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  1. thats the same position she randomly appeared in on the 2019 line up before she was removed.
  2. the whole D'Angelo debacle in 2016 springs to mind.
  3. I think (and hope) that Autechre are going to be in the Auditori.
  4. Guy Incognito


    Shared Arctic Monkeys didn't they? Generally I agree though, don't see Lorde playing both.
  5. Armand Hammer and Alchemist Lost Girls Skee Mask Black Midi DJINN Dry Cleaning Cassandra Jenkins
  6. Guy Incognito


    Big patronising. Seasonal differences between Northern and Southern hemispheres ain't that confusing, Lorde.
  7. There's one user on this forum who insists Bad Bunny will be added, despite most of the users disagreeing. It's been a topic of much debate over the last week or so.
  8. Yep - live music finishes around 4am with djs on until about 7am.
  9. And by last year I of course mean 2019.
  10. Look at last year's and 2018's clashfinder. That'll answer all your questions.
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