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  1. Jack.194

    Resale Club 2019

    Love the positivity! For a (potential) first timer who’s definitely (hopefully) going to get a ticket where do you suggest is best to camp? Going with three friends, all aged 21/22, really hoping we get tickets!
  2. Jack.194

    Resale Club 2019

    How does your wife cope being a teacher and going Glasto? Just the Saturday and Sunday? I’m a trainee teacher and worrying about not being able to go when im fully qualified!
  3. Jack.194

    Resale Club 2019

    I don’t know whether it’s better to convince myself I’ll get tickets and then excited myself but possibly have to deal with the crippling disappointment, or convince myself I’m not going to get tickets and then be happily surprised when I do. Kind of in limbo between the two at the moment!
  4. Jack.194

    Resale Club 2019

    Doesn’t come down to deserving or not, will mostly come down to luck on the day! Youre as entitled to a ticket as anybody is! How successful have people on here been in the past with resale? Trying to gauge an idea of how likely I am to get tickets (it’s my first time trying to go to Glasto and I will be devestated if I don’t get tickets!)
  5. Jack.194

    Resale Club 2019

    Me too! Just try and gather as much info as possible on maximising chances, here’s what I’ve got so far (anyone else feel free to comment on how accurate this info is): - Use an incognito tab - Multiple browsers, not multiple tabs - Multiple devices, but preferably on different connections e.g. friends in own houses using their WiFi + phones using 4G - Have a word document with all the registration numbers + postcodes set up and copy and paste this info into the appropriate boxes should you get through - Some people suggest using wired internet where possible? Obviously many will disagree with certain info and claim different methods work best but this is the general consensus I’ve found so far. Also, good luck!
  6. Jack.194

    Resale Club 2019

    What’s everyone’s tactics going into the resale? Specifically people who have previously been successful in the resale! Its first time trying for me, have read lots about different methods people use to maximise chances and although I know it’ll ultimately come down to luck I want to have as much chance as I can to get tickets! Also good luck to everyone else trying!
  7. Jack.194

    Refresh apps?

    Read a lot about people having success using refresh apps like Refreshinator on phones and something about RefreshMonkey on laptops? However also read a lot of people saying the apps don’t work, has anyone had recent success with any of these apps? thanks
  8. Thanks, saves a lot of worrying
  9. Trying to get resale tickets (group of 4). Three of us have registered (I'm pestering the final member to do it ASAP) and the registration codes for two of us are 10 digits long, but for the final member the code is 9 digits long. Is this normal? Or has he misread the code? He's double checked but is certain thats the right number. Thanks
  10. Hey, going to try and get resale tickets for me and three friends, just a few questions. How many tickets can you get in one transaction for the coach resale? If this is less than 4 is it worth trying to get the 4 needed tickets in 2 separate transactions, or just try in the general resale? Also going to have 18 different devices trying to get tickets on 3/4 different WiFi networks + 3/4 different mobile networks, hopefully this will be enough? Also good luck to everyone else trying for resale tickets!
  11. Jack.194

    New to this

    Does anyone know how the car park passes work with resale? Can I buy one in the same transaction as buying a ticket? Do I buy them on another day? Do I buy them at the festival?
  12. Was unaware I was able to one on its own, thought it only came available with the main ticket so this is pretty much my problem solved. Thanks for the help!
  13. Does anyone know if it’s possible to buy early bird tickets either after buying a weekend ticket or from a separate site on its own e.g. twickets? Trying to get tickets for Glastonbury but if I can’t going to go Reading, just worried early bird won’t be available by April 28th (Glasto resale date)
  14. Jack.194

    New to this

    Two of us are, two aren’t, do we need to have already been registered, or are we able to register now?
  15. Anyone have any idea whether early bird will be sold out by the end of April?
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