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  1. It was my first time, but I had the thought “this festival feels oversold and underfunded” multiple times during the week. It was still a lovely spectacle and everyone in my group had a great time, but I hope this was an exceptional year versus a new direction the fest is taking of cost cutting while overselling. I know this wasn’t just me and that this was new because I had tons of mini-conversations over the week, a lovely feature of the culture of the festival, and multi-year regulars brought up how crowded it was without my prompting. I get the feeling that everything special about the festival comes from the enormous good will afforded it from its non-profit ethos. If they start cost cutting while also not caring about clearly dangerous overcrowding, it’s hard not to assume it’ll be the beginning of the end regardless of glowing bbc coverage. I think there were only no injuries or fatalities from those crowds simply by luck, and I can’t see that luck holding out if they continue in that direction. But here’s hoping this was a unique year for whatever reason.
  2. assorted

    Avalon Cafe

    It’s concerning to me that the first year they are selling 7,000 more tickets they are also cutting back on stages and places for people to go.
  3. To bring back an old idea that I don't think has been speculated on since the full lineup was released... IDLES seemed to suggest in their initial tour announcement that they were playing Glastonbury all 3 days. Since that announcement, this has possibly been further confirmed as, in addition to their now official scheduled date of Friday, they appear to likely be the BBC Introducing TBA on the day they are curating, Saturday. If the above is true (and a lot of possibly wrong presumptions happening above, I admit), then that leaves Sunday. Where would they play Sunday? The only TBA slot I'm seeing on Sunday that I think remotely works is Strummerville, which has a bunch that day...
  4. assorted

    First Timers 2022

    I got interested in Glastonbury because of this forum and the intense love of the festival shown on here - got tickets in 2019 with 3 fellow first timer and one who hasn’t been since the 90s. We are all in our 40s-50s. I’m gonna cheat and say the 2 acts back to back on the same stage i am most excited for - Friday - Wet Leg—>Confidence Man - Park Stage Friday - Jon Hopkins (DJ)—>Chemical Brothers(DJ) - Arcadia (if rumor is true) Sunday - Amyl & the Sniffers —> Turnstile - John Peel
  5. assorted


