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  1. I probably won't realise this is happening until I have set foot on the holy grounds.
  2. They probably agreed that MA will return in 2023 and keep the money. Also, none of the suggestions on here were realistic, apart from, maybe, Mitski and shes maybe half the size of MA (cause the 16 yo Tiktok Goths hyping her now are hardly gonna go to PS) Once Again: If no single festival has replaced MA decently that is in all probability because they can't, not because they don't want to. PS has the privilege of being sold out and they don't have to care that much, but for other fests it would've been vital to replace headliners. And the would have if they could have.
  3. Could you name someone? Which acts do you know that are available on the specific dates, can fit into the exact spot (stage specifications and so on)? I'll say this again: There has never been a festival-year where the market for acts was this tight. Most festivals cannot replace a dropout at all, let alone a headliner. Wishing the impossible doesn't make it possible and judging promoters by impossible standards is unfair.
  4. Those Timetable changes don't make sense at all, why is there a 45 min gap between Nick Cave and Gorillaz now? Really just loosening the Bauhaus clash? Any other changes besides that and Mdou Moctar/AG Cook?
  5. Its also quite weird to not print books for environmental reasons but print thousands of free shirts, and let your event be sponsored by cars and crypto, two of the most environmentally devestating technologies existing
  6. Hey everbody my new book about the VIP experience at Primavera is out next month its called Nick Cave and the Bad Seats
  7. So the free t-shirt for ticket-keepers will be available from 31st of May.... but apparently not on site!? https://www.primaverasound.com/en/barcelona/pull-camisetas
  8. Other than the last years, there is an extra exit right at Mordor, so if people wanna go home, they don't have to walk all through the site. Also increased shuttle Bus frequency and 24h Tram service will mean less congestions Thursday and Friday nights
  9. I guess the increased price of all things involved, the higher risk of getting sick, the longer time span between buying the ticket and actually being able to make concrete plans and Covid and UK travel issues, contribute to the high number of ticket sales as well as the fact that its much easier to sell your ticket this year than ever before. Oh and also two weekends of course. Don't expect it to be less or more crowded thn 2019, maybe a bit less dense, seeing that there now are different options to get home at night
  10. Certainly not quieter, but probably less crowded. Personally, I think 30 minutes from Mordor to Bits is somewhat optimistic.
  11. I guessed 13 Meters correctly but I had my money on a Pull Those stands at the Mordor stages will have perfect sight on the FOS Tower, what more could you ask for?
  12. Indeed. But that would be a total waste of space in front of that stage and double the time needed to change between the two stages as well as creating a totally unneccessary bottleneck. Lets just hope they don't do that. Also, the map doesn't show why they'd need to move the stage further towards the grass ramp.
  13. Adding to this: has anyone had experience with stuff like "Rave Doctor" or other vitamin mixtures at festivals? Guess I could use some extra vitamins 😄
  14. However, the map shows a Bar where the 2017 "hidden stage" (in plain sight right by the entrance of the festival but hey) that Arcade Fire played their suprise Gig on was located. Since its a corner of the festival where nothing else happens, a bar would only make sense if there is a stage...
  15. Saw them in 2018 and enjoyed it, though it was very short and had hardly any songs from my favourite records, I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One & And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
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