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  1. No order for these Me: Dry Cleaning - bringing something new/fresh/different to indie rock is very difficult these days, they managed it. The true british-ness of their dry & witty humour is fantastic. Some of the guitar riffs are absolutely mint / to die for. (I have found it sounds a lot better on headphones than in the car for example due to the subtleties) Self Esteem - nuff said Amyl & the Sniffers - absolute riot, all killer no filler. Cannot wait to see them live! Probably my number 1. Squid - when it bangs, it bangs. If they cut the filler and put a couple of the earlier omitted tracks on it they’d be higher, but its still brilliantly crafted. the wife: All of the above apart from dry cleaning who she cant get down with plus lucy dacus julien baker girl in red Olivia Rodrigo Red (she says you can count it due to the new tracks 😂) Halsey —- surprise selection: Maximo Park - honestly a real return to form. I know they are so far from flavour of the month but its a really good effort. If you liked their old stuff you will like this. I will be aiming to listen to a lot more over the xmas new year break to catch up on the stuff i missed, the beauty of end of year lists.
  2. It must be signed on the dotted line by now given it was a rollover from 2020. I’d find it difficult to believe all the headliners hadnt formally agreed by now or at the very least given a verbal yes with contract to follow. They cant wait till 3 months before to see if he fancies it or not 😂 not how this stuff works surely. Mega artists plan stuff years in advance
  3. At this stage its a 4 horse race 8/11 macca 10/11 kendrick 10/1 Swifty 25/1 Springsteen elton and dua both at 66/1 as their other tour plans all but rule them out. dua will be back to headline in 23 or 24. Elton in my opinion will never do it. 100/1 bar those. No one else is big enough to do it. Strokes are not a glastonbury headliner in 2021, sorry. They havent been for years and is why they’ve never done it. They would want top billing when their relative status is other stage headliner only. Kings of leon’s time has come & gone now, and they’ve already done it. Downward slope for them. Coldplay are your wild card but looking much more likely for 23
  4. I would doubt this. Mainly cos no festivals used to announce anything before January up to about 5 years ago. If the alternative is having someone else who wouldnt sell as many tickets you’d just wait. 6-8 months to sell your tickets is easily enough if the lineup is right. i reckon as other posts have said, kendrick will just be being super selective about where he plays and just be taking the biggest & best offers only, rather than doing the rounds. Why not work less but for the same money? separately it would make me question why glastonbury when the monetary offer would be better just about anywhere. However the coverage is unrivalled.
  5. This is doable but its definitely one for driving. Rent a car if you dont own one. Bail after the first dance/cake as someone else has said. Explain you want to be at the wedding but why you’ll be leaving at this point (i.e when all the proper moments have happened and its now just a piss up in posh clothing). if you wouldnt be in a state for driving then you wouldnt be in a great state to be a wedding guest either really? if you got a good run and didnt hit peak traffic you could do the journey in about 3 hours or so each way. you’d still get the weds, thurs and friday in full altho would have to not cane it on the friday - plus the whole sunday as long as you get back for at worst lunchtime on sunday. In theory you could get back during the night on the saturday get some sleep and wake up sunday morning with a full day ahead. Better than no festival at all and better than having to say no to the wedding.
  6. Looking forward to cramming into a 200 cap venue in leeds to see Erol (alkan) tomorrow, still high up in the echelons for me! WHP and mega raves are good too but small capacity places are where they joy really is i think. Or failing that any sets of 3 hours plus. So sick of short sets.
  7. I would be shocked if any of those werent on the lineup. Agree all nailed on.
  8. I present to you, green man and end of the road. It already exists. They are glastonbury scaled down (massively) for people who can no longer be arsed with how big glastonbury has got. what i would love to see from G is just less middle of the road / uninspired/ mainstream bookings and just taking more of a selective line in who plays, a la the above events but still at its current scale. What i would deem a “no shite” policy. But thats my personal taste and realistically will never happen. In their defence it is the pilton pop festival.
  9. Would absolutely love grace jones on the farm one day but feel she is all about the cash so is almost certain never to come i seem to remember her being on the bill for wilderness a few years ago which is also in oxfordshire. Wouldnt surprise me if she lives nearby (cotswolds) and its just a case of doing it all in one evening and going straight home after. Very easy for her. Re TLC this surely confirms they will be back on the farm right? Only 2 weeks before. Hopefully Seun Kuti as well.
  10. Horses for courses as i quite enjoy their most recent change of direction, it harks way back to their very early days which is welcome for me! But i can see how theres people who love skying who would not enjoy it. When they went a bit indie bland in the 2010s i was longing for count in fives! I’ve been joking they’ve done a mighty boosh & been on a journey to find “the new sound”
  11. The Horrors postponement is strange as they were doing bristol, manc and london. Have rescheduled bristol and manc to 2022 but are still doing the london date?! They’ve also said they’ll be down a member going forward live, which is fine / his choice going forward but also doesnt tally with postponing 2 but not all 3 of their gigs. Thinking bristol and manc hadnt sold well, it was weird too as their london venue was probably smaller capacity wise than both bristol and manc which rarely happens normally for any tour - you usually up the capacity for london ive got my manc tickets refunded and will re-buy them again next year if i want to go then. Theyre not keeping my £55 for 12 months!
  12. I dont really go to LAL for the bigger names i often end up spending most of my time in the 250 or less cap venues. If you go to a gig in a field you need big artists & a diverse and interesting lineup i think also part of it is im from leeds and you see good well programmed greenfield summer outdoor city festivals in other parts of the UK and we get….this.
  13. Hopefully that will be the case and it will be as simple as showing our uk covid pass, but we’ll see. At present they dont accept this but theres a long way to go until June ‘22
  14. Dont forget theres a great many people who bought tickets for (what has become) weekend 1 before covid was even a twinkle in a chinese bat’s eye. Realistically they will have to do whatever the local barcelona government requires of them. Does anyone know what (if any) entry requirements there were for the primavera weekender / shows and clubs in barcelona in general? edit: checked and for example razzmatazz is entry only with EU Covid pass which provides for vaccine or test possibilities. Obviously UK punters are not going to have / be able to get the EU covid pass so will be interesting to see how that will work. All to be decided! weekender was eu covid pass or, i think, a lateral flow on site
  15. Even if they bump someone else up and book a smaller replacement there should be someone at least joining the lineup of some description. They could go for someone different on each weekend
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