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  1. The amount people are letting media & fear mongering from the usual types get to them right now is really dispiriting. Everything everyone at 100% is typing is true. But I am worried about fest organizers having to make a decision if and while this panicked atmosphere continues through the winter. 85%
  2. This is the first i am seeing of tones and i, who was on the 2020 poster, in europe near glastonbury dates.
  3. 2 from our ticket group of 6 throwing theirs back. But it’s the same 2 that were likely throwing theirs back in 2020 so the pandemic and 2 years delay basically had no effect on who is committing from my group.
  4. This adds back Celeste from the 2020 poster.
  5. A lot from the 2020 poster there. The 3 that are new to me for having 2022 dates and so I presume rebooked are the orielles, Baxter Dury, & Tom misch.
  6. That brings back Sean Kuti from the 2020 poster (as well as Sampa the Great & Khruangbin but I had already seen them around).
  7. Pressure created by media only demanding restrictions.
  8. 95% - The side that is pushing for restrictions now in the UK, they won’t stop once they get some. They will keep pushing, and that side does not want festivals happening, even in summer. When have the people that have demanded more restrictions ever been OK with loosening restrictions? This idea of some on here that thinks, “restrictions now will mean we can have festivals later” are not looking at what’s happening. You don’t get an eventual treat if you stay at home and wear a mask today, you will just embolden the people that want restrictions to push for more. Covid is endemic, it’s never leaving, everyone is getting it. This discussion now is how we end up living for the next 10 years. If “plan b” happens I will go lower still. 😕
  9. This confirms London Grammar and Anna Calvi both back at Glastonbury from the 2020 poster which is good news for me.
  10. It's pretty easy to imagine this same poll for Taylor Swift would be a ton more in the positive and I think that shows this was a pretty big letdown as a replacement for Swift.
  11. Yeah it won't be Kendrick that will cause a reaction it will be the realization that Billie Eilish is the replacement for Taylor Swift.
  12. This brings back imelda may from the 2020 poster.
  13. 95% - Now that Reading/Leeds other festivals have happened without the press declaring they've murdered people, I'm a lot more confident. And now that covid is being considered endemic it will never be under control, so it's a matter of how we live in the world with this as a truth. My 5% not happening is the idea that maybe Glastonbury just packs it in in this "New Normal" and does Worthy Farms and similar things but I think that's (hopefully) extremely unlikely.
  14. I now realize British Airways extended my travel credit to April 2023 and so am now waiting for flight prices for Glasto dates to drop. I'm going to plan for it happening until I go or until it isn't, though I'm less optimistic than others here that it will actually happen.
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