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  1. I do wonder if they are going to substantially increase the number of spaces available in Bath & West to accomodate the switch from CV West to become pre-erected camping (now Sticklinch)...? Although the website quotes : "Additional campervan pitches will be available on the East of the site, and at the Bath & West Showground to accommodate the displaced campervans and caravans." It is likely easier in B&W as it is set-up for it and it may well help with improved traffic flow as you wont have everyone queueing down (or up) Pylle Lane and the A37... I assume that the transfer buses from B&W go up the A371 and then along the A361 through Pilton to the Bus Station at Gate A per @Gnomicide map above..??
  2. with regards positioning... same answer as over here :
  3. i would recommend taking photos of your groups tickets andsharing in case of loss... Now i am NOT positive that this would make a masive difference but i do know that without that, one of our group was quized in the security cabin for the best part of an hour on all sorts of nonsense in the locale of his registered postcode...
  4. indeed, first up (fair play to those hardy souls)... Woodland later in the day will be a decent slot for them... although tbh they could play the toilet and still sound good..
  5. Interestingly at Bearded Theory last year they actually mowed parking guidelines in the campervan fields....it worked very well. Of course, this isn’t scalable or practical for Glastonbury... but still the question of how to fit the CV West folk into CV East this year remains.... I am assuming that they sold the same number of spaces for 2020 as 2019...?? Otherwise we would have heard about CV East ticket angst in the regular accommodation sales.?
  6. BlueDaze

    October Drift

    Ha.! When he isn’t doing the backing vocals (very well btw) he does have the look of someone effing and jeffing at his equipment... like he is encouraging it to get louder.! whilst his stage persona is that of an angry young man that you wouldn’t want to meet on the tube, his demeanour when selling you a T-shirt after is more Michael Palin in Life of Brian.. “Hello, Crucifixion..?? First on the left, one cross each..” I couldn’t look the the guitarist in the eye after though... I swear that wherever I stood he was proper staring at me in far too menacing a fashion during the gig.. 😳
  7. For those looking out for something beyond the Pallet...October Drift on Woodland will be well worth the trip.. saw them last night in London and they absolutely throw themselves into it... an excellent live band (described on the Glastonbury pages as ‘an unholy racket’ ...)
  8. BlueDaze

    October Drift

    This about sums it up perfectly.. saw them on their last gig of this tour last night in Shoreditch.. Again above a pub (a few more than 50 mind and sold out..). On the tiniest of stages, I am surprised they didn’t do themselves an injury as they absolutely throw themselves into it... pretty exhausting to watch tbh.. but it isn’t just about the energy.. the lead and backing vocals hold up well against the wall of noise.. an unholy racket indeed.. their debut album is pretty good but I can’t remember seeing a band who are THAT much better live than on record.. Talking to them afterwards it seems that Bearded Theory is their only confirmed festival this summer.... if the poster is correct it looks like they could be 3rd down on The Woodland Stage, which is a good slot... if, like me, you are there, I would recommend getting along... Obligatory and cliched ‘nice lads’ comment too... selling and signing plenty of their own merch and genuinely looking pleased with the reception they received..I can see them creating a good loyal fan base.
  9. BlueDaze

    Brit Awards 2020

    I think you will find them at Old Blue Last in Shoreditch...... anyd very good they were too... Happy fifth birthday!
  10. BlueDaze

    October Drift

    Off to see them tomorrow.... my daughter is super excited to see them again.! Glad to see the guys are starting to getting some recognition, we spoke to them after a gig last year and they are proper nice fellas...
  11. BlueDaze

    London coaches

    160 odd miles... 5+ hours with a stop at the top of the M3.? (i am not the voice of experience mind you...)
  12. @Cooterspeaks the truth... However, if you look at the map below, anything to the west of Blue Route (E19-25) is quiet and they fill in a fairly logical fashion (front to back)... but the 'regular' (E14-18) has been filled going around the wood (i.e. E18 first-17-16-15 and then 14...) so it is very possibly that you could arrive on Tuesday and get parked in the arse end of E17* or turn up on Thursday and end up in the bottom of E14, next to E25... (which is much close to the gate...) *this happened to us a couple of years back when we arrived Tuesday afternoon and ended up almost in Car Park 8... Who knows what this year will be like as they are getting shot of CV West and i assume will have to fit them in on the East..... Either they are going to grab some of the car parking or it is going to be a tighter squeee this year..
  13. I am in the resale club with the rest of the good folk on here... we shall see. but i still advise trying to get yourself off early... aim for 08:30, you know it makes sense.
  14. i I would say a couple of hours to get onto the A37 versus 30 mins... The queue was mostly in the fields themselves... you just move inches at a time. i imagine you have 200 miles ahead of you? dependant on your vehicle maybe 4-5 hours, an hour for a refreshment stop..that has you there between 18-19:00... If it pisses down with rain and you get yourself totally banjaxed, then you may make Tuesdays ferry...
  15. I usually go dry for the sunday... with the exception of last year (the line-up was too good not to enjoy with a few beers) and try to set offf from CV East by 07:00. Last year about 09:30 it was a lot worse than normal.. I have once packed up on the sunday and left after the last act of the evening... That was a hideous drive home (to Cambridgeshire) towing a caravan.... dont try that if you can help it.. I would rather have 4 hours kip, get up with the larks on Monday, pack up and leave by 06:00 if its a wet one... Of course, that depends how far youve got to travel.. What ever you decide... have a great festival.! im envious.
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