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  1. Radiohead to play Get Free for Lana Del Ray to which then breaks in to Creep to which then breaks in to A full Radiohead surprise set.
  2. Why have they logged in though? 🧐
  3. It was before he put his baseball cap on
  4. lukethekid


    How many episodes are you planning on putting out before the festival and have you got any ideas for those upcoming episodes? Really enjoy listening, keep up the good work 👍🏻
  5. lukethekid

    Who Are You Booking?

    Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre Pyramid - Friday Night
  6. True but isn’t there an extra so many thousand punters there this year?
  7. I’d see Tyler over Taylor too, but apart from that, Kendrick & Macca (although I highly doubt he’d be clashing with Kendrick) beat him to it. I reckon they need 2 big guns on Other & West Holts against Macca and I reckon he fits the bill.
  8. I could see Tyler on West Holts up against Macca
  9. Ahhh he’s in Lisbon on the Saturday as well, ignore that post.
  10. lukethekid

    Other Stage 2020

    That’s it isn’t it, you win some you lose some in life, some get the break and some don’t. Ringo Starr made it as a drummer to be fair. Haven’t saw Biffy since I was about 15/16 when Questions & Answers etc was being released, I’m nearly 32 now, sort of lost track of their career apart from hearing them on the radio every now and then.
  11. lukethekid

    Other Stage 2020

    True, seems to me that the band is all about the drummer he absolutely smashes it and with that box already ticked could easily change it up a bit.
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