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  1. 2007 was my first year. It was absolute carnage and I swore that was it. Then I figured however bad it got in subsequent years, it could never be as bad again. Been every time since. And it's never been as bad again.
  2. He’s 29. And yes, should be old enough to know better!
  3. This isn't 'Nam, @stuartbert two hats. Has the whole world gone crazy? Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules? Mark it zero, Dude.
  4. Benny is of course absolutely correct, both in his response to @Skelts' original query and with his 'different day' rider. It goes without saying that wearing a shirt on the same day as the band are playing - even if you are not going to see them - should be avoided. @bennyhana22 - quick question from me if I may because you are obviously a man who appreciates the importance of these things. My son currently works in the building that was once Strawberry Studios in Stockport, where a great number of classic albums were recorded - including Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures. Is he ok to wear a t-shirt with the album's iconic graphic on it when he goes to work? It's pushing it a bit I think...
  5. Nope. In fact, here are The Rules in full: The Rules 1. One should NEVER wear a band t-shirt at a gig where that band is playing. And one should never, EVER, buy a t-shirt at a gig and then wear that t-shirt over the shirt you came to the gig in. 2. Tour dates on the back of t-shirts are to be avoided. That guy stood behind you really does not need to know that Elbow were playing Manchester Apollo on the 21st of July 2015. 3. It is ok to wear a festival t-shirt at the same festival, but not in the year of purchase. Subsequent years are fine. 4. The fact the t-shirt is, in fact, a band t-shirt, should be as subtle as possible and should be recognised only by fellow travellers, not civilians. I want my Joy Division t-shirt to show the wave pattern only, not to say ‘Unknown Pleasures’ and certainly not ‘Joy Division’. 5. Unless there is a compelling reason otherwise, your band t-shirt should be black. Or white. These are my rules. You may have other rules, but your rules are wrong.
  6. First rule of Band T-shirt Club: Band t-shirts can be worn at any time except when actually watching the band in question.
  7. BluePaul


    ...or a splash of molten strawberry jam from one of their bubbling cauldrons...
  8. BluePaul


    Oh god I feel awful now... *extracts foot from mouth*
  9. BluePaul


    Serious eyebrow mishap at the front there...
  10. Oh my - ask me in an hour and it would be a completely different list, but off the top of my head: Pulp - The Park - 2011. Right down the front and on it. Peerless. The Hives - Other - 2013. SOMEONE GET ME A FOKKING LADDER! Nile Rodgers/Chic - West Holts - 2013. Sheer disco perfection. The Hold Steady - John Peel - 2007. I was cold, wet and dispirited and they brought me back to my senses. The Gaslight Anthem - John Peel - 2011. With Bruce Springsteen on rhythm guitar.
  11. Beware the White Russians. I mixed up a litre last time in my Camelbak water bottle - I think 20cl vodka, 10cl Kahluha and 70cl milk. This to keep me 'hydrated' on the Saturday evening. Lost the use of my legs by the time the Foos went off stage.
  12. Really surprised by this and some of the other comments above. We got to CN about 3/4 the way through the act that was on before, when the tent was probably about 3/4 full. Walked straight to the barrier front right and had a whale of a time to Rot90s - totally oblivious of any overcrowding behind us. I think (again) it was that strange phenomenon where there is overcrowding at the edges - but space to move closer to the stage? Anyway, we'll be trying again this year - might have to get in even earlier though...
  13. That could well be it. I seem to recall seats down the front? Might have been the White Russians again though. Lost the use of my legs at one point...
  14. After the Foos in 2017, we headed into the Theatre Field (I think - a few too many White Russians had been taken) and we found a tiny stage next to a bar where there was a Soul Revue type band playing Motown/Stax covers until the early hours. One of my best ever post-headliner nights!
  15. Bourbon Street was great. Really miss that bar. Saw Maggie Bell in there in 2011.
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