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  1. Was at the last gig in Sheffield, was such an amazing night. Would be so good to see them again, saw Jarvis on his book tour pre glasto and he was asked but was pretty dismissive, so something must have happened since then
  2. So excited for this saw them many times but never at Glastonbury, enforced break for childbirth related reasons in 2011 and devastated to miss them. Are we thinking one off gig? Arenas? Festivals?
  3. 2019 I managed to fill a kettle with gin to make some tea in the morning, sat there for ages wondering why it was taking so long to boil and why I could smell booze.
  4. noplacelikehome

    Gate C

    Think the bit through the black was not accessible you would need to go out between E16 and E17 walk along the car parks to E4/5 then through to gate B I know because I arrived Thurs parked in E7 and had to do that route although my group were in E14 having arrived Wed
  5. noplacelikehome

    Gate C

    Not sure who the stewards were in the field, suspect a paid security firm- there was a little gazebo at the top of the hill but no one to be seen anywhere Sunday morning. As I said before the oxfam stewards inside were lovely, it was whoever was outside the gate from the road and in the field that caused the problem
  6. noplacelikehome

    Gate C

    Have to say that when we got through the gates the oxfam stewards were lovely 😍
  7. noplacelikehome

    Gate C

    This must be what we stumbled into. Agree they were giving priority to the glamping sites which was not popular!
  8. noplacelikehome

    Gate C

    Problem is to get to the road bit to walk round you still need to queue- once you cross the road there was never much of a wait through the ticket check barriers - unless you mean go out the back of CV through the car parks to Gate B? That's is quite a walk?
  9. noplacelikehome

    Gate C

    Fri/Sat mornings there were stewards at the top if the hill, directing everyone Diagonally and through the zig zag barriers. Took a while but steady going. On Sunday we got to the top of the hill around 12 45, no stewards in sight so everyone just went straight down resulting in a crowd about 30 wide at the bottom. Stewards at the gate had to let people out and also seemed to be letting loads through from the posh camping who filled up the ticket check lanes and the gates seemed to be closed for ages. Basically lack of stewards at the top caused the problem, took over an hour to get through. Am told they put stewards back on a bit later and it sorted itself out
  10. Another vote for Gloucester - coming down from Cheshire so a bit early in the trip but the food is so much nicer than Michaelwood which was our previous stop off. Especially good on the way back for some healthy food (although usually end up with a fry up anyway at least the intention is there!)
  11. There is a separate bandstand in CN, which may be why you are confused
  12. Yep, first Glasto he was ace!
  13. Will definitely be there, although it might seem scary it really in real life, everyone I have met there has been lovely.
  14. Yep, still here @lucyginger today's sacrifice is that I am about to go for a walk and looks like it is about to tip it down. Keep the faith and keep out of the weather thread, that way madness lies...
  15. 2010, I was pregnant so completely sober, me and my not pregnant, so completely wasted, sister got bored watching Gorillaz and bimbled to Shangri-la. First thing we went into was the Pig Faced Geisha bar where on stage was a man in white vest and shorts, blond wig, depicting the "Boris Johnson Sex Olympics" (for the youngsters he won London Mayor before 2012). It is the opposite of memory fuckage, I wish it wasn't real but it haunts my dreams.
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