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  1. Cheap pub rock compared to ... *checks notes* .. The Ramones. A band who famously spent half their career playing to the same pissheads in the same alehouse. (And I like the Ramones)
  2. New tune is great, just hope they manage to drop the album before the festival. Kevin Parker previously said he doesn't like playing new songs live before they've been released so hoping they've got a fresh batch of tunes out there by the time June comes around. Seen them umpteen times between 2015 - present & the setlist has been more or less completely the same which is my only real criticism of them.
  3. Helloo First glasto this summer after a good few unsuccessful years of trying, was just wondering what the entrance queues are like for coach arrivals? Travelling from Liverpool so plan on getting the coach (national express) at about 6ish which would apparently get us to the site for midday. In anyone's experience would it be worth booking an earlier coach to ease our passage into the festival? Many thanks in advance!
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