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  1. Have AXS sent out tickets for the 24th yet? Can't find mine but not sure if i ever got / when they were sent? Doesn't look like it's eTickets? Edit: Panic over: found the print eTicket link on the AXS site
  2. I am Jon


    It literally is the same crane No. 91. Can see the number on the cab at 2:16
  3. I am Jon


    Maybe they just need a big crane to help build Pangea!
  4. I am Jon


    Pretty sure it's the same crane, can see the 2 cab sections and jib on the ground + ohmygod found tweet referencing moving a crane from Avonmouth:
  5. I am Jon


    I was thinking it looks a bit crane like. Could be one of these? Another angle showing the cab here and here.
  6. I am Jon


    Could be video screens. The Glastonbury main stages are starting to look a bit dated compared to the edge to edge screens at Creamfields etc.. They get used as part of the lighting rig rather than just video camera feed. https://www.google.com/search?q=creamfields+stage&tbm=isch
  7. Wouldn't expect seetickets to be blocked but if it is so are some VPN services. However connections from mainland china to the west are generally slow / high latency so don't think the chances of getting a ticket that way to be good. Had one of these sim cards for data last time I was over there, oddly didn't seem to be subject to the great firewall so could still access Facebook etc without needing to mess about with VPN.
  8. Saw this thread and had to check my tickets on the seetickers order tracker. Already checked the confirmation email twice last week but still not enough to stop my paranoia.
  9. Just ordered a Klymit Insulated Double V for £66.46 on amazon It's the more expensive insulated version than I listed above, was £100+ last time I looked. Seems to have good reduction at moment + today's £5 amazon discount. Packs a lot smaller / lighter 1.6kg than a standard self inflating mat. Bit nervous it might leak but looks like Klymit are a decent brand. Will test it out before the festival anyhow.
  10. We tried a cheap double one a long time ago but didn't find it comfortable. Didn't seem to have the right support and movement of restless partner traveled though the mattress. Plus takes up more space in tent / can't walk on it. Have some old injures to deal with now and getting older so some comfort is important. In my youth I managed with just an ancient 2 man ridge tent, thin sleeping bag, no mat and a bottle of whiskey. Think the whiskey was the key to it, but need to look after ourselves better these days.
  11. Another person looking at camping mat options, need to replace our 10 year old self inflating double Vango. Don't trust it to last out another year as it already has a few patches on it. Looking at these 2: Light-weight option: Klymit Double V (£90) Comfy but bulky option: Vango Comfort 7.5 Insulated Double Sleeping Mat (£75) Going to see if Millets have the Vango in stock to test it out. Need a good level of comfort as were getting old but want to keep the bulk / weight down for coach travel. Also considered separate mats that can be joined together but can't find much other than unknown brand stuff like this Wild Earth Ultra Lightweight (£33 x 2). Any thoughts?
  12. Looking at going on Fri 24 May as a Glasto warm-up. My partner is recovering from hip surgery so can't manage been on her feet all day long. Does anyone have experience of how easy it is to find a seat around the site? Also does anyone know what the VIP areas are like? Might be worth paying the extra £40 to get somewhere she can rest a bit. I'm assuming security don't let you take your own camping chairs in.....
  13. Ticket check URL for if you got a ref number but still waiting on email confirmation: https://www.seetickets.com/customerservice
  14. I am Jon

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Think we just scraped through at the last minute and got our 2 tickets. Got a booking ref just waiting for the email to make it real. That was brutal
  15. I could be tempted by Springs just as a way of getting tickets since the main sale is now sold out. Was tempted to pay for a pre-erected option or reserved camping as would be travelling by coach / train. Does seem a lot of money though, anyone know when resales will be? Been a bit slow to get on-board with this one as it's a long trek down from Yorkshire, for a festival I don't know so much about. But could do with another something to fill the gap left by Glastonbury and it does look pretty awesome. Already got Bluedot and Arcadia London booked.
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