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  1. Very low essentially, just keep everything crossed
  2. Think the only reason to not think that is that he’s been ill the past day or so, still think it’s him though
  3. They’re playing a hell of a lot of Harry Styles’ songs, do they usually play music or anyone, rather than just music of acts performing?
  4. BBC introducing at 6:50?
  5. They do, in Huddersfield
  6. Who does that leave for BBC intro this afternoon and tomorrow?
  7. I’m sat at home waiting to get to the festival, one more day at school teaching tomorrow and I’m off! Sitting here, along with a quick look at the FOMO thread, got me thinking about how the festival might change in the future re: tickets. The obvious given is that tickets will get more expensive, but what about demand? As a general rule demand for tickets has risen each year as the festival has sold out quicker and quicker - will this continue? Or will demand plateau and decrease?
  8. Jack.194

    “Getting in”

    How?! edit: well done though!!
  9. That’s what we like to see
  10. Who do we think for the TBC on BBC Intro on Saturday (the early slot) Also is Jack White 100% for The Park?
  11. Fuck me why are people shitting themselves so much, met office website currently shows max of 10% chance of rain on Friday and 30% on Saturday, with highs of 19 and 17 respectively, can’t see Sunday yet. Not brilliant but certainly nothing to worry about
  12. That’s perfect, we’re aiming to park there anyway! And yea we have friends setting up tent, not bothered about a long walk, how long would you say?
  13. If I’m arriving late on Friday (7/8 ish), is there a best car park to aim for? (hoping for A/D due to camping in Oxlyers) I’m worried A/D will be full and I’ll get redirected to another gate, meaning I’ll have less time to explore the site! Be interested to hear from people who have arrived at a similar time before - fellow school workers?
  14. Please don’t be one of those people, Id much prefer to see Arctic Monkeys and The Stones (who are both touring in summer) over Billie Eilish and George Ezra, but change is natural and inevitable, embrace it and move on
  15. Any other supposed info?
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