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  1. Been struggling for Christmas present ideas for the girlfriend so that Blondie/Garbage tour might have been announced at just the right time! Just hope she doesn’t mind waiting 11 months for her present to actually be of use...
  2. Hosting (not performing on) SNL apparently, although that seems odd if she hasn’t got something lined up to promote/release, so hopefully it’s the start of her new album rollout.
  3. It only got put on All4 a month or two back so don’t worry - you weren’t searching in vain. But agree on it holding up. I’ve been a huge fan since the days it first aired and can still rewatch it over and over and find new things to laugh at. Such a good show.
  4. Really really like Kevin Morby’s new’un. Business as usual for him but it’s hitting all the right buttons for me this morning. beabadoobee’s album is pretty good. Think she might’ve come a little late in the whole 90’s revival thing to really stand out as it’s nothing Soccer Mommy or Jay Som or a slew of others haven’t already over the past couple of years, although she seems to have become the poster girl for this kind of stuff so can imagine this is gonna do pretty well. Few other good’uns lined today like Matt Berninger, Helena Decland and Gulfer.
  5. Saw a few early opinions of this saying it wasn’t too good/was a bit slight but I really like it. Suppose you could be not picky and say it isn’t at all different from what she was doing on NFR, but I’d always assumed this album would be a continuation of that so I’m happy. That cover art is hilariously bad though.
  6. New James Blake EP just released:
  7. New Ariana Grande album coming some time this month. All her previous ones have been varying degrees of good so I’m pretty stoked.
  8. New Julia Jacklin Another new’un called Cry is also on streaming. Loving both.
  9. Greg Puciato (formally of Dillinger Escape Plan) released his solo album over the weekend and it’s pretty fucking great. Real mixed bag of genres, going from a slow acoustic strummer one song, to a dirge of industrial metal the next, and then on to a synth pop ballad with the next song, but it should be a must listen for those of you with an ear for heavier stuff - think NIN but even more extreme on either end of the pop/heavy spectrums.
  10. Touché Amoré good Metz good Future Islands good Venom Prison good Slow Pulp good Good day!
  11. Deftones (with support from Gojira) playing the 3 Arena in Dublin on 6th June next year. God I hope this turns in to a full tour with that same support - would be all over a Manchester date.
  12. Really stoked to hear this. Guessing it won’t be quite the emotional gut punch masterpiece of Stage Four but I’m really liking what I’ve heard of it so far.
  13. Not sure if they got any notice around here, but Wild Pink’s last album Yolk in the Fur was great and this new song of theirs is sounding pretty damn good as well
  14. New Antlers More warm and mellow than before but this is bloody lovely. Hopefully means a new album is coming. Still kicking myself for not going to the Hospice tour.
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