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  1. Anyone who witnessed that, we were the very definition of privileged
  2. Don’t you wish someone looked at you that way Bruce looks at Paul?
  3. His vocals on “Golden Slumbers” 😍
  4. Helter Skelter is the heaviest thing ever seen on the Pyramid
  5. Just got the end of “Hey Jude” Have seen myself on TV. It’s not a photo I will be sharing much. ”Let it Be” is a proper fucking moment. I was born 10 years after Sgt Pepper was released. But I love seeing teenagers singing all the words to Beatles song.
  6. Imagine these two playing for 3 hours
  7. Now Bruce and Macca - the dream co-headliners you would love to see
  8. How good was last Saturday? I fucking love “Band On The Run” with Sprinty Dave
  9. If it’s Mick and yer ma, It’s Fleetwood Mac
  10. Snap! Pretty sure the first thing I saw at my first Glastonbury was the Beastie Boys (although this may be my fuzzy memory tricking me and I probably saw something less credible)
  11. I dunno, with 60% of the band in bad health and Mick charging £££ just for a selfie, this smells of “not gonna happen” to me
  12. Possible? https://www.nme.com/news/music/peter-gabriel-to-release-first-new-album-in-20-years-this-year-according-to-drummer-3239984
  13. I felt that big comedy sausages did distract somewhat from Greta’s noble words
  14. Did he a do a post-set interview with the BBC?
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