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  1. Time to let it go pop pickers, gates have been open for over 12 hours, the world's greatest party has now begun. Enjoy every moment, it'll be over too soon. I'll be iplayer glastobating over the weekend, currently sat in a field in Dorset camping, but plan to revisit the farm next year if the ticket gods are kind. Peace and cider all x x
  2. We're not going this year out of choice, but have loved the build up and excitement all the same. Weather wise, some showers on and off from Thurs PM I reckon, but nothing biblical. Remember, skin's waterproof, enjoy 😎🍻
  3. Glastonbury: 50 Years And Counting airs on BBC Two on June 19 at 9pm https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0018lm9 bump, in case anyone has missed this. Perfect pre Glastonbury weekend build up
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