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  1. He's talking specifically about the biggest new rock bands, and unfortunately, he's quite right. Well, I can't speak as much for NBT, but RB are huge and TOP are too. Glad we got some names though a little shook by what's missing from the initial announcement. I expected a lot more "will still be coming".
  2. Those saying summer 2021 should temper your expectations. If we don't have a vaccine before then then we're almost certainly going to be continuing social distancing to an extent and that includes not having enormous gatherings of people. Bars and cafes are one thing. Festivals are another. 2021 is in absolutely no way a certainty right now. Yes, stay optimistic! But stay realistic too.
  3. Boy are you in for a shock.
  4. My girlfriend just lost her job this morning thanks to covid killing the events industry temporarily. No, it's not egocentric to be thinking about getting some much needed money back on something we won't be going to.
  5. Gwen is probably more of a Barn headliner with RB opening for The Strokes
  6. Archive simply aren't big enough to headline Barn Friday. I'd be stunned if we don't get a new name.
  7. Except by the people who aren't taking it seriously! https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/coronavirus-us-self-isolate-party-new-hampshire-tests-positive-a9376816.html
  8. It isn't just the media. My girlfriend's an events manager and they've had 3 events and a conference cancelled in the last 24 hours, she's working lots of overtime trying to pull together stuff so they don't lose even more money. They have several small competitors that are at risk of going under right now. The Game Dev Conference just got cancelled as well for instance. Not saying this applies to festivals necessarily but there is absolutely reason to be concerned about big events being cancelled.
  9. If anyone is thinking of going from Manchester and might be interested in 2x Big Green Coach tickets for less than face value, please inbox me!
  10. Well I'll be damned if that's true. Nice.
  11. There's literally nothing to indicate it's gonna be Genesis other than a handful of baseless rumours (which have gone around every year for the last 10 years) but again, I admire the optimism and hope it's true, I'd catch them in the UK for sure
  12. As a Phil Collins fan I admire your optimism!
  13. Genesis who did a one-off reunion tour in 2007? 🤣
  14. Would you say there's a lot of people smoking there (not cigarettes of course)? The only festival I've been to where you get any sort of funny looks is Download and that tends to be because there's so many families there that we tend not to smoke in the arena areas.
  15. Damn I had NO idea they had actually "made it" / are still going. Saw them supporting Maximo Park like 12 years ago, crazy!
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