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  1. https://soundiiz.com/ I pay like $36 for a year which allows you to convert playlists of over 200 songs and scheduled synchronization of playlists between platforms. Though the scheduled sync feature hasn’t worked so great it gives me duplicates - around 10 tracks every time which isn’t so bad right now but i bet will be a big pain once the playlist is a ton of songs.
  2. I agree its' not to incentivize anything, as everything sells out immediately now so there is literally nothing to incentivize. If they wanted to increase coach travel it would be as easy as adding as many more more coach tickets as they wanted. They'd still sell out immediately. I believe the reason is what @Johnnyseven said above it's to help out people who 100% guaranteed are not arriving by car, and so could especially use the help of a pre-erected tent.
  3. As a coach ticket holder I'll still be checking to see if I can get a tipi at 6PM as it can't hurt to check. If, as it appears, that tipis aren't on sale until 7PM... I guess the good news for "tipis or nothing" people like me is that we won't be in competition with coach ticket holders that would have gone for tipis had the sale not been staggered, but will now be grabbing Worthy View to get the sure thing in the presale. I think I'd prefer getting a crack at the tipis in the coach presale, but who knows maybe it's less competition this way? I'm also wondering what's happening with the glasto-on-the-sea tents, the other thing our group would be trying for....
  4. assorted

    2020 headliners

    Madonna and Taylor Swift, two headliner size acts, being pushed to "co-headlining" one night's spot while 2 males of a similar size get full, non-shared headlining slots for the other nights would not look good and I think the festival is wise enough about popular appearance to not entertain the idea. HOWEVER, in the spirit of silly conspiracy and to join in the fun, could this below instagram post be Taylor Swift's team throwing shade at the insult of being asked to co-headline something? She uses the phrase "headline" 2x and it feels a little weird and forced to me.... Again, I'm being goofy just to join in the fun....
  5. jinx! i just decided yesterday to convince my group to try for a tipi for those reasons plus (and please anyone correct these if i am wrong) - TIPIS PROS --great placement but without the overcrowding/youth/partying of the other well placed fields --a fence so less likely for someone to to, say, go to the bathroom in front of your tent or rob it (though i understand using lockups for valuables is still important) --no one has to bring tents --large enough to hang out in as a group --showers but also close to lost horizons who have zero wait showers --reserved placement so no need to worry about what time coach we are on --proven mostly storm/rain proof unlike our tents and proven ground that doesn't flood unlike wherever we will pick camping --REFUNDABLE UNTIL APRIL 1ST - so we can change our minds anyways TIPIS CONS --harder to get than a ticket --$$$$ --possibly less festival "atmosphere", more snobby/standoffish (though i generally have read tipi people aren't so bad? maybe?) --we still have to figure out airbed/sleeping bag/pillow etc ---we have to all sleep together and i snore louder than a lawnmower i'm hoping us coach people also get early access to tipis in addition to worthy view, though they have pretty clearly not said that so i realize it's likely we do not.
  6. assorted