    Just got an email saying they overbooked and my money is being refunded. Disappointing.
  6. Thanks very much for the advice!
  7. Yeah, I’m looking at this place which I *think* will work to take a “Antigen Lateral Flow Fit To Fly” test the day i fly out, at heathrow, for £35…. https://www.expresstest.co.uk
  8. Original sale - 09:45 out of bath
  9. My group was initially all international, all first timers, and all have coach tickets, but we got another (international) friend a general ticket and car park pass in the resale. He’s gotten no further emails, just that note to pick up his tickets at box office when his order is looked up at seetickets. How does he get to the box office without his car parking pass? Is there temporary parking? Will there be any instructions or directions coming for how to get to the box office? Hoping someone whose gone before knows more about how this works - is there an email coming with more information?
  10. @Gnomicide has the secret you were told about a big area change come out yet?
  11. Is this (Glade, Avalon changes) all about them cutting stages and areas to save money this year?
  12. Happy to see John Cooper Clark on there, will hopefully catch him, clashes/time/day depending.
  13. This is a much better articulated stating of what I was getting at. I admit I’m a little thin skinned for the internet and so am a little hurt by the downvotes and people calling me out of touch or whatever. I mean, I do listen to new music, and have listened to all the acts on the poster and I quite like Fontaines and Dry Cleaning and Sleaford Mods and Wet Leg (and presumably to be added Yard Act), I just don’t love over-produced, “top 40,” style pop. Anyways I’m gonna take a break from this thread to avoid reading any further insults and lurk elsewhere until it’s over.
  14. @henry bear I am over 40 and was a bit disappointed by these lineup changes so guilty as charged. I agree that the positive change will likely happen after the BBC coverage and this booking pivot will hopefully do it’s job of exciting young audiences about the festival. I just also hope it always remains one of the few generation spanning festivals that has attracted me to it in the first place. @Matt42 I could absolutely be using anecdotal, flawed data to create a narrative that works to confirm my biases, agreed. Also, I mean it sold out in 20 minutes, as always, so hardly a soft sale! I guess I was just hoping for more online excitement as I’ve built it up so much over the last 2.5 years of covid, and I did feel that first poster in 2020 did create some buzz even as covid was about to shut it down.
  15. I’m surprised this is the first time I’m seeing this brought up here. The resale seems clearly easier to get into based on the near universal success people on this forum had, many saying they hadn’t seen a ticket screen in years who were now successful. While this is fantastic for those that succeeded (including me, I got 1 more for our group), it’s also a bit surprising that the festival’s fairly obvious pivot to female centered, youth oriented pop over more traditionally loved bands since the 2020 poster resulted in weaker demand, not greater. An example of what I mean by what I feel is this obvious pivot: The Editors, Lightning Seeds, The Specials, Happy Mondays, Goldfrapp, Manic Street Preachers, Thom Yorke were removed... and were replaced by Olivia Rodrigo, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Lorde, Jessie Ware, Sigrid, Holly Humberstone The way people here talk about music, you’d think the former were washed up has beens and the latter the most exciting bookings ever, but the fact that everyone saw ticket screens in the resale certainly undermines that idea a bit. While there are possibly more Olivia Rodrigo fans than maybe every act I listed above combined, those fans didn’t seem to be clamoring for Glastonbury tickets in this resale. This combines for me with what I saw as a general lack of enthusiasm for the 2022 lineup poster, except among a few forum posters here. Music press normally goes orgiastic at Glastonbury lineups, and this one was fairly muted - and that’s despite music press being the exact kind of people that are supposed to find overt pivots to pop music like this “exciting.” The only reaction I saw was people upset by the lineup getting yelled at by people who told them they were too old, sexist, “stay home,” etc. In other words, the normal sorta culture war social media reaction that happens whenever a corporate product like Star Wars or a superhero movie “goes woke.” Which is an interesting problem if the festival plans to continue doubling down and releasing lineups that look a bit more like Coachella than they do Glastonbury. (But it still sold out in 20 minutes, so really hardly a problem - it’s just interesting to me). (And before someone writes to me, “if you don’t like the lineup don’t come,” I have seen the full lineup posters of years past and understand that the festival is much, much larger than this initial poster, and I will have a full weekend of music I like and fun that I am quite looking forward to.)
  16. We are NYC based so this sale happened at 4AM for us. Brutal to wake up at 3:30AM and on a zoom at 3:45AM but three of us trying for 1 person and one of us got in 10 minutes after the start. Good stuff! Our group of 5 (4 first timers) all ready for June! 🙂
  17. Yeah, you can get a full refund minus a £25 administrative fee (same fee you’d eat if you don’t pay after putting down the deposit. Yes, you can’t resell for a profit, but to be very clear, you have the ability to “pay for it in full, and then turn around and” request a refund and get your money back. (Up until May 6th, and this was just about deciding based on the poster, and I presume the poster will be out by then. I can only hope considering this thread 😉 ). Link to what I am typing - https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/tickets/#CANC
  18. No reselling is not a factor for this since you can get a refund up until May 6th minus the same admin fee you lose when you don’t pay the balance.
  19. Like everyone else, I'm hoping the poster is this week, but I'm also considering the possibility that even though the payment dates were pulled up a month, nothing else about how they operate is being pulled up a month. And I bet there are reasons that do not allow for a first poster even if many of the acts have been getting rolled over for 2 years running. If that's all true, then we shouldn't expect a first poster significantly any earlier than the earliest it has ever been in the past, which according to the Thingy was March 12 way back in... 2020. I would add what's reassuring to me about this is if the poster doesn't come this week, that doesn't mean anything is wrong or headliners or acts in doubt, it just means they are operating on their normal schedule, just with an earlier balance payment and resale for the already listed reasons.
  20. Thanks! I'm glad to hear that when and how we pay off our balance won't affect this. It honestly won't be the worst thing for us if we get the afternoon coach, as we went in for a tipi, so no need to rush for a camping spot. I just like the early morning rising idea of an early coach (and reminds me of childhood trips) versus buzzing around post-breakfast with nothing to for a few hours. 2.5 years after putting in the deposits this is a pretty great day. Seemed like we would never get here some days. Fun!
  21. Thanks! That's reassuring! Yes, we all booked Bath one way in one ticket deposit purchase in 2019. My understanding from searching the forums is there will be an early morning Bath departure and one later, like mid-afternoon. My hope would be for our group to get on the earlier one. I mean my biggest concern is just that we don't get placed on different buses, but getting the earlier bus would also be nice.
  22. Just paid off my balance. First time going. Exciting! So 6 of us bought a coach+ticket package but it's now down to 4, who are all paying off our tickets separately. Does this potentially mean we are split up on the coach? Or is it only the deposit grouping that matters? Same question but for coach departure times. Does how early we pay our balance affect which coach time we are assigned? Or do people think this is determined by when we got in on the ticket deposit sale? Thanks in advance! 🙂
  23. 4/6 - the 2 that are out were also likely out in 2020. Trying for 1 in the resale.
  24. Heh, good point. The act name is "EARTHGANG" who were on the 2020 poster. I saw the date the USA tour ended and posted before realizing the Europe dates pick up many months later.
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