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  1. 60% Reading/Leeds is a great sign. I think we need a massive festival to happen successfully in the UK for Glastonbury to feel confident.
  3. 36% Glastonbury won't be the first massive festival that happens. I have to see some sign of (realistic) plans for a massive festival to happen in 2021 before winter or else I don't see it happening in 2022. If not then I (hope) there will be some massive fests in 2022, and then Glastonbury in 2023. Or I have to at least hear an end date for when "social distancing" stops for a country "living with covid." When a major festival, no social distancing, happens *anywhere* "living with covid" this year my number will skyrocket to 100%. (Optimistic for the Netherlands if anywhere!)
  4. I'll post a defense of downvotes (since I can't get downvoted!). Though I realize it's silly, I think a community reputation points system works, and it especially works in the negative (more than the positive). While I understand the threat of downvotes possibly suppress unpopular opinions, it also suppresses the average user being nasty. For the most part, the only users being nasty on this forum are people with negative numbers in the deep red, and they are easy for other users to recognize and "ignore" for that reason. As someone that lurks on the "shit end" thread, it does
  5. 38% The drip drip drip of news articles promoting "experts" saying "LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!" has me a bit concerned...
  6. 40% I would like to see how SA variant plays out (or better yet not play out) before feeling more optimism
  7. 45% (not trying to troll and looking forward to signs that will raise it for me)
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