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  1. Not seen it but he does seem to be all about the economic impact and not so much the compassion and life saving .. I wish Obama could be installed as a caretaker president.
  2. Italy has a higher proportion of older people living in close proximity who have underlying health issues. They’re going to get hit harder unfortunately.
  3. Definitely agree with Benja100, I just can’t see the financial risk being bearable very soon.. the logistics and bookings would be so uncertain (policing, build, artists etc) it would all be such a huge gamble and they surely wouldn’t want to risk the security of future festivals to try and pull it off, the stress on them all and the feeling of responsibility for everyone involved would be horrendous. It’s heartbreaking but I can’t see them pushing on much longer. It must be the worst time they’ve been though.. I hope they’re doing ok xx
  4. Yes, I said in a previous post I don’t understand why the government isn’t asking those at risk groups to self isolate now, I’ve asked my parents to because they’re both recovering from cancer and have other health issues. I get the main message of the CMO but don’t understand the lack of protection for at risk groups atm.. telling them to avoid cruises is not enough!
  5. Sorry, poor wording on my part, the chief scientific officer said most people get a mild illness but in at risk groups such as older people a different immune response is triggered and a worse illness ensues.. Its better for the majority of society who aren't in the at risk group to get it so that the population as a whole builds up immunity.
  6. I actually think he does fully support it, I talked it through with the epidemiologists in the team and they agree its the right approach, we need to use the more extreme measures when they'll be most effective, they can't be maintained for long and also we need the majority of the population to get the mild version of the illness so we're not just storing it up for episode two at a later date.
  7. I thought they said older people shouldn't go on cruises and hinted that self isolation for at risk groups would be advisable soon? I might've misunderstood.
  8. I work in the public health team at a local authority and our director of public health is fully supportive of the CMOs approach.. initially I was in the "lock everything down now" camp but I can see the logic of the more measured approach.. it is weird though to see other public health officials disagree with the CMO, its obviously not an easy decision to make... time will tell who was right. I still think there should be some advice to at risk groups to self isolate however and I'm making sure my immuno-suppressed parents can stay home by covering their childcare responsibilities.. I can't remember which country it was but one EU country was keeping schools open etc but telling older people to self isolate and banning large gatherings.. that seemed like the sensible balance to me.
  9. The reports from doctors in Italy look bleak. Pretty sure our government needs to be a little less cautious and bring in the measures it’s taking about for next week now.
  10. This was the quote from Prof Whitty, so hopefully its fairly well modeled / researched... but yes it is just modelling at this stage... One of the things which is clear, if you model out the epidemic, is you will get 50% of all the cases over a three-week period and 95% of the cases over a nine-week period, if it follows the trajectory we think it’s likely to.
  11. I'm feeling quite reassured that we're already partly in the delay phase and I've read elsewhere that they would expect 95% of cases to occur in a 9 week period based on current knowledge so that doesn't seem like its going to be a long lasting epidemic.
  12. My public health colleagues explained today that the move to close down events like Glastonbury would be to slow the spread of the disease, of course you wouldn’t shut down towns and cities, but events where lots of people gather just exacerbate the spread of the disease so there is a good reason to stop them. Obviously not the answer I wanted, but I can kind of see the logic. I’m just hoping it’s peaked well before June..
  13. Pipine

    Volunteering 2020

    Out of all the roles I’ve applied for I’d love to get the green crafts one too, I’ve got very fond memories of camping in the dragon field for many years before it became crew camping, it felt like home and the craft field was the first and last thing I saw of Glastonbury every day and It was my little oasis of calm. I’d love to be back there and the shifts sound great.
  14. Pipine

    Volunteering 2020

    It was next door to oxfams camp last year.
  15. I think it's a 4 hour shift every night sometime between 8pm and 8am.. I love the calm of the green fields at night so it seems like the perfect stewarding role to me 🙂 I've applied.
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