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  1. AM play their first show back tomorrow, do people think they’ll release anything new before their Reading appearance?
  2. Also, I thought Rage would at least be being considered?
  3. What are the chances of MCR being there?
  4. Any confirmed acts yet? I’m considering going to this for the first time since 2015! Although would only be from Friday to Sunday as I work in a school (could still catch the Thursday headliner though as I only live half an hour away). Also, when do people expect tickets to sell out by?
  5. Can’t believe people are suggesting Pulp, surely they’re too big? Also no way we’re getting AM they’re too big.
  6. What about parking? My original plan was to drive from Nottingham, park for the day and then drive back - would parking be difficult to find? I’m thinking for the Gorillaz day
  7. That’s the aim! The friend who I’m hoping to go with (still haven’t got tickets, hoping I can get them for cheaper if the Gorillaz day happens at all!) lives about a 2 minutes walk from the park, which may turn out to be incredibly lucky!
  8. have just replied to the tweet in hope of winning, seems a fair few people are!
  9. Anybody know if there’s anywhere quiet to camp? In Black Dog at the moment, only need space for one tent. Also, do I need a child to get into family camping?
  10. Who are some of the smaller bands people are more excited to see? Need to fill up my clashfinder a little bit
  11. Didn’t Foo Fighters do 3 hours literally like 3 years?
  12. Any suggestions on who to see at Tramlines on the Saturday? Going mainly for Kasabian as my fiancée is obsessed, but only got a few other acts to see on top of that atm
  13. I’m going to the Saturday at Reading, how long do we think AM will get? 1.5 hours?
  14. Anyone got any Saturday tickets for Tramlines I could buy through Twickets or a similar website?
  15. Very low essentially, just keep everything crossed
  16. Think the only reason to not think that is that he’s been ill the past day or so, still think it’s him though
  17. They’re playing a hell of a lot of Harry Styles’ songs, do they usually play music or anyone, rather than just music of acts performing?
  18. BBC introducing at 6:50?
  19. They do, in Huddersfield
  20. Who does that leave for BBC intro this afternoon and tomorrow?
  21. I’m sat at home waiting to get to the festival, one more day at school teaching tomorrow and I’m off! Sitting here, along with a quick look at the FOMO thread, got me thinking about how the festival might change in the future re: tickets. The obvious given is that tickets will get more expensive, but what about demand? As a general rule demand for tickets has risen each year as the festival has sold out quicker and quicker - will this continue? Or will demand plateau and decrease?
  22. Jack.194

    “Getting in”

    How?! edit: well done though!!
  23. That’s what we like to see
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