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  1. What happens when you get there and you open the program to be told that Fleetwood Mac are playing Thursday night Pyramid?
  2. KH - Kieran Hebden Kieran Hebden = Four Tet
  3. What an unreal fella https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/GM76SLdLwmNWq2aA8
  4. New Years Day announcement would be terrific
  5. Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere but I thought I'd share if it's going to be of use to anyone. Thought earlier about downloading these sets from iPlayer, thought it would be good to have them available over the next 12 months (obviously iPlayer only gives you 30 days) had a look and there's a way you can do it. This fella explains it all.
  6. Although you can’t obviously brand the whole country the same but didn’t the ski resort where the virus initially broke out in Italy cover it up for the first few weeks because they didn’t want people to cancel going there?
  7. How does it all end? The only way I can see it ending (before a vaccine) is when we know exactly who in the country has had it, who in the country currently has it (isolate them) and then test everybody coming in to the country. How long would that take though 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. Don’t know why I’d have been offended by that? Right now the more you leave your house and go to places where there are other people, the longer this will go on for. Fact. Therefore it’s frustrating seeing people go to a supermarket 4/5 times per day to buy a chocolate bar or a bottle of wine or something else that could have all been bought in one shopping trip. In regards to shopping government request is that you go out once per day for essentials. No offence was taken on my behalf mate, in regards to the holiday thing. We only have 1 member of staff currently off on 12 week Furlough, they have been told though that they need to use holidays and I think she had already taken 2 weeks holiday prior so she is being forced to take all of her holidays before she returns and the new work year has only just started.
  9. I’m not bitter about still by going to work, it’s my choice to do the job that I do. It’s just frustrating seeing that we’ve had to take some drastic actions in our household so we can still continue to go to work and people are using it as a bit of an added holiday. Obviously you need to live your life, nobody is saying that you can’t leave your house under no circumstances but if you give people an inch they’ll take a mile and there is definitely some cases of that going on now.
  10. We don’t have a night team, there’s no one in the shop overnight and I am 100% convinced that we’ve been told that we can’t work nights due to them having to pay us more. In the Tesco Express stores, they have been alright in accommodating staff that have pre-existing conditions, giving people 12 weeks paid leave and being off with full pay for 2 weeks if you need to isolate. They have put Perspex screens up in front of the tills but they were installed by the staff and the dipstick that installed ours has installed one too high so if you’re a bit shorter like Mrs Kid it’s absolutely useless and then the other is too short so passing shopping underneath it is like a challenge off the Krypton Factor. Management already know about it, we had a discussion about the way we can go about it, and we were told we can’t refuse anybody service. I asked could we threaten it and was told yes. So there have been a few people threatened with not being served, I told a fella the other day, and then he asked how many times per day can he come in to the shop, I said the government request was once. He then bought what he would have came back and bought later on 🤷🏼‍♂️ The BBQ thing I can blatantly see why it would look like a bitter comment and it is to a degree because I just don’t think it’s essential shopping. The commitments that people are making to stay in work is massive. Doctors and Nurses are not seeing their kids for 4/5/6 months so they can work and the kids stay with their grandparents during this whole mess and then people are going from shop to shop trying to find BBQ stuff making this whole problem worse.
  11. Tesco The panic buying has stopped and the shelves are starting to fill up now, but due to the new measures that they’ve brought in in regards to distance that you need to keep from each other whether that is staff or customers it makes it impossible for us to work properly. We’ve asked can we change to working nights instead of days so we’re there outside of opening hours when the shop is filled with customers and we’ve been told no. Haven’t really had much flack off customers the vast majority understand that they have to abide by the new rules , it’s just frustrating seeing the same faces in the shop multiple times per day, not listening to governments request and some appearing to be using being off work as an extra holiday. Had several enquiries about BBQ stuff over the weekend. Need it to start pissing down.
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