    Taylor Swift

    I know a lot of people want this, but Lolla Stockholm fits a lot better than Glastonbury - for dates, for proximity to the other 2 locations bridging the gap and for money they could pay her. I would always assume the most obvious choice is true, which is Lolla Stockholm.
  7. @Ragingbunion93 yes very helpful, thank you. and the worthy view vs checked bags cost is especially interesting. if someone in our group forgets something essential, they are almost as screwed at worthy view as they are in general camping, i think? as worthy view is providing only a tent? i've read people on here stating however that there are places that sell or rent camping equipment at worthy view - maybe? it's not been very clear. but that stuff is also sold on the festival site, i believe - though yes agreed it will be harder to find at the entire festival site vs worthy view. in our groups' favor we have me, who is posting on an internet forum fretting about this 8 months in advance. and another member of our group started a google sheet listing camping equipment needed with names the day after we got tickets, and 4 of the 6 of us filled it out, so it feels like most of us will take prep seriously, and i can probably nag the ones that can't be bothered once it's closer to make sure they are aware of what they will need. since we are all older we won't be going for pennards - more like either an area near the john peel or the back of paines or one of the fields with lots of room right near gate a if we are too bogged down with stuff (figure we'll decide when closer). and the bath coach from what i've read leaves either early morning or mid-afternoon so we won't be arriving at night thankfully. your checked bag point makes me wonder if we should try for a tipi or one of the glasto-on-the-sea spots though. i realize they are both almost literally one in a million to get, but it wouldn't hurt to try and would put us inside the fence at a good location and fix some newbie camping issues... yes, my sleeping pad and sleeping bag were both bought with car camping in mind, and i will likely have to replace for this trip with backpacking gear which sucks but ah well. i'm gonna buy a rucksack first and see if there is a way i can make them work before deciding to get new stuff. thanks again for sharing what you are doing it's very helpful!
  8. @squirrelarmy thanks for the advice! yes among the 6 we so far count 3 of us with tents, one of us with a large 4/5 man, 2 of us (myself included) with smaller 2/3 mans. my self-inflating airpad is certainly the bulkiest item - which i could not bring and buy/pickup a new one in bath but would still have to get on the coach and walk in. i'm was already thinking close to what you have in terms of rucksacks was thinking about this one - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HA3EM9A/?coliid=IQRE84NCG4LI0&colid=1HNUALQQ1V1DG&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it --- i assume we will be sacrificing trying to carry in drinks for extra camping comfort but one of my group has already been looking at soft cooler bags so not sure we all agree on that.... @swelsbyuk thank you i hadn't thought about amazon and yes there are a ton of collection points! this is great because millets is not that cheap; i mean they have some great deals right now but i am assuming those deals won't exist when i'm ordering at the height of camping season in june. amazon is a great alternative i hadn't thought of thank you! @crazyfool1 thank you for the suggestion and yes, please be assured we have no intent of leaving anything. as we are all older, and not from wealth, the idea of just leaving a bunch of camping equipment on a farm like garbage is a strange idea and not one we were planning on doing. anything we buy i will be figuring out how to get back to our home countries and re-use - the first step for us though is just figuring out the what and how of getting in, but we will certainly also plan on how to get it out. :-)
  9. Hello there! My group is part of the international contingent. 5 first timers 1 who went a bunch in the 90’s. 4 coming from America, 2 from Europe (neither UK). My recent past festivals have been 2 All Tomorrow’s Parties in the USA, Fun Fun Fun Fest and SXSW in Austin. Only camping with lots of people I’ve done is Rainbow Gatherings a long time ago never a music fest. I’ve been interested in doing Glastonbury for a while and 3 of us tried for tickets for 2019 and failed. This time it was 7 of us trying and we succeeded. Successful person was based in San Francisco so for us it feels like success was based in luck and number of people trying more than proximity. Travel plans: Flying on a Monday overnight staying in Bath Tuesday night then in Glastonbury the Monday after. Likely flying out Tuesday unless my partner’s work and my work co-operates in which case she may come out and meet me for some sorta UK vacation after. Camping: That’s a topic of conversation currently. We all really want to stay inside the fence so the only pre-setup we would consider would be tipis or the tents they announced for Glasto-by-the-sea. Regardless I may have to buy more portable camping gear or buy/pickup stuff in Bath the day before. Lovely to meet you all! Been lurking on this forum a long time excited to finally be going!
  10. Thank you for the reply, it’s reassuring. I think the only thing that would tempt me would be the tents they announced for Glastonbury-by-sea. It’s a shame camplight stopped it would have been perfect for my group.... I guess if they are offering tipis early as well as worthy view to us coach people (they have not said that i am saying if they do) i would bring that up to my group but again very $$$ for just a shelter...
  11. Thanks for the reply! Yes, our current plan is to try to pack as much as we can and buy online and pickup whatever we can't at Millets Bath. Since it's our only time we are leaning towards staying inside the fence and making it work with whatever we can get on planes and/or buy at Millets Bath over those glamping places. I was just wondering if anyone out there had done this before, or would advise us to definitely do Worthy Views or Tipis or those glamping things over what we are trying since we'll have to decide if we are doing Worthy View or going for Tipis in the next week or so.
  12. As a fan of this playlist for this year I've created a mirror on Apple Music for myself. It's automated and setup to synchronize weekly. I'm linking to it here in case anyone else wants to hear the playlist on Apple Music :-) https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/glastonbury-2020/pl.u-b6G44CygDoz6
  13. Me and 5 friends were lucky enough to get coach+festival tickets. No one is UK local, we will all be arriving by plane then train to our coach pickup city on Tuesday (Bath). I’ve camped before in life, but I’ve never tried to camp without a car. I’m wondering about the experiences of people who have done this before. How did you do it? What advice would you give? Worthy View? Tipis? The $$$ private glamping stuff? If you Camp inside the festival like we are planning, do you bring a tent? How big? Do you check bags at the airport? One or two? Do you buy anything on site or in town before? Like what do you buy there vs bring? As many details as what works for you that you’d like to share and welcome any and all advice! I've already read all the Glastonbury website stuff as well as glastoearth FAQ and many forum threads. I'm just looking for individual experiences, opinions and tips from those who have done this. Should note we are all in our 40’s, 5 men one woman (no couples), one of us attended Glastonbury a lot in the 90’s, rest of us this is our first time. This will likely be our only Glastonbury for all of us. We’re all leaning against Worthy View for different reasons. For me it’s because the tent is not the heaviest or bulkiest part of my camping setup at all - it’s my sleeping bag and air bed, and those aren’t things worthy view provides, correct? So not sure why I’m paying like $500 to replace my $100 tent and i still have to worry about sleeping bag, pillow, air bed, etc... Also since for most of us this is our only Glastonbury i think maybe we should do it inside the fence even if we are a little less comfortable. Tipis are a consideration as it’s inside the fence but not sure we all want to sleep together like that. And we’d still have to figure out what to sleep on. Since we’ll have to make our Worthy View/tipi decision soon, I wanted to hear opinions from others who have done Glasto like we are (arriving by plane+bus no car) and advice as well. Thanks! We are all very excited about attending! Me especially who has been lurking here for many years!
  14. 6 of our group (including me) got tickets in the coach sale today and i believe it was from the good karma of signing up for Gold membership. obviously i will be buying Gold membership for any future ticket sales I participate in as should everyone else. :-)
  15. i had 4 computers all running chrome plus one also running opera. all in incognito or private mode. all using different IPs 1 my home network, 2 through VPNs and one tethered to my phone. all were timing out when the sale started. by the end chrome and opera on the same machine had both gotten through to the holding page (on a VPN) and my laptop also on a VPN had gotten through to the holding page using chrome. none of them got past the holding page before sellout. my friend who got our group tickets got through about 5 minutes in. he was running chrome NOT incognito single browser window and a single tab on a macbook. he never saw a holding page. he was timing out like the rest of us. then he saw the day choice screen, he picked wednesday and he was in the registration screen. he never saw a holding screen.
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