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  1. Terrible like disgusting or terrible like not enough of them?
  2. Cheers for the tip off, just bagged some tickets too
  3. They were awesome, one of the highlights of my festival.
  4. Did it always have the Lazers or were they new for this year? Don't recall it having them in the past, at least not as many anyway. Thought it was pretty underwhelming as a spectacle compared to the crane, looked lost in that field compared to the scale of the crane. Definately time for a new installation that doesn't require planning permission! Let's see if they change things up for next year.
  5. Dave_c

    Worthy (re)view

    You tell them in advance other people you want to camp beside and they put you all next to one another.
  6. Fantastic news that he made it. I was thinking about it over the weekend every time I saw a chopper and hoping it was him.
  7. I'm with you on this, I was elsewhere on site so didn't see it, but watching it back was bizarre.
  8. Arctic Monkeys Fleetwood Mac Justice Hot Chip Future Islands White Lies The Smile London Grammar LCD Soundsystem Cigarettes after sex MGMT Just a few that spring to mind
  9. This. That's where we always camp, right opposite the lock ups, but having done WV this year I think we will do that from now on.
  10. More chance of Fleetwood Mac headlining than finding out who she was.
  11. Good ideas. Even if they just played some music on the main stages it would help with overcrowding on Thursday. When they were sound checking West Holts they played Toto - Africa and everyone was dancing away and loving every second of it. A mixture of this type of feel good, get up and dance music on pyramid/other on Thursday night would be great.
  12. Ah, I read that completely wrong haha
  13. He didn't play at West Holts, he was on Pyramid on Friday morning.
  14. Dave_c

    Worthy (re)view

    Ssshhh, don't tell everyone or they will all be at it!
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