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  1. BluePaul

    Free baseball caps

    Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere (I did search, honest!) but what was the deal with the free black and white baseball caps being handed out at the Park (and elsewhere?) on the Wednesday night before the fireworks? Was there a purpose to them or where they just a nice freebie from Michael?
  2. BluePaul

    Nice Surprises

    Rhythm of the 90s on Thursday night in Croissant Neuf. Expecting a dj set but got a live band and boy, they were on it. Whole tent was bouncing!
  3. BluePaul

    First time in camper van and at Glastonbury

    Sorry but you've got no chance. It's first come first served and if you want to camp together, you need to arrive together.
  4. BluePaul

    Weather 2017

    2014 I was stood right at the front of the West Holts stage waiting for Vintage Trouble - stood on the metal decking, leaning on the metal barrier...guy next to me gently suggested it might be wise to step back a touch...
  5. BluePaul

    Power source for festivals

    There's this thing I keep getting mithered to buy via Facebook... https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/river-your-mobile-power-station-solar-generator-battery-powerbank?mc_cid=949238ffa8&mc_eid=8fa23e3b33#/
  6. BluePaul

    That one song !

    Future Islands doing Seasons. I know. Don't judge me.
  7. BluePaul

    New security measures in place

    A few people have mentioned CV searches - I suspect they will not be too bad - in a way it's probably easier to search a caravan, going through cupboards, wardrobes etc where there is no unpacking involved, than sorting through a pile of stuff packed in rucksacks strapped to a trolley?
  8. BluePaul

    Flaming lips

  9. BluePaul

    Top tips to a secure festival trolley..

    Amazon, as per usual - it's saying not available but I'm sure there will be alternative suppliers... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004ZKAJNY/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. BluePaul

    Top tips to a secure festival trolley..

    Here's a question - I've got one of those four wheeled green mesh trolleys, which is generally fab, but I got a puncture in one wheel at End of the Road last year. I've seen replacement wheels online that are identical to those on the trolley already, but these are solid rubber rather than pneumatic (but otherwise identical). Obviously no more punctures with the solid wheels, but are there any other downsides I should be thinking about?
  11. BluePaul

    EDC - Every Day Carry

    Mrs BP has used this one for the past couple of years and its been fine. Survived the Alabama Shakes/Mary J Blige downpour with no problems. http://www.crumpler.eu/light-delight-hipster-slim-sailor-blue
  12. BluePaul

    Breakfast recommendations

    Kedgeree from the Goan Fish Curry stall.
  13. BluePaul

    The state of the ground.

    Forgot about the Plant rain. It bucketed down!
  14. BluePaul

    The state of the ground.

    Didn't it rain most of Thursday afternoon in 2014? I seem to remember spending most of it holed up in the Kasbah!
  15. BluePaul

    Ground Hog Day

    Set - Pulp secret set in the Park in 2011. Utterly wonderful. Day - Wednesday 2015. Glastonbury for the first time with Mrs BP, the joy in showing her round and seeing her 'get' the festival was one of my happiest days ever.