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  1. sedra

    Pilton Party

    Looks like we might be going as a local friend has 2 spare tickets 😀
  2. sedra

    2023 legend slot

    The legend slot is a headline slot these days.
  3. sedra

    2023 legend slot

    I still think Carole King with James Taylor guesting would be a great legend set.
  4. I had a Cornish pasty from the Cornish pasty place which was great ( they had pasty, chips and beans for a £5 but I didn’t want all that at the time). And I had chicken pie, mash and gravy from barnaby Sykes - was ok but not as good as pieminister. A lovely bacon bap from hedonistic at Sticklinch. really nice fresh ravioli pasta with bruschetta from Raviolli at WG. had a very dry beetroot falafel wrap from back of other stage which was disappointing. A better falafel and avocado wrap from Avalon cafe. a nice Chicken tagine from between Other and Pyramid stage. And a good lamb burger from the Bath butchers near WG. overall food offerings were good this year- I ate everything I bought from stalls so that’s always a good sign!! Didn’t pay more than £10 for a proper meal.
  5. It’s now the opening ceremony and was originally just the burning of the phoenix or whatever structure and then they added fireworks and now there are 3 lots of fireworks across the top of the site to try and spread out the numbers of people who go. This was 2016
  6. Faintest of +ve lines today after 8 days since first symptoms last sat night night. Still feel really really tired though - have literally done nothing today. Will probably wfh tomorrow.
  7. sedra

    2023 legend slot

    Would be happy for a Cher or Billy Joel Sunday set. Or maybe Carol King ( with James Taylor dropping by) or for Uk legends possibly Sir Tom as he is getting on a bit now - I know he has done it before but he at least can still sing! I can’t think of any other serious Uk options unless they went for the group option - Spice Girls, Take That etc
  8. Tested positive Monday- still coughing and feeling crap. Only have 2 tests left though so will wait til Sunday so can go in work Monday if negative
  9. Not so great if you are behind one - either flare or smoke- they are banned for a reason - asthma suffers can be greatly affected.
  10. There will have been local council and others there inspecting and reviewing the event for compliance and H&S issues. I am sure people will email Glastonbury Festival if they have particular concerns or suggestions for improvements. Hopefully with a whole year now to work on 2023 they will be able to do more preparations. Don’t forget they only confirmed 2022 at end January so they probably had less time to pull it all off than usual??
  11. Put proper liquid soap in a small bottle instead of hand sanitizer - makes all the difference when washing hands😀
  12. Stood on the barrier next to the boom camera and VIP platform on pyramid and saw a very chilly Jo Wiley before her “ introduction to Paul” on Sat night ( she was wrapped in a fleecy coat before standing in front of camera) also on the platform was Olivia Rodrigo and a load of other people who I recognised but couldn’t put a name to. They had to all stay there throughout the whole of Paul McCartney or risk trying to get out via the main crowd 😂 Also John Bishop was there watching Elbow on Sunday.
  13. I heard the same bloke I think - he was talking loudly in his phone but hadn’t realised he hadn’t reached the fence yet.
  14. I would wait to see if you can get tickets first!!
  15. I have watched this yesterday on iPlayer so it is there somewhere!
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