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  1. Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. wahhhhhh I want my spreadsheets
  2. This is my real Clashfinder, can’t try them all arrrggghhh got to choose just a few a day.....
  3. morph100

    2019 Map

    @Brave Sir Robin think we might have a longer walk in each day if we are at the back of E25
  4. Yeah think it must be, far from “headlining” 🙂
  5. morph100

    Silver Hayes 2019

    Glastonbury used to get big name techno DJs then Awakenings in Amsterdam started same weekend and stole them all
  6. If she’s playing Saturday which stage and slot do we think she will take?
  7. I remember something like this happening
  8. My group will be going to Killers I will go with the flow cause seen Killers, Chems and Wu before.
  9. Are we thinking Friday then for a small stage?
  10. Positively mountainous, you may need specialist equipment to scale it such as cider and a cheese toastie
  11. morph100

    Satellite pic.

    Perfect, thanks, might set it as my desktop wallpaper for a bit
  12. just seen them in Tesco, considered ripping them open photographing them and running but instead bought a 7%. iPA And ran
  13. Zoom...Enhance....zoom.....enhance..... damn it , never works like it does in the movies
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