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  1. The goverment are focussing on heat pumps but there are other alternatives. Changing energy supplier (once the energy crisis is over) to one that's investing in renewable gas is probably the easiest thing to do. Ecotricity, where I work, are building green gas facilities at the moment. https://www.ecotricity.co.uk/our-news/2021/ecotricity-explains-making-gas-from-grass
  2. There's always exceptions to any rule. 3rd albums by Bon Jovi, Primal Scream, Verve, Spiritualised are all considered to be better that previous output. Here's my controversial opinion though: First Verve album is far and away their best. Urban Hymns, Bittersweet Symphony aside, is a load of cack.
  3. 1995-2013 it was every year without fail. On ticketless years I volunteered. BabyHew came along in June 2014 so only done 2 full festivals since then plus a couple of blagged Sunday afternoon/evenings.
  4. MrsHew's response to BCNR. 'I nearly like it, but actually I think it's probably just pretentious twaddle'
  5. I do not understand this jazz noodling at all. At the risk of sounding like my dad, are they all playing the same song?
  6. Absolutely. Didn't enjoy that tune at all!
  7. Ha, I did the exact same
  8. I've got proper post festival blues after a brilliant weekend there.
  9. Seconded. We even met Mr Eavis there as he tends the fire to keep it going pretty regularly.
  10. Good shout, added to the list. Ta
  11. MrHew

    Club Long Covid

    It certainly does give hope, thank you 🙂 Glad you're chest is ok now. Hopefully the sense of smell will come back fully. Although that could be a useful thing when using the long drops...
  12. Caribou has played many times
  13. That's one of the options on the table 😁
  14. Planning here too. Lack of fridge/ice pack freezing will limit what we can bring and cook/prepare on site
  15. MrHew

    Club Long Covid

    Hey all. I had Covid back in Feb and still suffering with fatigue, chest pain, brain fog (although MrsHew might say that's not new) and random joint pains. I assume I'm not the only on these forums who's suffering so thought I'd set up a place where we can support each other, share things that are working, moan about it when we need to vent.
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