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  1. I wouldn’t like to see Rizzle Kicks at the festival, but it does piss me off when people get elitist over what acts should be allowed at a festival, they’re just naturally catering to their ever-changing demographic of ticket buyers, which means there will be more and more pop/rap music (which will likely be influenced heavily by TikTok etc) in the years to come.
  2. Would love this, but can’t see the Killers or Paramore being there unfortunately
  3. He was sun last year was he not? Would love to see him as headliner
  4. Cheers for the shout, I saw a lot on the news about Boardmasters last year, didn’t look fantastic but they’ve had good lineups in the past. I’m lucky enough to I have Glasto tickets, but I’m a teacher so can only go for the weekend, which is why I’m looking for a second festival that I can fully enjoy. It’s between Reading, and Truck atm. Also might do the Sunday of Neighbourhood Weekender.
  5. That’s shite imo, I’m still in the process of deciding which festival/s to go to this year and Boardmasters was a potentially, but that’s definitely taken it off the list. If Reading is anything similar I’ll be bitterly disappointed as I am hoping the lineup is good enough to get tickets for. Fingers crossed we’re not getting our hopes up with all the RATM/AM etc. talk
  6. Is there anywhere I can access the rumours page (doesn’t seem to be working for me atm)? I’m trying to start making a playlist with the TBC acts
  7. I really think we’ve got 3 completely new headliners, based solely on the uncertainty surrounding Paul and Kendrick.
  8. Jack.194


    I managed to get Sam Fender tickets on Twickets for his Leicester show a couple weeks ago (although I ultimately didn’t end up by going). I had the push notifications (which were a lot quicker than emails), and just tried to get tickets every time I got a notification and was free.
  9. Yea I don’t think Kendrick is gonna be there now
  10. Not sure who had the info on AM playing, but I’m personally feeling less confident about it given they’ve stayed completely silent
  11. Jack.194

    Kendrick Lamar

    Maybe no Kendrick then?
  12. How much do day tickets usually cost?
  13. I’m not too sure, and I’m not denying Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish and Kendrick Lamar aren’t good headliners - they are - they’re just not for me.
  14. Honestly those headliners do pretty much nothing for me, will probably see Macca but not overly excited. Same goes for the supposed other stage headliners. If anyone else is feeling the same then flip it into a positive as I’m doing, it’ll give me a hell of a lot more time to explore the site in the evening/night when it isn’t too busy!
  15. Yea I’d say they’re all a bit too low, especially Lizzo and Haim. I also think the whole ‘female-led’ stage for a day is a bit gimmicky, booking more female acts and spreading them across the line-up would solve their problem. It really is simple.
  16. I don’t downvote much on here, but this is a pretty miss-informed prediction in my opinion.
  17. Had a dream Tame Impala and Massive Attack were announced as Sunday headliners for Reading so I’m going with that as my prediction, based purely off the dream.
  18. It’ll probably just be ‘these are the dates for 2022, get your tickets at the same price next week’ etc etc, nothing special
  19. Reading, have looked at hotels in the city centre, but I’m not actually sure how far of a walk it would be. Edit: Just as a side though, does anyone know if car parking passes can be used by people who aren’t camping? E.g. could I book a hotel and use the car park pass to park there each day?
  20. Didn’t even know this was a plan, I would absolutely love that, do you know when it’d be - I’m a teacher, so constantly looking for festivals that line up with the summer holidays!
  21. Yea honestly based on all these posts I can’t see myself doing the full weekend again and camping, just doesn’t seem worth it, plus I’m getting older now (only 24!) That being said, has anyone who used to camp done the festival while staying in a hotel or something similar? I’m worried that the line-up will warrant a full ticket without me wanting to camp! I’ve stayed in a hotel with a day ticket once before, and it wasn’t too bad, but I really struggled getting a taxi when the day had finished.
  22. Gutted if this is true, wasn’t at the festival this year but didn’t like the look of the two main stages. Also, Polo G?
  23. He’s blown up as a result of one of his songs getting big on TikTok I believe. It’s quite interesting to see how much impact TikTok has on the music industry.
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