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  1. sedra

    My first ever gig.....

    What can I say - he was today’s equivalent of whoever teenage girls are into these days! That’ll Be The Day and Stardust films were big! 😂 My friend Lorraine was a big fan and screamed all the way through!
  2. sedra

    My first ever gig.....

    Feeling really old now - first gig was 1975 aged 15 - David Essex at Earls Court - we were at the furthest point and highest from the stage possible and I had forgotten my glasses 🙄 I can’t remember who else I saw between then and going to university in 1978 but the first gig there was The Ramones!
  3. sedra

    Good news thread..

    Sorting out the cupboards and found a 2017 bag of rice, and a 2015 bottle of Baileys! 😀 Sorted!
  4. So lots of bands and artist are now having to cancel - there are a few online live apps being set up plus live streaming- let’s help support these from our sofas! Share any you hear about. Frank Turner had to cancel the rest of his tour but you can see his live solo show tomorrow night on his Facebook page
  5. Use smaller local shops rather than supermarkets- it will help them and you will more likely get what you need.
  6. I checked on the app for online delivery and there were no available slots right up to 4th April anyway!
  7. You need a sometimes option - if the band/ artist isn’t great after all then the timing stagger means you can still make it to another stage in time for majority of a set.
  8. If schools are closed for 16 weeks as NI are saying, and this is the same in whole of uk then we are looking at long term changes to behaviour and lifestyle. For those of us who work in public services and social care and in the community, who also have families this is going to be a major challenge. All communities will need to work together to support each other - we are on the roller coaster now and we aren’t getting off soon- hopefully it will be a lot better in a few weeks but it’s possible this may be a longer ride. And there will be casualties on the way. I really want a Glastonbury to happen this year - but if it doesn’t then there will be a good reason why not. We may all be reflecting on this in a few months time thinking why have we spent all his time worrying about it - but it’s not quite like the weather thread is it - whether it rains or not can’t kill you. Sorry - have drunk too much wine and feeling pessimistic tonight. But on a positive note I did find 2 extra bottles of hand sanitizer in my festival bags and managed to get a pack of loo roll at Tesco today so not all bad.
  9. Just because the bank rate goes down it doesn’t necessarily pass straight on to mortgage rates. It’s designed to support businesses who might need short term arrangements to cover impact of virus.
  10. On a positive note the China situation looks a lot better, and less cases now reported. So I make that about 3 months to get over the peak and out the other side, if containment measures put in place? Am more worried about state of my S&S ISA after today than catching the virus🙁
  11. I knew this thread would turn to the weather at some point🙄 - for what are we in the UK if not obsessed with whether we feel under the weather or not😂 or whether we are worried about the weather or not!
  12. That’s my thinking - on the principle that if you pay for insurance you never bloody need to claim!
  13. Thanks remind me not to go out in bad weather either !
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