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  1. UEF

    Pilton Party 2019

    Hadn't even thought that there'd be no lighting - of course!
  2. UEF

    Pilton Party 2019

    They're still pimping it hard on Twitter, Emily sent out the ticket link again Always wondered... does anyone end up getting absolutely mashed at this and go for a little trip up to the Stone Circle or dragon? 🙂 Or is it all fairly well behaved under the marquee tent and home affair?
  3. UEF

    Ticket Sale Date

    Having lived through Glastonbury eras where demand has been up and down - wonder how far away we are from a 'down' year where more people who want to go can easily buy tickets?
  4. Dropbox, mediafire, yousendit etc. are all ready and waiting....
  5. UEF

    Ticket Sale Date

    Feels like that already
  6. UEF

    Ticket registration

    Get a google sheet together with your details on - get people to add their details. First come, first served and higher up the sheet they go. if they want to be slow and be person number 7, so be it...
  7. Glad to see you were protecting yourself from 5G while you were there
  8. Nothing says Glasto more than going to sleep in your thickest, warmest clothes only to be smoked out of your tent in the morning wearing them
  9. UEF

    Ticket registration

    About a week before the sale. And if you leave it that late and there's something wrong with your registration that needs re-doing, it'll be tough tits. Come back next year. If you have to beg people to register they don't want to go.
  10. Can we stop thinking of fantastic ways to make the ticket procurement process more difficult please
  11. I'm not sure campervans (of the VW variety) are it... they look awfully small, and have no toilet or shower
  12. The 6th is the date I've penciled in
  13. Ah yes - when minds are at their clearest.
  14. Is it too early to discuss "How to make the ticket system fairer 😡"?
  15. UEF

    Spice Girls for 2020?

    Looking at this years lineup, I'd say the Spice Girls have more leverage than Glastonbury
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