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  1. Michael Kiwanuka's UK tour has been delayed until May 2022. Not sure what it means for GM but thought it might be worth mentioning.
  2. This looks great thanks. Would be very happy to do any of those top four options.
  3. Anyone here every worked at EOTR and if so whats the get up? The usual 3x8hour shifts? I'm thinking that applying to steward might be a good back up incase I don't have any luck with twickets.
  4. How likely is it that the headliners change for this? Line up overall is decent but none of the top line does anything for me. Would possibly consider doing this instead of EoTR and now that Primavera Sound has cancelled.
  5. Headliner wise I wouldn't mind if they scrapped all of them apart from Pavement. We could do with a female headliner or two.
  6. Noted, thanks! I think the fact that you and the above poster did get them depsite the difficulties is the takeaway here, though if I have to miss out on this year then I won't be too downtrodden. I've done the last 4 and this line up isn't my favourite of the bunch. Nearly all of the acts I'd want to see I've seen before and could likely see elsewhere in the autumn. Perhaps more than the music this year it's just that I want be back at Larmer Tree Gardens having a good time with my mates! I'll definitely be scrolling through twickets non-stop though! Not gonna lose hope until the first
  7. I'm optimistic that I'll get one, but this doesn't exactly fill me with confidence! Thanks for the heads up though.
  8. Still cant believe I forgot to buy a ticket for this. Gonna be praying to the twickets Gods for the next few months.
  9. I'll be there too. I'm sure a ticket won't be too hard to come by.
  10. Please let me free of you of that stress by buying your EOTR ticket 😉
  11. Wicked thank you! Can i PM you my number just in case? I'm not as active on these forums as I used to be.
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