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  1. Derry is in the UK. The pubs / clubs closed of their own accord and not because of any government say so Nobby. Hopefully everyone is keeping well in these surreal times.
  2. Very good post. I'm from Derry in the North. We took our lead from Dublin and not Stormont / Westminster and the numbers / stats in the North West are decent. Bars etc closed down early, not because they were told to, but they knew it was the correct thing to do for the people. We watched videos on WhatsApp from London, Liverpool, Manchester etc of thousands of people in pubs and clubs celebrating St Patrick's Day...absolute madness Also, the media in the UK, impartial it is not!
  3. Could not agree more! Hearts full and heads up
  4. Peter_Quaife

    Alternative Xmas

    Love The Kinks - Father Christmas too
  5. We bought these (link below) last year, used at a local festival (it poured from the heavens)..great job https://www.decathlon.co.uk/arpenaz-10-litre-waterproof-poncho-blue-id_8084715.html
  6. Ahhhhh.. If Rage are playing, securing those April resale tix will be something!
  7. Nice tent. We bought a Eurohike Hampton 6 this summer, brilliant tent. 6 of us camped in at a local festival (Inc 2 9 year old's). Big tent, plenty of room and a good bit cheaper. 25kgs, so fairly hefty. https://www.blacks.co.uk/equipment/162672-eurohike-hampton-6-man-family-tent-blue.html
  8. Yes, the Rainbows End ! Love eating there
  9. Funky like a train! Had a wee wiz through the show, very good!
  10. We feel your pain, so so close. The crashing and freezing at the reg / payment page was tough going !! For those who were successful, was it a case of refresh until the reg page --> proceed --> payment info --> buy tickets = done deal. Was it mostly seamless or was there a bit / a lot of back and forth and crossing fingers until the Booking Complete page appeared?
  11. There's 6 of us, so we'll be in 2 groups for the resale. So, 2 spaces available, happy to help anyone. Will post again much closer to the time. Now we've as yet been unsuccessful, but our luck has to change at some stage! It does doesn't it??? ?
  12. We had a small army trying for 1 group of 6. 0/6. 4 got reg page and 1 got the payment page. Having read through the 'payment' thread, he should maybe have pressed the back button and tried again a few times and maybe the payment might have eventually went through. So so close !
  13. Few wee points from the latest sale: Again failed to secure tickets, but like all, wasnt for the want of trying. Had 4 devices running, VPN to work, home wi-fi, tethered to 2 different 4g networks. 2 devices (tethered to EE 4G and work VPN) sat at the holding page from just after 9 until about 9.40am (a good bit after the festival sold out)...looks like thse 2 devices were steered down a blind alley with zero chance of success. 1 device didnt get to the holding device (3 network 4g) My 4th device (connected to Virgin broadband at home) got through
  14. Shouldn't have looked in this thread! 1 post lifts the spirit and chances , the next brings you back down to earth! Our local parish team won their first cup today in 38 years (1981) so everyone is in cloud 9. Has been a great distraction tbh. Tickets tomorrow would be the icing on the cake! If not, the resale club beckons again! We can do this!
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