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  1. Theres no "apparently" about it. In his autobiography, Kiedis admits to having slept with an underage girl despite knowing her age.
  2. The Bilbo Eilish exodus will dwarf Kanye's.
  3. Yeah the minimal stage production was definitely intentional. Looked very sick imo.
  4. Kanye was nowhere near as bad as people claim it was. I bet a large portion of those who left were the types who see Pyramid headliners no matter what and a lot of those are still attached to the whole "Glastonbury is for rock" thing. Yes it was a messy set and had a lull in the middle but it was not the total disaster that people make it out to be. Lots of people leaving a Glastonbury set before it finishes is hardly unusual is it. After all, loads left Radiohead's set despite them being the most critically acclaimed band of their generation, returning to the festival for the first time in a few decades and with a well received new record.
  5. Black Midi to headline the Garden. You heard it here first.
  6. Pixies are a good booking. We've just had Hot Chip, Sleaford Mods and King Krule ffs. This is going to sell out in the next week I reckon.
  7. Cant wait for Caroline and Deathcrash to be drowned out by chatty Londoners
  8. Went on a whim in 2019 and had the time of my life. One of the very best festivals I've ever been to. Already got about 20 acts I want to see on the line up from what has been announced so far.
  9. My 5th and favourite yet. The good - Little Simz, Caroline, Jonny Greenwood and Loraine James stood out as the best sets for me but I also thoroughly enjoyed Richard Dawson, Stereolab, Modern Woman, Anna Meredith, Jane Weaver, PVA, BCNR, Dry Cleaning and Girl Band. Spent more time this year just wondering around the wood and forest areas and it really is just so blissful down there. Food remains very good and beers also delicious and fairly reasonably priced. Far less wasps/hornets this year too so that's a plus. The bad - toilets far and away the worst I've seen them at EOTR and the Garden stage was missing its usual foliage but we know the reason for that. Best weekend of the year every year, not sure how I'm going to adjust back to Glastonbury after having been spoiled by a few EOTRs since my last visit but it is what it is. Early birds secured for next year.
  10. Aswell as those we missed out on this year (Angel Olsen, Perfume Genius etc) any of the following please. Ana Roxanne, Legss, deathcrash, Moor Mother, The Soft Pink Truth, Beatrice Dillon, Black Midi (headlining Garden), Makaya Mccraven, Lost Girls.
  11. Feeling a bit worn out and have a headache but keep testing negative on lateral flow.
  12. True. Must be thinking of when lots got refused entry for them in 2019.
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