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  1. Does anyone know the rules for travelling THROUGH Leicester city? Me and my partner live in Nottingham, and my partners parents live in Leicestershire, in a village unaffected by the Leicester lockdown. So hypothetically, if we were to visit them could we travel through Leicester and go our normal route, or would it be best to go a longer way that avoid going through the city?
  2. Yea that interview was there other day. What’s the consensus on AM? I do think it’s weird for Emily to not mention them when she was asked. She was asked about 3 bands at once, so it might have just slipped her mind - but something tells me she’s tactical enough to slip over a band that has been booked and hence doesn’t want to bring attention to. Could be either I suppose.
  3. Anyone have a link to somewhere I can re-listen to this?
  4. I thought that, still haven’t figured out why, especially given they were confirmed by ME, so it’s not like they were saving them as a surprise of anything like that
  5. This doesn’t come across as insensitive in the slightest, and I agree that no-one can genuinely claim whether he is returning or not given no-one really knows, it’s all speculation. But with respect, the same could be said about you claiming he’s coming back. No-one knows, we’re all just guessing and speculating, that’s the point of this forum! Also, while I think having Kendrick as a headliner amongst all that is happening in the world would definitely be a positive thing and definitely should be done, it’s not really going to have a massive impact in the wide scheme of things. It’s not like racist bigots who so strongly and unwaveringly hold their awful shitty opinions are going to look at Glastonbury headliners and change their mind. However I do agree that small acts of change ultimately contribute to wider societal change.
  6. This looks pretty realistic to me, I do think Dua Lipa is too big to sub though.
  7. Are you saying you think Glastonbury will do similar to IOW, and release their 2021 lineup soon? If you are, I disagree. I think they’ll follow a similar pattern to usual as they, as always, don’t really have to worry about selling out - as it’s guaranteed. Whereas this is nowhere near the case for IOW I assume.
  8. Can I ask how reliable Ken is as a source? What info have the got right in the past? I trust everyone on here when they say Ken is a trustworthy source, but I just want some kind of evidence/track record to back up my claims when I tell friends. Also as someone who wasn’t planning on seeing Taylor Swift or Kendrick Lamar I’m kind of happy with this news, but I also feel for everyone on here as I know how excited people were! But also, didn’t Ken day I got is changing on a daily basis? That’s gotta be a positive for fans of Swifty/Lamar?
  9. Interesting! Hopefully it’s Lana, but I’m not going to get my hopes up
  10. Also, what’s happening with LDR, I know she was on last years poster, I’m assuming they just couldn’t get her to agree to coming back?
  11. How much do people generally spend on flights tickets and accommodation for this? The line-up has really caught my eye
  12. Two rap headliners which I suppose I could see, but I think it’s more likely they stick with their current pro-forma for headliners. Also Tame Impala are way too big to sub at this point in my opinion, and Catfish I don’t think would sub, although I’d say you’ve placed them right.
  13. Kept the West Holts, John Peel, and Park lineups relatively similar to this year (based on comments on here and the Glastonbury Spotify playlists), as I'm wasn't entirely sure. Friday: Pyramid: Kendrick Lamar / Lizzo / Crowded House / Camilla Cabello / Kasabian [SECRET SET] Other: Fatboy Slim / Sam Fender / Mabel / La Roux / Opener: Happy Mondays West Holts: Thom Yorke / Kelis John Peel: Orbital / Editors The Park: Caribou / Laura Marling Saturday: Pyramid: Arctic Monkeys / Nick Cave / Aerosmith [SECRET SET] / Wolf Alice / Kacey Musgraves Other: Dua Lipa / Robyn / Gerry Cinnamon / Ana Calvi West Holts: The Isley Brothers / Thundercat John Peel: Charlie XCX / Cage the Elephant The Park: Manic Street Preachers / The Avalanches Sunday: Pyramid: Lady Gaga / Lana Del Rey / Alicia Keys / Diana Ross / Haim Other: Pet Shop Boys / AJ Tracey / Blossoms / Declan McKenna West Holts: Kano / TLC John Peel: Primal Scream / FKA Twigs The Park: London Grammar / Big Thief I think we're going to end up getting a pretty similar lineup to this year, with a few changes.
  14. I reckon Panic would be a bit of a lazy booking, they only played 3 years ago. I feel like 3 years between headliners is a minimum (thats ignoring the weird FOB 2016 + 2018 situation) and I feel like having Panic back after just 3 years is a bit much - that being said I was disappointed when they were announced as co-headliner in 2018, but ended up really enjoying their set!
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