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  1. assorted

    No indoor stages?

    It would be a great choice to have as I'd certainly defer if it could roll over. As an international visitor likely only going to one Glasto in my life if they announced it's reduced version it'll be a tough choice for my group between throwing our tickets back and hoping we luck out again in 2022 vs attending a reduced festival of some nature.
  2. Have not rebooked. They gave me a travel voucher (British Airways) I haven’t checked when I have to use it by but Glasto dates are literally triple what I paid and what the voucher is for. Also I don’t have enough confidence Glastonbury is happening but even if it was I’m pretty confident the airfare will go down by a lot before next June.
  3. What if the hole is there (now both years) because one or two of them are planned surprise guests with McCartney?
  4. It's interesting to speculate how a contact and trace app and/or self-quarantine would work for international attendees. It feels to me like the automatic answer is "it wouldn't" and therefore this would be (sadly, ironically) a very fitting post-Brexit festival season where no non-UK visitors were allowed. Of course the issue is it also wouldn't work for the actual artists and their teams, many of whom are coming from other countries. So maybe not the same rules for them?
  5. Reading this thread I've thought it very unlikely that Aerosmith would keep up as an afternoon guest under some of the headliners being mentioned. This year they'd have been playing under Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney, 1 act a literal living legend and the other who sells out stadiums. Kendrick as well is very special in the USA as being a sorta of musical leader of a cultural movement and moment (even before this current moment that was true). Even as a surprise set, I don't see them having the same comfort doing this under a trio of headliners that's more, let's say, "standard." So ye
  6. If that’s true and assuming there’s no vaccine and virus isn’t gone by Glastonbury 2021 do you think Glastonbury happens trying to follow these rules or it doesn’t happen for the 2nd year in a row?
  7. I agree with all of this except I do love that album. She’s certainly big enough to headline. I think she’s BBC friendly. I agree that having 1 album is a detriment, and unlike Stormzy, the other 1 album headliner, she’s not British and not representing a moment in British music/culture. I think the disadvantages listed above are counter-weighed by the uniqueness of losing 2 headliners to the corona-cancel And I believe Emily really wanting at *least* one female fronted headliner if not 2 going forward and Eilish may be the best, if not only, of the festival headline worthy choices available f
  8. I’m in NYC so it’s not like there’s Trump supporters not wearing masks with rifles or something, it’s just lots of different people with different priorities trying to (mostly) follow these directives as best they can (and often failing because there’s so many of us), but there’s still a tension to that. For an example of the tension I am concerned about Glastonbury having If it goes forward with impossible-to-follow concepts like masks (constant eating and drinking) and social distancing (not feasible or natural considering the pop density of a festival) - for an example of that look no furth
  9. You are correct, I’ve never been to Glastonbury. For me, the tension is from the sort of impossibility of all of it. To take your example, if Glastonbury said “please/you must wear face masks’... how does that work if people are drinking and eating all the time? That’s what I mean by impossible. Like the request just isn’t possible realistically, and personally I feel tense when witnessing that, to me it creates tension. And, honestly, the tension in my head is seeing lots of people drinking and eating without masks and not social distancing and Knowing there are other people thinking “t
  10. As someone that will likely only do one Glastonbury in my lifetime because of the expense (and the difficulty of organizing a group to go with me out of country my age), my biggest concern in regards to this is a Glastonbury demanding facemasks and social distancing. I live in NYC and it’s just unpleasant to be outside for me between the tension between mask wearers and non-mask wearers and the impossibility of social distancing in a city as population dense as NYC and the people who are trying (and failing) to social distance and are stressed about it and the people who don’t care or no
  11. British Airways just sent me the email that my Glastonbury flight dates count for a voucher. I just wanted to change my dates with no fees, but they were making me call for that so I just took the voucher. Like you I wanted to just roll over the flight dates to the new dates, but I also didn't want to be on hold with British Airways for an hour to do it so I will report back how the voucher works out (which they said takes up to 6 days). After I bought my (discount) ticket I paid for checked bags and seat selection and I'm concerned the voucher won't include those charges and I'll have to
  12. The only consistent theme I find in the last decade of headliners is not a fealty to a music type but a sorta booking ideology of: Slot 1 - early career or a booking unusual for a Glastonbury headliner Slot 2 - mid-career act Slot 3 - late career act If there's a divergence in this pattern the last decade it's often in slots 2 & 3 not slot 1 (like I'd put Muse/Coldplay & Radiohead/Foo Fighters as both being kinda the same career-wise, but both years had what i'd call an early career act in addition). With this in mind if Kendrick drops out I'd expect another early c
  13. This has become unfortunately politicized with "herd immunity" on the right and "lockdown" on the left but yeah, what many of the lockdown people aren't mentioning is lockdown only works to "flatten the curve" if you keep the lockdown going indefinitely until we have a vaccine which means 8-16 months. What China did is containment, basically, which Europe and the USA have not attempted at all and I'm not sure how you get that back in the bottle in places like ours where you let it go wild already. Also, containment countries are still at risk as it hasn't worked it's way through yet. Cont
  14. Good to know thank you. I certainly hope that changes.
  15. Agreed. We have a tipi and will roll that over whenever Glastonbury festival gives us the chance. I have a flight which is still charging change fees in my date range, but as soon as it's not I will try to change it to the same dates next year. I'm trying to keep this trip as pre-paid as possible, as I've no clue my financial situation this time next year but I'm 100% going regardless so the more pre-paid now the better!
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