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  1. Noga Erez trying her best to catch the eye of the EOTR bookers.
  2. The phrasing used wasn't 'worth'. The OP wrote 'good value'.
  3. It's not a silly comparison. My point was that just because people pay for something, doesn't automatically mean as you say that they think it's good value. It might be because there are few alternatives and lack of supply drives up the price.
  4. If you want to focus on facts, rather than accusations, Spain is doing just fine. Fewer cases than the UK and no third wave yet...and all this with no lockdown and few vaccines.
  5. No. There's an exemption for "activities that are incompatible with its use" No way in practice are the police going to fine sunbathers. I live in Spain and know how the police operate here. They can use discretion and they will, as long as people are discreet themselves.
  6. I'd think there is a high probability EOTR will snap of most of these to replace the US names that fall away.
  7. This is not just better than APE, this is way better than APE. Round of applause to the organisers!
  8. Massive crossover now presumably with US acts falling away...
  9. People went ahead and bought masks when they were hard to get hold of a year ago for £50 a pack. Didn't mean they deemed it good value.
  10. I'm registered in London, 40s, system won't let me book...
  11. You do realise Spain is completely otherwise open. All shops, all restaurants, bars, cinemas and even a 5000 person concert at the weekend. And you don't have to wear a mask if you are on the beach exercising or sunbathing. Having strict measures on masks means that they are worn near 100% and no one complains about it either. Didn't realise that makes them clowns...
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