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  1. Here’s another banger
  2. lukethekid

    efests Exit Poll

    That’s just not helping any sort of problem though is it.
  3. Could just stab them whilst they’re asleep?
  4. lukethekid

    Kendrick Lamar

    I personally don’t agree with that, Stankonia is 🔥 Some of their other stuff just doesn’t float my boat though. Obviously what I said is only my opinion like, I fully understand people have different opinions and mine isn’t the true gospel of the lord.
  5. lukethekid

    Other Stage 2020

    Ahhhh he wasn’t on the bill in 2017 was he, my bad, still though I don’t reckon Noel’s the pyramid sized Other Stage headliner material that the Eavis’ have spoken about.
  6. lukethekid

    Other Stage 2020

    I reckon Noel’s a bigger prick meself
  7. lukethekid

    Other Stage 2020

    How come Noel is being touted to headline The Other yet Liam played 3rd or 4th down on the same stage in 2017 what difference are Liam & Noel?
  8. If they were booked 2 years on the spin I’d agree can’t have an act playing same slot 2 years running, 3 years difference? Definitely can play the same slot. Could potentially even fall down the pecking order on the same stage in that time. DJ Shadow, headlined John Peel a while ago, 2017 he’s playing 3rd form the top. Doesn’t make a blind of difference where artists play the festival is still booking them.
  9. Why can’t artists play the same stages?
  10. As big as Calvin Harris is and I’m sure he could his fair share of guest vocal appearances, Prydz would definitely be the bigger spectacle. His light show rivals if not better The Chemical Brothers, that Holo light show will bend your brain inside and out.
  11. Kano for The Park I reckon. It’s gonna be Thom Yorke, an urban act and a heritage act.
  12. The behemoth that the festival has become are there any dance acts big enough to do it that aren’t Daft Punk? Chemical Brothers have obviously done it before and I think could do it again but seems they have turned The Other stage in to the Chemical Brothers stage now. Basement Jaxx, The Prodigy, Orbital, Kraftwerk any of them big enough?
  13. lukethekid

    Other Stage 2020

    Horses for courses and all that, just doesn’t do it for me.
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