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  1. Have stayed away from here since the cancellation really, but can’t see 2021 going ahead now.
  2. Thanks, looking to buy my ticket around Christmas time to fingers crossed it doesn’t sell out till after then. I think because they had to switch around a lot of the lineup when the rescheduled, it’ll be just populating the lineup with a few more acts - can’t see it being that big of an announcement, although they are hyping it up.
  3. Couldn’t find a thread for this. Considering going for the first time this year, does anyone know when it usually sells out?
  4. Do we think more acts are imminent given the lack of a poster on the website?
  5. The website does say full lineup at 7pm, but I’m assuming that just means the full lineup so far. Also the 120 names was mentioned by Dan
  6. I’m assuming that’s all we’re getting
  7. Can’t be more disappointing than this, I remember staring in shock thinking the Reading Twitter had accidentally posted a fake
  8. It’s not gonna be a wind-up, I think you’re just grasping unfortunately
  9. It’s gonna be a pile of piss isn’t it
  10. BMTH edit: courteeners then ? LG Dua Lipa Billie Eilish Tame Impala Frank Turner
  11. So 5 solo acts ? That’s a hell of a lot, Tame Impala technically is one guy, so I’m still holding out for them
  12. How much disappointment are we talking?
  13. Sorry but if they’ve got Frank Turner as a headliner that’s absolutely woeful
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