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  1. This gets me hyped.
  2. My friend's daughter just released this, and I think it's catchy AF. Bonus points, she played the Pilton Stage at last year's Glastonbury
  3. Nope, but one of those is coming up in the next 100 days...
  4. The Roo Run - a 5k around the Bonnaroo festival grounds... at 8am... when it's 90 degrees out...
  5. My American husband will be in attendance in 2020. He has a theory that all British people lie about the weather to keep tourists away, because each time he's visited it's been blazing hot. So, I suspect it will be blazing hot. But then on the flipside, all the Glastonburys I've been to have been cold and wet. But on the contrary, we're going to be carrying in a LOT of wet weather gear, so sods law says we won't need any of it. Then again, every festival my husband has been to with me has been cooler than normal. So take your pick.
  6. Spot on. I'm a Bonnaroovian (already secured a ticket for my 6th one next year!) but I've done Glasto 3 times back in the 00s. Whenever I do a US festival I have the thought in the back of my mind of "yeah but it's no Glasto, is it?". Apparently it's much bigger and wilder now, so maybe it'll re-ruin festivals for me all over again!
  7. I had a troublesome first marriage to an American, so I absolutely sympathize with the pain of visa shit. The good news is it's worth it, in the end. Hope you can make it back to Glasto!
  8. Hmm. A box of wine weighs 6 lbs, so that's 12 lbs already, without wellies or hiking boots. I'm going to estimate 100 lbs to include all the glitter and single use plastics I'll be bringing, and work from there.
  9. We're thinking of saying screw it to pre-erected camping and having our UK contingent bring all the additional bits in for us (we'd bring the tent, so we could grab our space asap). What are yall doing for camping?
  10. Does anyone know how much a typical Glasto backpack weighs? I'm gonna start doing weighted walks around the garden in prep 😂
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