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  1. oneeye

    How do you feel?

    Morning all, another beauty of a start today out there, watch your footing and stay safe x
  2. TBF the festival does go above and beyond sorting out the litter, thanks to the many volunteers; you'll never eradicate it unfortunately.
  3. Is it not 516 today? 511 days to go come next Weds (5 days time), which is 73 weeks and counting until gates open. I do like a good train 👍😎
  4. oneeye

    How do you feel?

    Feeling strangely fine & dandy this morning. A frosty, bright start to the day out there, early morning dog walk done, didn't see a soul; bliss. My Dad's just has his vaccination and the weekend is now fast approaching. Stay safe & positive pop pickers, it will get better....
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