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  1. Memory Man

    Live at Leeds 2019

    I would say not worth it not many venues ever really have a que. Idles when they were stupidly put on at midday was 1 in 1 out but if its completely full they still wouldnt just let you waltz in if you had a VIP. If you plan who you are seeing and get there before they start you rarely have a problem. Would like to know what venue they intend on putting metronomy on, I get the sense they might need somewhere bigger than the academy?!
  2. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    Day tickets for sat gone. That was surprisingly fast. Assume they are trying to shift weekend tickets first and if they dont sell, will allocate more day tickets later on
  3. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    the main shuttles are from macclesfield train station, if not via big green coach from a larger city.
  4. Memory Man

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    i dont think glasto would get kraftwerk to be honest. Are they big enough / right for the other? Are they too big or not right for west holts? I dont think they fit. Plus i reckon chemical brothers are headlining the other so kraftwerk and chems might be seen as a bit electronic for the other for the same year. Plus Kraftwerk would be very expensive, possibly beyond what G are willing / able to offer.
  5. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    between you, you have guessed the other two headliners. that's all im saying.
  6. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    i agree with this, i didnt notice any sour characters and it was great for the fest to be busy and full on / happy right to the end rather than petering out.
  7. Memory Man

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    couldnt agree any more
  8. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    For sure, perfect mix of science theme led and suits the festival demographic.
  9. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    i dont think they'd work for bluedot at all. Plus Kraftwerk is your "big" headliner and they generally have one big one, one medium one and one smaller one.
  10. Memory Man

    top 5 on your wishlist

    indeed they are quite the proposition live. Visceral.
  11. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    A few facebook comments are suggesting kraftwerk. it looks like they’re correct. Strong booking if theyre sharing a headliner with sonar which is a much larger and more estabished event albeit not directly comparable
  12. Memory Man

    Friday morning Other opener 2019

    me too They would go down a storm no matter where they appeared on the lineup, i dont really know why they or a couple of other acts of their ilk (i.e "heritage" 80s bands) havent been asked / don't play. They arent obviously the size of a sunday legend but i'd be more interested in them than most of the acts that do get the legend slot. They were fantastic at bestival many moons ago Whilst we're at it lets have a bit of ABC
  13. Memory Man

    top 5 on your wishlist

    HMLTD !!! Hot Chip David Byrne (although i think pretty unlikely) Inner City
  14. Memory Man

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I was at this last night as well, it was great wasnt it! Best new-songs-heavy gig you're likely to see! Thought the support band Pleasure Complex were great too, ones to watch out for.
  15. Memory Man


    i want to be there for inner city, saw them at bugged out weekender when they last toured and it was amazing. super fun as you'd expect. Would be fabulous to see them at G. To be honest they're a perfect festival act.