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  1. UEF

    Boris @ Glasto

    ITT: the left wondering why increasing numbers of people don't want to be associated with them
  2. Manics still closing in on Glasto. Will be on the big poster, I reckon
  3. 14 years of going, 14 years where everyone I've known who truly wanted a ticket got one.
  4. Whichever year they started opening the car park on Tuesday night (resulting in the Queue of Death) - might've been the same year - was definitely the beginning of the problems we have now. I much preferred it when Weds-Thurs was an open secret, just to take the edge off the numbers a bit.
  5. We often spend the Wednesday shattered after the Tuesday night queue. If you arrive fully refreshed on Thursday, you probably end up having a similar amount of usable festival time.
  6. If you want different dispatch addresses you have to chunk up the orders by address. If you've put all registrations in to settle the balance, then you'll pay one delivery fee and get it sent to one place.
  7. This is precisely the reason people shouldn't leave anything to the last minute. Card declines, See's server crashes... get it in now
  8. Paul McCartney touring America 28 April - 16 June
  9. This'll be my third year of saying that :)
  10. Freedom and Libertie take the #1 and #2 spot respectively.
  11. I am so glad I didn't have to pack up my tent and leave over last night and this morning. Horrible weather.
  12. Not a single member of our group interested in this. Anyone else finding the same?
  13. This schedule is a bit tight for Brian Wilson to play... right? June 21, 2022 — Bradford, England - St. George's Hall June 23, 2022 — Brighton, England - Brighton Dome June 24, 2022 — London, England - Royal Albert Hall June 25, 2022 — Cambridge, England - Cambridge Corn Exchange June 27, 2022 — Glasgow, Scotland - SEC Armadillo June 30, 2022 — Nottingham, England - (Royal Concert Hall
  14. For the second year in a row I've thought they were being over-cautious, and for the second year I've been proven wrong.
  15. Oh well, seems time heals everything then if they could bounce back from that.
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