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  1. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/best-albums-2021-list-1260864/
  2. Yeah this was a badly timed announcement! Really hope this is something they can amend. Supposed to be seeing them next month and really can’t imagine them without Keith.
  3. Damn I saw their statement about going frontman-less for the end of this tour earlier and respected them letting him take a break, but this is pretty fucked. Really hope this gets resolved and doesn’t lead to him leaving and/or being fired - I can’t imagine they’d be anywhere near as good without him.
  4. Ffs. Haven’t got a Glastonbury ticket so may not be a problem, but if I get one in the resale then this is a real pain in the arse.
  5. Goddamn it just keeps getting better. What a lineup.
  6. https://exclaim.ca/music/article/best_albums_of_2021
  7. If I listen to something once and don’t really vibe with it but it seems to be getting overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and/or praise on here or Reddit etc I’ll usually give it another go or two in the hope that it’ll click. If I wrote off albums after one listen then there would be a lot of great stuff I’m missing out on due to not being in the mood at the time or stuff just taking longer to unfurl.
  8. Another one: https://www.gigwise.com/features/3413487/the-gigwise-51-best-albums-of-2021
  9. I mean, it’s a bit of a running joke with the Quietus that even the most ‘indie’ of us here struggle to have heard of more than fifteen of the hundred albums they list every year because of how obscure some of them are, but they wouldn’t be listing them if there wasn’t an audience for it so bit presumptuous to call it pretentious nonsense just because you haven’t heard of them. I’m happy to have even more music to wade through, personally (best thing about these EOY lists imo).
  10. Bit of a change from other lists so far that will leave some people here happy I’m sure. Some stuff here I’ve been meaning to check out: https://www.gorillavsbear.net/gorilla-vs-bears-albums-of-2021/
  11. Sigh, who gives a shit man?
  12. Coming in thick and fast now. This one’s just in alphabetical order rather than a proper ranking so doesn’t have the ‘wow they put xyz at number one’ factor, but a list of albums to possibly check out nonetheless: https://uproxx.com/music/best-albums-2021-list/
  13. https://www.pastemagazine.com/music/best-albums/best-albums-of-2021/
  14. Babe wake up, the Radiohead teapot set just dropped: https://merch.kida-mnesia.com/
  15. Yeah, even though without Neil’s info we’d probably be ruling both Macca and Kendrick out, it’s more than we have on anybody else and the net of possibilities is growing smaller by the week. Like, if not those two then honestly who else could it realistically be?
  16. They’ve got like 6 headliners on rotation for alternating years, but yeah, pretty much.
  17. Top 10 from The New Yorker: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/2021-in-review/the-best-music-of-2021 Pretty good list. I really liked that Weather Station album on release but can’t say I’ve gone back to it too much, although it seems to have become a bit of a sleeper favourite with the critics so think it’s in need of a revisit.
  18. Ringo just happy to be there, John stoned out of his mind, George largely pissed off, and Paul just casually pulling some of the best songs ever written out of his arse in the meantime. There are few bands I could watch fuck around and chat shite in the studio for 8 hours, but damn did I enjoy every bit of that, even when absolutely nothing of note was really happening.
  19. They weren’t on the initial 2020 poster and we only know about them because they posted it on their website - nothing official from the festival itself, so there’s a chance they were gonna try and have them as a not-so-secret secret set (although I feel like they were probably gonna be given their own announcement before the festival).
  20. Yeah this is my thinking too. I don’t see her falling down lineups or anything any time soon and I’m sure she’ll be headlining most of the festivals she was booked for in ‘20 in ‘23 instead, but it feels like Glastonbury has her at the exact right time before the hype dies down a bit. I don’t see her getting bigger than where she is now.
  21. Yeah this passed me by when it was originally out so definitely gonna give it a watch soon. Hawkeye is good! I’ve always thought the character was lame as hell and I'm not the biggest fan of Jeremy Renner (for no real reason other than him just having one of those faces, really) but I like the whole aspect of him being the most down to earth and average Joe of the Avengers whilst the rest of them are off shooting lasers out of their faces etc. The musical bit in the first episode was very funny.
  22. DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ has dropped two new albums. Was a huge fan of Charmed which I played the hell out of this past summer so looking forward to eventually getting through all four hours of this new stuff. House/pop bangers aplenty I’m sure.
  23. Can’t wait to hear you do Welcome to the Black Parade.
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