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  1. Bluedot have just postponed till 2022 😒
  2. I think assembling the pyramid stage requires more heavy crane lifts and work at heights than most modern stage designs. So it's probably preferable just to leave the frame up. The stage is such an icon it has to be part of any September show, even if the video screens etc are downscaled. Would likely include a broadcast deal with BBC so TV viewers to think of as well. Maybe deposit holders might be offered a choice of September event or keep tickets for next year. Could do with a few tickets freeing up for sale. Think I remember them setting up the stage early a few years back to host some farm awards event.
  3. Glastonbury will be fine, worst case scenario would be crowdfunding rescuing it. But I worry what will happen to other festivals if they are forced to cancel for second year, many are less financially secure and don't have the millions of obsessive fans ready to bail them out.
  4. I am Jon

    How do you feel?

    Gurrr, going back to working from home sucks. Haven't seen a work colleague in 5 months, probably 6 weeks since the last phone call with any of them. Was struggling to give a sh*t about work before all of this, after dealing with 2 long years of partner been in and out of hospital. Only thing that kept me going was having events / gigs to look forward to, got a load of postponed gig tickets but not optimistic about anything happening soon.
  5. Just been in the VR using rift. Kinda cool at first but found it a bit nauseating after a while. Not the worst VR nausea inducing experience but more so than games like Alex. Definitely couldn't cope with it on booze so now just watching on twitch with a beer instead. Where are all the crazy costumes coming from,? I spent 15 min messing about with my avatar and just looked like i'd been in a fight with a hedge.
  6. Just had a same day video appointment session with my GP 🙂 Would normally have to wait several days for an appointment then have hassle of going to the surgery and waiting for hours. This time I called up my surgery at 9:15, got a video call back from GP at 11:30. Only took 10 minutes and got the prescription I needed. Hope they can continue to offer this as an option when things are back to normal.
  7. If they rollover tickets how will they handle coach ticket holders? Would they be bound to the same city / travel day as their original ticket? Guess the same question would also apply to worthy view.
  8. Think I might actually have it but I won't know for sure as they are only testing hospital admissions now which is kinda annoying. Definitely had high temperature last few days, yesterday was awful but feeling a bit better now apart from the coughing. Wife had the same last weekend so assume I got it from her, she is mostly better now but still coughing a little. Don't know where she got it from, maybe work? Will be isolating at home for 7 days anyhow.
  9. They use the not for profit charity Festival Medical Services who have a long history working with the festival. Their clinical volunteers are recruited from all areas within the NHS. They do a stellar job but if the NHS is still under strain in June i'm not sure it's practical for their volunteers to be taking time out for a festival. If there is the potential of attendees getting ill with corna at the festival they may also need additional resources on hand to deal with them.
  10. With extreme measures this was possible when it was just in Asia. The problem is now it's a pandemic even if China, South Korea etc. managed to completely eradicate it (unlikely) they risk been reinfected from other countries as soon as they start lifting the lock-downs.
  11. Problem is it takes time to detect an outbreak and even more time to definitively diagnose it as something new. After all regular flu deaths are pretty common in a city of 10 million.
  12. I have had first hand accounts from family over there of neighbour's been locked in home (no where near wuhan) for failing to self quarantine after travelling to other city (also not wuhan region). Work places are slowly reopening and roadblocks are been lifted but restaurants still closed, no gatherings, restricted travel between cities, daily health checks / tracking etc...
  13. I think the issue is even if a country manages to get it under control through lockdowns as soon as they are lifted it will likely flare up again / be reintroduced. China is still a long way from business as usual, restrictions across whole country are still stricter than Italy let alone whats happening in wuhan. Edit: im feeling ill with flu like symptoms so pretty pessimistic at moment. Could just be regular flu and sure I will get over it ether way. Looks like I'm isolating at home for next 7 days anyhow.
  14. Think its too early for them to say when they will be lifted, any dates given now may end-up getting extended depending on how things go. She did mention any closing of schools would likely be in place until the summer.
  15. "The number of positive Covid-19 cases in Scotland has increased by 24 from 36 to 60 in the last day. The latest UK total is expected to be announced soon."
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