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  1. I think trying to get a test is almost as difficult as getting tickets 🙄 Colleague who is a key worker has been trying since Friday!
  2. Sunrise would be around 6.30am and sunset around 7.30pm in September so staying up to greet the dawn might be a bit of a challenge but more lighting effects for the main stages could be good. To be fair the weather in September can be really good And there have been some really cold nights at Glastonbury. Would still prefer June though but whatever date is fine as long as there is a festival next year and it’s safe to go then that’s the thing.
  3. Watched all 10 episodes of Fort Salem on BBC iplayer. Good if you like teen, witchy, war, weird stuff 😀🧙🏽
  4. sedra

    Taylor Swift

    Am really enjoying this one - it’s the right mood for me at the moment. Her recent albums have been more for dancing round the kitchen - this one is for chilling in the bath with a large G&T or a relaxing night in with a glass of wine 🍷
  5. sedra

    BBC Glastonbury

    Last chance this weekend for iplayer performances
  6. I have been known to do this time as I struggle otherwise to keep going - especially if it’s a muddy one - just to get a rest. Camping in KM I can usually hear what ever is on pyramid from the tent. Can also change for the evening, grab a snack or top up booze. Last year was too hot to sleep so washed my hair instead as the water carrier had inadvertently heated up in the tent so it was spot on for a hair wash ( ps don’t try and drink water left in a very hot tent !!)
  7. sedra

    Live Aid memories

    Anyone watching BBC2 Live Aid doc? I have all the tv coverage on old VHS in the loft somewhere as I recorded it from the children’s home I was working in at the time in Wilts - can’t believe it was 35 years ago this weekend! Had been to Wembley the week before to see Bruce Springsteen but couldn’t get tickets for Live Aid too. Almost like a Glastonbury in 1 day !
  8. Correct - Yep - I think there are no more questions left 😂
  9. What year did Norman Cook first play at Glastonbury and when did he first DJ as FBS and what stage?
  10. 2009 on the Weds I went for the second run up to the car in East and to avoid carrying my neices’s wellies I decided to wear them back down to the site. they were a size too big and I had thin socks on. By the time I got back to the tent I had the biggest blisters on both soles which made it difficult to walk far. I had to ring my cousin who was arriving on the Friday and ask her to bring some blister plasters and insoles for my own wellies. 🙄
  11. Yep survived all those too - just found these of 2007! The first ones with the green grass was Weds. After that it all went Pete Tong as it were 🙄
  12. sedra

    BBC Glastonbury

    Well that was emotional-great stuff, great memories- let’s make more next year. And it’s good nite, stay safe everyone. 🥰
  13. sedra

    BBC Glastonbury

    Helps when you still have the programme 😂
  14. sedra

    BBC Glastonbury

    Basement Jaxx on Other, Suzanne Vega on Acoustic and Doves in the new tent ( later became John Peel) And Ozomatli on Jazzworld( West Holts) there was no SE corner in 2000 so just Greenpeace, Avalon, Dance tent, T&C fields plus Cinema
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