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  1. I didn't mean it as a criticism. Human nature not to give your absolute all to something that is pre-destined to fail and the right decision.
  2. I guess in the end they didn't fancy working hard on something that would cause them a financial loss and get a lukewarm reception. Who can blame them...
  3. Nits back on. Hinds played the Adidas stage last night, not the Rayban, for some reason.
  4. I think the debate is being overcomplicated. The one and only means for it to go ahead as reasonably normal next years is with a successful implemented vaccine.
  5. Really hope Andy S makes it to EOTR 2021. New single is lovely as ever.
  6. The findings of this will be super interesting. https://www.businessinsider.com/german-scientists-host-concert-to-study-how-the-coronavirus-spreads-2020-7?r=US&IR=T
  7. There’s every chance you’re right. But I’m optimistic because it’s an outdoors event, football in stadiums will be long established and bands will be so desperate to play they will find a way to tour flexibly and at short notice. And the vaccine is coming along at a pace as good as could be hoped for.
  8. I've just added 'experience in the field of music festivals' to my CV (good accidental pun incidentally). Roll on the job offers...
  9. Surely it’s possible for them to just put on the best 150 acts they can find and even if that means a dilution in quality, the determining factor for the festival remains whether it is allowed. We might be saying the same thing : )
  10. Are you not allowed to use commas or apostrophes if you are under 35?
  11. Yes, sad times. So important that both a vaccine is found and the govt pulls their finger out or I fear for all these independent festivals.
  12. I think they will run the event but people won't enjoy it much with the impact of the social distancing and nor will it be profitable.
  13. Or buy on someone else's credit card to be doubly safe.
  14. No way of predicting. There's no precedent for a global pandemic that has crushed demand for aviation and decimated the world economy and which will potentially resurface by then.
  15. The new Protomartyr stuff sounding absolutely fantastic and album out tomorrow. Such a good live band too. Would have thought they'll be touring around the time of Primavera to promote the new album. Fingers crossed...
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