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  1. Does anybody know whwn Piroshka and Shonen Knife will play?
  2. There is just not enough information floating around. A few years ago the bands who were going to perform in the Auditori or on the Pitchfork-Stage were announced weeks before we got the actual timetable; so there was a lot of time to start a "Fantasy-Timetable-League"... I
  3. I really, really hate "The New Normal"...
  4. i still believe that the cure will be one of the headliners. and, yes, i know that they'll be at madcool...
  5. Smashing Pumpkins will be in Scandinavia during Primavera (and Gabi ruled them out anyway): https://www.smashingpumpkins.com/#tourdates
  6. The schedule is now avaliable in the BIME-app.
  7. No. The two missing band-names start with A or B and P or Q or R or S according to this poster:
  8. Next time I'll put my glasses on before posting...
  9. Jay Som will support Courtney on her European tour, and Jay will be in Barcelona on June 1st...
  10. Hinds will play Primaverasound 2018, so I wouldn't be too optimistic about an appearance at FIB.
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