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  1. Really hope there's standalone Touche Amore gigs to come. (I know there's some soon but I can't make them!)
  2. Anyone going today/tomorrow, do let me know if you have any luck with getting a wristband for the front section. Wondering how early I might have to get there.
  3. Fuck me, one week from the event starting is absolutely savage.
  4. Pigs x7 are listed as Thursday on their website.
  5. JSmurphy

    Kendrick Lamar

    Expecting £100 at least.
  6. ... and it's actually great!
  7. Neil was told he's playing JP, though he's unsure if it's true or not.
  8. I felt Fonatines were a possible JP headliner so my chances of catching them has slightly increased if that Jamie T info is accurate!
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