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  1. Resurrect this and I’ll be there with bells on https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vulture.com/amp/article/broadway-dance-of-the-vampires-bloody-disaster.html
  2. If anyone is feeling a bit low today and is need of a lift, watch Alex from Glasto like I have for the 17th time this weekend.
  3. Embrace are on now though, making your statement look very silly
  4. If Fran still has the voice , I wouldn’t be that averse to seeing Travis on a main stage somewhere 🤭
  5. Toploader now on the 2000 show. Never believe anyone that says music was better in the old days.
  6. Just remembered, I watch Gaga’s set yesterday and somebody was holding up a large framed painting of (presumably) their German Shepherd dog. Thinking of recreating this lovely picture of my dog currently yawning through Macy Gray
  7. The Bloodhound Gang and Counting Crows on the Best of 2000 Highlights program. And people broke in to the site that year??
  8. I didn’t go in the late noughties/ start of the 10s, but from the TV coverage from the it definitely looks like peak flag-times. Saw a few that had long-winded charity appeals on them! I’ve never had a problem being stuck behind one of them, but agree with a previous poster that they should be banned from the “pit” areas. Crazy to think that when I first went in 1994 the Wolves flag was there then...
  9. Bowie wasn’t of this Earth. Fuck me.
  10. I haven’t heard the word Saxophone without converting it to Homer J Simpson’s version since at least 1996
  11. Take comfort in your friends- this year, more than any other year
  12. Michael Stipe’s voice. Shivers down the spine.
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