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  1. Did anything Glastonbury-related happen at last years NME awards?
  2. When is the NME awards thingy on?
  3. Just saw this, maybe it means something? They can’t just be messing with us for no reason
  4. Are there many instances of acts playing two years in a row (disregarding fallow years e.g. Liam Gallagher playing 2017 and 2019)? I know it probably depends on the size of the act but are there any times when this has happened with a big-ish act? Essentially, I’m desperately hoping for Rex Orange County to play, but I’m assuming it’s highly unlikely! Thanks!
  5. Jack.194

    The Strokes?

    Surely this means a UK show is coming? How difficult do people think it’ll be to get tickets? Also do people think it’ll be just one show or a mini UK tour? Never seen The Strokes but desperately want to!
  6. Still really hoping for the Kinks, I know they’re still on the rumours page but what’s the reasoning behind that? Is it simply the fact they were supposed to play in 1970?
  7. When do tickets normally sell out completely?
  8. Jack.194

    The 1975 2020

    In what sense is it usually a nightmare? (I've never been) Considering trying to get tickets, would it be better to drive and park, or get the train?
  9. Jack.194

    The 1975 2020

    Saw someone mention £50 on Twitter but surely can't be that cheap? Came here to ask the same question
  10. Does anyone have the link to the 2019 equivalent of this thread? I want to have a look through to see the sort of predictions being made for stages/acts last year to gauge an idea of accuracy. Cheers
  11. What’s Peter Hook’s band called (the one that’s doing Joy Division songs)?
  12. Jack.194

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Definitely not a self confirmation, probably more of a ‘I hope we get asked but Twin Atlantic just posted this to their Instagram, with the voice over “Give the people what they desire”
  13. Jack.194

    Queue Times

    What about for coach tickets purchased not as a bundle? I’m considering booking a coach from Birmingham to ‘Glastonbury Festival’, does anybody know where I’d get dropped off?
  14. Jack.194

    Queue Times

    Yea haha, slowly coming to realise my previous perspective on queueing may have been slightly wrong!
  15. Jack.194

    Queue Times

    Hey, My group arrived on Tuesday night for last years Glastonbury, and queued through the night to avoid long queues. We’re considering arriving Wednesday morning at around 6am this time, what are the queue times usually like for anyone who arrives at this sort of time? Thanks!
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