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  1. I'm loving this thread. For the artists I don't know much about it's giving me a good starting point. For some, it's opening my eyes up. For others, it's reaffirming that it's not to my taste but at least I have it a try.
  2. Shit. This is hard but I think Private Psychedelic Reel just pips Sunshine Underground with Surface to Air coming in a very close 3rd. That's just today though, tomorrow they could be in a different order.
  3. MrHew

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Me too, I fell apart a bit.
  4. Cheers for that. I've mostly been keeping it flat around Uplands playing field or along the canal. I need to venture out a bit so that's really useful.
  5. I'm just getting back into the running after a bit of a dodgy ankle. Physio has given me some strengthening excersises and advised me to mix up my running so it's not one pace for a similar distance each time. Seems to be working so far. Also trying to get out for a walk most lunch times.
  6. Am I right in remembering you're around the Stroud area? If so, that sounds like terrain I'd like. Where abouts are you running?
  7. MrHew

    Sober times

    I've never really drunk loads at Glastonbury. In my younger days it was a few cans a day and lots of joints. Last 10 years or so it's just been a few ales a day.
  8. MrHew

    How many?

    This one's tested my memory for dates! In 95 (my first Glasters) I hooked up with a girl on the Friday and spent pretty much the rest of the festival with her. In 98 I got together with a friend (under a double rainbow, just before Robbie Williams) that I'd fancied for ages and we attended 99 and 00 together. We've been together as mates since we split up too. 2009&10 with another girlfriend, 09 was her first so I loved showing her around the place. 11,13 with MrsHew as girlfriend. In 14 we camped in Worthy View as a wedding present to ourselves. We've not been together since then but we're both coming this year with Little Hew.
  9. MrHew

    Keith Flint (Prodigy)

    This. Them and the Chemical Brothers totally changed my view of what I snobbishly thought was 'real music'. I've been utterly rocked by this news. Gutted.
  10. It'll be my first time taking little Hew this year. Which of the family camping fields do people recommend?
  11. IIRC the shooting was in 94. Was just before my time. I've got to admit that I never really felt in any danger. Maybe I was too wide eyed and innocent to pick up on it. I just seem to remember a lot of colour, smiles and absolute madness.
  12. I miss people selling hash truffles. They were everywhere.
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