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  1. I liked it: Relaxed atmosphere at the earlier gigs (Piroshka, Aliment) and some great late night gigs (Swervedriver, The Comet Is Coming) who were indeed very loud and a bit overcrowded.
  2. Has anybody here bought a ticket via Festicket and actually received his (E-)ticket?
  3. 2011 and 2016 were my favourite posters, 2017 and 2019 my least favourite ones.
  4. when they started, they told us we would get 10 names per day. now we seem to get 4 names per week...
  5. Last yesr DJ Coco (or Gabi Ruiz) said that there had been negotiations with Beck, but there were problems with his "big ego". I don't think they'd ask him again...
  6. The New Normal and me...we will never be friends.
  7. He will be in Hannover/Germany on June 4 and in Lyon/France on June 7. I don't think he'll be at Primavera. https://www.ticketstart.de/konzerte/paul-mccartney/
  8. 15 years ago it was a rather fantastic festival...
  9. But Beach House is not a "power rock duo"...
  10. In 2010 Pavement played the main stage (the one that is now called "Primavera Stage"); Pixies and Pet Shop Boys played there, too.
  11. Unfortunately, theyl'll play Barcelona 4 weeks before Primavera: https://www.songkick.com/artists/132580-swans
  12. The Old Normal... (Of course, I'd be happy if any of these bands would play!)
  13. ...probably concerning the 25th anniversary-deluxe-edition of Monster.
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