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  1. Stay positive, as someone who posts fairly irregularly on this site your replies etc. always make me smile. I really am hoping you get a ticket in the resale (whenever is eventually comes) - but if you don’t, again stay positive, there’s always future Glastonbury’s (well, not if COVID has anything to do with it, but you get the picture!) 🙂
  2. Probably, if teachers listen to the unions and don’t go in, the government will vilify the whole profession I’m sure.
  3. Yea I think all school unions are now calling for teachers/education staff NOT to go into school on Monday due to health and safety. I have no idea what I’m going to do, on one hand I completely agree with what unions are saying, and think schools aren’t safe to be open given the resigning numbers and ability for the virus to spread fast in schools, but also I’ve heard nothing from my school so I don’t know
  4. Thank you! I don’t think that’s particularly negative (and I usually ere on the side of caution with my optimism!) To me that could read either way, sounds to me like she’s just responding enthusiastically in general.
  5. As in where she tweeted ‘not cancelled yet!’ ? This has been discussed a fair bit a few pages back, but yea I agree it doesn’t look good, definitely not a certain no though.
  6. Yea the guidance for secondary schools isn’t necessarily the confusing part. But when you get into the intricacies of different schools, it gets confusing pretty quickly - and Mr Williamson did f*** all to help
  7. Why the fuck have they not closed schools, seriously? Also, how can a government that have cut education to its core, pushed forward with austerity, and consistently voted against free school meals for the last TEN YEARS genuinely claim that they’re keeping schools open to ‘limit the inequality that shutting schools would cause.’ I’m absolutely beyond fuming. Not only that but it’s FIVE DAYS until most schools go back now!! I spoke to my headteacher yesterday and she said she hadn’t heard a thing from the gov/LA about testing, opening etc etc. And to top it all off, I still don’t rea
  8. Yea I definitely feel at least a bit more optimistic now.
  9. I think it’s just one parent who needs to be a key worker, during the first lockdown I had two children in class who each only had one parent who was a key worker
  10. Exactly! You’ve absolutely hit the nail on the head. Its getting to the point where they really need to announce something soon! The schools nurse role being cut really grates on me, I have a lot of health responsibilities that I am absolutely not qualified for!
  11. Cheers, I feel sorry for the doctors/nurses and others having to administer tests to children, I genuinely don’t see how it’d be possible with some of my kids. As much as I hate online learning/teaching, for the sake of everyone’s health I really am crossing my fingers for a school closure announcement later
  12. Completely agree, it’s not fair on the kids who miss some of their learning, but as long as things are put in place to alleviate the inequality caused (which I’ll be honest I don’t trust this government can or want to do) then it would 100% be better and more importantly safer to close schools. It needs to happen soon though, as you said. I go back to school on Monday and have no idea what’s happening in my school, my head was furious when the government suggested teachers might have to administer tests (which I genuinely will outright refuse to do, I teach a class of SEN children, who I
  13. I’m personally hoping they close schools, online learning really isn’t as bad as some people make out, and four-ish weeks of it would do very little harm to kids development. It’d help stop the spreading of the virus, as everyone knows schools do a lot of harm in spreading the virus. I want ~a month full lockdown, with all schools doing online learning in the meantime, and a big push forward with vaccines in that period.
  14. I’m also thinking a postponement is unlikely, and i think we’re almost certainly looking at the festival not going ahead until 2022 (which I’ve made my peace with) - but was just toying with the idea. I’d just love an August festival, although I know it’s highly highly unlikely.
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