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  1. im not sure i've ever known James Ford appear at an SMD dj set. others may correct me but i am almost certain shaw alone does the DJ sets. Shaw did the recent bugged out printworks appearance. he is likely well enough to do the odd gig here or there, but not to tour relentlessly also they're playing headrow house in leeds on NYE and i just cannot imagine James Ford being there rather than at a nice little private london party with his music mates or family. he is far too big news as a producer to be djing a free entry 250 capacity gig in leeds on new years eve. he would not need the money from these appearances whatsoever where shaw likely would.
  2. if anything it'll be Jas on his own and no ford. they were incredible live back in the day playing the 2006-2010 stuff, its a shame they've given up the live show in that regard. their newer stuff is a bit more experimental / inaccessible isnt it.
  3. yeah that was the call super / stingray / bone / paranoid london night!
  4. Daphni played it at WHP end of October as well, i mean it wouldn't be the worst track to have a big ol' rennaisance! Might not be everyone's cup of tea but was lucky to go to chemical brothers at Manchester Arena and goodness me it was epic. It was very similar to glastonbury but to see it that bit more up close and with the highest quality production level was very special. Long live the brothers and everyone who makes their show happen as they have clearly got the best crew and lighting people going. Got to see 2ManyDJ's before chems and also afterwards back in sunny leeds and they're not the most on trend thing these days but what they do, they do exceptionally well. You can't help but enjoy their selections as they just cram them in one after another and assault you! It moves so quickly, they just distil the well known bangers of the last couple of years plus classics into a manic 2 hours. Top bois. was a mad weekend across club land and i Managed to miss: Call Super Etc at mint warehouse Hessle Audio at Subdub Optimo at distrikt. god damn - just too much going on! I also missed Giant Swan as they were in Leeds on Thursday but couldnt really justify a late night with work the next day but my bristol mates tell me their show on saturday there was a worldy.
  5. not fully representative at just over 300 voters but if this was a good sample you're at about 70% of people that would be watching him. that's got to be stones level crowd at this point almost? you're talking almost certainly over 100k up to maybe even 120k. going to need some exceptional other, JP, Park and West Holts headliners to divvy the crowd up. As i won't be watching him (not for me) all I can say is the required strength of alternatives should mean its a solid saturday night with multiple options. its either that or no one wants to go up against him and most of the other options on the main stages are underwhelming.
  6. amazing. fingers crossed for something I can get to
  7. plus the bar is pretty interesting / different and the staff are really nice
  8. i particularly enjoyed LCD x 2 and the rapture cos im of that age!
  9. i went to the last white hotel optimo, it was fantastic. Would like to go again, will see if i can!
  10. I dont think ive seen him myself but heard good things, will check him out!
  11. oh yes, they've been out for a few days. check their social media.
  12. i'll be in early for optimo as well, looking like a different path for me though apart from artwork! larry after artwork and then definitely erol / ivan. fancy seeing horse meat and siano as well.
  13. was brilliant last year on the friday, I would recommend it. I'm going to homobloc! i'm rather excited 😎
  14. Memory Man

    Deluxe Diner

    Yes you can if you like. They have a nice drinks menu tho so its tough not to order from it!
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