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  1. Drinky

    Arcade Fire

    It got a strange response - reaction all show had been great (best show I've been to in Lux in 3 years) but then after NB Win sort of slunk off through the crowd singing Wake Up and the house lights went up, and it was a bit muted as people realized that was that. Brilliant show though, even without Laika
  2. Drinky

    Arcade Fire

    I'm on the train to the Esch gig and I'm so fucking excited
  3. Drinky

    Glastonbury Conspiracy theories

    I'm convinced there were some flare plants when Kasabian headlined - about a dozen being pulled at exactly the same time in Fire? Hmmm
  4. Drinky

    Arcade Fire

    So excited for Saturday in Esch - just hoping the famously indifferent Luxembourg crowd gets up for it!
  5. Drinky

    Disrespect in the Theatre & Circus fields.

    Apart from that time they stood for it when a headliner had their set interrupted in 2015 - the antagonist stayed on site and even did his own set as planned an hour later. (I appreciate the point though, this guy is out of order)
  6. Drinky

    Cheap BST tickets?

    There are some 2-for-1 links doing the rounds for all shows except The Killers.
  7. Drinky

    The Park 2017

    Vintage year from top to bottom. The Flaming Lips and (according to the member of the gorup who went) Warpaint were superb, Kano was great... So many other highlights, Amber Arcades, the back to back hat-trick of Angel Olsen (despite being high as hell), Mark Lanegan and that incredible Elbow set... Dr Dog... It's still the best atmosphere and the friendliest crowd on site. If they do make any changes for 2019 I really hope they can keep the magic that's been there for the last 10 years because it was never more apparent than this year.
  8. Drinky

    Flaming lips

    We went to Radiohead but hightailed it at the climax of Karma Police and were up by the sound desk of the Lips for the start of ...Hypnotist? Unbelievable show. Do You Realize??? was incredibly moving.
  9. Drinky

    Weather 2017

    It's too hot for me, someone build me a joke out of 'Milk was a bad choice' and the festival taking place on a dairy farm
  10. Drinky

    The 'Journey to Glastonbury 2017' thread.

    Set off yesterday morning from Luxembourg, tunnel late afternoon, staying over in Gloucestershire today/tomorrow, then picking up the rest of the crew Weds morning and heading to site... (return journey in one go on Monday is going to be a mission.)
  11. Drinky


    This has come up every year since 2013 - the Park closes early on Sundays since the last fallow year. It doesn't stop people heading up there in the hope of catching someone they've heard 'rumoured' - not helped by the stage crew keeping the lights on after the headliner until about 1am!
  12. Drinky

    Campsite Flags...watcha got this year folks?

    Red Lion of Luxembourg. Friday is the Luxembourg National Day (Lëtzebuerger Nationalfeierdag) so will be taking it around site - raise a glass if you see it around! (There will be free Luxembourgish wine dispensed underneath it)
  13. Drinky


    Lauren Laverne just said Dutch Uncles are playing the Crows Nest (and WG) this year - anyone seen any other listings for the Crows Nest yet? Nothing on their Twitter.
  14. Drinky

    Weather 2017

    It does seems to be turning a bit after the last couple of positive days.
  15. Drinky


    I think the Craft Tavern in the Theatre fields is the one pouring the Brooklyn beers (and, I assume Grimbergen and the other Carlsberg distributed 'craft' lines etc).