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  1. Hello nfr's, watching lots of bbc sets (arcade fire currently) drinking beer from our glasto steel cups, no parenting happening, kids have gone feral, didn't dry my hair so look like I have been pulled through a hedge backwards to get the full glasto effect, about to glitter up and move onto the cherry bakewell - think Dub Pistols may be on in the kitchen soon. Hope you are enjoying your non glasto weekends. Much love peace and cider xx p.s. been wazzing it down all day today was tempted to stand in my raincoat with hood up and rain dripping into my beer for full authenticity.
  2. They do that at Camp Bestival as well and it works really well, but the fields there are a bit less "rugged" before the fest in the first place (often been knee deep in nettles when parking up at Glasto!). I also wonder about the extra vans this year as it is very much pot luck how much space you get depending on the stewards directing you to your space. We always used to go on Thursday (arrive about 11am) and for around 6 years always ended up about half way down E14 with lots of space left in the field. 2017 we went Wednesday (arrived around 1pm) and ended up much closer to the lane on E14
  3. Happy New Year lovely people, not been around for a while due to life, flu, xmas, family stuff.... Hope you are coping @lucyginger Hope everyone else had a festive time and is now in full recovery mode. Glastonbury 2020 is this year!!! All of those on the resale train make sure we know on here as I am sure plenty will be offering help. xxx
  4. Oh Lucy what awful news, glad you are being looked after, sending you a virtual hug xxxx
  5. Yep west is no more - now more pre erected camping. We always went east anyway so no big issue for us other than lots more trying. Are you staying chez H and yeti again next year?
  6. Me too @carlosj ! Was quite concerned when they cut out west but got through about 7.05. I never get a sniff in the ticlet sales but always get the groups cv tickets. See you in East!
  7. popping in to say hello and see how all you loons are doing? Not much to report here other than off to see Kate Tempest this Sunday, then Frank Turner a couple of weeks later, good luck to any of those waiting on the ballot and hope your cockles are being warmed whatever you are up to xx
  8. They did ... and are back next year, they will be handing round flavoured vodka like old hands next time
  9. It was my friends! They loved it ? You also tried some of my cherry Bakewell and said it had" a touch of the benylin" about it - wont be using that cheap amaretto again ? must try harder next year
  10. Love your post @crazyfool1 you will get there I am certain, this is a lovely corner of the internet sometimes xx
  11. Oh no! You will have an army of helpers come April you will get there
  12. We got tickets ?? !!!!! well done @fatyeti24 @pentura @jeffie @carlosjand @lucyginger and anyone else I have missed out, we will be back on it for the others in April xxxx
  13. Mine too! Although Mr Dotty got tickets for @Curlygirl delighted for her!
  14. At work as well pretending I am doing some really important stuff -which I am, just not work related !
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