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  1. It bestrides popular culture like a, erm, hulking, tortured mob boss
  2. Paul McCartney and his band? They’re only the band The Beatles could have been...
  3. I’d rather have a Crowded House set in 2020 than a FM set with Neil Finn...and then a FM headliner set in 2021 with a recuperated Lindsey.
  4. At this point a 1975/ Macca or Elton/ Taylor Swift trio would make the vast majority of people in here happy?
  5. REM? Sleep? It’s now daytime? This is my favourite song of theirs:
  6. The Red Telephone

    Diana Ross

    Thanks for the Chain Reaction reassurance - it was a number 1 in the UK, Ireland and Australia and a number 95 smash in the US.
  7. The Red Telephone

    Diana Ross

    Worrying lack of Chain Reaction in those set lists
  8. I’m sorry you’re not as hip as me referencing a debut album from 1996 by some Britpop-also rans.
  9. Looking at the comments on the London Marathon twitter page, it seems that the ballot system does indeed produce a harmonious environment and that those that are unsuccessful do not complain about the process at all.
  10. As far as I’m aware yes, but the one time I stopped in WV there looked to be only about 10 of them! They were just through the entrance gates.
  11. From memory, it looked like they stayed in one of the Podpads at Worthy View
  12. Out of curiosity are you only allowed to apply for yourself, and can you apply for a partner/ friend at the same time? And do you have to pay the entry fee immediately if/when successful?
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