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  1. Gerry Cinnamon’s UK/Ireland tour - which was due to end in July - is now being rescheduled.
  2. I think we’ve probably still got a bit of a while before we get the full lineup. Starting to worry a bit that RandL haven’t fully thought through the two stages thing, and that now they’re struggling to accommodate it - seems like something they’d accidentally do!
  3. So The Libertines can probably be counted out?
  4. I’m fully expecting a pre-announcement rather than for them to just drop it out of nowhere.
  5. Rewind Festival (who usually have 3 different events across summer, one in Scotland at the end of July, and 2 in England at the start and middle of August) have just posted this update.
  6. I’m in a pretty sound position as I’ve had my first dose (I’m a teacher) and I’m driving down with only 1 other person. But, I can see this causing a lot of problems. The majority of people going will be young, so won’t be vaccinated. Also, a lot of people will be driving with 3/4 other people, so of the driver tests positive the rest will have no way of getting back from the festival, and if a passenger tests positive they’ll be stuck at the festival from when they arrive. Not only that but I can see people kicking off if they test positive and so have to leave. Edit: Just tho
  7. Regarding this vaccine passport stuff, even if people don’t have vaccines, haven’t RandL previously said that they’ll let people in who either have had a vaccine, or a negative test result?
  8. They could fit six at the top. I suppose they might just do the same as Hellfest, just seems to to those headliners on MSW a diss-service
  9. Regardless of who’s on this poster, I can’t see it looking like this. It’d piss off Catfish, Disclosure and QOTSA quite a lot I think, it makes them look like less of a headliner than the MSE headliners. I think they’ll be side-by-side at the top.
  10. Yea probably not. I know Sam Fender was billed to headline the Radio 1 stage in 2020 so I suppose playing what is effectively a 3rd/4th down slot on the main stage would make sense.
  11. I don’t know if Sam Fender is big enough to fill the slot though?
  12. To be honest I don’t think she’s massively suited to RandL personally, although I might be wrong. And she doesn’t have any new stuff out as far as I’m aware, plus I haven’t seen her on any other line-ups so seems quite unlikely
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