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  1. I was wondering if there's any precedent of cancelling acts returning the following year, but it's probably so circumstantial it isn't worth thinking too hard about. Their Wildness tour has felt long, but it's not like they really need new music as an excuse to tour. I read this week that Chasing Cars was the most played tune on radio this century, or something. They've got a crowd pleasing 75 minutes in them any day.
  2. I think Snow Patrol will be keen to appear again after having to pull out at the last second. JP headliner would be a great slot for them.
  3. Top three lines are all quality. Then Squid and OK Button are some standouts for me beneath that!
  4. I didn't fork out £££ for golden standing in fucking Coventry for them to announce a London date ffs .
  5. Would be all over this if I wasn't 400 miles from Glasgow. Cracking lineup.
  6. Dropped the ball not picking up a Sunday tick. I've got my eyes on Twickets but if anyone's got a spare hmu. Somethin to check out:
  7. It really was a miserable time, those 6 days between seeing Rammstein live and booking tickets for their next UK gig.
  8. Green Day, Metallica and Iron Maiden would be some trio.
  9. Solskjaer on fan disillusionment: 'The loudest ones are probably not the best fans.'
  10. League One stadium tour innit #PUP
  11. Reading weekend tickets sold out.
  12. Thursday: The Big Moon 6 Elvana 8 Friday: Mahalia 7 Mac DeMarco 8 Idles 8 Tame Impala 7 Saturday: Vampire Weekend 9 Grupo Magnetico 6 Hozier 6 Johnny Marr 7 Liam Gallagher 5 The Killers 8 Sunday: Babymetal 7 Loyle Carner 7 Vampire Weekend 8 The Cure 7 Pretty solid across the board - didn't stick around for anything I wasn't feeling after a song or two, hence no ratings for MØ, Kylie and others.
  13. JSmurphy

    T DAY

    Had at least 45+ devices split between 18 of us in October, nothing. Got through once in April resale by an old phone with one bar of 3G. Just steadily F5 and hope for that glorious booking page.
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