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  1. I'm with you. No way are The National a smaller act than Disclosure.
  2. Yes, I agree completely. Though doesn't affect my three additional points in Primavera's favour.
  3. We'll just have to respectfully agree to disagree. >85% of ticket buyers for Roskilde kept hold of their tickets and that's even without these new names, pretty fully lineup and range of financial incentives that Primavera has.
  4. Who else from 2020 is touring then and thus likely to join the poster later? Apparently the following are confirmed elsewhere: Mavis Staples Georgia Floating Points Sampa the Great Girl in Red
  5. Under enormous pressure not to haemorrhage money, it's hard not to respect Primavera for sticking with their alphabetical order poster, a much less commercial approach.
  6. A short time. Think it was 2 weeks. The festival will almost certainly sell out given pent up demand so will be further opportunities to offload it.
  7. Some bad news in amongst all this. Heineken are rebooked for 2021.
  8. Lots of potential for guests at their set. Kano, Fatoumata Diawara, Georgia, Mavis Staples etc...
  9. Followed by an awesome closing party in town. If my experience is anything to go by, most people are an absolute wreck by Sunday afternoon after 4 days of heavy festivalling and are after a low key afternoon.
  10. Perhaps the contractual side hasn't been fully signed and sealed yet. They were also planning an elaborate tour by land (not taking any planes) so more complicated for them to arrange and commit to.
  11. Yeah, totally with you buddy. Sorry, didn't mean to sound negative, only point was that the lineup will change up a bit, that's all! Of course every chance vaccine still not emerged by then but you have to keep going and stay positive when realistic hope is there. I'm a believer....
  12. The one thing I'd add is that the festival is still over 12 months away and the potential for a Winter wave of Coronavirus remains, in turn potentially restricting international travel or making bands lose their nerve and change their plans. Inevitably at least one headliner will pull out and this opens up room for a replacement. There will definitely be more cancellations across the board than in a usual year.
  13. Just pop to one of the other 14 stages while they're on : ) Think of it as clash salvation.
  14. For anyone disappointed, @diogozsz is quite right - we're not even halfway on names. Personally and particularly given an 18 month gap between festivals, even if they didn't add any more, I'd be salivating at the prospect of that lineup.
  15. In the end, they will get very few ticket returns. There. Has. Been. So. Much. Complaining.
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