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  1. That was nice and early! I'm sure i remember reading about from either Canada or the US who was getting really worried as their tickets hadn't arrived a week before the festival. i guess most people will start their trips in the last week before the festival?
  2. So how does the collection from Gate A work? Do you have to print off an email to show to everyone as you go along the restricted routes? How did you get to the festival, Car, campervan etc? would be keen to know how it all works just in case we need it. Cheers
  3. Its really nice to see so many stories about less or no drinking in general life and at Glastonbury. I think a lot of us are now realising we need to cut down or cut it out as we get older. I know i have, in normal life i really have cut back and having a drink is now much more of a planned and earned event. At the festival, i have had a drink free Thursdays for the last 2 and it has helped me no end, i get a good nights sleep and then really enjoy Friday onwards. I have also learnt to eat more and drink more water, this helps during the day. Of course the point of no return always kicks in at some point and the restraint goes, but over all, i have a lot more memories these days. I will have to look into this google tracker, that would fill in the gaps - does it give you times as well?
  4. I've been oversea's quite a few times when getting tickets but never needed to get the tickets delivered there, this year i am faced with that problem. I have seen a few posts about people having issues with late delivery of tickets to non UK addresses. Having seen and experienced that SEE or GFL can make a complete f!#k up of even delivering tickets on time to the UK i've decided to get them delivered to a friends house in the UK for safety. I wondered what is the actual process for overseas ticket delivery - do they aim to prioiritise them? Do they give you an option of collecting on site and of course i would like to hear people's experiences of ticket delivery delays, the issues caused and the steps people took to get themselves sorted. About 12 week to go - bloody hell!
  5. i re-read the news release yesterday and saw that all of the tickets were going to be coach ones and was thinking about it on the way to work this morning. All i know about kids and coaches is that they have to have a coach seat ticket bought for them even if they don't need to have a festival ticket.. its going to be difficult to manage in some ways because if the first 1000 tickets are sold to people with kids and they reserve 3000 coach seats then that would leave 6000 tickets left but only 4000 seats. There must already be a similar issue and i think i've read that extra coaches do get arranged if required so i don't think that it will strictly be limited to an extra 7000 people. We have a long time to wait to find out that's for sure!
  6. Cheers Incident, that's a real bugger to find out in some ways, as being up all night was something that i could have managed easily at that time and could have made a lot more of the first festival which is always the best at Glastonbury. i have a program somewhere so i should have a look at the map to try and piece all of this together - cheers buddy:)
  7. There were 3 comments that stick in my mind after our first festival in 2007. 1) How amazingly large the site was 2) how knackered we were after just 3 days on site 3) The lack of late night activities. I didn't realise until reading a recent post that the SE corner didn't start until 2008? After the 2007 festival i just assumed that we had missed it as we hadn't spent a lot of time planning and that there were late night area's. it seems that this wasn't the case. So just for info can anyone relate / describe what there was to do after the main stages finished pre-E corner? - Thanks
  8. I'm trying not to get excited as i won't decide until the first week in April if i will actually go, so i've booked no flights or a campervan. But there are so many things that make you think about it and like others i now think that every time i get a ticket could be the last time i'm successful, so bits of excitement creep in now and again. Someone from where i used to work in the UK has come over to NZ to work with us for 3 months so having someone who has been before and is going this year and who i can chat to about it has helped. Just this morning we watched sing with the the kids and just seeing that made me think about seeing a great set at Glasto and the excitement spiked again for just a few minutes. The last pig in the poke for me though is that if i do go i will see one of my oldest friends there (hopefully), but this will probably be the last time i ever see them as they have lost their battle against an illness and its just a question of time now. So its going to be a very sad occasion as they mean so much to me and Glasto has become our regular meetup place for the last few fests. I am so looking forward to seeing the new area's as well, so i can't imagine not being able to pay that balance in April a weird year for me and quite a few others in would seem!
