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  1. Bear in mind if we get Green Day we'll have to endure songs from their latest album, which is the audio equivalent of a war crime
  2. Not sure underground is the word you're looking for but I agree, JPEG or Denzel would be amazing
  3. City & Colour is the biggest get for me, Bombay is nice, Brass Against is cool and I've heard good things about a lot of the others. Nice little batch of small bands.
  4. Anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together Seriously, what they're doing in that slot over literally any other rap artists on the bill hurts my head
  5. Hey Ken, are we expecting anything tomorrow? Any hints?
  6. I don't see Deftones playing now. If they played the 2nd they'd be doing 4 nights in a row on tour and wouldn't really fit on that day's bill anywhere. If they played the 5th they'd surely have to go before Placebo on the main stage next to all the other heavies, I would have guessed they'd be in Placebo's spot until they got announced. Still, I wouldn't argue, love 'em! Glasto pyramid stage is a big deal, I can see an artist flying out just to do that. Again though, here's hoping.
  7. It's depressing that anyone would consider KOL significant or a surprise.
  8. Oh right, if there was a presale then yeah presumably they won't be as cheap
  9. Posts legit info here along with Ken19. They said "Doesn't look like one of those will be there." in response to someone asking about Foals, Vampire Weekend, Idles, Editors and Tame Impala. If you're wondering about their validity they posted the first letter of each band in the Placebo batch a day before the official reveal. However, at the same time, they also said "RATM simply don't seem to be touring Europe in 2020" so there's obviously plenty in this industry that's a very well-kept secret
  10. Up from what? They only go on sale tomorrow
  11. It's way more likely to be someone on the level of The National or Tame Impala rather than RHCP. Still a big name but not an all-star.
  12. I can tell you for a fact Blood Youth won't be there, but tbh you could've worked that out from them playing 2 years in a row already. Hoping for KL/CO as well!
  13. Couldn't think of a slot where they'd fit in honestly. Also, having seen them last year... not that great. GZA especially just doesn't have it any more. I've seen Ghost 3 times and he's shown up late and wasted each time. They're burnt out.
  14. Most of the bigger names are filled out now, we're expecting someone to go before/after The Strokes though.
  15. Friday will. RATM's only UK dates in what, 10 years?
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