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  1. I’m gonna sell ice cubes outside gate C for you to rub on your forehead to guarantee entry
  2. 1st mistake - camping by dance area (random unzips tent with axe asking for money and drugs, tell him to fuxk off) 2nd mistake -camping at bottom of hill ( can get soggy) 3rd mistake - camping ( no sleep) 4th mistake - hiring Motorhome (deposit loss due to damage) Other mistakes, drinking to much early, trying to survive off less than 2 hours sleep, taking stuff you don’t need, not using the lock ups
  3. He is working for the government on Covid but has no inside knowledge of Glastonbury. (Just goes every year same as me) Just don’t like the idea that 2021 might not happen due to a vaccine not being available during the planning and build stage of next year. I’m pretty the festival would survive a second year off
  4. Had a social distanced BBQ with some of our Gang
  5. I was thinking more like they got £10m in bank for emergencies so even if it got cancelled rather than rolled over (I’d happily roll over again) they would be fine
  6. My mate said if there’s no vaccine by Christmas Glastonbury 2021 will get cancelled and the festival will collapse because they can’t cope with missing two years on the trot. Has to be nonsense! Please reassure me, I’m already 99% sure but you know I like the extra voices on here to shout him down Also I live in a small village near Leicester so looking forward to getting locked down and riddled with Covid 😞
  7. morph100

    BBC Glastonbury

    Yep don’t knock them until you tried them, we went because a few in our group wanted to and loved them they are great live
  8. Home sweet honeypot where I dint read your posts just l hat self indulgent hair. About MSM . hummm thTd wrk g home sweet home where I don’t care about your......awww let’s just all hug and be friends
  9. morph100

    How do you feel?

    Drunk THee SA fs drunn thr was d deu k dttwab drunk thread
  10. morph100

    How do you feel?

    Drunk threwd
  11. morph100

    How do you feel?

    Like I’m tooooooo drunk to find the Dunn the mad
  12. More picture updates!!!
  13. After a money Heist subtitled binge I’m now on Sacred Games IMDB give it a high score and so far so good, Indian gangsters with subtitles. you can have it dubbed if you prefer
  14. Hummm slight fuzzy head and awoke to messages of “we would be packing to set off now” 😞
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