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  1. 2018: 215-200,000 for the week 2019: 220,000 for the week (inc. 63,000 on saturday - the day with the largest audience in the history of Primavera Sound) Yeah 2019 was such a disaster on ticket sales...
  2. As I mentioned, shame about Angel O but generally can cope without that lot.
  3. The name Virgin Fest by no means sounds like it's targeting creepy guys.
  4. Daft Punk are finally back!! Edit: Damn. Turns out it's tribute band Draft Phunk, who are going on a tour of Harvester restaurants in north Norfolk...
  5. If I had Talking Heads booked, I wouldn't release the poster until I could put them on it!
  6. I agree. In a funny way, their inclusion on the poster makes it seem more believable than if it only included 'safe' names, though I take @Gnarler and @Millar95's points as well as your point and it is still unlikely.
  7. If it's a fake, someone has done a good job on making the Spanish names look believable.
  8. ...well we will know on Monday if the list of names is right.
  9. Agreed, does look slightly too good to be true on reflection.
  10. Design is not legit but list of names looks pretty realistic.
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