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  1. Didn’t t swizz say in her documentary or somewhere that her life is planned out two years in front so she can’t do anything not in plan. Wonder if she’s managed to juggle Glastonbury in for 2021?
  2. Farm shops have loads, as do small shops coop, costcutter, spa, even petrol station has them...
  3. Happy new year!!! Or something
  4. Less people less demand?
  5. How is the market downward spiralling when demand is soaring?
  6. Slim to none!!! Get paid tomorrow though so might go online shopping for essentials 🙂
  7. Checking in as wine is flowing in my direction, holllaasa
  8. Wow didn’t know that and i saw multiple NHS staff saying clapping is great but please vote for a party who will fund us properly.
  9. Used to play return of Jedi at uni. Everyone has a character if they say your name have a shot, name in subtitles have a double, someone says Force you all drink. Never made it to endor with people in serious trouble 🙂
  10. Its perfectly fine I will just add alcohol, that will keep it calm
  11. I’ve got a Super Nintendo Mini which I’ve hacked and filled with games from various retro systems. After SNES I’m not that interested in. also have a way of getting eBooks for free which is good to test out some without committing to buying (obvs if you like you should buy). Wife already lost job to virus though so cheap/free activities are best at minute. also getting the board games back out 🙂 just been for a jog in countryside and dodged people by 3 meters and washed hands upon reentry to house. Think I will be treadmill bound soon enough though.
  12. Magic piano cat is here to rule us all, we must beware
  13. I have a secret for secret people don’t tell the normal people
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