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  1. oneeye

    Resale Club 2019

    The past 3 festivals we’ve arrived west side late weds morning, an hour’s queue then camped pylons area, loads of space. Shuttle run as you say. You’ve pretty much answered your own questions there pj, West is Best for a bit more space; there was still room Thurs PM. Hope to be there again this year pending resale gods playing ball. You could always try Love Fields if you do want very close, off site camping with loads of space, may already be fully booked though, haven’t checked.
  2. oneeye

    Favourite Glasto vids...

    A mention for the might Quo, smashing it out in 2009; magnificent.
  3. oneeye

    Favourite Glasto vids...

    I bloody love this thread, been playing the vids this evening drinking cheap red wine, holding back the tears in places (which is a great feeling by the way), but mostly smiling 😋
  4. oneeye

    Favourite Glasto vids...

    Bottom lip wibbled; ace start to a damp Friday morning 😎