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  1. https://www.eldiario.es/politica/pedro-sanchez-defiende-proceso-vacunacion-confia-llegara-70-poblacion-verano_1_7036447.html ?
  2. With today's number the UK is now into 2nd of major countries with the highest deaths per capita (behind Belgium) in the entire world. Given that Belgium saw 48 die to our 1,401 today we may go on to overtake them. Pretty shameful stuff. So many people on this board could see that being lax at Christmas was complete folly.
  3. That makes my blood boil. Little Britain mentality. Spain, by contrast, has said everyone is welcome to the vaccine and they won't make any judgements. Doesn't matter even if you are undocumented and not legal in the country, you can get the vaccine.
  4. Look, basically, that's an egregious breech of English.
  5. 65 million people and they're the top 10 names we can come up with?? Maybe we should be incentivising bright people to go into politics...
  6. Speaking at the meeting of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) held in Madrid, the Spanish Prime Minister Mr Sanchez said today: "We are already the ninth country in the world in the vaccination process and one of the first countries in Europe. "And we are going to advance with the vaccination at the highest rate until reaching 70 per cent of the population with immunity by the end of the summer. I repeat, September may be unlikely but you can't yet rule it out...
  7. Obviously it's not ultimately up to Primavera and I don't think for a moment that it is. But that's not to say there's nothing they can do. They can advocate and lobby local government (with whom they have a relationship). They can do trials to breed some more confidence, as they did in December. Argentina for example legalised abortion recently. The government 100% made the ultimate decision but without the lobbying work from those on the ground it wouldn't have happened. They can come up with frameworks of how to handle different emerging situations and conduct scenario p
  8. Eustice played down the prospect of a full-blown travel ban being introduced to halt the spread of coronavirus across the UK: "The judgement was for now is that the right thing to do was to require pre-travel testing and quarantine for everyone on arrival, and then for them to be able to exit earlier if they do second test at five day interval." Yep, no surprise, they're bottling it. Unfortunately, the UK has chosen to be a third country and may find that European countries ban the country unilaterally.
  9. I can't see why they won't throw everything at trying to still make it happen in September and possibly some positive developments in coming months. 100% they'll hold a smaller set of events then (but bigger than last years Nits' programme). And perhaps 30% September main Festival can still happen with European acts. It is still in a long time after all, bands and punters will be very keen and the infrastructure is mostly already in place.
  10. We're going to use UK budget to spend on supporting Spain and Greece? ('rapidly invest')??
  11. We've just dropped our pledge on percentage of international aid, which tells you all you need to know about the government's vision for supporting the wider world. MUKGA hats incoming...
  12. I have little doubt we will lose our nerve at introducing the critical 'controlled quarantine' plan that's needed to truly make that work. And too many infected hauliers will come having got through the ropey quick testing.
  13. What about e.g. families who live in different countries? A parent who leaves a poorer country for a better paid job to provide for their family?
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