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  1. ⬆️ I'd also be interested in finding out some info regarding this....
  2. Yes, I'm fairly confident it will go ahead... get on with the lights 😁
  3. Yeah, I was also there for both of those you've mentioned. Had a great time on both occasions. Happy days - can't wait for things like this to come back !
  4. Thanks Happy to be part of the club 👍
  5. Thanks Yog. Hope all goes well for your wifes jab today. Have you had yours yet? If not, it might be worth asking if there are any spares available when you get there. If there are spares available due to cancellations / no-shows, you could get one too. Worth a shot !
  6. I know I don't post much but I'm always on here... My good news is - I've just had my 1st Vaccination, was given the Pfizer one. Just thought I'd share it with you guys...!
  7. This is like watching a good tennis match....😁 Shall we get the popcorn? Pimms and Strawberries optional 😋
  8. Oh crap..... RIP Kenny
  9. Stave_1974

    Volunteering 2020

    To cancel, please email us with 'CANCEL' as the subject heading to festivals@oxfam.org.uk with your details, the festival(s) you wish to cancel and the reason. You will get a reply within 2 working days confirming that your cancellation has been processed. If you do not receive this confirmation, you should phone us on 0300 200 1266 (Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm) to confirm that your cancellation has been completed.
  10. Stave_1974

    Volunteering 2020

    Any news on this? Did you secure a place?
  11. Stave_1974

    Volunteering 2020

    Yes, just checked again. Thanks Holding out for a Stewarding spot I think. (unless successful in the re-sale) Did Stewarding last year (only at Glasto though) which was great
  12. Stave_1974

    Volunteering 2020

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you. 🤞 I've been refreshing the page since it became live, with no joy. Was considering Campaigning for a while, only Shop available now...!
  13. Anyone on here from Brighton? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51447761
  14. Taken from GFL website: "East Campervan field access is via a one way system that is reversed for the Exit on Sunday 30th June at approximately 14:00. From this time on Sunday to around 21:00 on Monday 1st July, the exiting traffic means that no access to the East campervans can be allowed. Please do not leave East Campervans and expect to get back to the fields or arrange for pick- ups on Sunday 30th June or Monday 1st July unless you are happy to park in the car parks and wait to gain vehicle access after 21:00 on Monday evening." It means that between 14:00 Sunday / 21:00 Monday the access road on Pylle lane will be closed for traffic entering the East Campervan fields. You can leave the CV field between these times though.
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