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  1. JSmurphy

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    Radiohead, Foals
  2. JSmurphy

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    Smashing Pumpkins Biffy Clyro
  3. JSmurphy

    Football 18/19

    Indeed, well this game is a cracker though!
  4. JSmurphy

    Football 18/19

    Another painfully dull game zzz
  5. JSmurphy

    This time last year I was....

  6. JSmurphy

    Mad Cool 2018

    Yeah it'll have to be the case of getting to the fest by other means during the day and heading back on the bus. Seems like it's easy to get to the site via train / metro in the day anyway if you're staying central. Website says it departs 10 minutes from the site so you should be all good making one even if you leave at 04:30.
  7. JSmurphy

    Mad Cool 2018

    Just got one - didn't wanna risk them selling out soon.
  8. JSmurphy

    Mad Cool 2018

    https://madcoolfestival.es/noticia/ya-disponibles-los-tickets-de-autobus-para-mad-cool-2018 The transportation announcement we've been waiting for.
  9. JSmurphy

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    Queens of the Stone Age Rage Against The Machine
  10. JSmurphy

    Football 18/19

    That VAR ruling was tough on Iran. Correct tho. Yes, Yes, well done Iran. Well done Iran. HOWEVER
  11. JSmurphy

    Download 2019

    The interview when he said it was before the festival but I'm with you that Parkway Drive are heading that way.
  12. JSmurphy

    Football 18/19

    Watching Uruguay is just painful.
  13. JSmurphy

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    Foals, Metallica