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  1. I think getting the number of staff to run it 24 hours would be a blocker at the moment
  2. I'd like to throw Skinny Lister and Beans on Toast - This Christmas into the mix. It's right up in my top 5 Christmas tunes
  3. I'm ready and willing to get Christmas going but Mrs Hew is insisting we wait. I went to a garden centre for Doggy Hew supplies a couple of weeks ago and got very excited walking around the Christmas display. They had the tunes going too, it was ace. Although in my excitement, I forgot some of the dog supplies. If I worked there and had to listen to the songs all the hours of every shift for 8 weeks, I might change my mind.
  4. MrHew

    Protest songs

    Great version of this song, I'd not heard it before. Thank you
  5. Don't worry, I'm talking about the pharmacy ones you need to pay for/use a voucher. No reports of Drs etc. running low.
  6. No flu jabs to be had round here, everywhere is out of stock
  7. Same. I don't post here much but read regularly because I'm after updates and views on all of those.
  8. I'll donate tomorrow when I get paid. Great effort! Mrs Hew used to work at the Stroke Association, they do phenomenal work.
  9. Was great seeing him in a small venue
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