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  1. Tell me about it. When I googled the logo I was like what??!
  2. Aye you're right. I've put em were Wolf Alice were and moved Wolf Alice to were Sigrid was, in turn moving Sigrid to where As It Is was (binned em off haha). Honestly it's really hard to place acts with 2 mainstages that normally would play R1.
  3. Swapped her with DaBaby then you're probably right. Tbh rap and hip hop isn't my forte so no clue how big each one are haha
  4. I put them as special guests bc they had their logo on the old lineup and couldn't see them playing in a slot which would have them a logo on the new lineup. They seem the type of band to get pussy if they didn't have their logo on next year haha. I disagree about Fontaine's - amazing band but I reckon they're FR headline level tbh
  5. Just realised I forgot Neck Deep and Jack Harlow! And I'm not sure tbh. I toyed with putting them 3rd down but the acts I've currently got 3rd down I was reluctant to move
  6. Apoligies because a lineup has just been posted but been working on this for a few hours so may as well share. This is what I could see us ending up with (or very similar). Lower stages aren't fleshed out bc honestly I have no clue lower down. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts (some acts probs are misplaced tbh)
  7. could i have my username changed to FeverDream please?! Much appreciated
  8. You're right he definitely said that. I reckon they were pencilled in for 2021 anyways (possibly a new album out by then?) and with RATM seemingly not available (completely guessing they weren't tbf) it makes sense to keep them.
  9. Hope MGK is booked. New album will be interesting
  10. Thursday 9am - it's all over their social media so just check the website then.
  11. They booked Catfish over Wolf Alice and Chvrches because they are ticket shifters. Had Wolf Alice or Chvrches been ticket shifters then they'd have been considered?
  12. I can tolerate some of their older stuff but idk, it's just one of those bands I dislike and love to dislike typa thing. I'd be going to see someone else on another stage anyways so wouldn't bother me but if they have the chance to get BMTH, Foals etc (ik they've headlined before etc) it seems just weird
  13. Panic is such a stupid boring uninspired booking (I'm definitely 100% biased bc can't stand him)
  14. Ohhh shit yeah forgot about the Yungblud crossover thing damn
  15. I honestly don't see why they wouldn't book BMTH. Melvin has to be out his fucking mind surely
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