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  1. Another vote for Erasure (why have they never played?!). Also, maybe a bit niche, but one of my favourites - Voice of the Beehive .. they’re a lot of fun live.
  2. Just watched some of the Charlie XCX set (I hadn’t seen it live) quite sad to see the amount of miming going on. On Gone she’s just singing tiny sections and letting the backing track fill in the gaps. It doesn’t feel right to have such an over reliance on backing tracks for the lead vocal. I'm going to have to go and look up what overdubbing is compared to miming if that’s what Billie’s set had. It looked to me like she was miming some songs when I was watching live, she shouted something like “get that vocal track out of there, why is that even playing?” on one track. Didn’t think Neil from PSB was miming tho, he had some backing vocals for odd bits with vocal effects (like Heart) but you can hear weaker bits of vocal and slightly duff notes here and there.
  3. I still loved the gig despite not being able to see Neil much.. the lights, lasers and sound were all amazing. Interesting that Self Esteem was rumoured to be doing Dustys part.. that would’ve been the cherry on the cake for me after Ollie already making an appearance.
  4. Was there something wrong with the camera feeds during most of the set? What was being shown on the side screens looked like it was mainly coming from the mixing desk cameras which were hamper by flags (and mr blobby) until the encore when we seemed to get better shots from the pit cameras etc. It kind of detracted from the experience a bit I thought. Not being able to see Neil clearly at all until the end. Obviously was fine on the BBC feed all along.
  5. Self Esteem getting a lot of love here and Olivia Rodrigo. Lots of comments about how amazing the festival looked this year..
  6. So glad he made it 🙂 looks like they had fun 🤩
  7. I’d like to see.. Lady Gaga The Shins (Broken Bells would also do) Fleetwood Mac Lizzo Harry Styles Warpaint Courtney Love (new album soon hopefully) Stars Depeche Mode NIN Erasure
  8. I saw the tea ladies and the cloud suit guys on more than one occasion.. the spike bar is still there isn’t it? The treehouse place with fairy lights?
  9. It was my first year working on the pyramid stage litter crew and I was pleasantly surprised by the level of litter on the field every morning. It really wasn’t that bad, definitely nothing like that stock photo. We did a bit of a litter pick in the campsite above the pyramid once we’d finished the pyramid field and found a huge tent had been abandoned along with airbeds, brand new wellies and a huge pile of random stuff.. whoever’s camp that was obviously had more money than sense/manners but I think that’s the exception these days.. a lot of the empty spots had been left clean.
  10. Definitely trying for tickets / volunteer roles for 2023. I often feel like I’ve been to a different festival to others when I read the post glasto threads, maybe I got lucky with the crowds, queues and people I bumped into but I never felt unsafe or annoyed (other than one group openly snorting coke sat right next to the path in the green fields in the middle of the day). I met a lot of very lovely people, people seemed to be happy and friendly.. the first night in the stone circle was like it used to be with a drumming circle and dancers.. it was a dream line up for me and everything I saw was fantastic. I think it would be better to not keep that extra allocation of tickets as things were a bit more busy than usual, I didn’t make it into NYC Downlow as the 90min queue didn’t appeal.. same with Funkingham Palace. But I managed to avoid any crushes by adjusting my plans if places looked too hectic.. worst bit was queuing 45mins for food in the park before wet leg. Overall it was another amazing experience and I can’t wait for next year.
  11. 143km wed-Sunday. Unusually for me my legs and feet are very sore.. must be getting old / out of practise.
  12. Pipine

    Wolf Alice

    Absolutely loved it. It was a perfect set, the crowd were amazing.
  13. I stilL can’t believe I’ve seen her. Got on the barrier and was totally in awe of her. Beautiful from start to finish.
  14. I can’t remember the name but there was a taco place (pink sign) on the JP side of the main markets (I think!) which did spicy belly pork tacos which were absolutely amazing.. I had them twice. They were next to another BBQ wrap place which was also amazing according to friends who ate there.
  15. 143km .. my feet are aching.. by Sunday I was trying to minimise walking as my leg muscles and feet were just ruined. I think I need to do more training before next year! Obviously lost my glasto fitness over lockdown 😂
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