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  1. biggest melt going. a right-wing op. the co-creator of the character, andrew doyle, is an absolute danger. comedy...unleashed!!
  2. in at 9.18, payment page crashed...refresh to be told payment already processed in glorious red letters...check emails, there's the confirmation!
  3. Site crashed as i was entering payment details at 9.18, on a refresh and entering them again it said my payment had already processed and then conf email came through shortly after. if you got as far as entering payment details and then crashed, check your emails, you never know. did also try for others on here once i got reg page open again but never got a 2nd chance
  4. i'm sorted but have an open reg page now. hit me with everything
  5. i briefly met julien temple at a polish film festival in november and we talked about glasto a bit. it's def back this year. he also said they've been experimenting with projecting stuff onto clouds. text, vis art etc, and want to give it a go this year
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