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  1. We had a week in Bavaria last week which was ace. Going camping on the west Pembrokeshire coast next week but that's about it for us. Pretty skint at the moment.
  2. Definitely not being hoodwinked and it's not an issue as such. The difference is that Ecotricity and Good Energy are investing in and building new sources of renewable energy, therefore creating more of it. Bulb are just buying green energy that's already been produced then selling it on. You can argue in doing so that it's creating the demand for more renewable energy to be made but, for me, that's not the same as actively creating more of it.
  3. No one seems to have mentioned (unless I've missed it) but switching to a green energy company is one of the best things you can do. A proper one like Ecotricity or Good Energy that actually invest in new renewable energy, not the likes of Bulb or Octopus who aren't really driving change. It costs more but worth it I think. Ecotricity also have a mobile phone offering, Ecotalk, who invest their profits into buying land to return to nature. We're pretty good at home but our meat intake is where we're falling down. Also, Mrs Hew is half German so we fly over to see the family at least once a year.
  4. That's awesome advice, thanks so much
  5. Thanks for the MFP recommendations, juat downloaded it. Hopefully that will help keep me away from the biscuits and cake in the office. 1st run of my half marathon training this morning. Just 2 miles but did it before breakfast which was a mistake. Any tips on a decent pre run small breakfast/snack?
  6. Finially haf the energy to get out for a run yesterday and hit 6k. It was tough! Just put together my training plan to vet ready for the Stroud half in October. I'm now very scared.
  7. I struggle to afford it with the price as it is so couldn't go much higher. I'd probably have to offer to work for my ticket.
  8. MrHew

    Mallets or Thatchers?

    Agreed. Both taste shit to me.
  9. MrHew

    The Cure

    I'm not a die hard fan but it's definitely in my top 5 pyramid headline sets that I've seen.
  10. MrHew

    The 2019 Exit Thread

    Same! Even did a bit of Christmas shopping their last year.
  11. MrHew

    The 2019 Exit Thread

    Left pink 56 shortly after midnight and was straight out and away. Home aroud 2 this morning and straight to bed. 2nd load of washing in the machine, 2 adults showered and 5 year old bathed. Being clean is nice. Might have a beer. Mate just on shuttle bus to Castle Cary after 2.5 hour queue.
  12. There's some in the toilet area near the cider bus. Up past the longdrops.
  13. I'm gutted I didn't have time to get one sorted.
  14. I had both with me. Only moved to wellies when my walking boots started giving me blisters otherwise I would have stuck with them.
  15. MrHew

    Hay fever

    YES! That's it! Thank you.
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