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  1. Mitski would be an infinitely better Park headliner than the much touted London Grammar or Manic Street Preachers
  2. Announcement of the announcement! New poster too
  3. That would be a very impressive line up, even if JH and MK are a bit too boring for my tastes. Little Simz was brilliant at EOTR and on her most recent tour. Low headlining the Garden stage at EOTR was one of the best sets I've seen in my 5 years there. I feel like Bikini Kill are unlikely for that slot but I may well be proved wrong
  4. It is the Pyramid sub slot after all.
  5. William Basinksi as Garden headliner would be class, never gonna happen though.
  6. I'm not fussed about King Gizzard but could see it happening. King Gizzard, Perfume Genius, Big Thief and Pixies sounds about right.
  7. I think they self confirmed for 2022 and we managed to deduce they were booked for Garden stage headliner back in 2020 so makes sense they'll be doing same slot
  8. Beach House are a certainty for this, right?
  9. Feel like pure shit just want Angel Olsen back
  10. I reckon line up next week. Announcement of the announcement this week.
  11. I reckon BeachHouse will be headlining Green Man
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