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  1. I wouldn’t like to see Rizzle Kicks at the festival, but it does piss me off when people get elitist over what acts should be allowed at a festival, they’re just naturally catering to their ever-changing demographic of ticket buyers, which means there will be more and more pop/rap music (which will likely be influenced heavily by TikTok etc) in the years to come.
  2. Would love this, but can’t see the Killers or Paramore being there unfortunately
  3. He was sun last year was he not? Would love to see him as headliner
  4. Cheers for the shout, I saw a lot on the news about Boardmasters last year, didn’t look fantastic but they’ve had good lineups in the past. I’m lucky enough to I have Glasto tickets, but I’m a teacher so can only go for the weekend, which is why I’m looking for a second festival that I can fully enjoy. It’s between Reading, and Truck atm. Also might do the Sunday of Neighbourhood Weekender.
  5. That’s shite imo, I’m still in the process of deciding which festival/s to go to this year and Boardmasters was a potentially, but that’s definitely taken it off the list. If Reading is anything similar I’ll be bitterly disappointed as I am hoping the lineup is good enough to get tickets for. Fingers crossed we’re not getting our hopes up with all the RATM/AM etc. talk
  6. Is there anywhere I can access the rumours page (doesn’t seem to be working for me atm)? I’m trying to start making a playlist with the TBC acts
  7. I really think we’ve got 3 completely new headliners, based solely on the uncertainty surrounding Paul and Kendrick.
  8. Jack.194


    I managed to get Sam Fender tickets on Twickets for his Leicester show a couple weeks ago (although I ultimately didn’t end up by going). I had the push notifications (which were a lot quicker than emails), and just tried to get tickets every time I got a notification and was free.
  9. Yea I don’t think Kendrick is gonna be there now
  10. Not sure who had the info on AM playing, but I’m personally feeling less confident about it given they’ve stayed completely silent
  11. Jack.194

    Kendrick Lamar

    Maybe no Kendrick then?
  12. How much do day tickets usually cost?
  13. I’m not too sure, and I’m not denying Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish and Kendrick Lamar aren’t good headliners - they are - they’re just not for me.
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