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  1. It's literally UK based Festicket's sole job be a ticket processing agent so do think they deserve all the barbs here and they should be the ones to fix the issue.
  2. Isn't that like blaming a taxi driver for the Uber app not working?
  3. This is hardcore! On that subject how about a Pulp reunion?
  4. Bought. I'm 90% confident they will iron out some of the problems from this year - though inevitably some will remain. I'm 100% the lineup will still be the most diverse and exciting at any festival in Europe.
  5. As well as the far fewer fewer stages, the concerts only run from 6pm-3am vs 4.30pm-6am at PS. Finishing at 3am in Spain is pretty insulting! Bilbao BBK, Beni and others also go on until dawn.
  6. My apologies, I got caught up in a dispute with someone who is not a fan of logic and shouldn’t have done. I’ll exit stage left. Enjoy the fest.
  7. Last time the last acts of the night ran until 4.30 and were (appropriately) dance acts including Charlotte De Witte, Helena Hauff and Chemical Brothers. I expected Nina Kraviz to be the last act on friday and be an excellent end to the evening.
  8. There is a big difference between finishing at 3 and (as had been case with some nights last time) 4.30. I’m glad it suits you but it doesn’t suit me and is not consistent with what I was expecting. This is Spain. 3am is a joke. Bilbao BBK and Primavera finish around 6 or 7am.
  9. Most people are young and dont want to go home early so few will leave before the headliner that finishes at 2. So bottleneck 1 is at 2am Then bottleneck 2 is at 3am after the next act. Then normally bottleneck 3 at 430am If you end at 3am instead you have bottleneck 2 and 3 combining into a superbottleneck.
  10. Of course it makes a difference! If you finish at 4.30, you have some leaving at 2ish, some at 3 and some at 4.30. If you finish at 3 there’s all the people who would have left then PLUS all the people who would have stayed on for one more act.
  11. The other issue with shortchanging us with the early finish is that 3am is now likely to be a disaster for getting back to central Madrid with a very high concentration of people leaving then.
  12. Shortening the day has really created horror clashes. Fuming!
  13. I would have been more worried if they arrogantly stated that they had worked out all the answers already. I thought they struck a fair balance between humility/honesty and defending some of the points they did feel more confident about. It's been only 3 weeks since the last one ended and 47 weeks until the next one. Not unreasonable that they can't tell us the detail for the next one as these things take time. With the major differential in price between early birds and later release tickets, presumably it shouldn't be difficult to get your money back in the secondary market if you decide against going at a later date.
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