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  1. Paolo Nutini in 2007 (I think) on the Pyramid. When he started gurning his way through 'I Wanna Be Like You' from the Jungle Book I actually felt embarrassed for the poor lad. Not at Glastonbury, but Animal Collective at End of the Road in 2016 actually made me cross with their self indulgence!
  2. Great festival as always, but the queues for food are just getting silly now. More outlets needed! And why do people continue to queue for the loos at Babbling Tongues when there is a completely empty row of cubicles two minutes walk away in the campsite? (Long may that continue by the way...)
  3. Problem with a ballot is that most people don't go on their own but as part of a larger group, of family or of friends. The current method (allowing booking of up to six people) pretty much guarantees couples and small groups, at least, will get to go together. In a ballot it's everyone for themselves. What happens if I get lucky but Mrs BP doesn't? Or even worse, if she gets lucky and I don't?
  4. Thanks my Blue(s) Brother - sounds like a plan! Gave up on Latitude years ago when it started to become the post-A-level generation party destination of choice. Now favour Green Man (which I'm really looking forward to this year) or EOTR as my annual 'small' festival - WOMAD is also fun, keep meaning to try Bearded Theory and Beautiful Days - will have to retire first though!
  5. Late starter, went to my first in 2007 when I was 48. I've always gone with my son, or with my son's mates, since they were 16-17. This year I went aged 60 - in the back of my mind I wanted to hit that milestone, but having done so I don't feel any need to stop. It's a different festival for me now than it was then - caravan rather than tent, Park rather than Pyramid - but so long as the body stays strong, the spirit will always be willing. What might make a difference is that the kids are all late twenties now, pairing up and are beginning to have/countenance kids of their own. What decisions they make in the coming years about Glastonbury for them might make me reconsider what I want to do. But right now I don't stop - ticket gods willing - until I can't physically do it any more.
  6. BluePaul


    Genuinely don't know. I did take my grey water to the tanks along with my loo cassette, but not sure how bad grey water is for the land - no different (other than quantity) to people having home-made showers/washes in the campsites? Why you would empty your cassette in a Portaloo is beyond me. It would go everywhere, surely?
  7. BluePaul


    Yes there are - big flat metal containers which are /should be used for both toilet waste and waste water. Although I suspect a fair amount of 'grey' water is drained onto the field...
  8. I'll set 'em up, you put 'em away...
  9. Can I raise a practical question at this point? Are we gonna have screens outside the tent next year?
  10. Well this thread wandered off in a direction I wasn't expecting...
  11. Fixed seating. That's what it needs. All seats numbered and linked to your ticket number. And all seats fitted with a bracket to accommodate a flagpole.
  12. See also 'The New York Brass Band'
  13. I've seen some great acts in the Acoustic Tent - Tony Joe White, Glen Hansard, Thea Gilmore, The Men they Couldn't Hang, Amsterdam, The Proclaimers, to name just a few. Last couple of festivals - and especially this year - the quality of bookings has, for me, dropped off a cliff edge. If they get that right (again) then it'll be fine.
  14. I think I must have been the only one disappointed by the Peckish Peacock. Had the curry and pakoras just before Kate Tempest was on, just as they ran out of rice. The promised extra roti didn't materialise, and the curry was thin and cold. Pakoras were nice, though. Maybe a one-off at busy time?
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