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  1. The Bomb with live score by the Acid 8 Hacienda 8 First Aid Kit 9 Hot 8 Brass Band 7 Joe Goddard (DJ) 8 The XX 9 Bicep 9 Radiohead 8 and a half (minus one for no Reckoner) Jules Holland 8 Wild Beasts 8 Jeremy Corbyn 9 BadBadNotGood 7 and a half Toots and the Maytals 0 (no show) The Avalanches 8 (missed end) The National 8 and a half Sasha and Digweed (DJ) 8 Layo and Bushwacka (DJ) 8 Barry Gibb 6 (step too far) Chic 9 End of Goldfrapp 8 Moderat 9 Nu Yorican Soul (DJ) 8 and a half It's all relative and in part based on expectations.....however as a whole experience Overall Glastonbury 9
  2. kpins

    The National

    I thought it was a good set. Too pissed to appreciate the new tunes but they sound good watching back. I guess they are really proud of their new material and wanted to play it! Did finish too soon, could have squeezed another tune in I reckon
  3. 100% Blossoms at BBC introducing in 30 min
  4. kpins


    Did a Glasto mix with acts from this years festival. Includes MAW, Midland, Jamie XX, Hunee, The Acid and Bicep. Worth it for the Justin Martin mix of Radiohead alone! If anyone fancies something to listen to on the journey there....
  5. They played the following night.
  6. kpins


    Faithless and Chems defo don't count as they are 'live' sets, I meant someone playing other people's tunes. Oakenfold would fit this mould. I just wondered if it work on the bigger stages.
  7. kpins


    Quiz question..... has anyone ever DJed a set on the Pyramid stage or failing that the Other stage? I'm thinking Fatboy Slim might have but not so sure.
  8. kpins

    The National

    I think they'll throw in a few curveballs. If so fingers crossed for The Geese of Beverly Road or Ada.
  9. kpins


    Hi noticed a few Leeds lot on here. Anyone been to Church yet? Thinking of going for Derrick Carter and Francois K in April and wondered what its like (since its rebirth!)
  10. kpins


    If as expected The XX are playing Talabot likely to play a set with Jamie XX. Agree with all that the Talaboman is quality, takes a couple of listens as quite subtle in places but excellent overall.
  11. kpins


    Gutted. I had outside hopes of a David August live set; "Dear Friends, After playing several different kinds of shows during the past years - with the live band, as DJ/hybrid set or with the orchestra - I feel that some time needs to pass, until a new story can be told. As beautiful life as a musician is, touring is something that changes you and alters the perception of everything around you. It's also the constant attempt to break boundaries, while trying to reinvent yourself with every show, that leaves exhausted. It's time to disconnect for a while, meditate on life and music and try to find an undiscovered path in both. Only through this, will everything become exciting again - for you and for me. Recently, I've finally managed to graduate from university. There have been moments where I actually wanted to leave school in order to fully focus on my own music, to finally have the time that every artist wishes for. But I am thankful for my beautiful family who encouraged me during every low of this period, to finish what at a certain moment was exactly what I wanted to do. It was an inspiring time that enriched my life in an irreplaceable way. Because of the studies and the touring periods lately, I used to think much more about music than actually writing it. I realized again how hard it is to create. Trying to reproduce with discipline what's in your head and being actually happy with it. My admiration goes to all the artists out there who manage this craft with lightness and continuity. I also realized the potential power of music and sound. Not only the social or political side of it but much rather the physical, neuronal and transcendental power of it, that in my opinion could be a strong weapon for change. In the end, it's all about frequencies, what they do to our brain and how they affect us - from the smallest particle of sound up to a sea of notes. I think it's very exciting to think about that. I'm working on new material at the moment and trying to develop something that is actually worth presenting, so I hope for your understanding and patience. I'll be back as soon as possible, with a new live show and new music. In gratitude, David"
  12. kpins

    Arcade Fire

    Paris with Beirut guesting, Serbia (exit), Manchester, Blackpool and Pyramid. Decent.
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