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  1. Stave_1974

    please buy tickets via our links

    Got tickets for the Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza through the link earlier. Every little helps eh Neil...!
  2. Stave_1974

    Campervans! When did you arrive and where were you put?

    Arrived at 12:30 on Tuesday and got set-up in E23. Obviously had the appropriate Family fields ticket/sticker. In fact, same field as last year and I arrived two hours later in 2016.
  3. Stave_1974

    Chic! What a party

    Yeah, Chic for me was the best performance of the entire weekend. Absolutely loved it!
  4. Stave_1974

    Hobo Jones..

    Yeah, they mentioned doing the Avalon cafe either later this evening or tomorrow evening. Sure they said around midnight...!
  5. Stave_1974

    Let's see what you can see - Pictures thread

    So sorry to hear that @Dillyblue, we all knew how much you were looking forward to this week. Hope your hubbie gets well very soon! Take care.
  6. Stave_1974

    Best place to party Wednesday night?

    The Party starts at 6PM at The Ridge and Furrow!
  7. Stave_1974

    Campervan pitch size and car

    You will be fine, no need to panic.
  8. Stave_1974

    East Campervan entry gate?

    PGC is the entry gate from the East Campervan fileds
  9. Stave_1974

    Tickets Despatched!!!!! glast-GOOOOO!

    Just had the despatch notification email, finally...! Don't know if it is coincidence but I went on the See tracker this morning (have been on everyday for the last two weeks) and requested to re-send the order confirmation email. Two hours later and "Hey Presto", confirmation of despatch. For those that are still waiting give it a try. Not saying it'll work but at least you might feel better just looking at your order confirmation.
  10. Stave_1974

    Campervan ticket ref number query!

    Lucky you...i'm still waiting for my despatch email and tickets to arrive
  11. Stave_1974

    New security measures in place

    Just had the email announcing the new security measures...
  12. Stave_1974

    Liam and Noel playing tonight

    Without a dowt, the Star of the show was Ariana. Well done girl... Big Love. X
  13. Stave_1974

    East Camper 'Family'

    I emailed GF before the campervan tickets went on sale last October asking the question. Response was E22, E23 and E24 were going to be the designated Family fields. I know E22 is blanked out on the map but that was the answer I received at the time.
  14. Stave_1974

    Worthy View, Tipis & CV Fields Sale

    Still on sale guys....grab em while you can....!
  15. Stave_1974

    Meeting acts

    I saw Gregory Porter in 2015 as I came from the toilet block by West Holts. Had a photo with him, taken by his chaperone. He asked me for directions to the Pyramid as he wanted to see Kanye.