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  1. BlueDaze

    lauitude 2019

    - Catfish - Elbow - Nile Rogers
  2. BlueDaze

    Latitude 2018

    Its only a festival... enjoy it. Have respect for others but have some fun.. The good : Friday : Gang of Youths, La Femme, the marvellous TuneYards, Confidence Man and Bessie Turner Saturday : Juanita Stein, Alvvays (sorry Parquet Courts but they started first), Liam (he is a complete cock but it was a good set), Breeders (best of the festival) and the over the top Killers Show.. (every festival should have one) Sunday : Superorganism, Idles and Wolf Alice. (i think the heat and the drinking had caught up with me by Sunday and i couldnt be arsed) As mentioned earlier, getting in / getting out / getting about is well easy. Food was soooooo much better than the last couple of years.. Best i have experienced at a festival actually.. Bad : It was mobbed on Saturday (must have been close to the 40k capacity?) and the festival copes badly with it... a nightmare getting a drink, something to eat or taking a piss... The reusable cups are an absolute winner... but please give us something better to put in them..poor beer choices. Very observant point about 'gatecrashing a wedding'... i had not really noticed it before but it is a bit difficult having a conversation with a randomer... which is a shame. regards the Solange debate... I am not particularly a fan but i like the fact that Latitude are always willing to give young talent a go... and if it doesnt work, they keep on trying... overall : Enjoying 13 acts over 3 days makes it value for money in my book..
  3. BlueDaze

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    doesnt he just love them...!!?? but i only found that out after id seen them tbf... They were on at Bearded Theory and i managed to miss it, so caught them in Cambridge just after... absolutely top draw.! he is not such a @crazyfool1 after all..
  4. BlueDaze

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    Gaz Coombes. LLoyle Carner. October Drift. This is the Kit. The Staves. Dubioza Kolektiv. Dreadzone. and Jungle.
  5. BlueDaze

    Latitude 2018

    Idris Elba can do one the smug bar steward ...
  6. BlueDaze

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    Sylvan Esso would go down a storm..
  7. BlueDaze

    Latitude 2018

    He may well have been one of the best in the game with the curly haired one beside him... but i am sorry if 50 years of songwriting ends up with you singing "You can call me Al" as an encore, then a sore throat is not the root of the problem.
  8. BlueDaze

    Latitude 2018

    Jesus i hope not... he was truly dreadful at Glastonbury in 2011,
  9. Simon and indeed Garfunkel i thought were both shocking in their separate sets... Paul Simon on the Pyramid and Art Garfunkel in the acoustic.. now, i appreciate that many on here thought that the boy Garfunkel was the best thing they saw all festival and so i am likely to get shot down for saying that he sadly couldnt hold a tune in a bucket... I left after 3 numbers. Maybe it became a big old singalong so you couldnt hear him.... a bit like Dolly.. It would be dull if we all liked the same thing right... I was looking forward to seeing Flaming Lips as i had heard a bit of them but last year at the Park they probably became the best performance i have seen at GF in 10 years.
  10. BlueDaze

    Latitude 2018

    my wife said that she had an email that suggested that if needed there would be a big screen in the village area, outside the arena..
  11. BlueDaze

    Blue Dot Festival

    I think this is going to become more commonplace... The number of live-in vehicles being taken is growing i am sure... you can pick up a campervan for a few grand or a tatty caravan for a few hundred.. and festivals are struggling for the space. I have had a caravan for some years (basically for festival use) and at Bearded Theory this year as i wanted to put up a small porch awning the steward said that i would have to take my car and park it in the regular car park (given that i had queued for 4 hours to get in, i am afraid i told him to do one in none too polite terms... apologies volunteer stewards everywhere..!) At Glastonbury, we have been used to setting up a big old camp on the Tuesday... Last year we arrived with friends and had a caravan with full awning, a large (not VW) camper with awning, 3 tents, windbreakers, large tables, seats, bbq's etc... It would have been bigger but other friends with a larger camper didnt turn up until 2 hours later... But we are not alone in doing this... The Tuesday - Thursday at Glastonbury is as much part of the crack as the Friday - Sunday in my view.. (in fact i usually peak too early and am spent by Sunday..!) If the Eavii (well Michael) continue the scrap with neighbouring landowners, they will either start squeeezing them in or charging a LOT more and you will have to walk a mile to the entrance...
  12. BlueDaze

    Latitude 2018

  13. BlueDaze

    Latitude 2018

    you cannot take booze into the arena.... we do squirrel in hip flasks or small plastic bottles of flavoured vodka but you are subject to bag searches... chairs you can take in.... although i imagine if it were a choice of the two, the chairs would stay at home..... The bars have been pretty good there in previous years (easy access/well staffed) but i understand from @glasto-worker that they are under new management this year...
  14. BlueDaze

    Latitude 2018

    do NOT ignore the seating at the back of the main stage... i did for 2 years thinking it was a riduculous thing... Then one sunny & breezy saturday lunchtime when i was particularly hanging, i took a couple of beers and something to eat and sat up the top of the stand on my own watching someone random on the Obelisk... worked a treat. it is now something of a ritual.... often with a newspaper if i can get one.. I wont sit up there of an evening, or when someone i really like is on... but when it is empty, give it a go... you may like it!
  15. BlueDaze

    Latitude 2018

    same here (sorry)