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  1. Well anyway, let’s not focus on the price of the drinks. It was a great weekend! Favourite sets: Jarvis Cocker - he’s just iconic at this point isn’t he? Really loved the new songs too, especially ‘House Music’ Solange - a proper show, always feels special to see her. Shame about the downpour though. Fucked Up - amazing! Never seen them before and thought they were fantastic. What was up with all the children onstage at the start? Courtney Barnett - just love her. Shame she isn’t touring with the keyboardist anymore but she’s got so many great sing-a-long songs. Int
  2. We were drinking rum and vodka mixers a lot of the weekend and the standard measure seemed to be a double for €6. So I think they might have been quadruple measures? Agree it wasn’t the cheapest for drinks, but I think it was the same prices as Barcelona Primavera?
  3. Looks like the weather is going to go from mid twenties to 16/17 just for the festival ? (at least no rain at the moment though)
  4. ...they have the fact I want to see them both in common
  5. Kali Uchis v Interpol is the big one for me, but otherwise I’m ok. Lucy Dacus v Big Thief is a shame, but at least it’s not a total overlap... Why is Erykah Badu not on the timetable?
  6. Yeah, surely the schedules will be soon! Weirdly quiet on info for a festival that starts next week... I wonder if Wednesday events aren’t happening because of the football?
  7. Anyone know if there’s a chance we’ll get set times soon? Thought they might be today as it’s one week after big Primavera...
  8. Cool! Thanks @-lele- and @Suggestives. Hope we get something interesting this year (although maybe it would be good to have a night to explore the city). Really looking forward to the festival, hope the weather is better than what looked like a downpour last year ?
  9. Does this festival have events on the Wednesday? Pretty sure I read that Fatboy Slim played last year, which seems like a pretty poor fit (and also a huge mainstream name for a free show)...
  10. sgreen7643

    Hot Chip

    Saw the (brilliant) gig in Glasgow on Monday and wrote a review so researched the drummer. It’s Leo Taylor from the band The Invisible, he has played on HC records and toured with them when they first added a live drummer. According to his instagram he’ll be with them through to at least Blue Dot.
  11. Hey, can anyone with experience of this fest recommend best places to stay? What is late night/early morning public transport like?
  12. Will there still be other acts added to the Neil Young/Bob Dylan day now that it’s standalone? If so, how will we find out about it? Seems like there is no website or social media for it anymore!
  13. Just checking in to say I am really delighted with this line up. It’s got pretty much everyone I wanted from the Barcelona edition in it, plus LEG who put out my fave album of last year.
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