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  1. I've bought tickets from oversea's quite a few times, didn't get anywhere near for this year from NZ but not putting that down to any restrictions. i would definateley recommend having them posted to a UK address or arranging to collect them from site as delivery can be very late. I flew on the Sunday before the start this year which was very late to leave but thankfully i had my tickets sent to a friends house in the UK, they didn't arrive until midweek before i left and i know others had very late deliveries too. so if you are planning on travelling a week before the festival starts then a UK address / pickup is a must.
  2. i was advised by the young lady at the stall that the hoodies were a tight fit so went for a large, but now after 1 wash its almost impossible to get on with anything else on underneath. They are quite a tight fit generally so at least a size bigger for anything you order is recommended. I've ordered additional stuff for delivery and i've gone bigger to make sure.
  3. The other Bellboy


    Someone said exactly the same to me when filling up at one of the sinks, somehow it appears that some misinformation was around this year.
  4. You are all such wonderful and amazing people - thank you so so much
  5. Hi all, not aiming to bring anyone down or post anything that might be offensive to anyone. This weekend a very good and long term friend of mine lost her battle with cancer, right up until the end she was still planning on daily weekend attending this year but the heat and humidity made that impossible for her. She had got the tickets for me this year and knowing she was so ill did take the edge off of it for me but i am grateful that i got to attend if a little sad for a lot of the week. Helen had attended the last few festivals and this is where we got back in touch after my moves around the UK and then the world kept us apart. As a fellow efester (more of a lurker than a poster i feel) i know she would have appreciated the thought of us having a glass or two of something (especially a cocktail) in her memory and wishing her the best. If you have a can or a cocktail in hand it would be fantastic if could spare 5 seconds to spare a thought for her and efesters in general who haven't been as fortunate as us who are still able to read this clumsy tribute to my wonderful and greatly missed friend. Thanks all
  6. Packed my suitcase, hugged and kissed the wife and kids then Taken a taxi to the airport and booked onto the 3 flights I need to cover most of the 19000kms between where I am now and where those fields with the pointy things in are😀
  7. Its a good job they did open the gates early then as the queue didn't did down until around 2pm as it was.
  8. Thanks for the replies folks. As far as i know Hymer CV's have a different body fitted onto the chassis so they may have needed to weld the tow hooks on to get things to work? Anyway its looking like the weather and ground is going to be OK so i'm staying positive. My hirer has described herself as a little old biddy and thinks an MOT is a guarantee that a tow hook cannot be needed so i can now see why my questions aren't getting answered - for the sake of balance this could have been a problem with every age, gender and ethnicity - we can't all be mechanically minded
  9. Just looked the webcam and it looks anything but dry:( Then did the foolish thing of looking at the 14 day forecast - think i need a drink now!
  10. Hi all, sorry for asking this on here but can find bugger all online and the owner of the CV i'm renting hasn't a clue! Anyway, i'm trying to find out what type of tow hook is fitted to a 2005 fiat Ducato. Preparing for the worst - of course if i prepare then it won't happen! I do not want to be sent off to B&W for not being able to be towed. The owner doesn't know what the tow hook arrangements are so i'm thinking of bringing my 2009 model tow hook over with me just in case. The model shapes are different and i don't know if they changed the chassis too. Thanks and see you all on the farm in 10 days of so
  11. What experience of Gate C queuing is there out there? The last 2 events have had different issues so its hard to get a consistent idea of what the issues and timing could be. I know that the Wednesday queue for Gate C was huge until after 1.30pm in 2017 bit i don't know at what time it starts to build up. There were only a few people there at 10pm on the Tuesday night. Don't want to hang back for the queue to die down on the Wednesday and miss half of my favourite day but i also don't fancy the idea of queuing all night either. I think they told us pre festival in 2017 that there would be beefed up security checks but i don't think i've seen anything like that yet? Off to check the state of the ground thread to see if a repeat of 2016 is on the cards, what a nightmare that would be! even though GFL say that have improved access to stop it happening again?
  12. The West side was very different to the east, that year i had my one and only stay in CV West and it was so lucky that i did. Took about an hour from joining the queue to getting to the roundabout and then after turning off towards the West side there was no traffic, didn't stop once but passed mile after mile of traffic heading towards the east side.
  13. The despatch list says they are still waiting fro CV passes to be delivered to them so this could be whats holding the tickets up for some of us?
  14. Thank you Carlos - i guess that resolves that. i might get up early on Wednesday and see how bad or good the queue is and decide if joining or waiting is the best option. Cheers
  15. In 2017, the queue didn't die down until after 1pm which is a lot later than before, assume it was down to the extra security checks. No idea if that will be the case this year so i've been trying to find out what time the car parkers are allowed through the gates into the CV fields. I've been told its from as soon at the car parks open on the Tuesday night but i'm not convinced on this yet. I thought it was early on Wednesday. I would like to get in the queue so i don't loose half of Wednesday but i'm not spending all night in it just for that. Happy to join it at 6 or 7 O'clock if its reasonable. Going to have a root through the festival info to see if this is clear in there.
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