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  1. As if to rub it in, they are playing a free concert with Nilufer Yanya in New York this week.
  2. I can see them going for someone like Kate Tempest in that case.
  3. Was it a case of the nerves getting to them for Insecure Men?
  4. What have they done in the past when a reasonably big act has cancelled too late to be properly replaced?
  5. Maybe it's about finding a vaguely acceptable replacement first. They signed up to do three nights in London!
  6. I wasn't that enamored by Friday evening but at least BSS were going to be one of the few highlights. Now it's looking threadbare. I was 10 mins from seeing them at Primavera Sound 2 years ago, only for an Arcade Fire secret set to be suddenly underway with no warning so I missed them. The music gods seem to be conspiring against me seeing them...
  7. Their name is no longer on the website carousel nor are they listed any longer under bands playing. Why no Four Tet?
  8. Goddamn it, it looks as though Broken Social Scene has dropped out. Frustrating, if true.
  9. Bucking the trend here but I would much rather it was outdoors and in a beautiful space. London doesn't really have too many of those (Ally Pally at a push) so maybe a short train away. Definitely wouldn't want in in an arena.
  10. I'd be happy enough if it was two days with a subset of the same bands as in Barcelona. So many good bands I didn't see this year because of clashes...
  11. Cool. They did however predict Kendrick Lamar, Deus and John Grant (as well as others that only played Porto) last year so their forecasting power is not perfect.
  12. https://www.pollstar.com/article/exclusive-primavera-sound-planning-london-launch-138393 Yes, Meridian Water.
  13. Yeah Friday was a bit too busy but still really enjoyed pretty much every aspect of the festival. The only negatives were the faff to get from town to the camping site, the food at the festival site (pretty average at best) and Liam Gallagher being on the bill/being rubbish. The security were touching people's groins in a way as part of the frisk like I've never seen before - possibly fair I suppose as that is where people hide their stuff! Otherwise was very enjoyable. A lovely crowd. A cracking lineup.
  14. I don't care if you're 100 years old, in 2019 you're an idiot to make these kinds of comments and deserve to have your reputation hurt. Though it should be pointed out that not all racism is equal. They weren't anywhere near as hate-filled and toxic as others like Trump, just as affray is not the same as murder.
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