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  1. No problemo, glad you got sorted. Got a refund on mine, was never that arsed about going but hadn't got round to listing them.
  2. People buy day tickets to see a particular headliner. So yeah, I'd say they're within their rights to ask for a refund,
  3. 22 years ago you probably could have gotten a stall pitch at Glastonbury for 500 quid.
  4. Interesting... Did Finsbury this year so where is bigger? Heaton in Manchester? Hyde Park? Surely not Knebworth?
  5. I don't think it's a case of them rejecting RL to play Glastonbury. Seventeen Going Under will be two years old by next summer. Unless he has a new album between now and then he won't be headlining anywhere next year. More likely is he'll be in the studio by then. As long as album #3 is a success he'll be able to headline wherever he wants in 24.
  6. Also, has an act ever gone from sub to headline in consecutive years?
  7. Toured pretty extensively this year. Quite likely he'll be working on the next album next year.
  8. You'd imagine as the main sponsor Luno have a shitload of tickets to give away.
  9. Most of Facebook can be boiled down to: "We never complained in the 70's. Everything was shit but at least minorities, women and gays knew their place..."
  10. Everyone seems to think the world was better when they were young.
  11. Hoping to see some deals pop up for the National and Cave days...
  12. Aye, that looks to me like unused stock from the TBHC tour.
  13. Wolf Alice and Foals are bad examples as they're clearly never going to do it. But the likes of Sam Fender, Dave and Dua Lipa are all acts the festival should be looking to give a headline slot to in the next 2-3 years IMO.
  14. To be fair the festival landscape has changed dramatically since 2008. Glastonbury wasn't quite the cultural behemoth it is now.
  15. What's the metric of "headliner level" though? Stormzy would never have been considered such. The festival is big and strong enough to survive taking the odd risk on bookings. As I keep saying, they've got two other nights to get the biggest megastars out there.
  16. I rewatched Kendrick at least half a dozen times and it's only the fact that it's been removed from the iPlayer that's stopping me from watching it again.
  17. It's not like we're talking about booking some no marks from the local pub to headline the Pyramid, we are talking about acts that are still pretty big names and known to most punters. We're only talking about one night too. Instead of Arctic Monkeys boring everyone with the same set they've been doing for years what if they gave it to, I dunno, Wolf Alice or Little Simz for example? There is still two other nights for megastars to headline. Would a trio of WA or LS/Taylor/Elton spell the end of the festival as we know it? I highly doubt it.
  18. Think this sums it up best. It was alright, some of it was enjoyable, some of it less so, but wouldn't rush to rewatch it.
  19. In the cold light of day was it actually that good?
  20. Glastonbury has been giving acts a bump up to headline status for years anyway. In the last few years we've seen Billie Eilish, Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Mumford & Sons all make that step up on the Pyramid. Some were already stars, others were on their way, but they all made their festival headlining debuts on the Pyramid. So to call it a "shit idea" is simply ignoring history. People talk about the festival needing to book acts on the rise and get them just as they're going massive, but pooh pooh the thought of actually helping them do that. Is that not a contradiction? The idea of getting established megastars will mean continually returning to the same diminishing talent pool and booking the same acts time and again.
  21. Less Stormzys! More Coldplays!
  22. Stormzy being a case in point of an act recently given a bump up to headline and smashing it.
  23. Does it make it worse though? Of course some acts could flop, but others will smash it. You don't know until they are out there.
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