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  1. Daft punk headlining would probably be my fave surprise
  2. My mum knows Calvin Harris but not Swedish House Mafia
  3. May your presents be cool, food be tasty, your drunkenness be happy and your hangovers mild.
  4. If Adele was to guest appear with another act for a song who would it be? I think that’s the most likely option.
  5. Also wouldn’t limit the age thing too much our group has had people in their 20s to people in their 60s everyone gets on fine, age less of an issue at Glastonbury.
  6. How old are you? What music do you like? Plenty of time to make online friends to meet up with there, but you can just meet people on the day or at the stage you end up at, as everyone so super friendly there.
  7. Plus 10% off with student card
  8. Yeah even if you not that into films it’s still great to watch, same style as Toys one, sen all those as well
  9. Though they would be more Other stage, what kind of size crowd do you think they would get? Not really heard much of them since Live at Worthy but then again my ear is nowhere near the ground on these things.
  10. “The movies that made us” on Netflix is great for finding out about it films you like. Robocop and Die Hard both good
  11. I think the environmental effort sounds great hopefully more bands follow some of these practices. Even if they are not in a well off position I guess they could bump the ticket price up a quid or two to get a tree planted, how much is it for a tree anyway?
  12. Coldplay will not be back in 2022
  13. Hope things calm down for you Yog, that drama sounds horrible. Good on you for saving the people and dogs though! You are a braver man than me!
  14. I’ve heard it’s not that bad translation and people pick over any subtitle translations and it’s just this is mega popular it’s been picked up more. No idea which I watched but it was fine, just don’t watch it dubbed. Same goes for Money Heist another excellent program
  15. Just popped in to see if anyone else was watching Squid Game. im also watching The Circle USA, I would say it’s a guilty pleasure but I feel no shame and love it so it’s your problem if you think it’s trash 🙂
  16. Any betting sites taking bets on headliners? Think we could make some educated guesses now
  17. Found latest batch to be a bit crumbly, sure it wasn’t like that before. Are we reaching the bottom of the barrel or did I just get one from a hyperactive cow friend of the eels?
  18. One name a day from today to when the gates open would be best 🙂
  19. Bring the green police back and boost their numbers, shame police will help reduce it. Maybe few more urinals and more signs that point to them as well?
  20. I keep forgetting I have tickets to go see Kasabian. They are my local band so see them now and again, wonder what they are like now…
  21. I saw a lot leave Kanye and Gorrilaz but sometimes people watch half a show then want to get in SE corner before it gets too rammed. Other times though they just want to get away because it’s terrible 🙂
  22. morph100

    Virtual Meet

    might pop in will be late though if anyone is still on
  23. Good luck with it all, hope you ok
  24. Is this pretty much the thinking? Fri - Billie Sat - Tay or Ken Fri - PMac
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