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  1. Memory Man

    Lost Village Festival

    App with set times available from the app store etc i'm happy 😎
  2. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    by the way if anyone else did the hot tub and thought it was terrible I sent an email to ticketline and received a refund after they passed it to the organisers. Top drawer customer service in the wake of what was a truly shocking "experience"
  3. Memory Man


    nice! I would really like to go too. I can imagine it becoming a sell-out in a day / few hours kind of event for years as they would obviously spoil it if they expand the capacity too much. random question, what were the booze choices like? I can see they are pretty restrictive on what you bring in but i dont mind paying as long as the selection is OK. also how is the camping with facilities etc?
  4. Memory Man

    Lost Village Festival

    anyone going down this year? As it has sold out I am hoping they have not gone mental on the ticket sales and increased capacity too much resulting in it being rammed / ques everywhere. The lineup is, again, fantastic and think there will be even more to see incl a few more proper live bands for variety and another good smattering of comedy names. I recall queing quite significantly for entry on thursday afternoon last year. Did anyone go later on the thursday and find that better? Also we ended up camped near some pretty annoying people. Any tips if there might be any quieter areas? Finally they appear to have upped the personal booze allowance to 12 cans or equivalent, so thats something.
  5. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    its festival republic, they're not going to sort the beer out are they
  6. Memory Man

    Festival Number 6 - Portmeirion, Wales

    OK I will concede that they weren't out of place. I just thought everyone else on the line up was crap but thats just my taste 😉
  7. Memory Man

    Festival Number 6 - Portmeirion, Wales

    They have previously headlined lovebox. they are bigger than a 2nd stage headliner. At this point id say they are just as big if not bigger than the waning franz ferdinand who I loved but its a long time since they were a killer band, lets be honest. Line up changes ruin bands for me.
  8. Memory Man

    Festival Number 6 - Portmeirion, Wales

    I was at their brixton and Leeds come back gigs and they are still incredible. They smash it every time. The glasgow debacle sounded like it was more they were booked wrongly for a huge festival on a lineup that didnt suit them with a golden circle area at the front. If you like them and know the tunes you will have a brilliant time, guaranteed. I think they do suit an academy sized venue best but thats the same for most festival headline acts.
  9. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    Really decent festival! My only (very) minor gripes are thusly: Musical undercard remains weak and needs more money spending on it, with maybe less on the headliners? But obviously the headliners drive ticket sales.... Often there was very little I wanted to see on before 4pm which is a bit rubbish for a camping festival. Perhaps as the event grows things will improve in this respect. Contact stage was the same used as last year but as, at times, there must have been about twice as many people on site as last year it ended up being woefully inadequate size wise. Twice the capacity of the tent again were sat outside during David O'Docherty. They could step up the comedy element and make a bigger arena for it easily, its the kind of thing their target audience really go for. We paid for the hot tub which was the biggest waste of £35 in my life. One tiny weak shower to share between 12-15 people, no customer service, the tubs were not secluded or out of the way / private and ours was oversold!! Disgrace. Heartily not recommended especially as we went in on sunday when the weather was hot so sitting in a hot tub was just uncomfortable anyway. It is still annoying arriving on Friday morning in time to get your tent up and get in the arena for mid afternoon. I cannot see them opening on thursday to camp without further charge though. And we only come from leeds a 90 min drive. Other than that my experience was much the same as other posters, barely any dickheads, food was fantastic (but expensive) drinks were fairly decent (but expensive) and sneaking your own beers in was pretty easy. Some brilliant acts especially Baloji, Chems, David O'd, Simon Munnery and the utter incredible Paul Currie. Some acts I like but were a bit underwhelming on the day incl Vessels. Sound wasnt brilliant for the later DJ sets but had fun at Gilles Peterson and the unabombers after. We have been lucky enough to get guest list entry this year and last but if you asked me to pay to attend (as well as the money you spend on food and drink) I would have second thoughts to be honest. Admittedly as a 31 year old with no kids I am not exactly the target audience. Brilliant for families and the older generation for whom a festival like Glastonbury feels like too much of a slog & hard work. Getting in and out is so incredibly easy and the whole place is pretty stress free with very few ques at all. If it stays that way it will always have that going for it, which many events do not. It is great to finally have a reliably decent festival in the north of england year in year out.
  10. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    to be honest i think they will be lenient with young kids food, they have to exercise a level of discretion and common sense. As long as you are polite and don't take the piss you will have no problems.
  11. Memory Man

    Other Stage Delay Towers

    how many times is the other arena actually full though during the festival. Once or twice? Conversely you see shit loads of acts there who play to about 5%-10% of its total capacity and delay towers there would be massive overkill. I know not everyone can phsyically be at the front but why would you ever stand 100m away from a stage, get there earlier and get a better spot and you will enjoy it a lot more. often people at the back dont care and are just sat down or talking. to be clear, not talking about hyde park (never been) but specifically i dont think its a massive need at the other stage. I havent ever seen someone there I really wanted to see and think the sound was shit, but thats because I dont see acts that I dont really want to see and therefore when I do I make sure I get a good position. Standard gig going practice. If they can make improvements that won't cost the festival a shit load of money then I say do it, but if it would cost loads and impact on budgets for other areas of the festival or affect what they can donate to charity then definitely not.
  12. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    hardly any checks at all. They will have a cursory glance and you hardly wait long. To re-iterate, its really not a big festival at all. You will see when you get there. you can get booze in if you make a reasonable attempt to hide it on your person. They look in bags but don't pat you down. If its in a bag they will probably find it. Food either have it at your tent or buy inside. Its quick back to the tent from the arena no more than 10-15 mins each way. They do have the Roots stage which is outside the arena, so you can booze there on your own supply and eat your own food there if you like.
  13. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    put it this way, i'm more worried about rush hour traffic on the way there than I am any event specific traffic in the locality of the festival itself. it is a 10k capacity even that has not sold out and some of that capacity is day tickets, i.e its not very big at all and not big enough to cause traffic issues. that and the car park / surrounding roads are well managed. The thursday arrivals should make it even better. I did see some fairly sizeable ques on the friday morning last year at the gate after you get out of the car but before you enter the festival. don't know how long they took as we are on guestlist so have a separate entrance 🤐
  14. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    Sat 3pm mission control. I recommend you get the app as the clashfinder doesnt have everything. Clashfinder covers all the music and most of the comedy but misses the talks as if you sat there and typed them all in you'd be there all day.
  15. Memory Man

    Blue Dot Festival

    bar ques were pretty fast i dont recall waiting long, and yes you can pay on card. no issues there at all. food ques vary from non existent to a fair wait, but by sunday people have figured out whats good and whats not so any ques by then will be for the good shit. The food is actually listed on the website and sounds better than last year including some scottish street food stuff that sounds absolutely bangin. Many stalls you will recognise from other fests if you go to a few. Chic Kebabs were amazing last year. https://www.discoverthebluedot.com/stage/the-g'astronomy-village