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  1. All his albums are top drawer. If you fancy checking out his other stuff then go backwards through his discography as his progression from album to album is quite something, but the last two are most similar to his newest.
  2. Aye ended up with the orange bear and the Atoms For Peace ones which were definitely my least favourite of the bunch. Was absolutely buzzing when I had all the good ones in my basket as well. Ah well.
  3. Put a bunch of them in my basket and then most were sold out by the time I paid and I ended up with just two t shirts that I didn’t particularly want in the first place and are probably too big... Guess that serves me right for being greedy, but pretty shite that stuff could just get nabbed right out of your basket!
  4. Aye you’re right - they’ve dropped off a bit over the last five or so years. They’d be a big and popular headliner for APE, but them at BST would be a cheap/free ticket on the day affair for sure.
  5. FloorFiller

    The 1975 2020

    They’re in a bit of a weird position as a big percentage of the audience they’re now seemingly targeting (e.g. not just teenage girls) already dislikes them because of their initial entrance on the scene, but I’m also sure their new sprawling, divisive and at odds with itself approach to albums has put off a lot of their initial audience. I agree that the new album will probably be seen as a bit of an odd blip in their discography, but I also think they could easily still reach new heights along the way. I mean, as far as new ‘rock’ acts go they’re pretty alone in reaching the level they have in recent years, are clearly still brimming with new ideas/material, and they’re still talked about often with new material being highly anticipated, albeit often in a negative light as much as positive. edit: had a bevvy so sorry if this is just rambling nonsense.
  6. FloorFiller

    The 1975 2020

    Aye their highest charting single this, and rightfully so.
  7. Haven’t checked but didn’t he have a similar gap this year which lead us all to believe he’d be there initially? Things might’ve changed and they’ve nabbed him, but I wouldn’t read in to it. Always could’ve been a planned secret set mind...
  8. Definitely. I’m sure Disclosure will be fun enough (if I end up watching them) but Chemical Brothers live show is just insane + filled with far more bangers.
  9. FloorFiller

    The 1975 2020

    Tbf the only reason they were being touted for the Other Stage so much this year is because of Emily’s ‘Pyramid sized’ comments. Only somebody dumb would think they’re anything other than a Pyramid headliner in a normal year and have been since their last album.
  10. This make them more or less likely? I’m guessing Disclosure are gonna be back so probably unlikely they’d have two big electronic headliners, right?
  11. They’ll headline Glastonbury in the next few years, no question. It was probably supposed to be next year but that may well get pushed back a year now due to all this going on. And yeah, as much as it pains a lot of people they’ve certainly earned their place amongst other festival headliner mainstays. Don’t ever see them dropping back down at this point.
  12. It’s funny because she’s clearly named them all due to them all being big names and having huge singles recently, and most of them happen to be women of colour which should be celebrated, but instead due to her subject matter and wording it’s been painted as her pointing fingers.
  13. 100%. They played the Brits a few years ago and social media was full of 'who are Blur?'. Can't imagine the years since then has done anything to boost their existence in the eyes of the typical Reading/Leeds crowd.
  14. FloorFiller

    The 1975 2020

    Having to put instrumentals between songs to stop them all sounding repetitive isn't exactly great songwriting, is it? I wouldn't say I got bored at any point myself, but it's just a long collection of songs they've thrown together rather than a single album, which is frustrating because there's clearly two separate albums with two separate sounds running through them. I'm not a fan of double albums, but this album re-ordered and divided in to two parts would've done it wonders. Was also hoping for more Marilyn Mattson after People but that's a huge outlier here.
  15. FloorFiller

    The 1975 2020

    Went in to this not knowing what to expect what with the incredibly mixed reactions, and I actually really liked it, albeit with the huge caveat that it 100% should've been two separate albums - one of their more standard rock stuff, and another of the more glitchy electronic stuff. There are a fair few times on the album where the transition from one song to another is jarring as hell. I suppose that was kind of what they were going for with such a sprawling project with so many styles, but it hasn't really worked as a single album. Should've Use Your Illusion'd this bitch. But anyway, I'll be giving their other stuff another go now as they've somewhat won me over, although still think they need to cut their albums down - it's not the 00's anymore and you don't need to fill the full 80 minute capacity of a CD.
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