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  1. It'll get easier the closer we get to the festival. Just keep on checking resale sites/twitter/here and other forums. Keep the faith and keep searching and you'll get one. There were a fair few floating around during the few days before the festival last year.
  2. As far as I remember from last year there were no dogs and no police. Just a few security guards pulling people aside at random and searching their bags at the side of the queue. Didn't seem to be a particularly thorough search but I could be wrong.
  3. Hmmm. I wasn't totally enamored with Meridian Water at Field Day this year. Hopefully will be back at Primavera Sound Barcelona next year but London would be a nice accompaniment too if the line up is good. Hopefully its stronger than the Primavera Benidorm line up.
  4. Me and my group of mates (22 and 23 years old) were there for Neil at Hype Park and fucking loved it. It was glorious. Shakey has more charisma and talent that 90% of recent Pyramid headliners. Not to mention a much better discography.
  5. Neil was unbelievably good. Was a proper ripping setlist and the crowd seemed to love it. Feel really honoured that I got to see him again and it was easily as good as the gigs he did in 2016. Bob was alright. It was good fun and the band were great but his delivery and and annunciation meant that it never quite reached the peaks of Neil's set.
  6. Low Black Midi Mitski Crack Cloud Deerhunter Jessica Pratt Nubya Garcia Black Country New Road Kelly Moran Yves Tumor
  7. I've just come back from a long weekend in Krakow funnily enough! Try get some time in Kazamierz during the day/early evening if you can. Amazing place, maybe not the best for a stag do though! Thanks a lot, I hope you have a ball in Poland!
  8. Very excited for tomorrow. Hope some of you lot will be there too.
  9. Skee Mask's album last year was sensational. That's a great booking.
  10. What's the situation at BST these days with bringing food and drinks in? Is it the standard remove bottle lids stuff or can you take a things in with you? Also, how heavy are searches upon entry? I haven't been to BST since the fabled years of the cheap Blur and Kendrick tickets.
  11. let's have a Death Grips set for 2020
  12. Sad indication if so. bm are maybe the best new band around and consistently excellent live. Shouldn't need that sort of thing. The people at End Of The Road are saying it's gonna sell out this week. @GETOFFAMYLAWN are you going again this year?
  13. They're offering quite a lot of discounted tickets to locals. Not sure if it's more than normal though.
  14. Wrong festival mate. The day Primavera Sound book Liam Gallagher is the day the festival dies.
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