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  1. What’s been axed in August?
  2. Can see this getting cancelled/postponed
  3. So looks like no announcement in March as originally planned, not looking good for the fest going ahead. Although, they’re still pretty active on Twitter, you’d think they’d slow down if a cancellation was coming
  4. I know there was supposed to be a second announcement this month, that only leaves today or tomorrow. Does anyone think they’ve cancelled the announcement as a result of the whole coronavirus situation? Can’t see them announcing more acts with things as it is
  5. Think you might be in the wrong thread mate! I kind of understand festivals going ahead with things as normal until they can though, but I know 2000 trees have been particularly adamant that they’re going ahead, which is a bit weird
  6. Also just had a quick look at the first poster from last year, and the full Clashfinder, and highlighted the acts that were announced on the first poster last year. Had no idea there would be so many more acts to come, although given the way the virus is progressing I fear I may be getting excited about the festival at the wrong time!
  7. Do people think I'll be safe waiting until late April to buy a ticket (if it hasn't been cancelled by then)? I'm slightly hopefully of the festival going ahead seeing as it's quite small, and also I read a report written by a few statiscians (is that spelt right?) that the peak deaths per day for the virus is now expected to be beginning of April.
  8. Yea I’m not holding out much hope either, I’ve got a feeling the full 2020 festival season is written off!
  9. What are people’s thoughts on this still going ahead? Seeing as Glasto has been postponed I’m tempted to get a ticket
  10. Me and a friend are planning a mini festival held accords 2 flats (I live in one, friend in the other) in Nottingham on the days Glastonbury should have gone ahead. Gathering loads of friends who play various instruments to play ‘sets’ across the weekend, it’ll most likely be awful, but all of us who originally had tickets will be together, and that’ll be enough! Already started creating a mini-line-up and poster!
  11. If Arctic Monkeys were confirmed for next year, will they move to the year after, or play next year? I know no-one knows, just gathering opinions
  12. Not being funny mate but you’re on a festivals forum, stop complaining
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