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  1. sedra

    Worried Sick

    It’s a worrying time if you get called back for more tests I know. Make sure you take someone with you for support and to remind you of whatever the doctor says to you. Your health is your priority now - see what the outcome is and make your plans accordingly. Sending you positive vibes.
  2. sedra

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Clip your nails right down- amazing how difficult getting mud and dirt out from underneath long nails when you aren’t showering! Always wash your hands under the tap if you get the chance rather than just using hand sanitizer.
  3. sedra

    Struggling Enthusiasm

    I think as soon as you start gathering your stuff together, pack everything for the journey, start the journey and then see those signs on the approach to the site you will start to get those butterfly feelings that - yes I am here again and it’s Glastonbury and it’s going to be great. Whatever the weather or whoever is playing, it kind of feels like coming home for Christmas- you know there are going to be some annoying relatives, it may get a bit messy and you might overdo it, but it’s comforting, you have your little routines and traditions and it will be over far too quick. When you leave again you may have a sense of relief that it’s over but an immense satisfaction that you were there, you had some great surprise presents to take away with you, you ate and drank too much but it was worth it. Dont worry about feeling a bit meh at the moment. For those who haven’t been before it’s like their first Christmas or holiday abroad- they get well over excited. You will get into the mood once you have set up, got your first pint in your hand ( or drink of choice) and the magic starts to happen around you. I hope you have a fantastic time and switch off from the crap world for 5 days. You know you will be worrying about getting tickets again by October!!
  4. As they say - the fat lady hasn’t started singing yet - good luck people- never give up hope!!
  5. sedra

    Country Music

    The Shires - Avalon stage
  6. So the big question this morning is has big dog’s paws got wet ? !
  7. sedra

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Been pissing it down most of the day here in Dorset🙁. Cold as well- had to put the heating back on - didn’t seem right given I got sunburnt yesterday 😎!!! Weather!!’
  8. This is what might help! https://www.purpleturtle.co.uk/feetz-pocket-festival-wellies-10439.html?gclid=CKG64tDP3-ICFYSMUQods9kGkw
  9. sedra

    Legend Kylie dance?

    The last few years there has been a “dance” to learn in honour of the legend spot- has anyone seen anything for this year with Kylie? Which song would it be?
  10. Are you in plaster or a boot?? I am not sure a knee walker will survive the rocky ground as said above. I would bring crutches as well as this might be easier to be honest. See if you can get a large pair of those foldable boot covers in case of mud. Hopefully the ground will be good but it will be difficult- if you are NWB for 6 weeks it may be just about ok to go in a walking boot?
  11. Please don’t bring them- it’s a nice idea but awful for the environment and not great for the land and really not in keeping with the ethos of the farm. The litter pickers will thank you and so will the cows!
  12. sedra

    The Weather Thread 2019

    I think after 2016 the site managers will be prepared for all eventualities- it was pretty exceptional pre-festival rainfall and didn’t help that trackways were buried at Download mudfest the week before and site was so waterlogged. Also they use much more wood chippings and straw nowadays when it gets bad so the market areas aren’t too inaccessible. I am remaining optimistic having survived through some of the worst wet/muddy ones eg 97, 98, 05, 07 ( ugh), 11, 16 over the years. Even 2005 flooding it was sunny after the storm and dried up by Sunday and we were back in trainers. Sunshine and the odd showers, or cloudy would be fine - it’s the torrential downpour and persistent raining we don’t want!!
  13. General rule when you have too many piles is to take half the clothes and double your money. Always tricky with Glastonbury packing though as you need to be prepared for all weathers plus camping gear! Good Luck!
  14. It will depend how reliable the wi-fi or 4g connection is - some traders had difficulty with card payments. Take a mix of card and cash - keep any large amount of cash in lock ups and just take some out each day or there are free ATM machines up by the welfare/medical near the farmhouse. Hopefully the Signal will be sufficient to keep all e devices accessible but I wouldn’t rely on it!
  15. sedra

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Been so windy today that any wetness out there should be nicely dried up by now!
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