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  1. I agree tbh even if we won the lottery I couldnt justify it we wouldnt spend any time there and I am not sure I would particularly fit in with the clientele in my mud spattered boots and walking trousers cans of warm lager and a ratty old fleece jacket - bet I wouldnt make it to the gallery pics haha! 😂
  2. Yep! Needless to say even if we had not got resale tickets I don't think I would be taking them up on the offer! After the initial email I got back saying they were fully booked I then got a later email (I think around January) saying they had sourced some more tents from somewhere like Rajasthan but because they had to import them they would need to charge more - that was nearer £25k plus VAT and did I want one of those- I would love to know who can actually afford any of these packages.
  3. So, when ticketless in October I decided to email Camp Kerala to see if they had any tickets etc - they put me on the waiting list and have just emailed to say that a tent has come up if we want it - we got lucky in the resale but if any one can stump up the £15k PLUS VAT (yes you read that right!!!!!) for 2 tickets a posh tent food and drinks (but you have to pay extra for premium wines and champagnes.....) so if anyone has won the lottery recently might be worth emailing them.
  4. Hope everything goes ok tomorrow xx sending hugs
  5. also manchestery in Manchester @lucyginger - as per - just want it to stay here and not head towards the south west
  6. sorry to hear this @Seldom Seen Kid - I really wanted to meet up with you as (I think?!) you were the one who got tickets in the main sale for my newbies so we wanted to share a beer/cider/spirit of your choice to say thank you. Only you will know if you feel up to it but good advice above, you know there are plenty of us to call on if needed. Sending love and hugs and hope to see you in the field xx
  7. Thanks! Will speak to them and see what they say, any indication of cost?
  8. What time are you heading out? We will be leaving early Monday am so they might have a long wait?
  9. Have a fab hol @Curlygirl @Funkyfairy! dont envy the crossing I get seasick on the mersey ferry ! Good luck looking forward to some on site updates!
  10. Hope you get it sorted @vintagelaureate In other news my youngest is off on an overnight camping trip with school and forecast is for lots of falling down water all day and night - so sacrifices being made to weather gods on our behalf. Lot of nonsense being talked on the "other" thread - people saying they will stick with a forecast of 3 days of r**n ! wtf
  11. Hello all, just catching up on here - several mentions of the R word but good to see @deebeedoobee keeping everyone in line. Went to neighbourhood festival just for the day over Bank hol to whet the appetite for the farm - had a good day but blimey you realise how different a vibe it is at those urban day festival things, it did get a it damp for a while in the morning as well so small sacrifce for the weather gods undertaken. Trial run of putting up sister in laws tent in the garden yesterday ended in an almighty row between Mr Dotty and myself due to male inability/unwillingness to read instructions - wouldn't mind but the tent isn't even for us we are lending it to our newbies who are coming over from Belfast so trying to cut down on luggage. Sun is shining in Manchester, Glastonbury is this month - all is well in the world
  12. Thanks Dusty! Love this thread xx
  13. noplacelikehome

    Bramble FM

    This was actually my highlight of the line up drop - @Quark you must stop by and watch it is very very funny - recommend to go towards the end of the show to see Les and Maureen doing their tribute to Kris Kross - I have lost many an afternoon outside that van - fully intending to go off and see a band and never quite leaving
  14. Thanks for replies - we can't meet up coming down as we are arriving Wed and they are arriving Thursday- so I think we need to decide if we can risk posting - I would be SOOOOO nervous! - or arrange to meet beforehand. Cheers guys xxx
  15. So, we have always stayed in CV East, we have some friends joining us this year who are driving separately and parking in the car parks. Their festival tickets are being delivered to my address and we may not have chance to meet up before the festival to hand them over. Don't want to risk posting them, so if they have a car park ticket can they access the car parks with just that or do they also need the festival tickets? They have parked in blue and walked to meet us before but had all their tickets on previous occasions and can't remember if they needed to show their festival tickets as well. Thanks
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