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  1. Unfortunately you missed out on the non ridiculous prices which were available at 7am this morning, sorry! There will be other carriers tho. Liverpool might be an option too.
  2. Just re-arranged easyjet flights for next year. Now the waiting begins....
  3. To be honest you’d be commuting from the north east of the city to the south west so you could make it a lot easier for yourself. However for non riot fest activities lincoln park would be a great place to be, the zoo is great! if its in your budget and you’re young & full of energy then go for it. getting there is easy but leaving at the end can be a bit time consuming with everyone trying to get on the metro at the same time
  4. 3 of us from 2 households Went for a booked pizza in manchester yesterday (ordering on an app is great) and then to one bar where you didnt need to have booked for one drink. This was all at lunchtime. It was nice to be back to normality, it was fairly quiet. Staff all wearing masks. QR codes take you to menus and both full table service. Aldi is a lot more dangerous. pick your establishments well and book in advance where you can. Instagram or social media will tell you where is open and if you need to have booked or not. Me and wife going for sunday roast and a pint today at the local. Pre booked. Need me a cask pint. Aldi will be a lot more dangerous. if you want to go out, do (and be sensible). If youre not ready, fine. i am thrilled to have restaurants back to be honest. I love dining out and have got a couple of good places booked over next few weeks who i know are top drawer operators and will be looking after their customers.
  5. From the BBC: ”Dr Manish Pareek, a consultant at Leicester Royal Infirmary, said recent cases of Covid-19 he had seen were from "inner-city areas which have high levels of ethnic diversity, pockets of deprivation but also quite crowded housing with inter-generational and multi-occupancy households". These factors "are almost like a perfect storm for a virus to be spread within," he added.”
  6. Heidi was excellent on the block9 stream, proper acid squelch & jackin chicago stuff as you want from Genosys
  7. Not just her, SASS so peach, shanti, moxie and saoirse. Which wouldve been incredible. anyone else locked to the block 9 live stream?
  8. Memory Man

    BBC Glastonbury

    No not said when. It will be on between now (8:05) and 9:30 i assume
  9. Memory Man

    BBC Glastonbury

    They’ve just said laura marling will perform live on the farm!
  10. Both block 9 films (meat rack being the other) are well worth your time. They’re great. those wow and sonic stages were shaping up to have some great moments! I can’t believe they got Omar S. Four tet and floaty P on sonic has lots of potential
  11. I’ve been! Arrive early each day, good acts on from early and it finishes at 10pm after parties are not worthwhile as difficult to get to after everyone leaves at the same time and you’ll be tired from a long day it can be very, very warm by UK standards. by contrast if it rains there is no cover. All open air. If hot you need hat and suncream big time. the circus sideshow freak show thing is amazing and a must see stay near a metro station ideally on the pink line or in “the loop” (city centre) as transport after can be an arse. Chicago is unfathomably huge. Book your accom early and do your research. book your flights early too, expect to pay around £400 return. £350 or under is a great deal. Go direct from Heathrow, its better than changing planes in my experience. BA likely to be cheapest. Get there a couple/few days before to get used to the time difference. 6 hours behind is a lot. Use these days to sightsee, acclimatise, get used to time difference and go to a baseball game. Food and beer scenes are amazing. Great holiday and decent festival. Come with plenty of money if youre a big drinker, festival prices are expensive for food & drink and exchange rate is shocking.
  12. Companies do have the option to be open, honest and transparent with their employees about what the financial situation is. Are they being? On the other hand, as horrible as it sounds, if an employer was to say if you don’t come back it will be redundancy time, then some will go back. at this point in time i wouldnt be wanting to get on public transport. If you can get to work without it and have no other issues i reckon you should probably go back
  13. He has certainly got a point. For so many hospitality type businesses there is no incentive to consider re opening at partial capacity. the country’s mood is moving towards getting things back towards normality so its time to talk seriously about how we achieve it.
  14. Has this already disappeared? Cant be found
  15. Exactly. You’ve rolled over your ticket money, its still there for the organisers (held in escrow by ticket agents) on the assumption it will still happen. If 2021 events go as normal i think things will be fine. of course, that’s a very big if at this point
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