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  1. Jack.194

    2020 headliners

    Jamie from The 1975
  2. Jack.194

    2020 headliners

    Had a look at the 2019 headliners thread to see what was being discussed August 2018 and found the odds bookmakers were giving at around this time last year: Kendrick 6/4 Elton 9/4 Kylie 5/2 Stormzy 7/2 Arctics 9/2 Fleetwood 9/2 ABBA 5/1 Calvin 8/1 Swedish House Mafia 8/1 Jay Z, Stone Roses, Led Zeppelin, Taylor Swift and Beach Boys 10/1 Eminem, Strokes 14/1 Kate Bush 16/1 Foo Fighters, Madness, Oasis, Stones, Spice Girls 20/1 Given that only one of the three headliners were listed this time last year, and only at 7/2, how likely are we to be close with headliners being discussed this early? I'm all for generating excitement and love the discussion of it all but I just don't want anyone (me included) to get unrealistically excited!
  3. Where would they play? There’s no slot on the radio 1 stage any day?
  4. Trying to maximise your possibility of getting tickets? Good try I’m sure one more person trying won’t hurt
  5. Does anyone know when ticket registration has closed in previous years? I have a few friends who still need to register for this years festival (I know, they should register asap) but the date registration has closed in the past would be useful! thanks
  6. It’s usually a band not currently touring who are set to bring out a new album and tour after the festival, so Kasabian are a good shout. Catfish have already brought their album out and toured so possibly not (although I know a lot of people on this forum think it might be them) Think Liam is ok arrogant to not have his name on a lineup up poster if he were to be playing at all. I think Biffy have got a new album coming out so possibly? Not sure about IDLES (but would love them) or Kaiser Chiefs (no thank you) but Gerry has got a new album coming out and that’d be a popular choice with the standard Reading crowd surely? (Me included) I reckon it’ll be Kasabian, they’d go off in that Radio 1 tent.
  7. https://t.co/yf63YV1as0
  8. I get that, it’s just the fact some fans hold him to a god-like status and refuse to criticise his vocals, I know you get blindly devoted fans for every act but they seem to be more prevalent for LG. Can’t deny I wouldn’t swoon over an Oasis reunion though.
  9. I honestly don’t know what people see in a Liam, I like a few Oasis songs and saw him at Reading 17 but his voice was diabolical, didn’t bother seeing him at Glasto this year. On top of that, for someone with a horrible voice, who can barely sing in time to a number of songs, and who’s brother is massively responsible for his fame, he’s far too arrogant.
  10. Wolf Alice are headlining Pilton Party 19, does this mean they’re almost confirmed for Glasto 2020?
  11. Anyone know anywhere selling two tickets?
  12. Bombay, TDCC, Giggs and Vampire Weekend all way too low in my opinion Could see Billie Eilish as sub and headliners look realistic. Surely there’s no was Catfish are playing above Tame Impala though? (However I may be slightly biased)
  13. Pyramid: The 1975, Fleetwood Mac, Elton Other: Royal Blood, The XX, Pet Shop Boys Legend: The Kinks Special Guest appearances: Coldplay/Muse
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