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  1. Karlhippy

    Rolling Stones...

    *smug mode*
  2. Karlhippy

    Rolling Stones...

    Bleeding hell - all I said was that would be playing....... It's gonna be like Alamont again!!
  3. Karlhippy

    Rolling Stones...

    Sorry.....I will go and throw myself in the river......
  4. Karlhippy

    Rolling Stones...

    Nothing is 100% until the day, however my contact is pretty reliable.
  5. Karlhippy

    Rolling Stones...

    I have heard from a v.reliable contact that they will be there in 2013!
  6. Alright Karl...I tried to find you on facebook but it didnt work...


  7. Karlhippy

    Tent Robbers

    I know you
  8. Karlhippy

    Tent Robbers

    I walked back to the tent at Glasto around 7am on the sun morning and my tent door was open. Nothing was nicked as I had all my valuables on me. But for 5 mins i was quite pissed off!
  9. Karlhippy

    so long and thanks for the smiles

    Very sad to hear mate. Love & wishes to all concerned K. xx
  10. sup karl? hows things we'll have to catch up sometime ! come over if you want