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  1. Had my AirBnB booked for a while, this will be the first 3 day festival I go to where I get to sleep in a bed and use a real shower/toilet 😅
  2. Can confirm I just bought a weekend 1 from someone here and it was a super quick transfer.
  3. Yeah 3rd is too high really, take that part back. But wherever the slot, they're in Stockholm for Lolla on July 3rd and happy to be 7th on that poster.
  4. I mean we already lost Brockhampton, whether that means we'll see replacements is another story, it's not like they need any help shifting tickets
  5. Such a shame about Brockhampton. I know they played 2019 but it would have been great to see them back. Would love to see an Earl Sweatshirt, Denzel Curry, Blu, Freddy Gibbs or JPEGMafia spot.
  6. What we saying, 6 new somewhat big names at 3pm UK? Wolf Alice, Idles, Turnstile, Modest Mouse, Bush, Fontaines D.C. I'm still saying Biffy Clyro are a shout to replace Faith No More but Liam Gallagher is more likely.
  7. Called the Mar-May postponement a few pages back, seemed like the obvious solution. L+R will still be on for them. Helps that our government is doing something good for once in trying to open back up quickly now that the spike's over. Hope we see that reflected through the rest of the year.
  8. Won't comment on the rest, but I think you'll be just fine at a festival with PJ and Metallica headlining 😄
  9. Added in the final batch December 13th.
  10. Tell me if I'm going mad here - Biffy Clyro? They're not exactly massive in Belgium, not playing there yet next year but have dates across Europe in concert hall size venues. We also now know Paramore are active this year although literally 1 date so far, so probably a one-off
  11. Not here sadly. 8 headliners already in place.
  12. Vaccinations don't stop anyone getting and spreading Covid.
  13. Too low, Jack is a headliner. Liam Gallagher is more that level for a non-UK festival. Bush maybe. Placebo would be perfect but they're not available.
  14. Okay, that's all I was saying really, not being into hip-hop, pop or electronic, there's almost no point in even looking at a Coachella lineup any more, wasn't suggesting people should have to listen to things they don't like. That being said you should check out Black Midi, Turnstile and Amyl & The Sniffers from this list if you haven't before. I'm off to RW for the first time myself this year since Metallica and Pearl Jam are still on my bucket list - that's one thing age will definitely do to you, not give you enough chances to see the old chaps!
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