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  1. Taxi would be worth the cost to be able to sleep in back, go quick and go door to door, save up split cost taxi both ways. If there’s one thing worth splashing out for its this situation, don’t try to save money and make it long and difficult.
  2. Not telly I know but I won a Playstation5, what’s good on that? My gaming career ended/paused at Mario64 and I fear all the new ones are mega hectic and complicated
  3. Is the cheese game still on? I found a rouge block at the back of the coop fridge
  4. I think it will be good but very depressing so need to be in the right mood to try it.
  5. Adele’s son is called Angelo, Adele pyramid subbing confirmed
  6. We got about 20 tickets, one person briefly considered not going but is back onboard now. All been multiple times before though, so know how good it is 🙂
  7. Sending hugs, loves flowers and chocolates. The best episode but also the most haunting, disturbing and emotional.
  8. morph100


    OMG just seen conspiracy fans on Facebook saying that the disaster was caused by the vaccine and cardiac arrest was triggered by a frequency played through the sound system. No crowd surge, fake news cause the people running through the gate was day time and the other footage was night. madness, can’t believe how these people fall so far down this crazy rabbit hole believing this nonsense
  9. I’m Thrilled - Emily is thrilled we were so excited - Emily and Micheal were excited and no longer are so happy - now just happy very disappointing announcement can’t believe the energy and enthusiasm has dropped so much 2/10 Emily.
  10. morph100


    Maybe she was the girl in the other city centre hotel - plot twist!
  11. morph100


    I saw similar at exit festival one year, loads rushed the gates, crowd got dangerous busy and pushing but luckily we got out the side and towards the back. Loads of fighting as well, skipped day two and went to the pub
  12. If Adele was to guest appear with another act for a song who would it be? I think that’s the most likely option.
  13. Also wouldn’t limit the age thing too much our group has had people in their 20s to people in their 60s everyone gets on fine, age less of an issue at Glastonbury.
  14. How old are you? What music do you like? Plenty of time to make online friends to meet up with there, but you can just meet people on the day or at the stage you end up at, as everyone so super friendly there.
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