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  1. 2004- only year I haven’t managed to get tickets since 1995! Nightmare! Tried all night on phone and dial up internet to no avail!
  2. I hate camping but I love Glastonbury so I make an exception for 5 days. I hate the trek from the car but once all set up it’s ok. I hate the walk up the hill of death so I don’t think I would bother with a campervan or the trek up to WV. I like being on site so I can have a rest or pop back to the tent to change. I have only ever camped at Glastonbury ( 20 times) and 3 Latitudes. Am 60 next June so keep saying it will probably be my last one but then I have been saying that every year. A relative managed it twice 2007 and 2009 but decided it wasn’t for her. She loves music but couldn’t cope with the loos or the rain.!
  3. One year on the Weds evening it was a wet and muddy one we were sitting in West Holts eating a pie minister pie and a girl who had obviously just arrived with her stuff was next to us on the phone to her mum asking to be picked up as it was too muddy to pitch a tent. She was crying and looked so miserable. I did feel a sorry for her as I don’t think she could find her friends and it was getting dark. 😢
  4. sedra


    Make sure you can carry everything or take a robust trolley. I always take a proper pillow. It gets cold at night but hot in the morning so I usually throw the picnic blanket over my sleeping bag at night then throw it off once warm. Take air bed or self inflating mattress. I take Traveljohns for in tent facilities if you need loo in the night and it’s raining! a small gas cooker is handy for hot drinks, porridge, pasta pots etc but there are so many places to buy food, coffee etc that it’s not essential. ear plugs another essential! And a water carrier. And waterproof footwear of choice. And a chair. And booze. And socks - always socks!!
  5. sedra

    Site changes for 2020

    It was up in The Park
  6. sedra

    The Weather Thread 2020

    2007 was miserable - constant rain and horrid weather- we actually left Sunday morning. Was almost as bad as 1998 - torrential rain right through the football being shown on the outside cinema. Over the years I have been: 84 - ok, 86 -ok a bit of rain 95 - hot; 97 & 98 wet and very muddy 99& 2000-fine; 02& 03 both ok but chilly ( 04 missed out on tix) 05 - thunderstorm and flooding on Friday but nicely warm and dried up by Sunday. 07 - wet mudfest, (08 I was in Oz) 09- a bit mixed but was both hot and muddy! 2010- baking hot, 2011- wet and muddy, 2013- mixed, 2014-mixed, 2015-mixed, 2016 - yuck mud , 2017- fine, 2019- hot!! and it’s never too soon to think about the weather - especially when it’s wet and miserable outside like tonight!
  7. I think it’s true that you will get some people who want to go because they have seen it on the telly and it’s on their bucket list, as it’s a major calendar event. They also had to try for tickets like the rest of us so got lucky. Just as people say those of us who go every year should give newbies a chance, people who do go most years should embrace new people who want to experience the best festival in the world. Newbies might get hooked or they might not but it doesn’t make them any less festival people. I consider myself a festival person having been to very many Glastonbury’s, I always camp in a tent, but I don’t go to many other festivals either ( a few Latitudes and day festivals). Glastonbury has become more popular but so have festivals in general.
  8. I know at least 6 people who were registered but decided not to try this year. We had our group of 6 all trying and 1 got through to the booking page and got tickets. I have got through twice in 2 years previously ( our group had been sorted so got another 3 friends) but not this year. another group of 4 this year didn’t get through. We all had about 3 devices going. Not sure what that contributes to the discussion as I am no good at maths and probabilities but we were probably just lucky again! I reckon about 500000 might be about right?
  9. I wish you lots of luck @crazyfool1 in whatever method you Can manage to get to 2020. I saw you walking by the pyramid field with your hat last year and said to my niece - oh that’s @crazyfool1! I am sure you will have as much help and support as possible to get you there - am happy to help in any resales if required. I have been helped out in the past by Forum members and was lucky with my group again yesterday so am happy to pay it on. Never give up 🙂
  10. It’s never too soon - the sun is shining this morning and I feel this is a good omen. Also they say we are in for a hard cold winter so must be a good summer next year! Look forward to seeing Doobeedoo’s garden weather site in due course 😀
  11. Thanks to a friend of a friend who joined our group of 5 to make it up to a 6 at the last minute- we are going again !!
  12. have run to the loo 3 times so far this morning💩
  13. we have an even spread of tryers from the south to Nottingham next door to see tickets, and Chile - I am pinning my hopes on the wi-fi connection in Santiago where our friend currently is!😀
  14. don't even mention the hell of 2004 - I was on dial up on computer and phone and was up all night trying to get through - only year I haven't eventually managed to get tickets from any source when trying!! I even got through to a BBC competition but wasn't picked for the final call up!
  15. Grace Petrie - Ivy is great but my favourite is The Waterboys - Glastonbury Song !
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