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  1. The other Bellboy

    it was ticketday last year today ......

    it is really weird not having to think about sitting in front of a laptop for 30mins on a Sunday morning, its always such a big day for all of us on here, lots of planning and stress followed by lots of happy jumping around. Really expected a surprise from GFL, still not convinced that nothing will be happening next year, not that we will be able to go anyway, but its nice to have the choice. Less than a year to the next ticket sales, it will fly by!
  2. The other Bellboy

    A little ramble

    wow! I have a massive lump in my throat and a glow in my heart. Can't say anymore, wonderful, truly wonderful
  3. The other Bellboy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    Morning Bens. Just been told of 10 hour delays due to gate issues at Boomtown this weekend? Saw something about a delay over the weekend but didn't realise they were that long! Not looking forward to making a choice on where to go next year - seems a cock up could happen anywhere these days. Ben
  4. The other Bellboy

    Pilton party

    People camping next to us, said there was a really long queue yesterday, didn't know the sale was on or would have bought a few tickets. I know its for the benefit of the locals as a thank you but I didn't think it was restricted to local attendance only. Obviously they are trying to make that happen with cash only sales in the town and at the office, I guess they could ask for local ID to really limit the access but then they would look a bit off later when they do sell them online to anyone
  5. The other Bellboy

    One month on...

    Went to the extravaganza and in the camping they had glasto bins, some long drops and ME popped in for a while, it really was like a mini fix and felt so familiar. Climbed upto the TOR so that's now been ticked off the list - the only disappointment was that I was expecting to see the pyramid standing out clearly in the distance but wasn't even sure what I thought was it, really was it. Would have liked to have stopped for a walk around the site too before we headed home but maybe next time
  6. The other Bellboy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    Didn't even manage to get our seats set up before getting hit by a champagne cork! Really enjoyed the day though, Mr E paid a visit to the camp site and said hello to many folk. Food and drink a bit limited in the Abbey and really bloody expensive but still a good choice to go and experience it Forgot to say - remembered the comments from another thread about the lack of clanging on the long drop doors, so had a good look this time - they have fitted some sort of damper arrangement to the top hinge - really needed a good pull to get the door to close, no chance of any banging with these
  7. The other Bellboy

    One month on...

    I must admit that 2017 feels like the best of my experiences at Glastonbury, can't remember anything negative at all and its the first time in a few years that i've left and thought that i won't be going back. had to clean out the campervan ready for our little trip back down to Glastonbury this weekend and just being in the van and thinking about the fantastic week we spent in it in June brought a massive smile to my face. The £120 fine from the sons school was well worth it:) Part of the reason for booking the Abbey show this weekend was to make sure we went down and had a look at the site out of season, but we have to work today / tonight now so won't get down there until early tomorrow so can't see us finding time to have a good walk around the site. If we do, is there a good place to park a campervan that won't block any lanes?
  8. The other Bellboy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    I really hope these folk get some sort of refund - but I expect they won't, I think the only thing that could possibly sway the organisers to offer one is the fact that this and other festivals they are involved are really going to take a hit on attendance next year. I would think a high proportion of festival goers are repeat attendees and not so many each year are new / haven't done any research~? Cant imagine going to a festival without any signs, its been a while since I've been to anywhere but Glastonbury so I can't remember how good the signs were there but we did do Winter wonderland last Christmas and Butlins this last easter and the signs were really poor which made life very hard, so I can only imagine how bad it is when not in a good state a festival!
  9. The other Bellboy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    You need to stop getting married and find one ya like;) Seriously its hard to believe how different your experience was than some of the other reports i've read, we know how different the experience can be at Glasto for each of us, but its such a massive site and its so easy for people to have a hundred different experiences, but at a smaller festival i'm surprised that it can still be so varied just by a few details changing - you had a great time and i'm really glad you did. Never been to a small festival, don't which is the smallest out of T, Reading or Download but i would still class all of those a big i guess. Doing the Abbey Extrav' next weekend and this will be the smallest event i've ever been too but can't imagine any issues at all. We were seriously thinking of a smaller family friendly one next year - will be a lot more research required before any decisions made after these events.
  10. The other Bellboy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    He certainly doesn't and if all that's true or even just some of it then the organisers and it sounds like a lot of the staff should be completely ashamed of themselves - absolutely disgusting! Thank you GFL - we know for sure that we will never be put in such a situation under your watch! Tickets even harder to get now for sure;)
  11. The other Bellboy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    Did you see that video of the girl getting rugby tackled from behind in the mud pit? Bet she was as sore as f*** when the shock wore off, looked really nasty!
  12. The other Bellboy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    That really does sound shocking, you would have thought that they have to have guard's up the towers for fire watching activities if nothing else? It sounds so badly run and calling it a shit storm sums it up very well!
  13. The other Bellboy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    In that case i guess the real story will have to come out at some point. I'm sure something like a license being cancelled will definately make its way into the public domain at some point. After all its been proven over and over that it is possible to manage events like these in poor weather conditions, however it would only take 1 incident and then lawsuit to make things very difficult for a festival to operate - H&S is getting more difficult to manage year on year. Wonder what if there's any way the T&C's on our tickets could affect this sort of issue?
  14. The other Bellboy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    Sounds bad - did you feel like the site was actually unsafe or have they cancelled it more down to the issues of the bands not being able to get onto the stage or the driving rain causing possible issues to the bands / electrics on the stage? We have all seen some really rough conditions at Worthy fm but i don't ever remember thinking i'm off cos i don't feel safe. Of course i'm not talking about potential crush issues due to stage congestion just about the type / depth / quantity of mud or the amount of rain falling ]
  15. The other Bellboy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    couldn't help thinking that this doesn't look so bad, from what i can see nothing like 2016 for a start, makes me think we may have been lucky over the years to not have the plug pulled or are GFL and the festival goers just so much more hardy;) Anyone have any first hand experience form there and comparison to Worthy Farm? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-40768251