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  1. Memory Man

    top 5 on your wishlist

    indeed they are quite the proposition live. Visceral.
  2. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    A few facebook comments are suggesting kraftwerk. it looks like they’re correct. Strong booking if theyre sharing a headliner with sonar which is a much larger and more estabished event albeit not directly comparable
  3. Memory Man

    Friday morning Other opener 2019

    me too They would go down a storm no matter where they appeared on the lineup, i dont really know why they or a couple of other acts of their ilk (i.e "heritage" 80s bands) havent been asked / don't play. They arent obviously the size of a sunday legend but i'd be more interested in them than most of the acts that do get the legend slot. They were fantastic at bestival many moons ago Whilst we're at it lets have a bit of ABC
  4. Memory Man

    top 5 on your wishlist

    HMLTD !!! Hot Chip David Byrne (although i think pretty unlikely) Inner City
  5. Memory Man

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I was at this last night as well, it was great wasnt it! Best new-songs-heavy gig you're likely to see! Thought the support band Pleasure Complex were great too, ones to watch out for.
  6. Memory Man


    i want to be there for inner city, saw them at bugged out weekender when they last toured and it was amazing. super fun as you'd expect. Would be fabulous to see them at G. To be honest they're a perfect festival act.
  7. Memory Man

    Other Stage

    exactly what I meant
  8. Memory Man


    Lovely stuff, thanks for the share - enjoyed that. His work as Syclops is crazy but brilliant at the same time. Jump bugs or where's jason's K are classics.
  9. Memory Man

    Hot Chip

    John Peel headline in the new larger tent definitely not out of the question, given they'd be up against a load of other headliners across the site that will distribute the crowd. They are well known but I wouldnt say they are big per se. They are basically still UK academy tour sized apart from maybe in london. That or 2nd from the top on the other, ideally supporting the dust brothers just like APE. If they end up struggling for an other headliner i think they could do an LCD
  10. Memory Man

    Other Stage

    I actually looked and Chemical brothers last appearances are: 2007 2011 2015 2019? Exactly 4 years each time. Combined with the management connection mentioned above I would make them my lock of the week to appear. Get Hot Chip on as well, both brilliant UK bands that bring the party every time.
  11. Memory Man

    2019 Headliners

    i dont follow them so i dont know but if thats the case then they're clearly not in the running!
  12. Memory Man

    2019 Headliners

    Have to agree. As much as I dont like them there is an undeniable link there that has their hat in the ring at the very least. They must at least be in the "we'll take them if we can't get who we were originally after" category
  13. Memory Man


    This weekend Maurice Fulton & more down at mint club in leeds. He always brings the heat when it comes to soulful house/disco whatever else which is right up my street. I think he is criminally underrated, but thats the game. Mint is hardly my favourite venue and indeed it is closing early next year but still be kind of sad to see it go.
  14. Memory Man


    i was also a "not tonight" a few weeks back end of September. I have been in twice before too. Never mind, its their club and as you said I can see why they do it. My friend who lives out there doesnt really go without guestlist and I can see why. Fortunately for him he has lots of contacts but without there is always a reasonable chance you wont get the answer you want.
  15. Memory Man

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    on the basis of that I would be stunned not to see both chemical brothers and hot chip on the farm