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  1. Eh, they’re a bit of a novelty booking, booked this year purely because they inexplicably headlined the thing once upon a time. Really can’t see them bothering the upper reaches of the Other Stage - second or third from the bottom I’d say.
  2. More than likely on the usual timeline. They’re in no rush and I doubt they want a repeat of this year in announcing it all and then possibly cancelling again. I’m sure they’ll leave it as late as possible. Kendrick looking like a pretty good bet at the moment now that he’s announced a European festival the same week as Glastonbury.
  3. It’s good. It’s very good. Feels like a more stripped back continuation of Planetarium to me, which I love, but can imagine those turned on to him by Carrie & Lowell might not dig it so much. Hard to say if it’s up there with his classics, and there’s a lot to unpack, but there are definitely some gorgeous highs in there.
  4. It’s incredible. I’ve loved pretty much everything they’ve done and they’re a rare band who’ve made very few missteps in my eyes, but this one is instantly recognisable as something special. Theyll never get the bump up cause much like KoRn they’re just stuck in the reliable sub position, but I’m hoping a tour will come at some point next year/in the near future as I’m 100% there.
  5. Liked Idles more than I was expecting to. It’s not gonna win over a single person who wasn’t already a fan, and the silly lyrics schtick is starting to wear thin in places, but it’s basically just more of the same which, for now, I’m good with. Be interested to see where they go from here as I can’t imagine their sound is gonna play for much longer without them becoming a parody of themselves.
  6. Glad I’m not the only one who’s mind went straight to that 😁
  7. New Deftones is brilliant. Gonna play the hell out of it. Sufjan is also brilliant, although perhaps a bit too sprawling and one note in places, even for Sufjan. If you liked his Planetarium album (which I really did) then this is for you - if you found it a bit overlong, then you’ll probably feel the same here. Some incredible stuff amongst it all though.
  8. Ive only had a quick scroll through most of it so I did indeed miss it. That’s reassuring!
  9. Yep they’ve had a bit of a well needed shake up at the top of the list and there are some interesting (for better or for worse) inclusions throughout. Don’t worry - it got me too 😄 After seeing Harry Styles so high I was willing to believe anything.
  10. Now I like Beyoncé’s Lemonade, but better than OK Computer? Many would argue it isn’t even her best album. And maybe one day In Rainbows will get the recognition it deserves, but I suppose when such timeless classics as Harry Styles - Fine Lines and Billie Eilish’s album are being released in recent years it was always gonna be a fight to make the list.
  11. If there was any other evidence needed to prove Arcade Fire are has beens, Funeral is nine places below Harry Styles new just-okay album in Rolling Stones new best ever albums list: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/best-albums-of-all-time-1062063/ I’ve yet to have a proper look through for other ridiculous placements but that’s an early highlight.
  12. Yep Crack-Up is great but this is more of a return to the more tuneful first album and I’m all for it. Really really liking this after my first listen through.
  13. FloorFiller


    Very happy with Jehnny Beth! Not heard of Big Joanie but will make sure to check them out.
  14. Was expecting to look at the comments of this and see people taking the piss and calling him out for the idiot that he is but it’s all people praising him for ‘telling it like it is’ and sticking it to the man. Fucking hell. This virus has truly caused the idiots of the world to be put on full display, and the worst thing is is they all think they’ve exposed a worldwide conspiracy and are all the smarter for it.
  15. If the festival has managed to get both Kendrick and McCartney back (or even another male-centric act to fill in for one/both) but Taylor is a no-go then this seems like a pretty reasonable switcheroo if they’re keen on keeping a female at the top of the lineup. Dua was probably gonna end up doing it in the next couple of years anyway so bumping her up now and having Taylor come back whenever she’s ready to do so is a consolation prize I can live with.
  16. Well that’s just the thing - that sort of indie rock isn’t exactly in high demand anymore and hip hop, pop etc is hence why the top of major festival lineups look pretty damn different to ten years ago when AF were headlining Reading/Leeds. They haven’t been replaced or maintained their hype because people outside of their indie fans have largely moved on. If Glastonbury goes down that road any time soon, Arctic Monkeys are the better bet for a thinking mans indie headliner. Outside of them releasing a brilliant new album that gets people re-interested, APE and the like seem far more in AF’s b
  17. More likely to go the Foals route and have a secret set that goes off only to not be invited back the following year due to them not fitting in to the lineup.
  18. Whilst I was one of the people ranting and raving that The Killers would never do it again only to be left with egg on my face a month later, surely you can see the huge difference in popularity between those two acts? The Killers have a stadium tour lined up and a ton of recognisable hits that anybody who’s ever turned on a radio knows - Arcade Fire struggled to fill their arena shows last time ‘round, haven’t gotten any bigger since, and are only really known by those who actively seek out to listen to that kind of stuff (I know Everything Now was a minor radio hit but that’s about as genero
  19. Difference with that is that Muse are lucky and probably very grateful to get the call these days/have a long history with the festival whereas those other big acts made the exception on cutting their pay once but may not be so keen to do so again, which I imagine is a big reason why we don’t see many of them returning.
  20. They’re no longer the cool up and comers but also haven’t really ascended to huge stadium filler either - kind of stuck in an in between stage which puts them at odds with the usual types of acts Glastonbury tends to book as headliners. Tbh a lot is resting on this new album of theirs. I don’t think they’ll be slipping down lineups or anything, but if it’s another disappointment like Everything Now then they’re gonna be seen as has beens by a lot of their older fans. Either way, at this point I struggle to see them being rebooked by Glastonbury.
  21. I believe the next year date was for the physical release. Digital release on Tuesday. Not sure why the long gap between both, but I’m not complaining!
  22. As if this week wasn’t already stacked with incredible new releases, Fleet Foxes new album Shore is coming out on Tuesday:
  23. Did they not just play a bunch of songs from the album to open the show rather than bringing the actual tour setup with them?
  24. Gotta be a good bet he’s back. A lot of other festivals who had him this year have released their lineups without him which could throw some doubt in to it, but with Glastonbury not having announced yet + that festival being right afterwards, I’d be surprised (and pissed) if he’s not there now.
  25. Just got round to listening to this in full. Wowee. I loved Black Is but I think this might be even better. Is there any inkling who this lot are have they done a good job at keeping it all hush hush? Such an interesting and powerful project, with a ton of great songs in just 18 months to boot.
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