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  1. Helena Give 'Em Hell, Kid To the End You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison I'm Not Okay (I Promise) The Ghost of You The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You Interlude Thank You for the Venom Hang 'Em High It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Fucking Deathwish Cemetery Drive I Never Told You What I Do for a Living Encore: This is How I Disappear The Sharpest Lives Welcome to the Black Parade I Don’t Love You House of Wolves Famous Last Words
  2. I’m guessing golden circle sold out at the O2 instantly as so did the rest of the tickets and so it was all that was left for people who really wanted to go, whereas with these BST shows there are still regular tickets available and so people are less willing/backed in to a corner to fork out for the more expensive tickets.
  3. FloorFiller


    I’d completely forgotten The Now Now even existed until I’d just checked to see what their last album was. Do remember it being a bit of an improvement, but also don’t think I ever bothered to give it a second listen.
  4. FloorFiller


    The Now Now or Humanz? Either way, aye.
  5. FloorFiller


    Big difference headlining the Pyramid to headlining Other. Pyramid crowds are packed full of people just there for the hell of it and waiting to be entertained. Other crowds are full of people actually wanting to see the act on stage. Doubt they’d have close to the same problems, plus they’d be considerably more rehearsed and not a late stand in.
  6. FloorFiller


    Yeah, they were a late stand in for U2, and Damon obviously knew he had to put on a real show (especially after having been there with Blur the following year) and packed the set with all the special guests from their newest album, but alas it was all a bit thrown together and that new album wasn’t exactly packed full of bangers. Picked up right at the end when they played their more well known songs, but overall I found it pretty damn underwhelming, as did a lot of people. Not that that would stop him bringing them back to Glastonbury. In fact I’m sure he’d jump at the chance for a second shot.
  7. FloorFiller


    Posted over in the OS thread but thought might as well put here as well. New track incoming on the 30th of this month featuring Slowthai and Slaves. Not sure if this means they’re gearing up an album and tour again, but if so I think they must be a good contender for one of our missing Other headliners, namely the Sunday. Ten years since they headlined (fits Emily’s comment), and Damon obviously loves the place.
  8. FloorFiller

    Other Stage 2020

    New Gorillaz song coming featuring Slowthai and Slaves. Could be another contender for this, and would fit Emily’s comment perfectly.
  9. Aye he’s massively oversold himself on this latest run. It could be argued that was these new shows are in support of those EP’s he’s been releasing, but considering how little content they have and how third album heavy his setlists currently are it’s hard to imagine many people jumping to pay £70 to see him again, and I’m guessing Liam being currently active has stolen away a big chunk of Noel’s audience.
  10. MCR have just reformed and haven’t played a UK show in 9 years, and these two shows are catering for the entirety of the UK (plus elsewhere no doubt). Slipknot have toured worldwide pretty consistently (well, every 4 or so years) and play Download all the time on top of that, and are literally in the middle of a UK tour right now. You’re right that MCR would go down better with a R/L crowd than Slipknot and will probably end up playing next year with a new album in tow, but it isn’t really a fair comparison.
  11. Pretty sure he had him headlining his own day, unless I read in to it wrong.
  12. Maybe I’m off the mark but I’ve got a feeling that leaked lineup is a fake. Like many have said, it’s very strong, and with some odd placings, and almost looks like an amalgamation of the ‘best of’ the previous few Wireless lineups in parts. Also somebody over in the BST thread who has been reliable so far on all other headliners has had info that Post Malone was playing there which leaves me doubting his appearance here.
  13. FloorFiller

    Nick Cave

    Every once in a while I’ll check seetickets in the hope that standing tickets for his Manchester show have sold out and so I won’t be tempted to buy one, but nope, still on sale. That’s a bit of a sad state of affairs really, but if I just happen to have an extra £70 to spare I’ll be bang on it (or possibly just wait until nearer the time in hope that somebody can’t shift a ticket and has to sell for a much lower price).
  14. JAMC seem to be the headliner of that day.
  15. Yungblud would be a shiter. But aye, stoked for this. Gonna break out my red eyeliner for the occasion.
  16. Hope you don't fuck yourself up too much at Rammstein. Sounds like a hell of a weekend.
  17. Any inkling/speculation on who's gonna be supporting? Jimmy Eat World have got a nice gap in their tour schedule, although would mean flying from and then back to mainland Europe so not sure how likely that is. Hope Senses Fail's tweet was about this. Heard they're notoriously terrible live (well... the singer is) but got a real soft spot for them.
  18. Think that's probably a mistake on their end rather than the venue getting upgraded, especially with the proposed second date.
  19. Never been to the City Slang stuff when I've gone previously. It far away from the forum and/or difficult to get in? Would be down for seeing Health and Roosevelt.
  20. Hmm interesting. Says Stadium MK for me but Bowl would be preferable considering the hotel I booked is a bit nearer to there.
  21. That's a nice run for the Wednesday. Happy with that. Was initially hoping for a regular JAMC set but been giving Darklands a listen lately and forgot just how good it is so that'll do for me.
  22. Yeah got through on both ticketmaster and see near enough the same time but just went for see. Nothing gets my heart racing quite as much as trying to get tickets. Thank fuck for that.
  23. MCR are apparently announcing a second MK date after this first one inevitably sells out straight away so that would be the reasoning for no 'only UK date' claims.
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