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  1. 1 ticket to emo Fyre Festival please
  2. Literally what? That's so insane I thought it must be fake. Looks not though. All that on one day? God damn
  3. Ahh dammit. Hopefully not many more of these drop outs.
  4. Good luck for tomorrow. Laptop and phone ready at 10, constant refreshes as soon as I entered the queue. Managed to get in within 45 seconds or so.
  5. Fontaines D.C @ The Dome, locked in. Can't wait for this one.
  6. Aye, aiming for 4/4 for King Giz though 😁
  7. So what are everyone's most dreaded clashes? King Giz and The Strokes would be brutal. Tame Impala and Turnstile would suck.
  8. Missed this. In that case I reckon they might skip UK entirely if this is a festival-only tour.
  9. Still don't understand where Metallica fit in this summer. Got to be that final BST headliner, surely?
  10. What is this fresh hell I've woken up to.. Rage dropping out? Haven't we suffered enough
  11. Setlists from their 5 night residency in Brisbane look mighty fine. Acoustic Jams Microtonal Garage Rock Heavy Metal
  12. ... are we back? I missed this place more than I care to admit. RAGE! Sunday tickets locked in. Cannot wait. Welcome back everyone. Happy birthday @Andre91.
  13. Foo Fighters and Metallica back to back on the 2nd and 3rd, yes please.
  14. Crazy isn't it. I don't think anyone can beat David Bowie's record.. headlining Glastonbury in 1971 & 2000. But back to R&L 2022. Metallica. No UK show for them yet. I'm not sure if there's space left at BST for them. London stadium gigs are non-stop next summer already. I know they're in Europe June/July, but they did the same in 2015 before returning to Europe in August for R&L and a few other shows.
  15. 2005 was the year for long-awaited returning headliners with Iron Maiden and Pixies both having headlined in 1982 and 1990 respectively.
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