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  1. Apologies Jack... i didnt know your name.. and its no effort honest.. I am not alright actually, as i didnt get tickets this year.. but agreed, this isnt controversial... just facts are that the majority of campers/caravans in CVE not only will have facilities but they need them as a condition of entry... Hopefully you DO have a ticket.? If so have a great time, wherever you camp.
  2. tbf... The facilities are as good as the vehicles that the punters bring.... If i want a bacon roll and a cup of tea in the morning, i make them in my caravan... I have never used the food vans in CVE. If i need a pee in the night, i use the toilet in my caravan (not a lenor bottle)... The portaloos are cleaned every morning around 7am (They may be cleaned again later but I, like everyone else, am not there... I am in the festival There are in fact hundreds of showers in the CV fields.. Its just up to the vehicle owners if they use (or want to share 😲) them I love being there on a Tuesday & Wednesday as it is like a camping trip with mostly lovely, like minded neighbours.. BBQ's and drinking with friends.. I will miss it this year but i am sure that any newbie will think they have picked the correct option when they are standing on the Hill of Death (Slope of Mild Inconvenience) on Tuesday night with a drink in hand, getting a real buzz about the entertainment to come down in the valley... Vote CVE.!
  3. its basically just a car... I hope you have a roof rack for all your associated clobber? and take a couple of windbreakers to create a nice little camp that people wont go trudging through.. Have a fun festival.!
  4. Another that didnt find it as easy as you did.... I was 10/10 before this year and failed with multiple people trying. A friend of mine fortunately got his after it was declared 'sold out'
  5. This... As long as it fits into the allocated(?) space I assume that the microcamper is no bigger than a regular towing vehicle? so just stress it is a towing vehicle.. My only question is how is everyone getting in to the festival.? How many do you plan to have camping together?
  6. I only once left late on sunday night (from CV East - I have no experience of B&W) and i have to say it was really tough (going back to Cambs so not much different to you)... even if you are not a big drinker (and i stay dry on Sunday) it is a really tiring week.. Most other times, i have packed as much as possible away on the sunday, back to the van straight after your last act and set the alarm for 6am.. and get off site for 7ish.. In CVE it is easy to get out to the A37 at that time (a steady stream but no queueing as they manage traffic onto the A37) and you are away.. I would imagine that it is even easier from B&W.. Then with a stop at Fleet services on the M3 for breakfast you should be home for lunchtime (barring any unforseen M25 cock up) Good luck and enjoy!
  7. we have managed to keep a space twice in the past (me for a friend and then a friend for me) but that was only for later that day.... per @StoneCircletry a couple of tactics... "They are just further back in the queue" / "I need space for an awning and a tent.." Otherwise, park badly... i.e if they ask you to leave a 4 foot gap from the van parked previously, park 8 feet away... (easier to do with a caravan tbf as they are more tricky to manoeuvre) this will give potential re-jigging space for later.. But if you do get a space... put a tent or something in there... otherwise it WILL be filled (people in T2's will be looking for any gaps) when we park up we always try and have one enter nose first and the other reverse in. This means that your habitation doors are facing each other and you can use windbreakers to create a camp for central seating... If you start fannying around doing that first off stewards may leave you to it.. They line them up at a very fast rate and so are kept well busy..
  8. Maybe help if he can show his festival ticket... or maybe lets you have a copy/photo.. You basically want to have anything that suggests you are part of the same group but that he has had to travel earlier than you.. I cannot believe that the festival want to stop people coming in (who have legit festival tickets..), it would still be a ball ache for them to get you back out on the road i imagine.. Good luck.. Hope you enjoy it!
  9. Good point, well made... It is however a directional check ("go this way") vs a validation check ("you aint coming in..")
  10. Under normal circumstances, I would look to leave CV East by 7am on Monday and be home in Cambridgeshire (200 miles) by early/mid afternoon. That is towing a caravan and stopping at the M3 services (which looks like a Glastonbury refugee camp) for breakfast... Where do you have to drop your camper?
  11. The issue here is that they have 2 ticket check locations. The first is half way down Pylle Lane (before the village) and here is where they want to make sure you have correct / valid tickets... The second is the CVE entrance on Pylle Road (CV25) and here they want to see whereabouts you are parked (quiet or regular) so they can have you turn right or go straight on It would make sense to me to make the decision (if they want to turf you out..) at first check. There is more room and you are still near the A37
  12. If you are travelling down on Monday, you shouldnt have any festival traffic.. and if you want to stay on main roads it may be worth the route suggested by @parsonjackand keep on the A303 right down to Sparkford and then go up the A37 to Shepton Mallet.. The bit from Shepton to Wells looks a bit wiggly, but Heathrow to Sparkford is virtually all dual carriageway I have been towing a caravan since 2009 and take that route (not this year sadly) and towing always puts the fear of god in me.. so as i said, take your time..
  13. I think that route that you have (A46/A39) looks as good as you will get... You want the directions to be as straightforward as possible so that you are just focussed on driving.. and go as slow as you like.. you're in a hired van. Get there in one piece.. Then you can enjoy your festival
  14. Although 'refreshing' could not be a less apt word for it....
  15. It will be you in her arms.! great photo… I have loved taking my daughters
  16. CV East has water stand pipes (you will need your own hose if filling a large carrier), toilets, large tanks for emptying cassette toilets - No showers B&W does have showers by all accounts
  17. BlueDaze

    18+ bands

    I must admit to not using the lockups as much as I should over the years... (Do as I say, not do as I do...) and being a CV Field dweller have only really experienced the one at Gate C and that has never been outrageously busy tbh.. Its a few years since my daughter needed the 21+ bands but it was a simple process back then.
  18. BlueDaze

    18+ bands

  19. Got tickets for his 'home' show at Ally Pally day before Bearded Theory... So looking forward to it.. Saw him play a pub back room when he toured Home Again and have loved seeing him grow and develop since. Kiwanuka is an absolute classic of an album..
  20. dont despair... If you have 'General' tickets in CV East they start filling up from 18 into 17 -16 - 15 - 14.. So you could arrive Tuesday afternoon and get parked in the back of 17... but you could arrive wednesday evening and get parked in the far left of 14 (considerably closer to the gate and an easier exit...) You're going to Glastonbury.. Enjoy!
  21. Dont be leaving a mattress in the back of it....
  22. Meant as a joke not a judgement. apologies if it offended.
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