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  1. Would welcome any expert recommendations on great bars and restaurants (or things to do) in Bilbao!
  2. and are there ever cheaper second-hand tickets nearer the time? Thanks!
  3. Any negatives to the festival to know about (other than the cost of Norway and early finish)?
  4. I am receiving word that 2025 will have a great lineup. Source: the previous 15 lineups
  5. Porto confirmed a week later than normal too. Maybe to accommodate a third festival…
  6. That’s not how currencies work…
  7. USD salaries are way higher plus cable is strong in their favour (and USD festivals cost about double for entry and drinks/food).
  8. Will Smith replacing Morrissey in a reformed The Smiths
  9. They are playing 1h40 at another fest I am going to. That's longer than most PS24 set durations...
  10. Elizabeth Fraser is touring with them????! Amazing. And fantastic setlist.
  11. Massive Attack - 2020 oh sh*t 2021 another covid year? 2022 2023 2024 why? 2025? definitely 2026
  12. Nice. Can anyone remember/know what time of day the comedy started last year?
  13. The new massively extended tram line is almost complete and will run direct from the Forum to Verdaguer next year so I would recommend everyone look at Gracia or east part of Eixample for cheaper hotels.
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