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  1. What was the stat previous years?
  2. Yawn help yawn help yawn help arrrrgggghhhhh
  3. Yes it’s great there, still same kind of thing
  4. morph100

    Footwear on site

    Best bet is the second hand stalls, there was a good one near west holts walking towards the glade
  5. Whats gate C like?
  6. morph100

    Lost ticket

    having a photo of it is a good start but I would really turn that house upside down, scour every inch before doing anything else.
  7. Micheal opened the gate to great everyone as usual, enjoy everyone!
  8. We will all be doing that 😀
  9. Thursday crew and gutted to not be in the Tuesday/Wednesday crew but still mega excited!
  10. morph100

    Bar Prices?

    I bought an old fashioned metal tankard from a charity shop for £3.
  11. morph100

    Bar Prices?

    They have new cardboard ones which are more environmentally friendly, not sure on the steel ones
  12. Excellent service thank you!
  13. I really hope we do start to see a shift and see a lot less left behind.
  14. Sounds great will watch this on catchup tonight
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