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  1. Hugh Jass II

    Kendrick Lamar

    Most outlets definiely rush to overpraise these days as they don't want to be seen to be slagging off a future great.
  2. Don't go too far mate, I still owe you a pint at the fest.
  3. Nobody wants Mika at the festival.
  4. Yeah that’s not cool, TWW is a good sort and doesn’t deserve that sort of treatment. Didn’t see the thread myself, just saw the word “Mike” and knew it would be for me. There seems to be two major issues at the moment - over zealous modding and the influx of idiots coming over just to start trouble. Problem is that one bleeds into the other, the more idiots we get the itchier Neil’s trigger finger gets and vice versa. I’m not sure what the solution is, maybe we need to accept that a little bit of silliness really isn’t that bad. Threads about crisps for instance really weren’t hurting anyone or the forum in general, we should be able to differentiate between a bit of fun and those who are genuinely trolling. At the same time I fully appreciate Neil needs to look after his livelihood. One idea could be to spread the modding responsibility out a little so Neil isn’t having to do it all by himself. I spend half my life on here so am happy to help out and I promise not to be too tyrannical (I will ban Matt every time he mentions Tik Tok though).
  5. Wasn’t at Billie Eilish so can’t really comment, but the only time I’ve ever felt the Other crowd was genuinely dangerous was RagnBone Man in 17 (I think, or was it 19?) Gridlock and mayhem all the way back to the railway track.
  6. It’s like Whack A Mole round here at the moment, as soon as you put one down more pop up. Except instead of moles it’s tedious twats.
  7. Hugh Jass II

    Kendrick Lamar

    Is it unreasonable to just demand a three hour set? The Vegas one plus Mr Morale in full afterwards? Come on Kenny!
  8. I’m guessing shenanigans were involved.
  9. I’ve said time and time again most of the “Arctics fucked it” narrative is driven by people who weren’t even there. I had a great time that night.
  10. Certain corners of the forum are twitching as we speak…
  11. This has always been the point.
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