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  1. I'm still hopeful of a golden ticket inside the 50th anniversary book that I pre ordered on the day it was announced.
  2. This 100%. Too many people want to go so they can take pictures of themselves pretending to be happy in front of the pyramid stage in the hope that they get lots of nice messages from their 'friends' on social media.
  3. Dave_c

    Resale club 2020

    I hate being part of this group!! Hi all.
  4. Dave_c

    Sold out

    FUCK SAKE!! Not a whiff. Was on holding page refreshing every second for 33 minutes and nothing! Congrats to all the lucky ones - roll on April.
  5. Straight out for a big Mountain Bike ride in the peaks. Good for the soul, win or lose.
  6. Dave_c

    2020 headliners

    Nah, that accolade belongs to The 1975
  7. I had my first T-day dream last night where no matter how hard I tried, I repeatedly failed to put the reg numbers in correctly. It's giving me anxiety even thinking about next Sunday.
  8. SCOOTER, back in the UK
  9. Dave_c

    Musical Confessional

    Tune. There is a YouTube channel called Trance classics and the guy has uploaded a shit load of classic tracks from back then, it's awesome.
  10. Dave_c

    Musical Confessional

    Interesting thread this. I listen to a wide range of music, but my true love is late 90's to early 2000's Trance music. So many amazing tracks produced then, it really was a golden era of Electronic music for me and it was around the time when I was just old enough to be going out. So many good times and good memories that will live with me forever. I have little time for generic indie music. I don't care much for the music of Michael Jackson, Prince or The Beatles. My guilty pleasure is Beyonce.
  11. Dave_c

    Any videos?

    Have never put a video on YT so haven't a clue if it uploaded at the right quality etc. And I know I videod in portrait, but I only had the use of 1 arm so had no choice.
  12. Dave_c

    Credit card fraud

    Someone handed my wallet in before, but helped themselves to the 60 quid in it for the hassle, twats (unless of course the person that handed it in found it after someone else took the cash and tossed it).
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