tons due to clashes so you better believe I’ll be sprinting between stages the moment one act finishes to see the next one who I can see (although definitely gonna try and be reasonable as I realise there is some distance between Mordor and the rest).
  13. Whatsapp would still be good, but we’ve got a Discord going here that would serve a similar purpose in case the WhatsApp doesn’t happen for whatever reason: https://discord.gg/4G4mBssp
  14. Cue tons of people hanging around Mordor waiting for an Arcade Fire secret set as the workers wheel off all the equipment.
  15. Yesss was hoping this would be the outcome what with the weird long gap pre-Slowdive. Can’t wait for this one.
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