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  1. The biggest thing that seems to kill attendance in the group is people having kids (or assuming they will by the following June). They often don't bounce back from such a setback.
  2. Like the tides, demand has gone up and down over the years. It's so hard to tell.
  3. Finally broke dry January last night. Weight stalled
  4. Tiny tents at the top of a hill - no thank you
  5. UEF


    Looked alright to me, they've always been a bit on the Stones side of keeping it tight and measured
  6. I think for a few people, a session or two in the Leftfield or a chat with one of the various enthusiasts dotted around the festival might be enough to send you the other way...
  7. I'd imagine the conversation goes "Will you take this award? You'll have to play a gig" to which Bowie would've said no.
  8. I was feeling particularly Glastonburied just as they ripped into Europa Geht Durch Mich... I don't normally like seeing MSP at a festival (its not really a fans gig) but that was a happy moment
  9. Not sure anyone would notice, there are certainly a lot more Love Island viewers around these days... possibly a few wannabe contestants too
  10. Normally the case isn't it? Gives the early-April balance payers an opportunity to shit or get off the pot.
  11. I've been saying it every year since 2014... I'll be right one day
  12. Keeping up the gym and 'eating a lot less' kick that I started in the summer... feeling fitter every week and clothes fitting better thank god. Hoping to hit Glasto 2020 in much better shape than I did last year, which I'd be now if I stopped and did nothing between now and June. The best time to plant a tree is a year ago, the second best time is today. Yes it's January and you don't always wanna do stuff, but get your eye in early
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