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  1. Ha yeah just realised that. Phew, was about to start punching walls.
  2. Where’ve your seen this? If he’s decided to tour after his family tragedy and now COVID takes him down… fuck sake. edit: oh wait, Nick from The Strokes and not Cave, right?!
  3. Have they said you can bring a clear reusable bottle? Doesn’t seem to be any guide on it in those pictures - just that a non-clear one is banned
  4. What’s the object on the banned list between the umbrella and the scooter? Looks like a wizard’s staff. Can I not bring my wizard’s staff?!
  5. I don’t think so, but I wish. What an absolute joyous party that would be.
  6. Eh, I guess you could say it’s a bit soulless and that the masses (and occasionally dickheads) congregate there due to all the big commercial acts playing there, but y’know, no different to most big festivals really.
  7. ‘Don’t outright cancel until the last minute so that we can claim there isn’t enough time to sort out a replacement’
  8. Struggling to get excited over this ‘silver lining’ right now 😅 😑
  9. I’m not even the biggest fan, like at all, but imo they’re the ‘big’ act of the festival (for weekend 1, at least). Them dropping out will cause a fury much bigger than Massive Attack or any other act I reckon.
  10. I like your optimism, but unfortunately see the most likely outcome being The Strokes don’t outright cancel until the very last minute and Primavera goes with the ‘welp too late to find a replacement’ excuse and they just bump somebody small up to fill the gap instead. Although if they’re smart they’ll currently be scrambling to find a replacement who’s willing to jump in on late notice because the outcry to them not would be huge.
  11. They’ve already set the precedent for dropouts with Massive Attack, but then The Strokes are arguably a bigger deal and leave a huge dent in weekend 1 so they’ve kind of dug themselves a hole of leaving people furious and asking questions whatever they do. Hopefully the fact they haven’t outright cancelled already means they’re hopeful to be able to play Primavera, but at this point I think the festival is cursed and so we’ll find out they were out drinking with Pavement this week and watch the dominos fall.
  12. In what world is Beach House’ new album the top selling album in America? And I don’t think they can just move acts to different days as that’ll piss off the day ticket holders.
  13. NIN replacing every dropout at every other festival in the world and yet we remain NIN-less 😓
  14. Fucking hell, we all knew there was a likelihood of acts dropping out because of COVID but The Strokes are essentially the big draw of the festival. I would say surely if they pull out they’ll have to replace them, but after Massive Attack I’m just not so sure.
  15. Man I’ve gotta do a bulk order of cheap shite and sell it off to people as mystery boxes. Can’t wait to get my crappy earphones…
  16. Yup Primavera Sound app. You should be able to find it in your mobile app store
  17. Don’t want to go round in circles on this because it’s already taken up too much room here and I want to leave the moaning behind and get hyped, but those weekday gigs mean nothing if you’re only going to the main festival, which is what we were originally sold. Where’s this venue then? And do we have stage times yet? edit: oh yeah times are on the app!
  18. Whilst I get your point and now that the timetable is out it’s more evident than ever that an act pulling out just means one less clash for me more than anything else, there have been some pretty significant dropouts - a headliner and then some other Mordor sized acts - so I understand peoples frustrations because those acts are what a lot of people invested their money in and them not being replaced is pretty disheartening, mostly because it essentially means Primavera have got spare cash lying about that they could invest in new acts but instead they’ve decided to just sit on it. Especially disheartening as they’ve been very on the ball with replacements in past years so to see that change in the festival kind of sucks. The lineup is incredible. Ludicrously so. But people getting mad that some big name acts are gone and not being replaced is perfectly justified.
  19. Does she do live sets? Always thought she was more of a studio act given the somewhat anonymity (for now, at least). Would be all over it if she ever did start touring or especially do Glastonbury.
  20. Somebody on Reddit worked out that Quimera is more than likely just promo for a new Netflix show that’s coming out called Idol which features a mega famous Spanish pop star called Quimera who dies on stage. Whether there’s more to it than that I’m not sure, but it links in with the description given about the show here: https://www.entupantalla.com/netflix-espana-presenta-tres-nuevas-series-feria-idolo-y-el-tiempo-que-te-doy/
  21. FloorFiller

    San Remo

    Off to a good start.
  22. FloorFiller


    Gig etiquette as a whole has taken several steps backwards since the pandemic. People seemingly forgetting how to shut the fuck up when acts are performing is something I’m noticing more and more and is especially frustrating at more mellow shows.
  23. FloorFiller


    Said something vague about being on before Kendrick but I think they’ll be third with Lorde subbing. Was seemingly supposed to be Elbow > Lana > Kendrick in ‘20 so makes sense that order will stick.
  24. It’s largely an acoustic/country album.
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