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  1. A man that builds a fully lit miniature Pyramid Stage to wear on his head thinks he may be over complicating things.... 🤣😮 I was going to offer some stalker related advice but cant add anything to @Curlygirlcomments.. But in reality i was just looking for the opportunity to aim my 1,000th post on you @crazyfool1... a man that epitomises the obsession with GF that is shared by so many on here. Your willingness to help others is admirable. Your selfless promotion a certain up and coming West Country band is unwavering (When they get a slot on the farm you would warrant entrance as 'band crew' btw). Your services to the LED industry has been relentless (You truly are destined to see your name in lights...)... I wish your well with your quest for a ticket to next years bash... Someone on here is bound to come good for you... If i have my own good fortune in the resale i will definitely seek you out and share a beer..
  2. Well there you are... learn something new everyday.. it is not a traffic free zone that is for sure
  3. BlueDaze

    Fan Footage

    Park Stage 2017.... possibly my favourite night in 10 years of Glastonbury... 25EDD3FD-A1F4-4FB8-993F-1DB5FCE7095D.MP4
  4. I took my daughters, then 18 & 15, to their first Glastonbury in 2009. My eldest and i also had tickets for Hyde Park the following week and so i relented and to appease youngest we decided to go to Black Eyed Peas.... The eldest sat on the benches beside WH with the longest face, while the youngest bounced off into the crowd singing "i got a feeling".. Your description of the set is spot on... "Helllooo London..." 😁 I wont forget it though. Good point. Never regret what you see only what you didnt.
  5. this is a great idea.. you could call it... Page Check
  6. Fair play... you called it in July...... It will be joyous.
  7. in fairness... i have always attended in the CV East fields and so have never had the need for a trolley.. However, one of the joys for me is to be up at 7am on wednesday with a cup of coffee watching the masses pile in... Always amazed by by the look of surpise on the faces of some of the youngsters whose suitcase has had a wheel fall off... or the lads whose flimsy trolley has collapsed under 6 crates of beer... and full of respect for those that have prepared with a proper trolley... I would probably congratulate the owner of this rasper..
  8. could be your handle.. i was tempted
  9. its not a trolley, its a tractor...
  10. Who was your friend....? Hamza bin Laden.??
  11. Yeah you fecked up there 😎
  12. I can’t see Flaming Lips back so soon... even after their Park triumph.!
  13. Flaming Lips announcement for Bearded Theory will sell that out then... Fantastic booking.!
  14. Be careful with that... you'll get splinters.
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