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  1. Everyone saying it’s still on, until Feb/March when they will be forced to make a decision. That will hopefully be Go Go Go!!
  2. Ratchet (nurse ratchet from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest) was good, just finished that. Borat was good, yes similar to last time but still funny. now back to series two of Unsolved
  3. Rollercoaster morning checking news and stuff, NME saying Glastonbury 2021 planning in full swing, looking like decision being made in March - sounds good. Antibodies fade faster than expected - bad, Vaccine getting nearer - good....
  4. Did first run for about 3 or 4 weeks yesterday. Ran 2km then did run/walk/run/walk for 30minutes. Wasn’t too bad might be able to run 5km non stop again quite soon, thought I’d be back to square one after weeks of booze and food and no exercise.
  5. Jesus I did a South Downs marathon walk and that was hard enough 🙂
  6. I spend 2 or 3 hours cooking Sunday dinner then about ten minutes to eat it. I do however have a few wines and music while cooking so maybe I’m dragging it out a bit on purpose 🙂
  7. Goan (fish curry) Spike Pennard
  8. Does this new breathalyser Covid test that gives results in a minute help us? https://news.nus.edu.sg/research/60-second-breath-test-detect-covid-19 or will it be too expensive or not available in time?
  9. I know lots of people who have done couch to 5km in lockdown and keep fit YouTube videos they didn’t have time for before due to commuting to work. Not sure lockdown makes you fat?
  10. My Daughter now home for two weeks because someone in two of her four classes (A-Levels) has had positive test result, good news is she doesnt really interact with him but still shes now locked down and we are as well if she shows symptoms. Luckily I can work from home so doesnt make too much difference apart from wanting to go out for a run or walk and my toddler might start going crazy.
  11. I only watched the first 30mins of social dilemma and thought it was very boring and predictable, does it get any better later on?
  12. Same, just done an 11km walk though but really need to get back running. Did couch to 5km then got 5km time down to 24mins. Then got distance up to 8lm....then went on holiday for a week, had two week isolation and haven’t really started again.
  13. Fat Tony is a Meme Machine on Instagram, well worth a follow
  14. It’s normally based on what you would have worked that week, that’s what my wife got anyway
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