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  1. You could top it by removing the cataclysmic rain.
  2. That list is so massively indie-heavy. Shows how much they’ve diversified over the years. I’m glad they’ve opened Hidden up to all. If I remember there was a time where to be sure of getting in you had to be at the gates at opening and then even run to the area where they were giving out tokens.
  3. I don’t really understand the cult of LDR. She seems the definition of average to me in terms of her songs and as a performer. Neither good not bad. Only with her looks does she rise above and that’s not what I value in an act.
  4. They’ve had Jonny Marr and others repeat so they don’t seem fussed. On the other hand the dates don’t match up with their tour.
  5. It's not really a Sufjan album. Moby must still be right in the frame. He needs to try and rebuild his reputation and the UK might make more sense to start than the US.
  6. Massive Attack are doing Mezzanine later in the year in Japan. Suppose it increases the chance they will do it at APE but would still say very unlikely.
  7. There's no way they are still looking for acts at this stage (unless someone else has just cancelled).
  8. ...and we have a cancellation already. Lana Del Rey. edit: she might recover in time.
  9. Totally agreed. They did once get Skepta in as a replacement for Migos at incredibly short notice, just a day, which was pretty impressive
  10. Nah, Caribou have headlined Field Day, Secret Garden Party, Green Man, Citadel and others. Clearly people like them. And they are second line at Coachella.
  11. Also a couple of decent sized names will inevitably cancelled and be replaced. Bands like Ratatat, FKA Twigs, Future Islands have been added in the past as well as the Hidden half dozen which has got much stronger over the years The only bands definitively not playing are the ones not touring/available, expensive and with an entourage or playing a rival event.
  12. Well my take, which might not be right, is that with very few exceptions, bands want to plan a run of shows in the States or in Europe. So if there's a festival the other side of the world, it lessens the chance of them playing Mad Cool, rather than increases it.
  13. Umm, it's the other side of the world...
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