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  1. Don’t want to bring gloom but Jackson Browne and James Taylor gig in states that was rescheduled to June 21 has now been changed from live to June 21 online 🙁
  2. My only consolation from having a very unexciting 60th birthday this year and feeling I am now officially in the older age range is that I might be in Phase 1 of vaccine roll out in time to get to Glastonbury 😀
  3. My book club book this month - The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood 😀
  4. Just thinking it is feeling a bit cold right now and I might need to go get my winter blanket out for the sofa! 🥶
  5. Re-watching Battlestar Galactica at moment- it’s really a lot weirder than I remember the first time round! also Dawson’s Creek now on Netflix 😀
  6. Nice to see loads of music venues and arts orgs including Shangri-la getting some funding through at last.
  7. Actually not so many retirees nowadays - loads of families re-locating now from London sending house prices up and we have 1000’s of students as well ! And of course loads of day trippers when the sun shines!
  8. Yep - just don’t go down by the main pier in town - head further down towards Boscombe pier or even further towards Southbourne ( Southbourne beach pics 2 weeks ago!)
  9. They make ideal cushion covers - just pop in cushion and either add buttons to close or sew up the seam !
  10. Yes just watched all 9 episodes ( but sure why only 9 usually it’s 8 or 10!) . It’s a bit weird- I never read the book ( at least I don’t think I have) so I assume it’s a modernised version. It was a bit confusing and the ending was a bit meh. It swings from sex orgies to violence and pill popping computery social connections. Not so Brave or New really.
  11. Isn’t Tenby in South Wales lockdown?
  12. Maybe he thinks this will give him the sympathy vote- the brave President fighting his way through illness etc etc Or it might give him an excuse to postpone the election. Of course if he doesn’t get really ill and recovers it will show him “fit and strong” - either way I expect his team will play an angle. Not that I would wish a serious outcome on anyone.
  13. sedra

    The National

    Ok so my niece is the biggest The National fan ever and I have been to various festivals with her to see them - had not quite ever really got into them although have found them growing on me and last time I saw them at APE was surprised how many songs I knew and really enjoyed it. Have been listening this afternoon in the garden to I am Easy to Find and am officially declaring that I really like this band!
  14. I think trying to get a test is almost as difficult as getting tickets 🙄 Colleague who is a key worker has been trying since Friday!
  15. Sunrise would be around 6.30am and sunset around 7.30pm in September so staying up to greet the dawn might be a bit of a challenge but more lighting effects for the main stages could be good. To be fair the weather in September can be really good And there have been some really cold nights at Glastonbury. Would still prefer June though but whatever date is fine as long as there is a festival next year and it’s safe to go then that’s the thing.
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