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  1. The Red Telephone

    2019 Map

    I’m not dispelling your theories, my good man. I think you may be right. Putting aside my terrible attempt at a joke, I think you have a point. I was slightly further left for Shaggy and the sound wasn’t as good for Undwerworld. Always put that down to the fact I wasn’t as “refreshed” for the former and enjoyed the latter’s music more.
  2. The Red Telephone

    2019 Map

    It’s the Desperados talking 🙂
  3. The Red Telephone

    2019 Map

    I want to insert a “Yes, that’s the joke” meme here, but don’t want to annoy such esteemed posters. But also want it on record that I attended Shaggy as an act of love and hate his music. It’s a real conundrum.
  4. The Red Telephone

    2019 Map

    I’m a bit sceptical about this stuff about the West Holts PA altering wherever you stand. Saw Underworld in 2016 and heard some amazing, crisp sounding techno blasting out of that system. Stood in exactly the same spot a year later for Shaggy and the stuff emanating from said same equipment was utter fucking tripe. Does anyone have any explanation for this?
  5. First impressions: Not too bad. The sweet finish offsets the normal horrible taste I find in normal lager when not chilled. Will take my usual 12/16 cans of golden ales, but take some of these when I fancy a change. Second impression: Why has it got citric acid in it? Third impression: Will be sticking worse than that down my throat over the five days. 3.5/5
  6. Ah, that’s a shame. It was a good way to while away a few hours! Enjoy Copenhagen though, it’s a great city.
  7. In the interests of research, I bought a chilled can of Desperados this morning as my local offy has started selling it in 500ml cans. As white-trash as it is, I am partial to a tequila-flavoured beer in the summer. Interested in the idea of taking some to the festival, but need to road-test it in similar conditions so to see if this is viable. After letting it warm up in the kitchen for 6 hours whilst blasting some dub reggae at it, I’m going in....
  8. I’ve been to the Carlsberg factory/ museum in Copenhagen and they do some lovely beers - even the bog standard stuff is more than palatable there.
  9. My Grandad always, and I means always, asked me when I saw him “How many beans make 5?” The answer? 2 beans, a bean, a bean and a half and half a bean.
  10. Cant. Get. Love. In. The. First. Degree. Out. Of. My. Head.
  11. Inner City and Haai also good
  12. The Thingy has gone into meltdown with a Sunday announcement. Anyway Four Tet, Daniel Avery, Mall Grab all good. Let’s hope SH has had a bit of a rejig.
  13. Alongside Daft Punk in the Glade
  14. Really like the new album. Wasn’t really into “Got to Keep On” too much when it came out, but can definitely see it being a “moment” this year.
  15. Hot Chip v The Chems is a real dilemma, wrapped up in a conundrum for me. Had just about made peace with myself that I was going to have miss Mr Hopkins and see the Chips..:then this comes into the mix! Decided last night that the Hot Chip party would win over the Chems - never seen a Park headliner and didn’t go to the festival in 2015, so missed the West Holts triumph. Saw the Chems in 97 at the farm and a few other times in the 90s.... But then...been blasting out “No Geography” all morning and I’m wavering. Ideally, I’d love the Chipsters subbing the Chems on the Other - and the Hopkins date to be wrong and his headlining West Holts on Friday. Presumably the Chemical Bros have been moved to the Saturday following The Prodigy’s sad withdrawal? If so, I’m hoping that HC are amenable to moving so they’re not up against the Chems at the same time. And to think, some people are moaning that the lineup is shit!
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