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  1. Surprised by that, happy for all those wanting to see them
  2. Lets hope he is able to rejoin the conversation (should he wish to do so) when it drops
  3. Site owner threatened to pull the plug. He has stepped back for the short term as his health is more important, which is absolutely correct. Now…. Cmon block 9 this week!
  4. He’s been banned, i still cant quite work out why and i’ve read the thread concerned! Questioning whether neil should have banned another user basically. Dont want to cause any more bother but ppl deserve to know
  5. Might be worth securing this group elsewhere for the long term - its too valuable to lose to the dictator handing out bans left right and centre Im not the person to do it but expect theres plenty of good ideas out there
  6. Nothing whatsoever mentioned about any hidden stage, there may not be one at all as for anything secret (a la arcade fire / haim 2017) its surely unlikely at best. expecting nothing
  7. I’ll work on the assumption we’re getting nothing extra of note and therefore any extras will be a bonus its been made fairly clear that aside from anything secret or hidden (which could be anything from nothing to incredible) that we arent getting any new names
  8. Primavera piss off 100% of their punters on a fairly regular basis 😂 but yes they will come out simultaneously almost certainly i do hope they confirm in a news piece exactly who is out (and in, if any) rather than just leaving us to work out who isnt there as theyre not on the schedule
  9. At this point i expect they have it all done for weekend 2 but are probably still considering re-jigs for nick cave, girl in red, etc as i dont see them just leaving a gap where they were placed, so it necessitates moving other stuff about. Must be an absolute nightmare to be honest.
  10. No one knows anything! Although it does feel reasonable to assume that both weekends timetables will drop at the same time there has been more upheaval for weekend 1 but its obviously sooner, so youd expect 2 to be ready to go when that one is. i def feel like the end of the week is more likely than the start, going for thursday - exactly 2 weeks before agree its likely to be after the map, so hopefully that drops earlier in the week and the times after. Wouldnt surprise me if the times dont drop till next week on account of all the last min cancels for week 1 but hopefully not
  11. It will do, but could easily come out after the full lineup drops, rather than before. I’d say quite likely that it gets a news piece at some point due to the name /concept change but when is anyones guess
  12. Agreed. As matt said she is one of the biggest acts on the lineup, its as simple as that. she could sell out a large arena tour tomorrow with ease
  13. Ok that was over egging it somewhat! It was very annoying though as i had to get through / around it (poor planning on my part) I have never seen the other field that full in daylight, it was madness
  14. If billie got that audience size on other then i think can be reasonably extrapolated to rodrigo as well. My 2 cents anyway. Dont think the general glasto audience is too alternative these days. Not enough to stop pop acts getting massive crowds.
  15. It would be insane for olivia to not be on pyramid. It would be borderline dangerous on other (like billie eilish was) assuming she is going to be during the day whichever she plays. it doesnt feel right to me but i have no knowledge. Her crowd will be absolutely massive, she has a world tour that sold out in 5 mins and is not able to be seen easily as a result, hence everyone will take their chance to see her at glasto. 3rd or 4th down on other would be carnage imo. Get her on pyramid
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