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  1. 2016 fir the music; 2017 for the weather; 2019 for the company and good time - actually can I change my vote from 2016 to 2019 for music, company and good times ( apart from too hot weather) !!
  2. I was there in 95. we tried to get to the acoustic tent to see Portishead but it was too rammed so went to see Pulp at Pyramid instead- I think . To be honest I can’t really remember. Bands used to be on much later on the main stages then - didn’t start til nearly 11pm. By that time everything was a bit of a blur! ( no pun intended 😂)
  3. Started to watch Pretty Little Liars on BBC iplayer- then realised it’s got 7 seasons with over 20 episodes per season as have only got to end of S3😯
  4. I think Take That would be great on pyramid stage - legends slot or Saturday teatime treat😀
  5. This - I have drunk it once in 20 Glastonbury’s- threw half away
  6. Only if it included Take That as well 😀
  7. Yeah loads of spares this week with the bad weather- the BIC had 300 left over going to waste this week- were trying to find people to give it to. I think people cancelled due to the storm.
  8. Group camping near us had a 6 week old baby with them and their 2 year was at their 2nd Glastonbury as well! If you want kids go ahead - it might never be the right time these days!
  9. Even if everyone is vaccinated in Uk by June or September it doesn’t mean to say other countries- particularly in poorer parts of the world or with less health infrastructure or less inclination for vaccines (eg France) will have done so. It means continuing international restrictions for a while yet probably - this then has impact on potential artists getting to Glastonbury and traveling around Europe or across the world still restricted in some capacity. We are probably looking at mainly Uk based artists participating in any festivals or gigs for the foreseeable I think - at least this year
  10. Am getting really tired of all this now -have been working all through this as has my support bubble ( we both live alone) as we are key workers. Work is shit due to poor management and whilst not frontline at moment I think I may end up getting drafted in as my current role may end up being made redundant. LA’s already struggling with austerity and now COVID means financially most councils are basically bankrupt. I am seriously thinking about going for early retirement now I am 60. I feel for all those with families and businesses who are messed about with all this change in policy, and k
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