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  1. Yeah, the Thursday of the festival.
  2. Massive Attack 2014. Friday and Saturday night I spent in smaller venues and couldn't tell you who I watched.
  3. I assumed he was referring to Michael Jackson's death
  4. Dave_c

    Black Lives Matter

    Agreed, no argument that police use excessive force in situations where it is not warranted, but I think it's false to conclude that this is biased towards BAME.
  5. Dave_c

    Black Lives Matter

    They also killed Tony Timpa and Justine Damond, but nobody knows their names.
  6. I've not watched the film to be honest. I don't know much about them, but they did make good music and Mercury was one of the best front men ever.
  7. I am 99% certain I have Coronavirus and have been nursing myself through it since Sunday. I thought I would share this as it may be useful/interesting for some who may be suffering from anxiety and fear of catching this fucking thing. I'm not after sympathy or up votes, just want to share my personal experience. My other half has had the same experience as I have, but is a few days ahead of me. Her symptoms started last Wednesday (18th March), so we have both been self isolating at home since then. She is a school teacher so we think she picked it up in school then passed it on to me. We are both fit and healthy with no underlying health issues. We have had all of the symptoms, with the exception of shortness of breath. Heres a bit of a run down of the week for me: Sunday - New dry cough appeared, got worse as the day progressed. Monday - Cough got worse. At around midday I felt like crap and could barely even sit up straight. Checked my temperature and it was 38C. Took a lemsip, went to bed and died for about 5 hours. Spent the rest of the evening in bed. Tuesday - Temp still high, aches and pains in every muscle in my body. Really really dizzy throughout the day. Skin was crawling, even just clothes touching it was uncomfortable. Stayed in bed all day. Zero energy. Cough subsiding. Wednesday - Aches and pains worse, temp up 38.2C, dizziness on another level. Eyes were sore, but I can't explain how they felt in words. Stayed in bed all day. Skin still crawling and really sensitive to the touch. Zero energy. Thursday - Aches and pains subsided a bit, temp still up at 38C, skin not so sensitive anymore. Eyes still sore. Felt a bit better in the morning but deteriorated as the day progressed. Developed the worst headache I have ever experienced at about 10.30pm last night and suffered all night long. I never get headaches, and if I do, 1 paracetamol sorts it. Not this time. Zero energy. Today - Still have a banging headache, it won't go away. Temperature down a bit but still higher than usual (37.4C). Feel a bit better, but far from 100%. Eyes not so sore today, but still have zero energy and have been lying on the sofa all day. Reckon it'll be a few days before I start to feel any way normal. Cough is gone. Other half, who was about 4 days ahead of me, feels almost back to normal. I've got through the week on a combination of lemsip and paracetamol. Best advice I can give is to stay topped up on medication, stay hydrated, try to eat as healthily as you can and sleep/rest as much as possible. It has been a horrible week but there is light at the end of the tunnel. If this is coronavirus, and it may not be, I am thankful that I have had a moderate reaction to it. Stay safe people and stay at home!
  8. Assuming it isn't primary, tell her to get registered on first tutors. My other half is a teacher and does some tutoring in the evenings for extra cash. She is constantly having to refuse work, so there is plenty of work out there, maybe moreso now with schools being closed.
  9. Love it or hate it, U2 - The Joshua Tree
  10. Elbow 1st April and Thom Yorke 21st June, haven't heard any news on either yet.
  11. Sad news if this is confirmed officially tomorrow. I don't even have a ticket for this year but was hoping for some success in April. Absolutely gutted for everyone who already had their golden ticket!! It's an absolute shit show at the moment, all we can do is look after each other, ride it out and hope that life will be back to normal in the not too distant future
  12. We have done no stockpiling of anything and have no intention of doing so. It's not Armageddon. We are planning to do our normal shop tomorrow but by the sounds of it we will get fuck all. People need to stop being so selfish and give themselves a good talking to.
  13. It's at times like this where social media is doing way more harm than good. Fake news and people making claims to the world who don't have a clue what they are talking about. It's a dangerous thing and is making people panic and take illogical actions en masse. It wouldn't be a bad thing if we closed down Facebook, Twitter etc for a few weeks to curtail the panic.
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