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  1. On Monday night, i decided to read the BBC news in bed and there were a few Glastonbury stories and for a split second i actually forgot that i hadn't actually been there, i'd spent so much time on Iplayer and this forum, almost constant from start to the finish that i felt like i'd spent the whole weekend immersed in Glastonbury and that i'd been a full on participant. Really made the whole weekend so much better than i was expecting
  2. Title says it all really - wondered if there was anything said or done that celebrated / highlighted that it was supposed to be the 50th year. I'm guessing if it had taken place in 2020 they would have done the speaker years as in 2010 but maybe they thought that was too lame now. Having 'only' had the iplayer coverage to rely on, i've not seen much about the 50th celebration - be interesting to get the on site feelings. Safe trip home everyone - pages and pages of posts to come over the next week 🙂
  3. settling down to watch the legend slot, booked Monday off and have a full day of watching planned, some of the Iplayer stuff is temp unavailable but Diana is, so she's on now. Enjoy your sleep and i'll enjoy my day or drinking and music - going to miss you all for sure!
  4. Have to agree, been amazing having this forum and the TV together over this weekend, made a great weekend of it and i'm very grateful for your support, comments and insight. Have a great week everyone and good luck in October x
  5. Watching the last live sets - i've just had my first gut sinking feeling that this is nearly all over again, weird for me as its 9.30 on Monday morning here. Normally when on site i don't get this feeling because by Sunday i'm just worn out but actually living in the moment, watching the BBC coverage gives a more time to think. Going to miss this watching from home as much as being there i think. Won't be the same watching the replays after Sunday. Sorry for the downer when there's still so much to go, think i might have to have a drink now!
  6. Yes, mullered! can hardly put 3 words together - excellent 🙂
  7. well it did sound like he has a stressful flight over, so can't blame him for needing / wanting to relax 🙂 Jamie T on now.
  8. next programme has some Jamie T stuff, so going to find out what the earlier comments were all about. Really do like this BBC coverage
  9. Can't say i've enjoyed the show tonight overall and would be a tough call on if i'd have stayed, probably yes but a close call. I have nothing but admiration for him being able to put on any show at his age and i'm sure there will be rave reviews from people who experienced it from the field. Looking forward to getting some crowd size and feeling info.
  10. oh no, didn't realise is was quite a bad as that! that was a wise choice to move on. For years would always watch the headliner from the left hand side by the tree in the pathway, so if it wasn't a good start, it was easy to move on towards the other stage or somewhere else. Did enjoy that walk when the area's are quiet though, its nice to walk by the bars and food places when 98% of people are at a stage, space and freedom
  11. Festival and normal shows do need to be different don't they - acts have to target. I saw Crowded house at the RAH in 2007 or 8 and was bored stiff, saw them at Glasto 2008 and loved it, a shorter highlights show worked for me then.
  12. We went to the start, but just couldn't stay, glad to hear our initial feelings were right, big shame, as one of those acts i was looking forward too. The issue with being at Glasto for me is that i have a short window for my attention to be grabbed and if its not i don't want to waste any time, so i'm off somewhere else - the FOMO part! I'm sure i've missed some great sets over the years through this though.
  13. I was just reading the crowded thread, that is a real worry, Sunday legend slot could be a disaster, decided in 2019 to never be anywhere near the pyramid on a Sunday daytme again, and i feel sorry for those on site who are struggling. I've only ever seen 1 bottleneck in 10 visits, but it does sound like its becoming really common and dangerous.
  14. That's the perfect description! I'd thought they'd be OK after watching them at Live at Worthy farm, but that was nothing compared to yesterday's performance, i would not miss them in future, 1st on the list for a gig. Won't be buying any records though, i don't need to know any of their stuff to enjoy shows like that.
  15. Don't know how others felt and the end of the first day's TV, but overall its made me feel so much better to be watching it, i watched a couple of hours from 3 to 5am, then went back to bed for a couple of hours, when i watched for the second time and the crowds were much bigger, that made things a bit harder but since then its just got better and better and nothing can beat being there but having the TV and this forum to fall back on really changes things.
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