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  1. Man I really hope for a line up without the likes of Lana and SZA, not because I dont like them but because those reddit Americans need to stay home. Exchanging their best drug stories now...
  2. The funniest thing is, you just know some dudes are gonna push through to end up right behind lana stans 10 minutes before her set starts and will spend all set loudly talking nonsense
  3. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot
  4. They are right, its completely incosiderate but jesus this american entitlement. „Just get a vape“ no thanks i dont enjoy sucking on a USB stick
  5. It was a good show but weirdly chaotic. Starting 15 minutes early people were still coming in and looking for Spots, it was unclear if this was „warming up“. At just 40 minutes it was also quite short and i was a bit suprised when it ended. William Basinski „performs Disintegration Loops“ also seeme a weird Title him Not being on stage at all
  6. Very happy with how much bars habe improved, never needed ro wait for drinks. but honestly, the stage setup is just so bad. P&B bleeds into Cupra, Boiler Room disturbs Plenitude and Albini. And the fences around the bushes really are a bummer, a late night calming 10 minutes away from the crowds was always great. It felt very empty though, not a Single Act where I wasn‘r able to be up front. all in all a great first day
  7. Yeah, it‘ll be fine from today However I was sorta shocked at just how bad the new stage setup is, Not having been at PS in 2023. the way out After Phoenix was chaotic, signs were misleading, Security had no clue and kept the gates closed so thousands of people congested at the exit. Could‘ve really been a dangerous Situation.
  8. Heard shes taking over the King Krule parts in Mount Kimbies set
  9. Julie Byrne out, ML Buch takes her spot personal reasons There was a 2€ charge from at least 2016 to 2018 but i've seen lots of people skip paying. Guess this won't be possible anymore with Accessticket as means of payment. 3€ is okay though
  10. I'm seeing 24° and 0% rain all weekend. But honestly, there is no relaible way to predict weather this early. The rain percentage value means: "it rained on x% of days with these weather conditions" and the specific conditions cannot be projected reliably a week before
  11. Man the "new" Albini location is a bummer. There was a bar there that was often the easiest one to get a drink at which seems to be completely gone now. Also, if you don't zoom in it looks like theres sheep in the VIP area but IF you zoom in you can already see people from reddit waiting for Lana at the barricade
  12. I like Lana and will give her a go from further back but if it sucks, I'll go exploring 🙂
  13. Yeah. I try to not be prejudiced, but every cliche about Americans is confirmed in that r/ several times a day. The audacity some people on there have is astounding.
  14. i love the level of rotation they are currently doing. I havent heard any of the new songs live, but some of the „classics“ get a bit tiring by the tenth time, so I‘m hoping for a deep cuts heavy set
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