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  1. Strange that they haven’t tweeted etc about it yet
  2. Yea Biffy replacing Queens, it’s on the website
  3. Surely can’t be a coincidence he’s playing in Bristol that close to the festival. Maybe we’ll get some sort of announcement soon
  4. Managed to get some in Nottingham, no idea why Glasgow sold out so quickly though. I’ve also seen Glasgow tickets for obscene amounts on Viagogo etc. As a side note, part of me is hoping they play as a secret set at Reading somewhere
  5. Any news on how tickets will work? Or how popular people think it will be/how difficult it’ll be to get tickets? I’m definitely interested in the Saturday.
  6. Hoping the Vaccines get announced tomorrow, although I know I’m just dreaming
  7. Do you think we’ll get day splits on Monday? I wouldn’t be able to get to the festival until Friday at about 8pm so I want to know who I’d miss etc. Also, if I arrive at 8pm Friday will I still be able to find a place to camp? Don’t necessarily mind where, just somewhere.
  8. Really really wish they were at Reading
  9. No clue but surely all the big names have already been announced? I’m just hoping I can get tickets.
  10. Really looks like an exciting lineup, if anyone has 2 tickets I will gladly take them off your hands via Twickets or something similar (and would happily pay slightly above face value) Getting desperate for a festival, plus it’s the weekend me and my partner finish school (as teachers) so would be perfect timing
  11. Yea I wouldn’t be surprised if a portion go to locals only
  12. How do we think tickets will be done? Just on sale to registered people as normal?
  13. Just a quick q about Ticketmaster resale, has anyone been successful in getting tickets this way? I’m looking for one Reading weekend ticket. Also, when I do go on Ticketmaster resale two tickets show up, and when I click them I get the message ‘sorry this ticket is no longer available.’ However, the tickets remain there after I refresh. Guessing it’s just a glitch?
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