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  1. Hello Anyone been to this one? A mate has asked me if I am going to it. https://www.truefest.co.uk/ Date: 21/8/20-24/8/20 Location: Hay-on-Wye
  2. email from Eventbrite payment not taken on 30/1/20 'due to a change implemented by the Payment Card industry 3DS update' payments will be processed on 28/2, 31/3, and 30/4
  3. This year is was the coach stop by the Hippodrome theatre on Inge St
  4. https://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/offthetracks/2019/galleries.shtml?b=all Great set of photos as per usual
  5. Looks like Scott Doonican is playing on the Thursday evening [29th Aug] https://www.thebarstewardsons.com/tour
  6. The camping was well laid out. Bars not too expensive. Big top stage are was good, but view was indeed limited from outside - sound was good. Acoustic stage in the church worked, a bit musky though.
  7. https://www.offthetracks.co.uk/ https://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/offthetracks/2019 Great weekend Proper campsite, porcelain, ale bar, great vibe. See you there.
  8. Looking a bit wet : https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2635080 ah well, at least there's plenty of bands in the pubs
  9. Should be there on Friday afternoon sometime Keeping my eye on the weather - as per usual... Give me a nudge when you see me
  10. Don't miss Steve Ajao, and the Delray Rockets - great live bands.
  11. Roll on Thursday, I am at work and my brain is not here
  12. withdrawn, managed to sort out my 'ticket' problems. See you there folks.
  13. Hi folks I have one adult weekend ticket for sale due to a double booking. I go every year. Please message me if interested. Thank you.
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