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  1. if you want Glastonbury to go ahead - go to the pub. Get industry back into the swing of things even if it's difficult. Rip the plaster.
  2. UEF

    October ticket sale

    This might be one of the best resales going for people looking to get involved. Incomes will be down, some people won't want to leave the house... sorry to lay it out bare, but I think those two things will push the numbers of available tickets up. Mind you the wall to wall BBC coverage won't help
  3. This is a good one. There's something quite gutting about being back in your tent having peaked early and all you can hear is what sounds like literally everyone else outside and having fun. Of course, they'll be feeling the same tomorrow and you can't hear your neighbours that are similarly in bed!
  4. Oasis in 2004. I'd been at the front all day. You know how you sort of... stop pooing for a couple of days when you go camping? Well it decided to announce itself halfway through their set. So I had to make my way back from the front row of the pyramid to Pennard (!) to get some toilet roll then go back out to the longdrops at the top of the field. Talk about a photo finish. I spent the rest of their 'set' in my tent feeling a bit overawed by the whole thing (Glastonbury, not the poo)
  5. You can broadly split Glastonbury into pre-Growler and post-Growler eras
  6. Wait, the Manics were on at the same time as McCartney? Are you fucking kidding me?
  7. Looks like it might be the 'Brothers' typeface stretched out, so I'd concentrate on that bit
  8. Does Michael Eavis own trousers?
  9. never queue up for anything at Glasto. It's not worth it.
  10. Thank you. It's sods law, I've been saying "fit for glasto" for years and always lost my way just after Christmas or something. The one time I've done it and... Glasto's out. Still it's not all about that I suppose, and hopefully I'll have done it for long enough to be a habit and not worry about rocking up onsite morbidly obese again (said that before too)
  11. 5 stone down and no Glasto to show for it. FFS.
  12. UEF

    How do you feel?

    Every day is like a little Glastonbury at the moment, I'm loving it and the showers and sleeping arrangements are much nicer
  13. UEF

    Worthy FM

    Even fell asleep to it... while in the driving seat.
  14. The comments are brilliant:
  15. I don't wanna jinx it, but I'm pretty sure my Beach Boys gig (nearly in their 80s) at the Royal Chelsea Hospital (residents nearly in their 100s) in June isn't gonna go ahead...
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