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  1. Not been too bad in the past as long as you arent blatant and dont try to do like 4/5 at once. It helps if its wet and youre in a raincoat! they will check bags but not pat you down put it that way i still very much use the bars but will try the odd can here or there maybe once a day
  2. There is a real ale bar i think from previous years. That will likely start at a fiver
  3. Sadly those bar prices were expected by me. This seems to be the going rate at arena festivals.
  4. you can do it anytime you want 24/7 via the app. When i added mine the other day the balance was available instantly. or they have top up points at the site, all over the site inside and outside the arena
  5. if you look how narrow the roads are (some of them are little more than a glorified dirt track) you could barely even get a bus or coach up them.
  6. Squid into hot chip slightly frustrating sunday night pile up with darkroom / gabe gurnsey / derrick carter / willow all on at the same time or overlapping other than that they’ve done pretty well, you can never have no clashes. Someone has to go up against the headliners but i pity the crowd size for any act that does! hopkins is on pretty late but closing out the night should work for him. 2 hour gap between him starting and hot chip finishing. There is barely anything at all to clash with hopkins so the tent should be rammed
  7. Bluedot and we out here! will be a nice contrast to get to a couple of smaller events to counteract the beast that is glastonbury! Feeling fortunate of more festivals to come and to get to see hot chip and not have to worry about missing them for chems
  8. Personally enjoyed the scum stage and saw something in there each of fri-sat-sun. Was always easy to get in, as most there are on the hunt for dance music. I rate the truth stage, they book some really interesting non-dance stuff. Caught bit of UK Garage orchestra and well impressed! Admittedly its now more a collection of stages than an area with lots of explorable micro venues and the ability to explore it has diminished somewhat but i like to see an act too so its fine with me! If youre looking for exploration and interactivity or seeing something unexpected i think the unfairground still delivers that
  9. The pizza place in silver hayes opposite wow/sonic was really great. Dont usually bother with pizza at fests but this was proper wood fired and you could choose whatever you wanted on it. Got anchovies and £7.50 for a good size & quality pizza is ok with me! had my first no bones jones and was not disappointed, lovely veggie fritters and 2 salads for £6, reasonable Also had the deluxe diner sunday roast (beef) and it honestly did live up to the hype, it was utterly fantastic. Mind you it ought to be at £26 but youre paying for an experience. shout out to happy maki also in silver hayes. I was sceptical about vegan sushi (what, no fish?) but need not have been as it was fresh and tasty. It was their take on “duck” and hoi sin, lovely. Maybe slightly expensive at £8 but its quality. hiked up to cheese truck in big ground and they never disappoint. Goats cheese honey walnut is an all time favourite festival food for me. on the poorer end not very much squid for £7 at kraken, altho what was there was nicely done. Didnt actually have anything that could be considered not very good!
  10. Memory Man

    Bar Prices?

    Fiver for a pint most places, i honestly dont think thats too bad? Especially for brothers and burrow hill each of which are strong! Its a nice round figure
  11. Memory Man


    Taurus is definitely preferable to strongbow so that’s a start! If youre on a budget its absolutely fine
  12. Wow, superb. Just a shame a massive clash with the saturday headliners
  13. The crew map posted on the crew map thread shows directional arrows meaning almost certainly it is as you were, unless you have a disability/access wristband
  14. Memory Man

    2019 Crew Map

    If you check the crew map posted it is still showing directional arrow signs which to me indicates that the usual SE corner restrictions are still very much in place. Crucially on old railway it is pointing away from SE corner stating exit. what has been posted is the accessibility map for people with disability wristbands and their access will be different but for most people it is as you were.
  15. are you aware of heavy lungs? (playing scum) check them out if not
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