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  1. Anywhere selling cigs in the arena area?
  2. Thought the production was really poor at the main stage for Tame Impala. Really quiet and the big screens were randomly switching themselves off for a number of songs. Really hope the bar situation can be sorted out today but I think it actually might be worse. Have a feeling there will be a higher attendance today and I wouldn't be surprised at all if a lot of the bar staff who worked yesterday have just decided to fuck it off after the shitshow. Can't blame them either
  3. Belter. Physically can't buy ale and no ciggies either. Basically a straight edge festival.. although I bet in actual straight edge fezzies they have decent toilet and water facilities 😂
  4. Anywhere selling ciggies inside?
  5. Also, the fact you can only get a 300ml beer is a pisstake. If the idiots used their head and did bigger measures the queues wouldn't be nowhere near so big
  6. Bar queues an absolute disgrace. What a shit show. Add that to the two headliners cancelled without any replacements
  7. Has anything official been released about the beer prices inside the festival? Went to Mad Cool a few years ago & if I remember rightly that was about 9 euro for a large beer (around 750ml give or take). Presume it will be a bit more expensive now with the events / hospitality industry trying to claw back some of the massive shortfall caused by COVID. Am I right in thinking it will be all cashless too?
  8. Yeah was thinking around 3ish after the headliners finish. Presume if you're leaving the festival around 6 then you should be alright as that's when public transport typically starts for the day
  9. Anybody staying near the Camp Nou? Just want to be sure transport links will still be alright getting back to our hotel in the early hours. Cheers
  10. What do you think the odds are on these tickets turning out to be Freebies? I was thinking when it got announced that they might have initially said the ballot was to win the chance of purchasing a ticket as a means of blocking out any half-arsed Tom, Dick or Harry who's had a registration number over the past 6 years from applying, thus leaving the tickets for those who genuinely want to attend and missed out on the general sale
  11. Didn't think much of it when it was first released but it's grown on me a bit. Think it had the potential to be a really good tune as the keyboard riff is really catchy but it sounds like he's just gone a bit west with it. He did say that the reason the album was delayed is because he was spending so much time trying to get it right, so I'm a bit worried in case he's lost the plot & went full "Be Here Now"
  12. New LP confirmed for 2020 https://www.nme.com/news/music/tame-impala-confirm-title-of-new-album-out-in-2020-2560886
  13. Yeah that was the one mate. My bird went the Manchester gig in 2016 but I had to turn it down because I was seeing Cast in St Helens on the same night! Then saw them in Milan in summer 2016, Mad Cool in Madrid in 2018 & obviously Glasto this year. By the time we saw them in 2018 I even thought they were taking the piss a bit by starting what seemed like another tour without any new music at all - over a year on & we're still more or less in the same situation! Depending on how good / commercially successful this album is going to be you could even argue that they could have headlined the Pyramid this year if it had been released in time. Couple more catchy numbers & they'd easily have enough material to keep the Pyramid crowd happy
  14. Always wondered what happened to that iPod Nano I lost in 2009
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