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  1. The replacements aren’t touring at the moment unfortunately.
  2. Yeah, we'll also inevitably lose at least one headliner this year too and probably more like two, given the pandemic and very early nature of these bookings. Can see them ending up drafting in someone like Primal Scream last minute.
  3. I'd have a different view and would suggest those dates rule them out.
  4. I think had she announced a set then a secret DJ set a possibility but not the other way round. On a separate note putting celebrity DJ sets high up the poster just cheapens it.
  5. Big Thief's concert in Barcelona was due this month. Was never going to happen, given spread of omicron at present. Porridge Radio might look worse as was in April but has been cancelled for 'logistical issues'
  6. Perfume Genius, Pixies, King Gizzard, Laura Marling would be my guess.
  7. Then when you collect your wristband they should be able to give you the one with the double weekend colour so you’ll be fine. Don’t accept two wristbands.
  8. Any guesses or when we will get the lineup. How soon is soon?
  9. Don’t see them doing reservations. Will be priority/double weekend ticket holders first. Don’t think will be that crazy as people will be exhausted from several days of concert going and lot of working locals won’t go either.
  10. On here https://www.primaverasound.com/en/news/alegria-cartel-primavera-sound-2022-barcelona-sant-adria
  11. The lineup is stronger now than it was when they sold the festival out. They’ve never been mean with replacements over the years, although when major act cancellations have happened immediately before the festival, inevitably it simply hasn’t been possible to get as big a name. We still have time. Replacements will be decent.
  12. Hmm, listened back - totally fair comment.
  13. For me, it’s just way too early to tell if they’re any good. What have they done, 4 songs? I remember was quite a buzz about bands like Girl Ray and Hinds when they came in the scenes. Turned out they quickly ran out of good songs and peaked too soon…
  14. Exactly. Announce 4 months before the festival = fewer dropouts (normal year) than if you announce 12 months beforehand (this year). Brockhampton were actually first announced in January 2020. Screw you Covid!
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