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  1. As an American, I am jealous. Apparently lord baby jesus protects our churches from Covid here......... 😣
  2. I was clever not putting the year in the thread name. BUMP FOR 2021!!! I for one am pummppppeedd.
  3. For yall on reddit, r/togetherathome is trying to compile all these online events in one place.
  4. Thank you. Grief gatekeeping doesn't achieve anything. My heart is legit broken.
  5. Three years of trying, this year I even cancelled another festival so I could stay home and try on my home internet. I would REALLY love to actually get to go. I know we all deserve to go, but like, I already feel physically hurt by this news (not that anyone is in the wrong to do it), having my ticket taken away would be devastating.
  6. Love to all my internationals - may we still one day meet upon the rolling luggage hills of Heathrow, and toast with Strongbow-filled wellies to finally making it.
  7. Oh shit I forgot about our accommodation reservations. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. Much love to all of you. This is really sad (expected, but doesn't help) news. It's ok to feel absolutely crushed by this. Hold on to the fact that we've got one hell of a 'can you believe that virus thing...' conversation to be had around the cider bus one day.
  9. Another festival over here is cancelled. https://bigearsfestival.org/big-ears-festival-covid-19-cancellation/
  10. I'm going to need some serious fucking therapy if Glasto gets cancelled/postponed. I kept saying "I'll worry if Coachella gets hit". Well, now I'm worried.
  11. The biggest question is, when do I book my flights?
  12. I think the hope here is that it becomes uncontainable before Glasto (not that it becomes uncontainable, that's going to happen if not already happening, but that it is realized soon) and they make the call that this won't expose us to anything we're not already being exposed to all the time. That, and the fact that this is on the opposite age bracket to cruises and church events...!
  13. I am panicking so hard. I tried for three years to get these tickets and we have to book flights still. Hoping this is a blessing in disguise and it just makes the flight prices cheaper... lol.
  14. Yeah but no it doesn't. If one of those is Coachella, that's gonna send a serious message to other festivals over here.
  15. The WHO are like HR for America - they act in whatever way is beneficial to America, not the people living there. Right now there is a general consensus that they are playing down the seriousness to avoid panic to avoid upsetting the market - this lack of transparency is a double edged sword though that is stopping people from getting adequately prepared. People in major cities have no idea this is even going on, we have no idea what our confirmed case count is because WHO sent out broken test kits, and all of our social media has been plagued with this 'fight against misinformation'. Basically WHO are purposefully stopping us from knowing how bad it is.
  16. We found out that if you eat green olives and then drink a pint of lager it tastes like toast. I don't know why, but I felt the urge to tell you that.
  17. Oooh you inspired me to check mine - April 21st.... 15 years ago?! 😲
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