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  1. I am so glad I didn't have to pack up my tent and leave over last night and this morning. Horrible weather.
  2. Not a single member of our group interested in this. Anyone else finding the same?
  3. This schedule is a bit tight for Brian Wilson to play... right? June 21, 2022 — Bradford, England - St. George's Hall June 23, 2022 — Brighton, England - Brighton Dome June 24, 2022 — London, England - Royal Albert Hall June 25, 2022 — Cambridge, England - Cambridge Corn Exchange June 27, 2022 — Glasgow, Scotland - SEC Armadillo June 30, 2022 — Nottingham, England - (Royal Concert Hall
  4. For the second year in a row I've thought they were being over-cautious, and for the second year I've been proven wrong.
  5. Oh well, seems time heals everything then if they could bounce back from that.
  6. Is this the first ever 2 year fallow year?
  7. Good news everyone - your tickets are rolling onto 2037!
  8. 50% and I reckon it'll be as usual with some sort of spaced out queue on the way in (lol) and a general sense of "at your own risk be it".
  9. OK, apart from Spain, France, Italy and Greece... what has COVID done for the mediterranean? :D
  10. UEF

    2021 chances

    You wanna have a go at convincing the "healing fields" lot to take it? There aren't enough gong baths or reflexologists to cure the lurgy that's going around at the moment...
  11. UEF

    Future of festivals...

    Something like that would be akin to evoking the Glastonbury of old Tickets would be £10,000 each, of course
  12. So, if this carries on for 6 months as Boris has suggested... chances of Glasto 2021?
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