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  1. Must've been 2010, that was fucking brutal
  2. I remember getting up in the wee hours for another go to see if the site was any quieter (it wasn't). Fun times.
  3. Even then, that supposes everyone tries once (or an equal number of times) Try more often = increases your chances Try for longer (hours rather than minutes) = increase your chances Have a group trying for you = increase your chances Be willing to use the resale = increase your chances Add all 4 together and your likelihood of going approaches 99%
  4. UEF

    Worst Headliner?

    Indeed. You have to sit down and assert your dominance, I find.
  5. UEF

    Worst Headliner?

    You looking at my sofa, m8?
  6. Similar drop-off in numbers from our group too, but I had put that down to people stopping wanting to go to festivals and inexplicably having children instead
  7. UEF

    Plastic Bottle Ban?

    Such a ban would be ignored
  8. UEF

    Coachella Live Streamwatch

    Stop reading the Daily Mail then
  9. UEF

    Coachella Live Streamwatch

    Coachella is like a little preview of how 'basic' Glastonbury is becoming
  10. UEF

    Lost In Vagueness

    Watched it at the festival last year, it was surprisingly good
  11. UEF

    Queens of the Stone Age

    All the songs sound the same
  12. UEF

    2018 - What it might have looked like

    Car park tickets now £100
  13. UEF


    Never saw the attraction in paying an extra grand to have 5 people farting in your face for a week but your milage may vary
  14. Sitting in front of the TV on a camping chair, pausing occasionally to piss in a bottle. And queueing for 10 hours to enter or leave my house
  15. UEF

    Best ticket buying experience AXS

    After years of joy and frustration, I do like the fact that the system lets tickets trickle out, so much so that you can affect your own luck by simply retrying (and I don't mean twice, like, lots). And the time honoured method of having a lot of friends trying for you. Play the numbers game! All who truly want a ticket always go.