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  1. Ticketmaster are turning in to the proper knobwhiffs of the ticket world.
  2. This is what makes the festival what it is
  3. In the same boat, I got a telling off from a steward for giving him all sorts of grief in the main stand at Anfield in 2009/2010 (I think). The game were Torres scored after brushing Rio Ferdinand off. Pepe Reina ran the whole length of the pitch to celebrate with David N’Gog after he scored a 90th minute goal to seal it. When he retired from football I started reading his column in The Times and his insight on football was spot on and then when he started on the telly I thought his analysis was a breath of fresh air. Complete opposite opinion of Carragher. Loved him as a player, can’t stand him now. Obnoxious helmet.
  4. What are today’s albums then?
  5. Three favourite characters in no particular order: Hank Scorpio Uncky Herb Frank Grimes
  6. Hank Scorpio : Uh, hi, Homer. What can I do for you? Homer : Sir, I need to know where I can get some business hammocks. Hank Scorpio : Hammocks? My goodness, what an idea. Why didn't I think of that? Hammocks! Homer, there's four places. There's the Hammock Hut, that's on third. Homer : Uh-huh. Hank Scorpio : There's Hammocks-R-Us, that's on third too. You got Put-Your-Butt-There. Homer : Mm-Hmm. Hank Scorpio : That's on third. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot... Matter of fact, they're all in the same complex; it's the hammock complex on third. Homer : Oh, the hammock district! Hank Scorpio : That's right.
  7. It’s gonna be some festival next year though isn’t it.
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