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  1. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    exactly. Apply common sense and you will be fine. the tents are really close to the arena so its not far to pop back if you need to. 5-10 mins each way max. I got booze past the security a couple of times, but not every time. Basically as long as you are not being blatant you're alright.
  2. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    a clashfinder was made as well
  3. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    there will be im sure stage times were uploaded to the app a couple of days before i think
  4. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    indeed, I think the volume was ridiculously low and therefore pointless, although my hazy recollections may be slightly wrong.
  5. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    stuff goes on till about 2am on the Friday and Saturday nights and about 1am on the sunday. There aren't many options at the end for getting back unless you are camping or leave just after the chems finish. but there won't be much on after they are done I don't think. just a few bits in the small tents
  6. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    nope first time they have even opened on a thursday, i think its just for this. People who have paid for full weekend tickets (and not the extra for thursday) wouldnt be happy if there was music.
  7. Memory Man

    Live at Leeds 2018

    they are on at the same time as all the other headliners so turn up a little early but you should be fine
  8. Memory Man

    Live at Leeds 2018

    brudenell and leeds university are close by, 10 mins walk max. you can walk to the brudenell from leeds Beckett in about 15-20 mins Wardrobe is a bit far out of the way for the rest of the centre admittedly. taxi's are plentiful, obviously there is uber and if you're not from leeds get an app from the taxi company Amber for when Uber are pissing you about or being expensive. the only venue to venue that is not really walkable is wardrobe to the brudenell and vice versa. it would be about 25-30 mins walk. Depends how tight your schedule is really. If you really want to see someone I wouldnt let what venue they are playing in put you off, but if its just an "oh i might see them if its convenient" then fair enough.
  9. Memory Man

    Live at Leeds 2018

    im looking for tickets but as i said further up the post im looking for a discount it rarely sells out and its usually a buyers market for spare tickets in the run up you can buy tickets for £36 no booking fee in leeds so im looking to buy for under £30 and ideally £25
  10. Memory Man

    Live at Leeds 2018

    hold off..... drinking? whats that
  11. Memory Man

    Live at Leeds 2018

    long ques, bad crowd, annoying security, terrible expensive beer. the only thing they can do is the sound the best LAL acts are never on there so its fine
  12. Memory Man

    Live at Leeds 2018

    Leeds Uni refectory, o2 Academy Good venues are Leeds Beckett, Belgrave and Brudenell
  13. Memory Man

    Live at Leeds 2018

    been every year since it started but this is probably one of their weakest lineups for me, I just dont know new bands any more and the well known names are pretty weak aside from the horrors and PABH. will prob still go as long as i can get a cheaper 2nd hand ticket as its not worth £40 plus all day booze costs. Can turn into a sneaky expensive day when you add food and if you're a big drinker. will try and check out the rec's above. Any more would be nice. Saw HMLTD last year at this for the first time and loved them & became a fan so if i can get one band that blow me away having not seen them before i'd consider it a success i'll be keen to see the schedule and will make more sense re how the day will go, will decide based on the schedule whether or not to go. If Horrors and PABH were to clash or be in venues I hate then it'd be a no. Just hope no-one you like plays the academy....
  14. Memory Man


    Still early for stuff to be announced for May. Wait a bit and see what comes up in the coming weeks, some smaller venues don't announce all that early. Ben UFO night at xoyo won't let you down I wouldnt have thought
  15. Memory Man

    Glastonbury evolves

    anyway all this sounds really good, they need to have a fallow year to make these kind of significant changes so its a blessing in disguise really. She also mentioned something about the Park changing.

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