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  1. Taken from GFL website: "East Campervan field access is via a one way system that is reversed for the Exit on Sunday 30th June at approximately 14:00. From this time on Sunday to around 21:00 on Monday 1st July, the exiting traffic means that no access to the East campervans can be allowed. Please do not leave East Campervans and expect to get back to the fields or arrange for pick- ups on Sunday 30th June or Monday 1st July unless you are happy to park in the car parks and wait to gain vehicle access after 21:00 on Monday evening." It means that between 14:00 Sunday / 21:00 Monday the access road on Pylle lane will be closed for traffic entering the East Campervan fields. You can leave the CV field between these times though.
  2. Well done you.... Your perseverance paid off. As @incident said, get that training sorted asap. I did mine last Saturday in Oxford. You should be able to get an online course done. If I were you I would call them tomorrow. They may also have some spaces local to you within the coming weeks that won't be shown as options in the drop-downs. Good luck...!
  3. Just had my Oxfam email too... It states "You can arrive onsite on either Mon 24th or Tue 25th June, between 10am and 8pm." From that, I take it I haven't got the early shifts... (I too didn't expect to get them!)
  4. Well I for one are really looking forward to volunteering this year and will certainly be completing all my allocated shifts, whatever they may be. Don't understand why people would even consider not doing what is only proper and right, for the festival at least. Uneducated idiots....
  5. Should be fine (ish) if leaving Wednesday morning. I'm coming from that way myself - Quarry Bank Albeit I'm travelling down on the Monday as I'm volunteering with Oxfam. Have a good un!
  6. And they're still available today, with the exception of West and East Quiet/Family
  7. Stave_1974

    Resale Club 2019

    That is a very good point, one that I didn't consider. I was only quoting what I remembered when I did my application a few weeks ago. Thanks for mentioning that... @Thea! - It is worth noting the above. Apologies if I've misled you... Good luck anyway....
  8. Stave_1974

    Resale Club 2019

    "On the off chance that me and my hubby can get places (I’m F5ing too) I’m just curious if there’s still opportunity to request shifts at the same time. As I read on their FAQs.." Once you have secured your place, you will need to set-up your profile. Within there is a section for you to propose "shift partners/buddys". Although they state it is not guaranteed, they should normally be able to accommodate that request. Good luck in getting a place.
  9. I can vouch for that. I used a friends reg no to get on last October. I had to give up my Campervan West pass due to not securing a General Ticket in the re-sale. It was refunded last week. My advice is to keep checking the Galstonbury/Seetickets website as I'm sure all the returned tickets will come back on for sale.
  10. Yes, trailer tents are allowed, with your tow-car....
  11. ^^^This is not necessarily true... The "quiet" (formally known as family) fields are indeed closer to PED Gate C than any others. They are not particularly quiet either. If you have a quiet ticket you might still be able to get in late Wednesday without a problem. I've seen Campervans arriving even on a Friday and still being pitched up in those designated fields. If it was me, I'd go all together as a family. *****Relax, you're going to Glastonbury*****
  12. 2nd May 2019 is the latest you can apply to get a refund
  13. I will be hopefully....! I've just got to get a re-sale ticket in April... Got the West Campervan ticket this morning using a friends reg no'. "Hope" to see you there...!
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