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  1. Bring your passport and immediately leave it in a property lock up once onsite so you don't have to worry about losing it
  2. This is my main clash. I've seen chris recently and she was amazing, never seen the cure, might have to to a bit of both..
  3. I last went in 2013, I'm now mother of two boys and life feels like a million miles from where I was in 2013. It's going to be crazy to go back (on my own!) for my 15th festival.. I'm probably the only person going to a festival for a good night's sleep 😂 but also to get back to my happy place and recharge myself. I'm also going to miss my boys so damn much.. I've not been away from them for even a night in almost 5 years..
  4. Same here, I'm packed and ready to head of to steward for Oxfam on Tuesday when just 3 days ago I didn't think I'd be going to Glastonbury. You guys are amazing, thank you so much! Hope everyone has the best festival ever xx
  5. I got a new decathlon pop up tent, re-waterproofed my waterproof jacket, checked what was in my packing pile to see what was missing.. feeling about 80% ready to go.
  6. Will do, that was my original plan.. hopefully there'll be some other Oxfam crew on the same train.
  7. Oxfam haven't mentioned anything about shuttle buses from castle cary, I'm arriving Tuesday afternoon and was expecting to have to get a taxi, if there's a bus that would be awesome.
  8. I got a last minute volunteer place with Oxfam at 11am today so I'm rapidly trying to look at my glasto packing list from previous years and see what needs buying / sourcing.. this will be my 15th glasto and 2nd volunteering so I should know what I'm doing but getting organised in 4 days is fairly epic! But yay! I'm going to Glastonbury!!
  9. Yep, just signed up to the main group and I'll get sighed up to the solo one later
  10. Over the moon is an understatement! I just spoke with Oxfam, my training is online, got to get myself from the train station to site on Tuesday as the oxbus is full.. but it'll all be fine I'm sure I'm just stunned I'm actually going :)) I'll be on my own so hoping to catch up with some other people off this thread who are volunteering for Oxfam and on their own.
  11. OMG I just got a stewarding place with Oxfam! Thank you to all you lovely people who suggested the web monitoring.. I can't believe I'm actually going!
  12. Those who got last minute places.. what time did the place pop up.. just wondering how late I need to be keeping an eye on my alerts.
  13. I'm still hoping for an oxfam place. Missed one by seconds earlier today... hoping there's more popping up today or tomorrow.
  14. Damn, just missed a volunteer place. Had all my card details in but when i confirmed it had gone! Hopefully there'll be more....
  15. I'll keep a look out! Thank you
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