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  1. he is almost as famous as you now @Superscally πŸ˜‰ If i am lucky enough to get a cider for the both of you on the farm, i can bask in your respective reflected glory 😎
  2. given the number of regulars on here who didnt seem to get tickets...(and especially the large groups that seemed decimated (we got 0/17 for instance) i would suggest that the casual/speculative punters already have their hands on tickets...
  3. BlueDaze

    BBC Glastonbury

    think i would rather had Mark Ronson sit beside me and say "would you like to hear my friend here sing...??" Keep ya champagne Ronson.!
  4. BlueDaze

    BBC Glastonbury

    These were great... Particularly this :
  5. BlueDaze

    BBC Glastonbury

    Post that legendary Bowie set last night, i came across this site whilst searching out a discography... https://www.bowiebible.com/history/ Scroll down thru the History tab to find the 'Glastonbury Diary' that the man himself wrote in the lead up...(8 posts that were published in Time Out..) It isnt the 'love for Glastonbury..' that we would all hope to read and involves mundane tales of poor home air conditioning and visits to the cinema... But if, like me, you felt emotionally drained by the end, you will find Part 7 quite an eye opener.... I had the good fortune of seeing him twice before this show.. but man alive i wish i had been there on the farm..
  6. BlueDaze

    BBC Glastonbury

    Mrs BD once booked an Adele tribute singer to play my birthday in a tent in the garden.... A Sheffield (or possibly Leeds) lass and very good it has to be said... anyway, she got changed in our bedroom and several hours (and several drinks) later Mrs BD forbade me from wearing her Adele outfit (which she had accidently left behind) to bed.... Good choice Mrs BD... Highlight of the evening was when a local knocked on the door and asked "is that really Adele playing in your garden..??!!" "Yep" Hic..πŸ€ͺ
  7. BlueDaze

    Glasto Food

    Certainly doesn’t look like a load of pollocks... the Goan fish curry tonight hit the spot... (I deliberately went heavy on the rice so I could have seconds.....)
  8. BlueDaze


    who just landed in the Pyramid field then..??
  9. BlueDaze

    Glasto Food

    you need to produce a photo im afraid... otherwise you are just talking pollocks...
  10. BlueDaze

    Glasto Food

    Mrs BlueDaze has promised to rustle up the BBC Food Goan Fish Curry this weekend...😎
  11. BlueDaze


    what a birthday present 😎
  12. Happy Birthday @crazyfool1.! you epitomise the spirit of community on here... always offering help, advice and positivity. if we both get lucky in 2021resales... you will be the first bloke I seek out to put a cider in your hand..
  13. I’m with @grumpyhacki love the Tuesday.... the long journey down towing the caravan from 6am, counting down the miles... breakfast at the top of the M3.. meeting friends in the lay-by on the A30.... the buzz as you turn off the A37 and into the site and the hope that you get allocated a good pitch in E19 or 23... getting set up (cider in hand).. meeting the neighbours... chilli and rice and too much red wine with family and friends.... late night drinks on top of the hill of death, with it all sprawling out below... a beautiful anticipatory nights sleep..... Tuesday for the CV dwellers...!
  14. agreed with that.... Hopefully the dedicated on here have squirreled their hard earned away already in expectation...
  15. Have one back πŸ‘ would love to be able to take photos like that... this one is my own favourite, as dawn breaks on the Thursday morning last year.....
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