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  1. piss poor planning.... Stevie Wonder - I just called to say I love you (I love you Stevie but that song can do one... i was probably singing it in the urinal)
  2. BlueDaze

    2021 chances

    absolutely a compliment @Wooderson... if @arcade firemanasked i would describe you as the wordsmith version of him... (perfidious albion indeed...)
  3. BlueDaze

    2021 chances

    Woody, he is the scientific version of you..... I would be happy to fetch and carry the beers just to be there... (the water carrier, so to speak..)
  4. Man alive... now ive got another new (to me) artist to obsess over.! and when Glastonbury actually happens and i still dont have a ticket and Phoebe Bridgers headlines The Park, im going to be proper depressed.... You people make me sick.!
  5. More like a flipping lucky man...* * unless Wine Country is a discount off-licence in the rough part of town 👀
  6. an absolute classic old school soul album..... I stood next to him in The Portland Arms in Cambridge 4 years ago as he politely watched some local youngsters thrash about on guitars before he came on... a lovely, humble bloke and wow what a voice.. I was so looking forward to his homecoming gig at Ally Pally
  7. could you come and do my bathroom..??
  8. i was wrong... eldest daughter reminded me it was Octobe Drift @Old Blue Last in Hoxton, Feb 18th.. Very noisy... Very Good.!
  9. mine was also Aurora in November, at The Roundhouse in Camden.. took my youngest as a treat and a proper treat it was... blimey it is a long time ago... i have 5 rescheduled i think...
  10. hey @Yoghurt on a Stickthe good news is that you on these esteemed boards you are well read, well respected and well liked... over a good number of years.... and of course, you have the love of a good wife. When you get to my age you learn to stay close to your own and ignore those that arent important.
  11. Be cool fella... "what doesnt kill you, makes you stronger.."
  12. how do you delete somebody elses account.?
  13. im assuming he has written back saying "Nah... youre alright.."
  14. sometimes you need a flask....
  15. Thanks again for doing this guys... I must admit to being very pessimistic throughout this nonsense of a year... but i remain with fingers crossed and i am in... (i may have a change to my line-up as younger daughter couldnt do 2020 but can do 2021) Viva La re-sale Club.!
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