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  1. Apart from the aforementioned Le Guess Who? back in November, and also End Of The Road back in September.
  2. In no particular order: Autechre Black Midi Jessica Pratt Pavement Earl Sweatshirt FKA Twigs Little Simz Iggy Pop Freddie Gibbs and Madlib Einsturzende Neubauten All of the above are my priorities as I've either never seen or seen just once, with the exemption of Black Midi who I've been lucky enough to see I think 9 times. I'm also very excited for Black Country New Road, Massive Attack, Bauhaus, Jamila Woods, Kano, AEAEA, King Gizzard and Squarepusher.
  3. I do feel we need a female act on the top bill but I'm not fussed about Lana personally. Would much rather get a few of The Caretaker, Weyes Blood, Bill Callahan, Kim Gordon or Arthur Verocai added
  4. I've highlighted the key bit in what you've said. It's entirely subjective, but the 2016 Primavera line up was at the time considered outrageously strong. Partially due to how many big acts there were (inc. one of LCD's first shows after their reunion), a whole host of acts that don't tend to tour/play festivals very much (John Carpenter, Brian Wilson, Tortoise) and an incredibly strong undercard that has aged beautifully (e.g Jenny Hval, Richard Dawson, Moses Sumney and Car Seat Headrest)
  5. I agree, I think we're mostly saying the same thing here. I just think that recent events won't help her cause.
  6. As was getting acts like Air, Brian Wilson, John Carpenter and Tortoise.
  7. I don't think I need to develop on it too much really and the point you have made is a good one. I just don't think it's the sort of thing to benefit her chances of playing! It won't rule her out (as we can see from PS booking her) but it very well might hinder her chances. We could of course speak about how BAME and female acts are held to different standards than their white and/or male counterparts in that they're often lambasted more for poor behaviour and questionable morals but I don't think Emily is likely to be hypocritical in that sense.
  8. Because it feels like every year we have this discussion when Primavera pull off outrageous line ups and many of the acts don't end up playing both, especially where American rappers/r&b artists are concerned. I think there are other acts that Emily would "chase" before Doja, especially with the recent news about her.
  9. This was obscene. Primavera smash it every year. For me, it's always the best line up in Europe.
  10. Chap in the Glastonbury forum says he has a friend in the Spanish music industry who claims Primavera S are still trying to book LDR
  11. Each to their own of course but I think Primavera 2016 was better. Best festival line up I've ever attended.
  12. They seem to prefer alphabetical lists and I have to say I agree with them. We'll only get a day breakdown when the whole thing is announced. They're teasing more names in the coming weeks, not months, so we might get it relatively soon. There are still around 80-100 acts to be announced mind you.
  13. She's a new addition for Primavera. Personally, I don't see her playing Glastonbury.
  14. They tend to have two headliners each night but often they put far more names in big font on the poster. Primavera doesn't really do headliners in the same way as many festivals as they have acts playing after their top line bands, on the same stage. In eseencse they also have two main stages. For example when I last went, in 2018, Chvrches played after Bjork on the same stage and also after Nick Cave who played on the other biggest stage.
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