  9. Ever since i read the announcement i've been trying to work out why they wouldn't use these extra tickets this year. there was nothing in the information i saw which said they couldn't and i just can't think of a reason why a business who always say that they would love everyone to get a ticket wouldn't jump at the chance to get 7000+ people through the door. the extra cash and customer satisfaction would go down well i would have thought. There are no arrangements that they must make and having three new areas this year seems like a great chance to spread out that increase a bit over the site. I don't agree that under 12's don't add to the overcrowding or congestion issues, they must do. There will be extra tents involved and more space taken up on walkways by trolleys or pushchairs. The 7000 extra tickets COULD lead to an extra 21000 people on site IF all those tickets went to families who took a couple of kids along. We have taken our kids 3 times so i'm not anti kids by any stretch. If they did charge for the kids it would make a big difference to a lot of people and it is one of the special things that GFL do as part of the event. The reverse side is, if they did charge for kids would this then make them paying punters and part of the full ticket allocation? This would have an impact on the revenue of the festival and would i believe then we would see a reduction in crowding issues. I don't think there are any figures as too how many under 12's attend but it wouldn't surprise me if it got to somewhere to between 5 and 10K. We have had very few issues with crowding or congestion as we either move to our next place before or after a set finishes but it is noticeable that the pyramid area is packed almost all day on Sunday and unless something is done when the extra tickets do get released then this area in particular will become unbearable, as there is no doubt that the current extras on a Sunday don't distribute evenly over the site and a good proportion of these new ticket folks would end up in that area too. I have seen congestion issues in my earlier years and they can be extremely scary for a lot of people so i'm hoping that this delay in releasing the tickets has something to do with monitoring and then a change in plans for 2020.
  10. Thanks for the comments folks, i will be checking into it again soon. We have campervan passes sorted and as i've been a van owner for over 10 years and always used them for Glastonbury i know how to keep them clean there so i'm not going to mention taking it to a festival. I've seen some rental sites that do say that you can't take it to a festival and i won't use any of those, if they don't specifically exclude festival use then i'm not going to mention it. I've looked at the personal rental option and the only thing that worries me is the lack of backup if there are any issues. Won't arrive in the UK until the weekend before and so no time to sort anything out if the renter has issues.
  11. As we brought our van with us when we moved to NZ we need to hire one for this year. It would be great to get some recommendations on reliable firms, will probably be flying into Heathrow so someone near there would be good but can be anywhere really. Any help you lovely peeps can provide will be greatly appreciated. PS - yes i know its late to be looking but it has taken a while to really decide about making the trip, in the end i just can't imagine not using the tickets after being so lucky to get them! Cheers
  12. as someone who couldn't care less who plays where or when, when or how the lineup is revealed, if i have heard of more than 5 acts, what the changes to the site layout will be, what the weather was / is going to be etc etc. I have to say i love threads like this, i think its covered about 15 different topics and made me smile a lot and also think 'tosser' to some comments. There is always such a rambling nature to the topics in these threads and i have to admire the level of joy that they bring out in people. It also reminds me how little i know / remember about the site, even after 10 visits i struggle to put names to places that get mentioned The photo's are always fantastic and the discussions bring back so many memories. 2007 first year - thinking disappointed about no late night area's, exhausted for weeks after and swearing that would never be going again. 2016 planned on being the last time of going - had a nightmare getting in and had to leave lunchtime on Sunday as flying Monday morning and couldn't risk the mayhem making me late. Watching Coldplay on the TV with a curry and a can at home. Really enjoyed 2016 in the end. 2017 - decided to limit the bimbling for the first time ever, had a fantastic time. With the lack of bimbling in 2017 and then the fallow year, i am already having troubling picturing the layout but the excitement and desire to be there in June has never been higher. Its a big decision to go this year due to costs so have been thinking a lot and going back to the very first paragraph the answer is simple. I / we will be at Glastonbury! The small bits that people get wound up about or focus on don't matter, just being there is all that matters! Keep discussing folks, i love it but in the end it doesn't make a damn of difference:)
  13. Worcester's not that far away so why don't you leave on Saturday morning? It must be possible to reduce the amount of time that you are away from the festival. Getting away and back on Friday night / Saturday morning shouldn't be too difficult as all the traffic will have ended then. I'd certainly look at sorting out some sort of car transport instead of a train, it will save you so much time and be a lot less stressful. In the end going to the wedding should be your choice and no one else's, your parents don't have the right to force you to go and if you are only there under protest, imagine your face all day - the pissed off look will be easy for everyone to spot:)
  14. I think this is a really good booking and there have been some really good spot on posts as to why! Re the legends slot itself - has it been an official thing for over 20 years? its only really clicked with me for the last few years as a specific identified slot for artists of a certain standing?
  15. I'm afraid not, it was live for a good while but checked a bit ago and its back to the page not found display. It was a fully working page, it knew a ticket had been purchased on my reg number, i changed to a second number which is where the current error message came up
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