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  1. Some of the cities are a bit mad aren’t they, Huddersfield? Surprised they’re not doing Manchester, Etihad or Old Trafford Cricket Ground (saw Green Day there as part of the Move Festival in 2002) or even Anfield now that they’re putting on gigs too.
  2. Saw Green Day loads of times when I was younger and they were always an absolute riot, I’d live to see Weezer too, not too bothered about Fall Out Boy, would be a nice booking. Other headliner?
  3. Cos Play A Cold Play tribute act dressed in various medieval costumes.
  4. lukethekid


    I suppose he’s got no choice at festivals has he, got to throw your phone’s in the amnesty bin on entrance to the festival.
  5. lukethekid


    I went to see A Perfect Circle about 15 years ago, Maynard was inside a big cube behind a sheet and all you could see was his silhouette. Before the performance there was an announcement telling you that at Maynard’s request it was prohibited to take any photographs at all and that it was prohibited to smoke (this was pre-smoking ban) I always thought after that that he was a bit of a dick. Music’s still excellently good though.
  6. lukethekid


    I’d deffo have a bit of Tool, Lateralus was one of my favourite albums when I was in school. Parabol / Parabola absolutely amazing stuff.
  7. lukethekid

    Ticket Secrets!

    I know you’ll get talking to loads of people but isn’t there an urge to just wander off in to the madness of the festival? Don’t know if I could help myself.
  8. I would have added but I was in 3 minds in which way you actually spell it
  9. Melt is a nice go to word to be title less abrasive when trying to mildly offend someone. Melt or Whopper.
  10. I lost 5 stone a couple of years ago, since then I’ve put some back on, lost it again, put some back on and then lost it again and now I’ve put a little bit back on and I’ve just started to diet again to get rid of it. Never thought I’d ever be able to do it but once you see the progress it just adds to your motivation to carry on.
  11. lukethekid

    The Rock Slot

    I think they’d go down really well on a sunny afternoon.
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