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  1. She subbed TS at Wembley in 2018 so makes sense she might turn up for a girls weekend 😀
  2. sedra

    Brit Awards 2020

    If Emily wants 50/50 male/female artists at the festival, she isn’t going to be inspired much by this list!
  3. In hunting for stuff I found these Q Daily from 2005 - what a difference a day makes! 😂
  4. Tickets and wrist bands that i still have - I used to just throw them away - although I think before the photo tickets they used to take the tickets off you on exit 2007, 2010, 2011,2013,2014,2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 ( photos not in that order!)
  5. Hi - I have loads of stuff collected from the past 35years ( sadly) - not all years but about 20 odd Glastonbury’s so if you are missing anything ! I have uploaded programmes first
  6. 1. 59 ( 60 by time of festival) 2. Happy to wait til line up announced but will probably be at Taylor Swift, Macca, Crowded House, Foals, Mik Artistik and beans on Toast. (am hoping for Teenage Fanclub and SRC too!) 3. Kate Bush, Madonna, The Police, Radiohead or Pulp
  7. sedra

    Tuesday Night

    I think you will find a long walk from whatever car park you end up in. We approach from east so end up in blue/purple but this is closer to where we normally camp. If you check the map the majority of camping areas are on west of the site so might be worth staying overnight somewhere on west side?
  8. I thought we already knew about this - the 7000 extra was coach tickets and they created Sticklinch and moved the campervan field west to east and B&w? Isn’t it on the festival website?
  9. No luck- have put on too much weight for shiny sparkly tops 🙁 Am heading over to the “ get fit for Glastonbury “ thread for inspiration 😂
  10. Mooched about the sales checking out glittery tops!
  11. Wasn’t really my thing but I went to Wembley in the fallow year to see her with my niece. Was a fantastic show and really great performance. Will look forward to seeing her again- keep an open mind people!
  12. sedra

    Taylor Swift

    The one from Emmerdale
  13. sedra

    efests Exit Poll

    Note to all those under the age of 35- this is how us oldies felt when Thatcher kept getting elected ...for years ☹️
  14. 84 ( aged 24) sneaked in for free on the Sunday afternoon with some friends for a few hours so not sure that counts , but 1986 was first proper camping one. Parked car by the tent! I can’t for the life of me remember what I saw on the Friday night! I remember seeing Billy Bragg in a tent with the rain pouring down so I think I must have missed THe Cure. I remember John Martin and on the Sunday - Robert cray band, the housemartins ( with Norman Cook aka FBS) and Simply Red! Didn’t get back until 95 but been to every one since except 2004 and 2008. Look forward to next year -my 20th full weekend, at 50th Anniversary having just turned 60 in June! ?
  15. If you haven’t already I would put this in a separate post in questions? There will be those who are looking for a campervan hire who might have a CV ticket. Or else wait for resales / it was easy to get one then I think.
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